Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/13/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Billie sits at Bo's bedside and encourages him to wake up. Hope's call gets through so Billie answers the phone. Billie is glad Hope called. Hope asks Billie what she's doing there and Bo then begins having a seizure. Billie screams out for help as she worries that Bo is dying. Lexie rushes into the room as Hope tries to get an answer from Billie. Billie tells Hope that she thinks they are losing Bo as Lexie can't get a pulse.

Roman and Abe arrive at the DiMera Mansion. They talk about both being summoned there by EJ. They talk about what happened to Bo. Abe admits to being curious about what EJ has in store. Roman doesn't accept EJ as mayor since he hasn't been sworn in yet. Roman wants to prove that Abe was set up. They decide to head inside to find out why they are here.

Will goes to Sami's to see Lucas. They hug as Will welcomes him home.

EJ answers the door and brings Roman and Abe in. EJ asks about Bo. Roman tells him that he's in the hospital after his injury. EJ offers his apologies. Abe cuts him off and wants to know what he wants.

Lexie tells Billie to get out of the room as she loses the line with Hope. Lexie tries to revive Bo while ordering Billie to get out of the room. Billie exits and tries to call Hope back but can't get through. John finds out that the hotel operator is having trouble getting lines. Hope cries that Bo could be dying. John encourages her that he will make it and hugs her as she cries.

EJ offers Abe and Roman a drink but Abe doesn't believe it's a social call. EJ brings up thinking Abe could use a drink since his wife left him with their son and he's under criminal charges. Roman questions if EJ brought them to harass them. EJ says he has a legitimate reason for bringing them. Abe wants to get to the point so EJ states that he wants to help him.

Lucas asks Will about Roman. Will says Roman is fine but hasn't heard any more on Bo. Lucas informs Will that Billie is back which surprises Will. Will points out that Lucas didn't tell him that he was coming back either. Lucas calls it spur of the moment so Will asks what he's doing here. Lucas talks about wanting to visit his son. Will wants the real story so Lucas admits that Sami called him and he decided to be there for the kids while she's out of town. Will laughs and thinks Sami convinced him to come save her ass from all her problems. Will calls it unbelievable.

Kate joins Billie at the hospital. Billie tells Kate about Bo and how she can't get through to Hope. Billie explains to Kate how she was talking to Hope but now can't get a hold of her. Kate thinks Billie should wait until they have more news on Bo's condition. Billie wants to get through to her but Kate warns Billie that she shouldn't be the one to give Hope any bad news about Bo.

John encourages Hope to be strong and believe Bo will be okay. Hope cries about Billie thinking Bo was dying. Hope wants to leave so John promises to get her out.

Billie agrees with Kate that she shouldn't call Hope with nothing to tell her. Kate brings up Billie still caring for Bo but Billie doesn't want to talk about that now. Kate wants to talk about their history. Billie thinks it doesn't matter. Kate talks about Hope and Billie both worrying about Bo. Billie admits that she still cares about Bo as he's the father of her daughter. Billie calls it a long time ago and doesn't want to be reminded of it. Kate asks her if she's sure about that. Kate asks if she came back for Bo but Billie says Bo did not factor into her decision.

Hope tells John that they still have one more chance in getting out of Alamainia by stealing their passports back from the courthouse. John worries about getting caught but Hope insists that she won't get caught and will get back to Bo. They look at the blueprint and make their plan on how they will get in. John assures Hope that he's still in with her. Hope decides it's time they do this.

Abe questions EJ wanting to help them. Abe calls it a waste of time and starts to leave but EJ suggests that he'd offer him a lifeline. Abe and Roman laugh about EJ not being the governor or the mayor yet. EJ tells them that he knows some people and could talk to them for Abe. EJ brings up tampering with an election but Abe denies doing it. EJ reminds him that he's offering him a lifeline when no one else is going to. EJ suggests he accept the offer but Abe refuses to bargain for redemption like he did something wrong. EJ tells Abe to think about his son. Abe wants to know what the catch is but EJ claims there isn't one. EJ says all he needs him to do is allow things to reach their inevitable conclusion. Abe questions what conclusion that is and EJ wants him to let go of Lexie.

Lucas tells Will that Sami has told him everything that happened. Will doubts he knows everything and doesn't want to talk about it since Lucas has blinders on when it comes to Sami. Lucas surprises Will by revealing he knows about Sami and EJ. Will figures Lucas isn't even surprised by it. Lucas is disappointed and worries about it affecting Will. Will blames Sami for destroying their whole family. Lucas tells him that Sami is sorry so Will figures she already got to Lucas. Lucas states that he knows Sami better than anyone. Will has Lucas promise that he won't fall for Sami again. Lucas informs Will that he is now engaged and in love with his fiancee.

Lexie exits Bo's room and tells Kate and Billie that Bo is now stable. Lexie adds that it's the only good news she has. Lexie tells them that Bo is hanging in there. Billie worries that Lexie doesn't think Bo will make it. Lexie assures her that they are not at that point but his injuries were severe. Billie worries about whether or not Bo will be okay.

John and Hope pack bags and prepare to go break in to the courtroom to get their passports back. John reminds Hope that they are being watched so they'll have to get out a different way.

Will is surprised to hear of Lucas' engagement. Will asks about his new fiancee. Lucas tells him that her name is Autumn and tells Will that she couldn't come with him. Lucas tells Will that Sami is happy for him. Will wonders how long that will last. Will adds that he's not angry with Sami but just sees her for who she really is. Lucas tells Will that he also came because he's worried about him. Will wonders why and wants to know what Sami told him.

Abe questions EJ wanting him to leave Lexie. EJ tells him that Lexie already left him so he wants Abe to accept it. Abe blames EJ for he and Lexie having problems. EJ states that he didn't come between them and points out Abe rigging the debate. Abe mentions he will regret sinking to that level for the rest of his life. EJ points out that he wouldn't have got caught. EJ tells Abe that Lexie will never look at him the same again because he put the election ahead of her. Abe questions EJ thinking Lexie will run to him. EJ brings up that he's her family. Abe thinks Lexie hates their family. EJ talks about Abe working so hard to turn Lexie against them but now he's off his pedestal. EJ calls Abe a fake phony. Abe shouts back that EJ has no honor and calls him garbage. Abe says Lexie is hurt and disillusioned but will not be fooled by EJ. EJ points out that Abe is the one that fooled her. Roman holds Abe back and tells EJ that Abe has more integrity than EJ and will work things out with Lexie to come through it stronger than ever.

John and Hope escape their room through and avoid being seen by a guard as they attempt to get into the court room.

Billie continues asking Lexie about Bo. Lexie promises they are doing everything they can. Kate tries to calm Billie down but she doesn't want to stand around while Bo gets worse. Billie decides she will be the one to fight for Bo. Lexie tells her that they are all fighting for Bo. Lexie tells Billie to have faith that he will pull through.

Roman and Abe start to leave again but EJ stops them and warns Roman that his job is not secure. EJ brings up crime statistics under Roman being in charge. EJ informs Roman that he's already started looking for someone to replace him.

Lucas tells Will to calm down. Will doesn't like people talking about him behind his back. Lucas talks about being his parents. Will wants to know what Sami told him. Lucas says she said that Will has been having a hard time. Will claims everything was fine until Sami slept with EJ. Lucas brings up Will losing his web site and breaking up with Gabi so things weren't going too good before. Lucas wants Will to know he can tell him anything if he just talks to him and tells him what's going on.

Billie asks Lexie if she can go back to being with Bo. Lexie says she needs a few more minutes. They talk about how worried Hope must be. Lexie encourages her that Bo is strong enough to pull through this. Lexie heads back into Bo's room.

John and Hope try to figure out how they can open the window without triggering the alarms. Hope recalls being familiar with the type of window from her time as Princess Gina and might have a way around it. They get the window open and sneak into the court room.

Billie leaves a message for Chelsea about Bo's condition. Kate thinks they should go home so Billie can rest but Billie refuses to go to the DiMera Mansion.

EJ questions Roman's tenure as police commissioner. EJ uses he and Bo being attacked as evidence that the streets are not safe. Abe mentions that EJ and Stefano should be in jail. EJ points out that they've failed to make any criminal charges. EJ worries about the people being protected.

Lucas tells Will that he's staying in Salem for awhile and wants to spend more time with him. Will is glad he's staying as Lucas hugs him. Lucas then questions Will working for EJ. Will tells him that he likes his job. Lucas wants to know what Will likes about it other than sticking it to Sami. Will claims it was never about that. Lucas expects Will to quit immediately but he tells him that he can't. Lucas wants to know why not. Will reveals to Lucas that EJ knows it was Will and not Lucas that shot him.

John and Hope cover up the security cameras and pick the lock to the drawer where the passports are.

Will tells Lucas that it's not that bad since EJ doesn't make him do anything that he doesn't want to do. Lucas questions Will protecting EJ. Will says he isn't but he just doesn't want to quit his job since he likes it and the power and excitement of being on the inside. Will talks about being valued and important when doing things for EJ.

EJ continues talking as Roman wants to go check on Bo. EJ tells Abe that he has the upper hand. Abe tells him to enjoy it while it lasts. Abe says his marriage is stronger than he thinks and they aren't going to let EJ run over them or their town. Abe warns EJ that he will fail. EJ tells him that won't save his marriage or get him re-elected.

Billie tells Kate that she wouldn't be comfortable staying at Stefano's. Kate knows Billie doesn't approve of her marriage but she's happy in all the ways that matter. Kate says being married to Stefano has its advantages and disadvantages but the good outweighs the bad. Kate admits she cares about Stefano too very much. Billie wonders if that's enough for her. Kate says they understand and respect each other and they enjoy their time together so that's a lot of really good things with no secret agendas. Kate tells Billie that she is okay with it and comfortable. Billie accepts her being happy even if it's not true love. Kate tells Billie how glad she is that she's back and hugs her.

John and Hope continue trying to break open the drawer at the court house.

Kate wants to get Billie caught up on work. Billie thinks she's trying to distract her and tells her that she already knows about Mad World. Kate calls Madison a flavor of the month. Billie brings up Ian controlling Mad World through Titan and doesn't think they should write them off so easily. Billie talks about knowing Ian is a womanizer. Lexie interrupts and tells Billie that she can go back in to Bo's room.

Lucas talks to Will about how he used to work for EJ's brother Tony and calls it the biggest mistake of his life. Lucas says he knows it's exciting to have the power and money but it's not worth losing who he is. Lucas refuses to let Will be corrupted. Will assures him that he knows what he's getting into but Lucas doesn't think so. Will appreciates that he's worried but insists that he knows what he's doing. Will decides he has to go and can't talk about it anymore. Will tells Lucas that he's glad he's back and will see him soon as he then exits.

EJ tells Abe to take his deal. Abe questions if he's threatening him with consequences. Abe tells EJ to go to hell. EJ tells Abe that he's left him no choice then to make sure he's prosecuted. Abe tells EJ to do what he has to do. Abe exits and Roman starts to follow. EJ stops Roman and suggests he get Abe to take the deal or else the investigation on the election tampering could lead to Roman sitting next to Abe in jail. Roman then turns and exits.

Billie goes back to Bo's bedside and tells him that he will be okay.

John finally gets the drawer of the file cabinet open so he and Hope look inside but find that the passports are gone. Someone catches them and turns on the lights behind them.

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