Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/12/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/12/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and John can't get any phone service in Alamainia. Hope can't stand not being able to get an update on Bo. John encourages Hope to scream but it doesn't make her feel better. Hope worries about what to do. Hope doesn't want to sit around trying to make calls while Bo is fighting for his life. Hope wants to go home before it's too late.

Billie approaches Daniel at the hospital, looking for Bo. Daniel shows her the way and introduces himself. Billie informs Daniel that she is Chelsea's mom. Daniel worries about Billie not liking him then but she promises to give a clean slate. Billie heads in to see Bo. She sits at his side and tells him that she can't believe this has happened. Billie has a flashback to an old memory with Bo. Billie states that Bo always had her back and now she's here for him.

John tells Hope to try and relax but she can't. Hope worries that Bo could be dying and she has no idea what's going on. Hope blames Stefano as the reason they are there. Hope then wonders if Stefano is the reason Bo got hurt. John brings up that Stefano isn't in Salem but Hope points out it hasn't stopped him before. Hope worries that Stefano could be using them to get to Bo and Marlena. Hope says her husband needs her and she can't do a thing to help. John assures her that he will get her home.

Austin sits with Abigail on his bed and tells her that she's so special and someday will meet a fantastic guy that will return her love and make her happy. Abigail refuses to believe it and says she can never love anyone like she loves him. Austin hugs her as she cries. Austin wishes he could make this all go away.

Carrie asks Melanie what's going on. Melanie offers to give Carrie her massage but Carrie wants to see Austin now. Melanie tries to stop Carrie but she goes in anyway to see Abigail in Austin's arms. Austin jumps up as Carrie questions what is going on here. Austin insists that it's not what it looks like while Abigail tells Carrie that they didn't mean for her to find out this way. Austin states that he know it looks bad. Melanie tries to take Abigail and go but Abigail refuses to leave until Carrie hears the truth. Austin claims that Abigail was upset and he was trying to make her feel better. Carrie questions Austin being shirtless and wants to know why Abigail was in his arms in their hotel room.

Billie holds Bo's hand at his bedside and continues talking to him. She talks about wanting her return to Salem to be a surprise. Billie wonders if Bo even knows she's there. Billie encourages Bo to wake up.

Hope finishes talking to the hotel clerk and is told that there's nothing they can do for long distance calls. Hope worries that Stefano paid out the whole country. Hope screams that she will kill Stefano if she loses Bo. John assures her that she won't lose Bo. Hope tells John that she knows he's worried since he had someone watch over Marlena. Hope questions how John can get them out of Alamainia. John tells her that he made some local calls and is trying to get their passports cleared.

Billie encourages Bo to get better for his kids since they need him. Billie tells Bo that everyone loves him and begs him to come back. Maggie and Victor arrive and Billie greets Maggie with a hug.

Austin wants to talk to Carrie alone. Melanie tries to get Abigail out of the room but Abigail refuses to leave Austin. Carrie says she can't believe she never saw this since Abigail popped up everywhere they went. Carrie realizes that Melanie was trying to stop her from seeing this. Austin tries to explain but Carrie accuses Abigail of coming to the lodge to be with Austin.

John finishes a local call and finds out the local government have no way to help them with their passports. Hope wants to try talking to the judge but John reveals that the judge is now missing.

Billie tells Maggie about being back to work with Kate at Countess Wilhelmina. Billie talks about how supportive Maggie always was and how excited she was until she heard about Bo. Victor talks about it being hard to see Bo like this. Daniel enters the room and tells them that they are doing everything they can and there is plenty of reason to be hopeful. Victor hopes Daniel can save him as Maggie insists that Bo is in good hands. Victor sits at Bo's bedside. Daniel wishes he could do something. Maggie tells him that he's already doing it. Billie brings up that Kate told her about Daniel being Maggie's son and how that must have been a shock. Maggie calls it a wonderful shock and a miracle. Victor remarks that they are going to need another miracle.

Melanie tries to cover for Abigail and say they came to ski with no knowledge of Austin and Carrie being there. Carrie asks Abigail if it's true. Austin says it is but Carrie doesn't believe it. Carrie brings up Austin and Abigail always being together. Carrie questions Abigail coming to her for advice. Carrie brings up knowing Abigail since she was a little girl. Carrie understands now that Austin is the guy that broke Abigail's heart. Austin tries to calm Carrie down but she only wants to hear from Abigail. Abigail states that she's ready to talk about it. Melanie tries to stop her but Abigail continues. Abigail tells Carrie to ask her again. Austin asks her not to do this. Carrie asks Abigail if Austin was the one that broke her heart. Abigail admits that it was Austin.

Daniel exits to go get Bo's test results. Maggie thanks him as Victor wants to know everything. Victor talks to Bo about how he will fight through this. Victor wonders what it would have been like if he had raised Bo. Victor tells Bo that he couldn't be more proud of him or love him anymore. Victor hopes Bo will wake up. Maggie tells Victor that Bo needs to rest to get strong and will continue to fight. Maggie steps out of the room to get some air. Billie states that she can't believe this is happening and that Hope isn't here. Victor informs Billie that Hope is overseas with John.

John finishes another phone call. Hope still can't get a signal to reach Salem. John says he's called everyone he knows in Alamainia but nobody wants to help. John thinks something has spooked everyone in the country and no one wants to risk helping them. Hope hates being there while Bo is in the hospital. Hope regrets going without Bo and Marlena. John tries to make more calls. Hope worries that Agent Spencer could be dead too. John insists that they will figure it out. Hope worries that they are stuck. John reminds her that he promised to get her home and never breaks promises.

Carrie questions Austin being involved with a student and Jack and Jennifer's daughter. Carrie accuses Austin of taking advantage of a little girl. Austin tries to explain but Carrie doesn't want to hear it after Austin blamed her for ruining their marriage. Austin promises that there's nothing going on but Abigail tells him not to lie. Carrie shouts that she doesn't even know who he is anymore. Carrie tries to leave but Austin wants her to listen. Carrie refuses to listen to him since there is no excuse. Abigail shouts that Austin didn't do anything wrong since she wanted him and they are in love. Carrie says that explains everything. Austin insists that they aren't in love and he doesn't love Abigail. Abigail continues saying that he is. Abigail says Austin came to her after Carrie cheated on him. Abigail believes they are supposed to be together but Austin says no. Abigail thinks this is the best thing to happen since they don't have to lie anymore. Melanie pulls Abigail out of the room. Austin tries to explain to Carrie that Abigail is confused and they aren't together. Austin tells Carrie that he loves her but Carrie doesn't believe him.

Melanie holds Abigail outside of their room. Abigail wants to go back in thinking Austin needs her. Abigail tells Melanie that it had to come out eventually. Melanie doesn't want her to destroy their marriage. Abigail doesn't believe Carrie loves Austin and feels Austin loves her. Abigail declares that Austin belongs with her and not Carrie.

Maggie joins Daniel in his office. Maggie tells him that she really missed him. Daniel sees that she was crying and wants to know what's wrong. Maggie talks about Victor having to see his son in a coma and she can't do anything about it. Maggie thinks she's being selfish as she can't stop thinking what if it was Daniel, her son, in a coma and she doesn't think she could survive it. Daniel assures her that nothing is going to happen to him as he isn't going anywhere and hugs her.

Victor finishes explaining everything about Hope and John to Billie. Billie wonders if anyone has told Hope about Bo. Victor thinks Hope would be on a plane back home if she knows. Billie states that anything is possible if Stefano is involved. Billie tells Victor that they have to stop Stefano.

Hope tells John that they have to find a way out on their own. Hope suggests they sneak onto a delivery truck and hop the border then pay off an airport employee to get on a plane. John thinks it's risky. John wants to just get their passports back. Hope doesn't think they can until she realizes they are locked in a desk drawer at the courthouse.

Carrie looks at her wedding ring as Austin gets dressed and comes back in. Austin thanks her for staying. Carrie warns him that she is leaving if he lies one more time. Austin promises not to lie. Carrie asks him what happened. Austin admits that he crossed the line and messed up. Carrie questions if he's admitting he's in a relationship with Abigail. Austin says he meant that they are not together and he never loved her. Austin says Abigail fell for him and he was too stupid to stop it. Carrie questions when this happened. Austin says it was about the time of John's case when Carrie was working so much. Carrie tells him not to put it on her. Austin recalls being alone and developed a friendship with Abigail that got out of hand after a while. Austin states that he thought of Abigail as a friend and didn't see her as anything more than that while she felt differently. Carrie says she doesn't understand why Abigail thinks Austin loves her back.

Hope tells John that they need to get a hold of blueprints for the court room. John stops her and thinks they should discuss it first. John reminds her that this is Alamainia so if they get caught then they will be put away for life. Hope is willing to risk it to get home to Bo and John feels the same way.

Maggie tells Daniel that it's ridiculous that she's crying and feeling sorry for herself while Bo is in a coma. Daniel tells her that it's okay to think about herself once and a while. Maggie asks about Bo's test results. Daniel wishes he could give her some good news but Bo's brain function is not changed. Maggie points out that he's not getting worse but Daniel adds that he's not getting any better which means they have a long road ahead.

Victor tells Billie that he's sad to see her leave Titan. Billie apologizes but knows he understands that family comes first. Victor jokes with her that she's going to have to watch her back now that she's competition. Victor warns her to stay away from Madison and Ian but Billie welcomes the challenge and wants to face it head on.

Austin tells Carrie that Abigail created a twisted relationship in her head. Carrie points out how young Abigail is. Austin takes full responsibility for everything and should've seen this coming but he didn't. Austin insists that it was just a crush gone wrong and nothing more. Carrie wants to believe him. Austin promises her that he had no idea Abigail was going to come to the lodge. Austin tells Carrie that he told Abigail that they have no future together since Carrie is the only one he loves. Austin hopes that he is not losing her.

Abigail questions Melanie siding with Carrie. Melanie wants her to see what a mistake this is. Abigail continues to say she's in love with Austin. Melanie wants to go back to Salem but Abigail refuses to leave Austin.

Hope and John look at the blueprints and make their plan as to how to sneak in to the court room. John tells Hope that she's good at this. Hope recalls being an art thief as Princess Gina but thinks she still has what it takes. Hope believes they can do it. John states they will get her home to Bo.

Maggie and Victor exit Bo's room with Billie. Maggie suggests they go home to let Bo relax and come back later. Victor isn't sure but Billie offers to stay with Bo and call if anything changes. Victor and Maggie thank her and exit as Billie goes back in to Bo's room.

Carrie tells Austin that she doesn't want to lose him either and knows she's made mistakes. Austin thinks they have to keep working on their relationship every day. Austin asks her not to give up on him since she's his whole world. Abigail comes back into the room and tells Austin that he doesn't love Carrie. Austin tells her to stop since he loves Carrie. Abigail asks Austin if he loves Carrie so much then why did he have sex with her. Carrie questions them having sex. Abigail claims it was more than that and they made love. Carrie asks Austin and he says it was a mistake that he didn't mean to happen. Carrie slaps Austin in the face and calls him disgusting then storms out of the room. Austin rushes out after Carrie as Abigail tries to stop him. Abigail breaks down crying as Melanie enters the room and asks what she's done.

Hope makes a phone call and manages to get through to Bo's room and is then put on hold. Billie sits at Bo's bedside and encourages him to wake up. Hope's call gets through so Billie answers the phone. Billie is glad Hope called. Hope asks Billie what she's doing there and Bo then begins having a seizure. Billie screams out for help as she worries that Bo is dying.

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