Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/9/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/9/12


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Melanie tells Abigail that she is going to go get a massage at their cabin. Abigail tells her she has other plans. Melanie hopes she isn't going to bother Austin anymore. Abigail continues to tell Melanie that she and Austin have real feelings for each other. Melanie worries that it's an obsession. Abigail tells Melanie that she will meet up with her later. Melanie wants to know what Abigail is going to do. She says she is going to be on her best behavior.

Austin and Carrie drink champagne in bed. Carrie tells Austin that she got a free massage so she has to go to it. Austin kisses her and tells her that he's happy that they are having a good time together. Carrie talks about the lodge bringing back memories and it being just what they needed to fix their marriage. Carrie thanks him for planning the trip and being an amazing husband as they lay together.

Kate walks through the town square as Gabi and Chad are trying on clothes. Kate tells them that they are taking the ad campaign in a new direction. Kate informs them that she sent Sami on a trip and then Lucas joins them. Lucas greets Gabi and Chad. Kate then introduces her new co-CEO, her daughter, Billie.

Madison lays in bed at her hotel room. Brady arrives and greets her with a kiss. Brady tells Madison that he found a divorce attorney that will get things going. Madison stops him and says she has something very important to tell him.

Gabi and Chad meet Billie. Chad and Gabi then go off with the photographer. Lucas hugs Billie and is excited to see her. Billie talks about missing Countess Wilhelmina and leaving Chelsea. Lucas asks if Billie is here for good. Billie responds that they will see. Kate hopes she will be here for a long time. Kate hugs them and can't believe she has her children all in Salem.

Carrie and Austin continue kissing. Carrie then gets up and exits to go to her free massage. Austin wants to spend the whole day with her and lays in bed as Carrie exits. After Carrie leaves, Abigail sneaks around the corner and prepares to go into Austin's room.

Brady asks Madison what's wrong. Madison tells him that she appreciates everything he's done. Brady tells her that he loves her and will do whatever he can to work things out. Madison tells him to let her finish. Brady is excited about getting their life going and tells her not to worry because everything will be okay. Ian then enters with coffees and muffins. Ian remarks that Madison didn't tell him that Brady was joining them for breakfast.

Gabi and Chad have photos taken on the couch at the town square. Lucas starts to leave but Kate wants him to stay and offer his input. Lucas agrees to but steps away to call Will since he hasn't returned his calls yet. Kate asks Billie what she thinks. Billie wants to see what she can do. She interrupts and wants to loosen them up a bit. Billie instructs them to get closer and look at each other like they're in love. They then continue having photos taken. Kate likes it and is glad to have Billie back.

Brady tells Ian that he's not staying for breakfast and neither is Madison. Brady tells him they are leaving and not coming back. Brady tells Ian that Madison is divorcing him because they are in love and he can't stop them. Ian states that all he ever wanted is for Madison to be happy. Brady questions that being it. Ian points out that Madison is being quiet. Ian wants to hear it from Madison that she intends to leave him for Brady. Ian then asks Madison if it's true.

Austin stands in his room in a towel as Abigail knocks on the door claiming to be room service. Austin opens the door and tells her that they are not doing this. Abigail says she just wanted to have breakfast together. Austin can't believe she did this. Abigail thinks they have the room all to themselves.

Gabi and Chad continue their photo shoot. Billie remarks that Chad & Gabi must be a real life couple. Chad stops to clarify that they are just friends since he's dating someone else. Billie apologizes since she thought they had real chemistry. Gabi claims they were just pretending.

Carrie prepares for her free massage. She drops her wallet and picks up her business card of Reed & Hernandez and looks at it. Melanie comes in and wonders what she's looking at.

Austin tries to get Abigail out of the room in case Carrie comes back. Abigail tells him that Carrie won't be back for an hour. Austin realizes that she set up the free massage for Carrie. Abigail admits she set it up and wants to remind Austin what it's like to be together. Austin tells her to back off and stay away from him.

Brady instructs Madison to tell Ian what they discussed and that he no longer has control over her since they are in love. Ian still wants to hear Madison speak for herself. Brady calls him smug. Madison stops him and says Ian is right. Madison tells Brady that she's sorry but she isn't going anywhere. Brady questions what she's doing. Madison then informs Brady that she has no intention of leaving her husband.

Carrie tells Melanie that she was just reminding herself that she needs new business cards since she isn't working with Rafe anymore. Carrie exits to go get her massage.

Abigail can't believe Austin is treating her like this. Austin doesn't know how to make her understand that their night together shouldn't have happened. He calls it a mistake that he wishes he could take it back. Abigail thinks he's just saying that since he feels guilty about cheating on Carrie. Abigail thinks they could be really good together. Austin realizes she isn't hearing him. Austin tells her that he loves Carrie and is committed to his marriage. Austin tells Abigail that if she cares about him then she will leave and not look back. Austin wants her to forget that she ever met him because he intends to. Abigail responds by slapping Austin in the face.

Brady questions Madison being serious. Madison insists that she loves Ian very much and that was what she was trying to tell him earlier. Madison comments that she and Ian have a very complicated relationship that goes through rough patches but in the end they are deeply connected. Brady doesn't believe her. Madison claims she was only angry at him for being away so long. Madison adds that she had only found a distraction. Madison asks Brady not to make this harder than it has to be. Brady refuses to buy it and wants to know what's really going on.

Chad calls Melanie and talks to her about her trip. Chad hangs up and tells Gabi that Melanie is having fun. Gabi and Chad then go back to trying on clothes.

Lucas tells Kate and Billie that the photos are impressive. Billie believes that Gabi lied and she's in love with Chad. Billie is sure that her feelings are real. Billie worries about Gabi getting hurt.

Carrie rejoins Melanie since the spa was overbooked so she gave up her free massage. Carrie invites Melanie and Abigail to join her and Austin for dinner tonight. Melanie doesn't want to interfere but Carrie insists. Melanie worries that Austin will think they are interfering. Carrie states that they both adore Melanie and Abigail so it's the least they can do. Carrie wants to get to know them both better.

Austin tells Abigail that he cares for her only as a friend and it's not love. Austin apologizes for misleading her. Austin tells her that he thinks she's an amazing woman but he's never had feelings for her other than friendship. Abigail brings up making love. Austin points out that he doesn't remember the night since he was drunk and upset over Carrie so he had no idea what he did. Abigail thinks he does remember deep down. Austin tells her again that he has no romantic feelings for her and he's only been in love with Carrie in his life. Austin tells Abigail that he and Carrie are forever as she was his first love. Abigail calls Austin her first love and doesn't know what to do now.

Brady can't believe Madison is serious and wants to know what's going on. Brady wants to protect her if Ian is threatening her. Madison thinks back to Ian threatening to send Brady to prison. Madison tells Brady that no one is threatening anyone. Madison says it was nice and fun being with Brady but it was nothing more than a distraction. Brady questions Madison saying she was using him the whole time. Ian tells Brady to realize the difference between love and attraction. Madison then says she truly cared about Brady which is why it's been hard for her to break up with him and tell him the truth. Brady wants her to tell him the truth right now. Madison calls him a great guy but says Ian is the only man she will ever love.

Kate sits with Lucas and Billie at the town square. Lucas talks about them finally being together in Salem. Lucas comments that Alice would be proud of the town square. Kate asks Billie if she's told Bo that she's back in town. Billie declares that they are both in really good places as Bo is happily married to Hope and that's that. Kate asks if there's anyone in Billie's life. Billie states Kate never changes. Lucas then announces his engagement. Billie is surprised he didn't say anything and congratulates him. Lucas hopes she'll come meet her in Hong Kong. Lucas and Billie laugh about Kate getting worked up every time Mad World is brought up. Kate explains that Madison has made it personal.

Brady still doesn't think this makes sense since Madison worked hard to get them back together. Ian encourages Madison to move things along. Madison claims she didn't want to lose her husband and calls Brady her backup plan. Madison tells Brady that she made up everything that she said about Ian to get Brady to take her back before. Madison claims that Ian promised to be completely faithful to her from now on. Ian declares that they are going to get it right this time but Brady still doesn't buy it. Brady believes she is lying. Madison admits she's lied several times in the past but needs him to believe her now that she's going to spend the rest of her life with Ian. Ian suggests Brady leave since she doesn't want to be with him.

Carrie tells Melanie to call her later and let her know what they decide about going to dinner. Carrie comments on winning her free massage by finding a certificate outside her door. Melanie realizes Abigail must have done it because it ruined her plans with Austin. Carrie exits to go be with Austin so Melanie runs after her.

Abigail tells Austin that she's never felt this way about anyone and loves him. Austin tells her that she's still so young and doesn't realize that this a crush. Austin believes in time it will go away. Abigail says she won't just get over him. Abigail recalls her life being a mess when they first started hanging out and she realized he was the only one she could count on. Abigail tells Austin that he was all she had to look forward to. Austin states that he's glad that he could be her friend. Abigail doesn't believe he just treated her like a friend. Carrie goes back to her room but Melanie stops her from entering and tells her not to go in there yet.

Gabi and Chad eat at the Pub together. Gabi calls it amazing that Billie thought they had real chemistry. Chad brings up that they did date in the past. Chad admits he felt bad that he never gave them a chance since he ended things with her so fast to be with Mia which turned out to be a disaster. Chad apologizes to her and is glad they got through it to become friends again. They both say it means a lot to them.

Billie asks Lucas what made him leave his fiancée to come to Salem. Lucas tells her that it was Sami since her life was in a mess. Kate remarks that Sami's life is always a mess. Lucas adds that he missed his kids. Lucas gets a call from Will and tells him that he got in town last night. Lucas asks Will how he's doing. Will informs Lucas of what happened to Bo. Lucas is surprised and hangs up to inform Billie of Bo being in a coma. Billie is shocked and rushes off to the hospital so see Bo.

Brady asks Madison if she really wants him to leave. She asks him to believe her that she's sorry that she hurt him. Madison wishes him the best. Brady tells her that she and Ian deserve each other and he hopes she's happy as he then storms out. Madison cries as Ian tells her she had a good performance. Madison tells Ian that she hates him and never wants him to forget it.

Austin sits with Abigail on his bed and tells her that she's so special and someday will meet a fantastic guy that will return her love and make her happy. Abigail refuses to believe it and says she can never love anyone like she loves him. Austin hugs her as she cries. Austin wishes he could make this all go away.

Carrie asks Melanie what's going on. Melanie offers to give Carrie her massage but Carrie wants to see Austin now. Melanie tries to stop Carrie but she goes in anyway to see Abigail in Austin's arms. Austin jumps up as Carrie questions what is going on here.

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