Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/8/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/8/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole finishes a call ordering ice cream in her hotel room. She sits down and thinks back to finding out she was pregnant. She hears a knock and opens the door expecting her food but it's EJ. She tries to close the door but EJ asks her to listen.

Marlena finishes a phone call at home as Will then arrives. Will enters with a bag and has a board game of Scrabble inside so they can play.

Jack and Jennifer walk through the town square talking about seeing JJ's report card from boarding school. Jennifer talks about missing him but being glad that he's happy. They talk about Alice and Jennifer brings up that she's meeting Maggie as today would've been Alice & Tom's 72nd wedding anniversary. Jack offers to stick around. Jack comments that he's sure that Maggie is glad Daniel is back. Jennifer adds that Melanie probably is too. Jack says he was going to ask her about Daniel being back but he thinks he already knows from her expression.

Kayla continues trying to revive Bo in the Pub as Roman watches on. Daniel arrives and asks what's going on. Kayla explains so Daniel joins in trying to help.

Hope and John go to the cafe in Alamainia. and find Stefano. Stefano believes they have been looking for him.

Kayla, Daniel, and Roman get Bo to the hospital. Daniel instructs a nurse to get tests run. Kayla exits the room with Roman to let Daniel work. Roman asks Kayla if Bo is going to be okay. Kayla tells him that she thinks he's doing as well as can be expected. Kayla wants Roman to get checked out too but he insists that he's fine and refuses to leave until Bo wakes up.

Nicole wants EJ to leave her alone but EJ wants five minutes to apologize. EJ admits he made a colossal mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life. EJ thinks they can get past it but Nicole disagrees. EJ says Sami doesn't mean anything to him and doesn't want to lose Nicole over it.

Jennifer tells Jack that she's fine with Daniel being back. Jack thinks she's holding something back and wants her to tell him if anything is bothering her.

Roman wants Kayla to answer her. Kayla can't promise him that Bo will be alright but he's in the best possible hands. Roman recalls Daniel bringing Bo back in the past. Kayla wants Roman to take care of himself too. Roman feels responsible for getting Bo involved. Kayla thinks Roman saved Bo's life. Roman worries about how to break the news to Hope.

John questions Stefano being involved in Agent Walsh's death. Stefano think they should discuss somewhere in private but John refuses to go anywhere with him. Stefano then pulls out a gun and insists they go somewhere private.

Rafe sits with Sydney, Allie, and Johnny at the Pub talking about not being around. Rafe wants to tuck them in with Caroline but Allie wants to know why he doesn't tuck them in at home anymore. Johnny adds in that it's because Sami made him mad.

Will and Marlena play Scrabble and eat as they talk. Marlena brings up their last conversation not being finished. Will tries to change the subject but Marlena persists. Marlena brings up that Will admitted to being drawn to someone. Will says he kissed him and thinks that's enough.

Daniel updates Kayla and Roman on Bo's injuries. Daniel promises to do whatever it takes to make sure Bo survives. Kayla encourages Roman about Bo being stable. Kayla wants Roman to get himself checked out. Kayla then exits to go update Caroline. Roman goes in to see Bo. Roman talks to Bo at his bedside and hopes he wakes up. Roman wants to be able to give Hope good news. Roman tells Bo that he's so sorry for walking them into the ambush. Roman promises to find who did this and make them pay.

Stefano tells Hope and John that they should have this conversation in private. Hope calls him out of his mind and doesn't want to walk into his traps. John thinks they will end up like Walsh. Hope warns Stefano that if he's going to kill them, he has to do it here.

Marlena understands Will doesn't want to have this conversation with his grandmother. Will says that's not it but it's hard for him to put it into words. Marlena thinks Will likes the guy and found something appealing about him. Will explains that his name was Neil and he didn't plan on doing that. Will adds that he hasn't seen him since. Marlena thinks Will feels guilty like he did something wrong. Will says he did do something wrong and can't change it but wants to make sure that it never happens again. Marlena thinks he's letting his head make a decision for his heart. Marlena tells him not to overanalyze a natural impulse. Will points out that he was drunk. Marlena feels the kiss meant something to him and he needs to figure out what it is to get comfortable with himself. Will worries that he can't.

EJ asks Nicole not to let one mistake cost them their entire future. Nicole doesn't believe it was a mistake since you can't accidentally go to bed with someone. EJ blames it on the grief of thinking Johnny was dead. Nicole doesn't think people do that. EJ insists that he loathes Sami and needs Nicole to understand what happened so that she can begin to forgive him. Nicole brings up all the times that she forgave him. EJ wants a chance to make it up to her. Nicole thinks he'll just tear her heart up again and doesn't want to go through it anymore. EJ promises to never hurt her again and wants her to let him prove it but Nicole refuses. Nicole tells EJ that she's going to pretend he doesn't exist. Nicole tells EJ to get out but he decides he's not going anywhere. Nicole then decides she will leave and storms out.

Jack and Jennifer sit together at the Town Square. Jack questions if Daniel tried to get her back after hearing they weren't together. Jennifer explains that's not it and that Daniel told her he no longer had those feelings and is completely over her. Jack asks for a minute and rushes off.

Stefano tells Hope that he has no intention of killing them yet. Stefano adds that he has no idea who killed the agent. John still believes Stefano did it. Hope doesn't think it was just a coincidence. John asks Stefano why he's holding them accountable. Stefano says it's for his own protection. John gets in Stefano's face and threatens to snap his neck before he pulls the trigger. John warns Stefano that he still remembers the talents that he programmed in his brain. John says Stefano trained him to be a killing machine so he might resort back to those ways.

Roman talks to Kayla on the phone about telling Caroline and Victor about Bo. Roman instructs Kayla to keep trying to get a hold of Hope and hangs up. Roman then heads back inside to see Bo. Daniel is working on Bo again trying to lower brain pressure to prevent another seizure. Daniel instructs a nurse to get more medication.

Rafe explains to the kids that sometimes he and Sami don't get along and that's why he's not staying with them right now. Allie asks if that's why Lucas came back but Rafe states that he came back because he loves them. Rafe adds that he still loves and misses them. Rafe tells them he won't be gone long or be far away.

Jack returns to Jennifer with a bouquet of roses for Alice & Tom's anniversary. Jennifer thanks him and calls it perfect. Jennifer thanks him again for caring enough to ask about Daniel. Jack states that he saw it hurt her. Jennifer blames herself. Jack doesn't like seeing her hurt but calls it Daniel's loss.

Daniel and the nurse get Bo stable again. Roman worries if something is wrong. Daniel notices that Bo's pupils are not responding to the light. Daniel reveals that Bo has slipped into a coma. Daniel keeps Roman calm and tells him that it might not be bad and he just needs rest. Daniel tells Roman to stay positive as he exits the room. Roman tells Bo to get better for Ciara and Hope since they need him.

Stefano asks John why he always assumes he is responsible for everything bad. Hope adds that he always is. Stefano reminds them that he got John freed. John wants to know why Stefano followed them to Alamainia. Hope asks the same question. Stefano tells them their marriage is not bogus as he remembers them being very in love with each other in the past. Stefano tells them that their feelings were very much their own as they fell in love on their own.

Will tells Marlena that he always figured he would get married and have kids and be normal. Marlena states that he is normal. Marlena wants him to just find out who he is. Will says it sounds so easy but it isn't. Marlena believes Will can do it. Marlena gets a phone call from Roman. Roman informs Marlena that Bo has been attacked and is now in a coma.

Maggie joins Jack and Jennifer at the Town Square. Maggie asks Jack and Jennifer if this means they are together. They clarify that they are just friends and parents. They agree that Alice would say the more the merrier. Maggie brings up Alice and Tom getting married 72 years ago and credits them for her marriage with Mickey. Maggie states that they always had a way of making everything right as they flashback to memories of Alice and Tom. Maggie cries and hugs Jennifer.

Daniel tells Roman that they will get Bo's test results tomorrow. Daniel thinks Roman needs to go home and get some rest. Marlena and Will arrive. Marlena asks Roman about being attacked too. Roman explains to Will what happened. Roman tells Marlena that he's been unable to reach Hope. Marlena can't believe Hope doesn't know and then tells him that she hasn't been able to reach John either.

John and Hope continue trying to get Stefano to tell them why he made them go to Alamainia.

Nicole goes to the town square. EJ follows her and startles her. Nicole tells EJ to leave or she will start screaming. EJ asks if they can go talk in private because she needs to hear what he has to say. Nicole doesn't want to do anything for him. Nicole doesn't want to let EJ hurt her again. EJ grabs her arm but Nicole pulls away and tells him not to touch her. Rafe arrives and steps in, telling EJ to keep his hands off of Nicole. EJ doesn't want Rafe involved. Rafe argues with EJ about what EJ did with Sami. Rafe threatens to rearrange EJ's face again. Rafe warns EJ that EJ has taken everything that matters from him so he's not going to rest until he feels the same way although maybe he already does. Rafe tells EJ to leave Nicole alone or he'll call the news about the new mayor. EJ states that it isn't over and he's not giving up as he then leaves.

Stefano mocks John and Hope thinking that he had some big plan. They continue to believe he forced them to be isolated. Hope thinks it all reeks of Stefano.

Marlena leaves a message for John. Marlena worries that something happened to them but Roman insists it must just be the phones. Marlena knows Hope would fly back if she knew something happened to Bo. Roman remains at Bo's bedside.

Rafe offers to take Nicole home but she's okay. Nicole talks about Rafe being innocent in all of this. They talk briefly and Nicole asks Rafe to tell the kids that she loves them. Nicole then leaves to go back to her hotel room.

Daniel tells Marlena that he's going to continue his rounds and will be back to check on Bo later. Roman rejoins Marlena and asks Marlena what she was talking to Daniel about that they couldn't say in front of him. Roman worries that Bo could still die and Marlena is afraid it isn't looking good.

Stefano tells John that he's not going to go over the same thing again. Hope's phone rings and gets a signal. She gets her messages and finds out that Bo was beaten and is in the hospital. Hope tries to call the hospital but loses the signal again. Hope feels powerless as John decides that they are going home.

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