Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/7/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/7/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami puts her arm around Lucas and talks to Kate about how excited she must be. Kate pulls Lucas away and invites him to stay with her. Kate talks about being excited that he and Austin are both in town. Kate assumes Lucas and Sami must have ran into each other at the Pub but Lucas informs her that they came together which surprises Kate. Lucas adds that Sami is having a tough time so he's there for the kids. Kate questions Lucas coming back for Sami and worries that he's going to let the bitch get her hooks in him again while Sami is overjoyed to see Kate's reaction. Sami laughs about thinking they were getting along. Kate claims that she doesn't know where that came from and she must have been thinking in the past. Kate apologizes and praises Sami's work. Lucas remarks that it seemed like old times. Kate calls it a slip and hopes they will forgive her if she never does anything like that again.

Daniel sits in his office at the hospital going through papers. Jennifer opens the door and looks in. Jennifer thinks back to her last conversation with Daniel about no longer being with Jack. Jennifer goes in and greets Daniel, hoping it's not a bad time. Daniel invites her in since he has a few minutes and asks her what's up. Jennifer says that she was just thinking about seeing him earlier and it felt awkward. Jennifer wants to make sure that everything is okay. Daniel insists that everything is fine but Jennifer doesn't believe him.

Bo walks through the town square, leaving a message to Hope on the phone about how he misses her and how he misses his partner for police assignments. Bo finishes his message as Roman arrives and greets him. Roman informs Bo that he's not assigned to go on the stakeout.

Hope and John talk about finding a dead body shortly after Stefano showed up in Alamainia. Hope thinks back to finding Agent Walsh's dead body and worries about what if it was John dead in the chair. John tells her it wasn't. Hope asks John how Marlena would feel if she found out John was killed. John blames himself for Walsh being taken out. Hope tells him that it's not his fault but John feels he died because he was trying to help him. John vows to find out who is involved and how they are tied up with Stefano. John brings up that Agent Walsh is dead and the other agent, Spencer, is missing. Hope wants John to tell her the whole story before anyone else ends up dead.

Roman wants to know what Bo was planning to do on the stakeout. Bo wants to get the criminal named Maroni out of Salem. Roman reminds him that he's not on the stakeout. Bo doesn't want to sit by. Roman warns him not to go rogue because it would be really stupid.

Kate continues wanting Sami to forgive her. Sami says Kate calling her a bitch brought back a million memories. Kate apologizes again. Sami brings up thinking they were past all that and had trust. Kate thinks her actions should speak louder than her words since she hired her and trusts her. Lucas points out that Kate often has ulterior motives. Kate wants him to let the past be the past. Kate informs Lucas about her plan to work with Sami to find out their spy. Sami decides to step away to let them talk. Kate tells Lucas that she thinks they have both changed. Lucas comments that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Hope questions John not trusting her to tell her what all is going on. John says it's not trust but confidentiality. John informs Hope that he's back on board with the ISA and actually never left. Hope can't believe that John is undercover for the ISA and she's just now finding out. Hope thinks she had a right to know. John tries to explain but Hope doesn't think he can. Hope complains about being stuck there with a spy now. John tells her that he isn't happy about it and didn't expect to be brought in. John explains that he first said no when the ISA called him but then they told him that they came to him because the DiMeras were involved. John reveals being told that Stefano left town the day of the election so whatever is going on is big enough and important enough for Stefano to be in Alamainia. Hope worries that whatever it is involves them.

Bo asks Roman what makes him think he'd go rogue. Roman brings up Bo has done it before and he knows he wants to get Maroni. Roman warns him that Maroni could get away if Bo goes rogue. Bo still doesn't want to just sit around. Roman wants to do it by the book. Bo tells Roman that Maroni has informants in the Salem PD. Roman reminds Bo of what happened to Abe getting in trouble at the election.

Jennifer brings up how she and Daniel planned to stay in touch and remain friends. Daniel says he wishes her the best. Jennifer says the same. Jennifer talks about it being crazy as she thought she knew everything about him. Jennifer wants to know about him and what he was doing while he was gone. Daniel tells her that he just surfed and went to a medical convention. Daniel calls it like heaven being away with nothing but the waves. Daniel apologizes for not keeping in touch better but had a lot on his mind and needed peace and quiet. Daniel mentions that he needed to put distance between them and part of him worried that seeing her would bring back all their old feelings. Daniel admits he was afraid because he doesn't think his heart can take being crushed again.

Kate sits with Lucas and tells him how thrilled she is to have him home. Lucas wants Kate to stop being nasty to Sami and treating him like he's 12. Kate apologizes and promises to make an effort to change the subject. Kate asks why his fiancee didn't come with him. Lucas states that she was busy. Kate questions if he doesn't want her to meet her. Lucas brings up Kate trying to murder the women that he loves. Kate reminds him about putting the past in the past. Kate continues to question Lucas coming back for Sami. Lucas tells her that it still seems like the past. Lucas brings up that he's also in town for his kids since Will needs him. Kate believes she could take care of Will. Lucas is unhappy about Will working for EJ and thinks something has already gone on so he's going to find out what it is. Kate is thrilled that he's there for Will but doesn't want him to get involved with Sami again. Kate comments that Sami is fine professionally but personally, she doesn't want Sami to sideline Lucas. Lucas wants to know the truth if Kate is really happy working with Sami or if something else is going on.

Sami talks with Kayla at the counter. Kayla asks about seeing Lucas again. Sami calls it amazing but weird since she's known him for so long and he actually likes her for who she is. Kayla asks about Kate. Sami questions if people can change. Kayla thinks they can but it doesn't happen often. Sami looks back over at Kate.

Kate assures Lucas that she loves working with Sami and wouldn't lie to him. Kate thinks amazing things will happen with them working together. Lucas brings up Kate getting mad at seeing them together again. Kate admits that she's still a little overprotective and overreacted due to their history together. Lucas thinks their history is not all Sami's fault as Kate doesn't want to see them go down that road again.

Bo and Roman talk about what Abe did and how he got in trouble. Bo wants to take down Maroni for selling drugs to kids. Roman warns Bo about losing his badge so they have to follow the rules. Bo thinks the rules benefit the Maronis. Roman then informs Bo that he's already got the warrant and invites Bo to join him in searching the warehouse. They joke about all they just went through. Roman invites Bo to go with him but Bo thinks it's a waste of time since Maroni probably moved the drugs when he got the warrant. Roman tells Bo that he got the warrant from a judge in case of informants at the police department. Bo agrees to go with Roman and thinks he'll be telling him that he told him so as they walk on.

John tells Hope that he thinks she's right. Hope wishes she wasn't right. Hope talks about being involved in a case he's working on. Hope wants to know what else John knows but he says there isn't much else since Walsh died before he could tell him anymore. Hope talks about being stuck away from their loved ones. John calls it a hell of a challenge.

Roman and Bo walk out of the town square together to head to the warehouse but are ambushed from behind by two men who attack them.

Jennifer apologizes to Daniel and starts to leave but Daniel thinks it's good that they are talking since he has a lot to say. Daniel tells her that when he left Salem, he thought he put on a brave face. Jennifer points out that no one would be great after all he had been through. Daniel talks about being angry when he saw himself. Jennifer doesn't blame him for being angry with her. Daniel tells her it wasn't at her but at life as he had a future with someone ripped from his hands. Daniel admits that he walked away. Jennifer blames herself for being unable to decide. Daniel tells her that when Jack came back, he knew it just wasn't meant to be but he had to see her to make sure that he didn't have any regrets and to see if he had that feeling every time he looked at her. Daniel reveals that he no longer has those feelings.

Lucas tells Kate that he is in love with his fiancee, Autumn. Kate thinks he's always falling in love and brings up Sami's ability to play him. Lucas mocks the idea of their mother-son talks. Kate tells him that she trusted him being thousands of miles away. Kate tells Lucas that he has a chance at a wonderful life with his fiancee but she's concerned about him coming back for Sami. Lucas brings up that they have kids so they are tied together for life and are friends. Kate thinks Sami was looking at him in a more than friends way. Kate brings up Sami recently separating from her husband. Kate warns Lucas to be careful.

Bo and Roman lie outside the town square, unconscious after both were beaten down.

Lucas tells Sami that he's going to take Kate home unless she needs him. Sami insists that she'll be fine with her work. Kate wants to make sure she isn't overworking her. Sami tells her she's great. Kate brings up how they can all celebrate if Sami finds out who the spy is that's' been stabbing her in the back. Kate exits as Lucas tells Sami that he'll be in town as long as she or Will need him. Sami thanks him and hugs him.

Roman regains consciousness with cuts on his head. Roman crawls over to Bo but he is unresponsive. Roman calls out to him, hoping he's alive.

John tells Hope that he was hoping this trip would turn out to be nothing but Stefano trying to mess with their lives but Walsh ending up dead showed it was something much bigger. Hope points out that Stefano never limits himself to one goal. Hope talks about how Stefano relishes in destroying John's life. John thinks it's about Stefano wanting Marlena since he took away his Gina. Hope mentions how strong Marlena is to go through their last two years. Hope thinks Marlena wouldn't want him back at the ISA. John reveals that Marlena doesn't know he is and he knows how upset she would be. Hope points out what happened to Walsh. John states that dealing with Stefano is always about life and death.

Roman is able to wake up Bo. Roman calls out for help as he helps Bo up.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she's glad they talked and goes to leave. Daniel stops her and wants her to know that he never meant to hurt her. Jennifer insists that he didn't as she tries not to cry. Daniel asks her to look at him so she does. Daniel tells her that he cares about her very much and hopes they can still remain friends. Jennifer agrees that she wants to be his friend.

Lucas and Kate walk through the Town Square talking about seeing Kate's office. Lucas is glad to see her excited about her business again. Kate talks about having big plans. Lucas admits he never thought he'd see Kate and Sami on the same team. Kate says she's learned to expect the unexpected with Sami.

Kayla talks to Sami about how great it was to see Lucas again. Sami can't wait for the kids to see him again. Sami mentions that the kids miss Rafe. Kayla think it will be great for Allie to see her dad. Kayla asks how long he'll be in town. Sami informs Kayla that Lucas is engaged. Kayla can't believe Sami isn't upset. Sami says she's happy that he has something going right. Sami brings up Kayla saying people don't change often. Sami worries that it's too late for her to change but Kayla tells her that it's never too late.

John tells Hope that she now knows everything that he knows. John wants Hope not to tell anyone anything. Hope thinks John needs to tell Marlena since it's dangerous for her not to know. John needs to know what Spencer found out. John feels something big is going on and that's why Walsh is dead. Hope agrees that something big is going on and wants to help him find out. John doesn't want Hope involved and refuses to put her at more risk. John declares that Bo would never forgive him if anything happened to her.

Roman brings Bo to the Pub. Kayla and Sami rush up to them in shock. Bo collapses as Sami runs off to call 911 and Kayla tries to keep him conscious. Sami runs back and says the ambulance is on the way. Roman tells them that they were jumped by Maroni's men. Bo loses his pulse as Kayla frantically tries to revive him.

John and Hope continue to argue. Hope says she knows the risks and can take care of herself.

Kayla continues trying to revive Bo. Roman begs for him not to die as Sami begins to pray.

Hope tells John that he can't do this on his own. Hope brings up how John was in a wheelchair for two years. John doesn't want her involved but Hope feels she already is. Hope points out that if something happens to John then she'd be all alone in Alamainia.

Sami and Roman continue praying as Kayla continues trying to save Bo.

Hope warns John that if he tries to do it on his own, he could end up like Walsh.

Kayla gets Bo's pulse back as the ambulance arrives. Bo begins having a seizure as Kayla and Roman worry that they are losing him.

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