Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/5/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/5/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas tells Sami that he knew he had to get back as soon as he could because she needed him. Lucas points out that she will always be the mother of his kids and he still loves her. Sami tells him that she loves him too and hugs him. Lucas tells her that she's not alone in this anymore as he's here for her. Sami talks about feeling like no one was on her side before and it means a lot to her that he came all this way to help her. Sami kisses him on the cheek and thanks him. Lucas gets a phone call and then informs Sami that the call is from his fiancee which shocks Sami.

Abigail talks to Carrie about how crazy it is that they all ended up at the same place. Carrie thinks it's great and hugs her as Abigail glares at Austin.

Brady and Madison lay in bed together. Madison talks about not expecting to be back together. Brady says all that matters is that he's here. Madison brings up that Ian won't like this. Brady jokes about forgetting about Ian as Madison kisses him.

Ian sits at the town square looking at a picture of Madison on his phone. Kate arrives and joins him. Kate tells him that she called him because she owes him for giving her the news about Sami being a spy. Kate tells Ian about her plan for Sami and says revenge is sweet.

Abigail asks Carrie and Austin if they want to go to dinner. Austin states that he already booked a table for two with Carrie. Austin talks about how this trip was for him to get alone with Carrie for the weekend.

Madison tells Brady that she loves that he isn't afraid of Ian but thinks he does need to take him seriously. Brady makes fun of Ian having a walking stick. Madison reminds him that Ian is ruthless and doesn't let anything stand in his way. Brady points out that people say the same thing about him. Madison thinks the difference is that Brady has a heart. Brady assures her that Ian will be the one that loses and then kisses her.

Kate thinks Ian must have a plan since he told her about Madison and Sami. Ian points out that Kate asked him to come so she must have something to tell him. Kate talks about how she brought Sami to the house and told her what she knows about a spy. Ian comments on the cleverness of her plan. Kate warns him that she's going to nail Madison along with Sami and Brady. Kate jokes about wanting to see them in prison.

Sami questions Lucas not telling her that he was engaged. Sami brings up Lucas not telling their kids. Lucas wanted to tell them in person. Lucas points out that they always talked about Sami when they talked on the phone. Lucas questions Sami being jealous and points out that she didn't give him advanced notice about Rafe. Lucas remarks that he has a life that doesn't revolve around her. Sami questions him. Lucas tells Sami that she does kind of think she is the center of the universe. Sami bringing up Lucas being the father of two of her kids so she has a reaction to him being engaged. Lucas reminds Sami that he is here for her now and she's not alone. Sami adds that Lucas has his fiancee so she is alone like always.

Kate tells Ian that she didn't want to leave it to just Sami. Kate tells Ian that she won't go after Titan but she will try to bring down Mad World. Ian points out that it won't be easy to bring down Madison and Brady. Kate mentions that Titan will suffer a large financial loss when Mad World goes down but it has to be done. Kate starts to leave but Ian stops her and reminds her that Madison is his wife. Ian asks Kate how she expected him to react to her wanting to throw Madison in jail.

Brady pours champagne for he and Madison and they toast to them. Madison then finds Brady's engagement ring in her champagne glass. Madison is surprised as Brady suggests she wear it. Madison instead puts the ring down.

Melanie tells Austin and Carrie that Abigail must not have known they were going to be there. Abigail goes along with it. Melanie suggests they get going as not to interrupt but Carrie insists that they stay. Abigail comments on being in the old part of the cabin while Carrie and Austin are in the new part. Carrie suggests that they could switch cabins. Austin kisses Carrie as Carrie invites Abigail and Melanie to check out their room. Austin suggests Carrie go with Melanie so he can talk with Abigail. Austin claims that there's something wrong with Abigail's skis so Melanie and Carrie go to the room. Austin asks Abigail what she thinks she's doing.

Melanie and Carrie go to Carrie and Austin's room. Carrie talks about being sentimental for the old rooms. Carrie can't believe they happened to show up on the same weekend. Carrie asks Melanie how Abigail is doing about the guy that dumped her and if she's feeling any better. Melanie states that she's still working through some things. They both hope Abigail isn't planning to get back together with him.

Abigail tells Austin that they know why she's there. Austin questions how she did it since this is out of bounds and sick. Abigail just wanted to remind him that she's not going to disappear since what they had together was beautiful. Abigail tells Austin that she's not going to be just some girl that he hooked up with. Abigail thinks Austin got jealous of seeing her with Quinn. Austin says he was just worried about her because Quinn is bad. Abigail questions Austin trying to fix his marriage when he has feelings for her. Austin says he's concerned and doesn't even remember their night together. Austin calls it a mistake but Abigail disagrees. Austin tells Abigail that he loves Carrie and there's nothing between them.

Lucas questions Sami still feeling that she's all alone just because he's engaged. Lucas decides he should just leave then which upsets Sami even more. Lucas tells Sami that she's not the Sami that he remembers. Sami yells about having four kids and no husband now. Sami brings up working for Kate which Lucas laughs at. Lucas points out how they joined forces to break up Carrie and Austin so many years ago. Sami says she can't be that girl again and doesn't want to be. Lucas suggests it's a good thing. Lucas sits with her and tries to comfort her.

Madison tells Brady that this is a new beginning for them and knows the ring is a symbol of it but thinks if she wears it then she's asking for trouble from Ian. Madison talks about how furious Ian is already and how he'll feel embarrassed publicly if she wears the ring. Brady assures that they will work it out together. Brady wants to talk about their future instead and jokes about how many kids they are going to have.

Ian tells Kate to go after Sami but leave Madison to him. Kate wonders what'll happen if she doesn't. Ian tells her that she can figure that out herself.

Brady and Madison drink their champagne as Brady continues to joke about having lots of kids. Madison kisses him and Brady then tells her that he has to go to put things in motion. Brady jokes with her about wanting his ring. Madison kisses him some more. Madison tells him that getting in Ian's face is not the way to handle him so he should just be cool and they'll deal with it then everything will be fine.

Kate tells Ian that she told him to prepare for the worst and she can't just address half the issue. Ian says Madison was just trying to ruin Kate's business but Kate wants to ruin her personally. Ian isn't on board with the idea. Kate tells him to get out of the way. Ian brings up it reminding of a speech she gave him in their past.

Brady kisses Madison and tells her that he will call her later. Brady assures her that it will all work out and they kiss again as Brady then exits. Madison shuts the door and looks at the ring now on her finger.

Abigail brings up Austin saying he's with Carrie now. Abigail questions them being committed. Austin reminds her that he loves his wife and has never stopped. Abigail brings up Carrie getting so close to Rafe and turning to him instead of Austin. Abigail talks about how upset Austin was that night in his office. Abigail points out that Sami and Rafe are no longer together so Carrie could do this to him again. Austin tries to stop her. Abigail wants to remind him of what they can have. Abigail tells Austin that what they have is real and she would never turn on him because she loves him. Carrie and Melanie then rejoin them.

Kate asks Ian why he's ready to go at it for Madison. Ian reminds her that Madison is his wife. Kate can't imagine him being married to someone like that. Ian tells her to be careful. Kate questions Ian thinking he's in love with Madison. Kate doesn't think he's capable of loving anyone since he doesn't put his neck out for anyone. Ian tells her that he can for his advantage. Ian assumes he's made his point clear that Sami is Kate's and that is it. Ian then walks away.

Lucas and Sami go to the Pub. Sami asks if Kate knew about Lucas' fiancee. Lucas tells her that she does. Sami thinks it's weird that Kate hasn't rubbed it in to her. Lucas tells her not to go there and just have a nice lunch. They sit together as Kayla is excited to see Lucas and hugs him. Sami explains that Kayla is helping at the Pub since Caroline's doctors said she needed more rest. Lucas brings up staying around since Sami will have to leave on business so he can be a dad to their kids. Kayla goes to get them drinks and jokes that they will toast to her favorite ex-nephew in law. Sami still can't believe Lucas is back and in the Brady Pub. Lucas figures he should be there for Will since he deserves more than just a dad on the phone. Sami tells him that he doesn't have to keep reminding her of why he's back. Lucas adds that he knows Sami very well.

Madison returns to her hotel room and sees the door is open. She goes in hoping Brady came back but finds Ian laying in bed with a glass of champagne.

Austin asks Carrie what they decided on about the room. Melanie says they are fine where they are. Abigail asks what they are doing all afternoon. Austin states that they might see them on the slopes and then goes back to his room with Carrie. Melanie confronts Abigail about lying to her and says she's completely lost her mind. Abigail tells Melanie that she loves Austin. Melanie remarks that she blatantly used her in her plan. Melanie wants to know what Abigail plans to do. Abigail thinks it's not good for Austin to be with Carrie. Melanie feels Abigail is lying to herself since Austin and Carrie came for one reason. Abigail says it's too bad since she came for the same reason.

Austin and Carrie return to their room. Carrie suggests changing their dinner reservations to a table for four since she doesn't want to hurt their feelings. Austin doesn't think they should do that. Austin just wants to have dinner alone with Carrie. Carrie asks if it bothers him that Abigail and Melanie are there. Carrie thinks Austin seems a little bothered. Austin tells her that he just wants to think about her this weekend. Carrie hopes Abigail can find someone nice after what she's been through like Carrie has with Austin. Carrie then kisses Austin and hugs him.

Lucas finishes a phone call with his fiancee, Autumn. Lucas tells Sami that she is understanding that he's in Salem for his kids. Lucas thinks Sami should be understanding too. Sami jokes with him about giving her grief. Kayla returns with their drinks. Lucas invites her to join them but she can't since the lunch rush is about to start. Sami asks if she needs any help so she goes to help Kayla prepare food. Lucas then makes a phone call and asks if they can schedule a meeting. Kate walks by outside the Pub and sees Lucas through the window. Kate heads inside and excitedly greets Lucas. Sami comes back with their food and greets Kate while she looks uncomfortable seeing Lucas with Sami.

Ian tells Madison that he found Brady's ring to her and calls it a crime. Madison tells Ian that they aren't in love so she doesn't know why he insists on keeping their marriage. Ian refuses to give her up. Madison tells her that she's not his property and she is in love with Brady so they will be together whether he likes it or not. Madison tells Ian that he can't force her to stay married to him. Ian tells her that's true but warns her that it will have consequences.

Austin and Carrie finish taking a shower together. Carrie suggests they do that more often. Austin tells her that he has never stopped loving her. Carrie says she's never doubted that even when times were tough. Austin adds that it's really important to him for her to know that. Carrie insists that she does and kisses him.

Melanie tells Abigail that she is older than her and has more experience in doing inappropriate things to get guys. Melanie tells her that this is not okay so they should leave now. Abigail refuses. Melanie asks what she's trying to accomplish. Abigail just wants to show Austin that he doesn't have to stay in a destroyed marriage. Melanie tells him that Carrie is worried about her. Abigail doesn't think Carrie loves Austin while she does. Abigail wants to show Austin that she loves him and refuses to leave.

Sami puts her arm around Lucas and talks to Kate about how excited she must be. Kate pulls Lucas away and invites him to stay with her. Kate assumes Lucas and Sami must have ran into each other at the Pub but Lucas informs her that they came together which surprises Kate. Lucas adds that Sami is having a tough time so he's there for the kids. Kate questions Lucas coming back for Sami and worries that he's going to let the bitch get her hooks in him again while Sami is overjoyed to see Kate's reaction.

Brady walks through the town square, making a phone call looking for a divorce lawyer.

Ian tells Madison that he can't stop her from divorcing him but he can go after Brady as the head of Titan for allowing Sami to spy on Kate. Madison tries to argue that it was all Ian's idea. Ian adds that now that he's the head of Titan so he can have enough evidence to implicate Brady and send him to prison. Madison realizes that he set the whole thing up and calls him a hateful bastard. Ian agrees and tells Madison that she has a decision to make. Ian tells her to think long and hard about how much she loves Brady.

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