Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/2/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/2/12


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Sami returns home still upset and gets a text message from Kate. Sami gets annoyed as a knock on the door makes her hope it's Rafe. Sami opens the door and is surprised to see Lucas at the door.

Austin and Carrie joke around about their romantic vacation at their hotel room. They talk about going to a ski lodge at the mountain where they made love for the first time. Austin thinks it's the one place to go to get everything back on track. Carrie comments how Austin did all the planning for this. Carrie blames herself for screwing up and not Austin.

Abigail uses Austin's computer at his office to find out where he and Carrie are going on their trip.

A man delivers flowers to the spa where Gabi is. Gabi looks at the card and sees they are from Chad. Chad then enters the spa.

Brady sits at the Pub and gets frustrated when he sees a photo of Madison in a magazine and storms out.

Madison reads the same magazine at her hotel room and then tosses it across the room. She gets upset and sits on her bed hugging her pillow.

Hope holds back tears as John tries to get through to her. John tells her to shake it off and remember that the memories don't mean anything and are only a part of Stefano's game. Hope worries about being unable to stop the memories and how they are so real. Hope says it makes her feel guilty that she's been unfaithful to Bo. John reminds her that it was a long time ago and those emotions and feelings don't exist anymore. Someone enters and John says he's glad he could make it only to turn around and see it's not Walsh. John asks what the hell the person is doing here as it turns out to be Stefano arriving. Stefano says he could ask them the same question. Stefano calls it a coincidence to run into them here. Stefano brings up the cafe being closed. Stefano claims he was just out for an evening walk and came across the cafe. John accuses Stefano of setting this all up. Stefano says he's simply on holiday and isn't there to cause more trouble. Stefano questions John and Hope coming without Bo and Marlena.

Brady remains outside the pub and thinks back to the times he spent with Madison. He gets upset again and walks away.

Chad and Gabi stand at the flowers as Melanie walks up and loves the flowers. Chad reveals that the flowers were for Melanie as Gabi steps away while she thought it may have been for her. Melanie and Chad kiss and then inform Gabi that they are together and Abigail's cool with it.

Austin tells Carrie that they are both invested in making their relationship work and getting their marriage back to the way it was. Austin says everything else is in the past and behind them while it's just about them now as he hugs her.

Sami is surprised that Lucas isn't in Hong Kong and asks what he's doing here. Lucas brings up that Sami called him and told him that her life was imploding and Will was beyond angry with her. Sami can't believe he came all the way just for her and thanks him with a hug.

Hope accuses Stefano of making it impossible for Bo and Marlena to come with them. Stefano claims not to have that kind of power. Stefano asks what they are doing in the cafe alone in the dark. John and Hope start to leave but Stefano stops them and tells them not to leave on his account. Stefano suggests if they are meeting someone, they could be running late.

Gabi gets furious at the spa and takes Chad's flowers for Melanie and slams them on the floor. Gabi remarks that she's been so nice and isn't going to take it anymore. Chad and Melanie come back in and can't believe what happened. Gabi calls it a karate accident. Gabi starts to clean up the mess and glares at Chad and Melanie as they step away. Abigail arrives and greets them. Abigail tells Chad and Melanie that she has the best idea ever. Abigail wants to take a road trip with Melanie to the Green Mountain Lodge and go skiing. Melanie wants to but had plans with Chad. Abigail decides that Chad will just have to come with them then. Chad isn't sure and thinks it's weird. Abigail assures it won't be as she is happy for them. Abigail insists they will be happy they came so Melanie agrees to go look at the website with her. Gabi approaches Chad and hopes he isn't really going to go. Chad points out that Abigail said it was cool. Gabi tells Chad that he's smart so he shouldn't be an idiot.

Madison gets a phone call from Ian but ignores it and goes to exit her hotel room but runs into Brady arriving. Madison says she knows why he's there and can't listen to him tell her how much she disappointed him. Brady informs her that it's not why he's there.

Lucas wants Sami to explain to him how she ended up just having sex with EJ. Lucas doesn't care but thinks she has to explain to him in order to explain it to Rafe. Sami asks Lucas why he drinks. Lucas informs her that he doesn't anymore. Sami asks why he did drink. Lucas recalls being scared and a coward. Lucas admits he didn't want to face his life the way it was so he drank to forget about it and self-destruct. Sami tells Lucas that she thought Johnny was dead and wished she was so all she could think about was making the pain stop and that's why she had sex with EJ. Lucas brings up Will walking in. Sami says she knows what Will is going through and how mad he is and that he'll never forgive her for what she did. Sami thinks Will just took the job with EJ to get back at her. Lucas doesn't think that sounds like Will being into revenge. Sami thinks it's in Will's blood as Kate is his grandmother. Lucas wants to know what else is going on with Will but Sami doesn't know only that Marlena said something is going on but Will won't tell her. Lucas points out that Will hasn't reached out to him later but maybe he will when he talks to him face to face. Sami is annoyed by Lucas' positive attitude. Lucas tells Sami to be glad someone is in town now that doesn't hate her.

Austin and Carrie finish skiing at the Green Mountain Lodge and go back to their room. They talk about how much fun it was and what they should do now. Austin suggests hot chocolate but Carrie wants to stay in so they start kissing.

Melanie asks Chad why he's not going to come with them. Chad thinks it'd be better for just Melanie and Abigail. Chad promises to be there when she gets back and hugs her as Gabi watches.

Stefano continues asking John and Hope about why they are in the cafe alone after hours. Hope tells him it's none of his business. Stefano keeps thinking that they are waiting for a lawyer and hopes that he's talented because there are laws difficult to deal with in Alamainia. Stefano teases that it will be more difficult with them being outsiders. Stefano starts to leave but Hope stops him and wants to ask him something. Hope brings up that he got them here and got them away from Bo and Marlena. Hope wants to know what he's really after. Stefano says he won't give away the ending before they even get to the beginning. Stefano then exits the cafe.

Brady tells Madison that she hurt him in a way he didn't know was possible. Brady recalls carrying around the ring he gave her for days since he thought she would eventually say yes. Madison assures that she would have. Brady points out that it turned out she was married to Ian. Brady adds that it wasn't just heartbreak but she shattered his faith and ability to believe in something. Madison wonders how long he will keep punishing her. Madison thinks Brady only came to torment her. Brady tells her that she couldn't have hurt him that way unless he loved her as much as he does. Brady admits he's been angry because he didn't know what to do while still loving her. Brady states that he knows it would hurt him more to live without her. Madison questions him pushing her away. Brady blames it on his anger but he's done with that and just wants to be with her. Brady doesn't want to live without her and needs her because he loves her. Brady tells Madison that he loves her and she says the same as they hug and then kiss. Madison is happy and didn't think he would ever forgive her. They continue kissing. Madison adds that she really thought that she lost him forever but Brady says he's here to stay. Brady reminds her that they will first have to get Ian out of her life but Madison points out that won't be as easy as he thinks.

Chad thanks Gabi for advising him not to go where he'd be in the way of Abigail and Melanie. Chad tells Gabi that he owes her one so she tells him there's something she could use his help with.

John tells Hope that whatever is going on, Stefano is confident that it's going to work since he didn't reveal it. Hope wants to stop him. John declares they must take the advantage back fast.

Sami tells Lucas that she can't do anything right with Rafe. Lucas brings up knowing how he feels and tells Sami to let Rafe be angry. Sami says she just asked Rafe to watch the kids while she's out of town. Lucas questions Sami going out of town when her life is like this. Sami worries that she can't work things out. Lucas thinks Sami is giving up. Lucas calls her a quitter and says he's trying to help her out of the hole she's in. Sami knows it's all her fault and asks if Lucas just came to rub it in her face. Sami tells Lucas that he can just go back to Hong Kong.

Austin and Carrie continue kissing in their cabin at the lodge. They go to the bed and begin undressing as they continue.

Melanie and Abigail arrive at their cabin at the lodge. Melanie wants to go ski but Abigail thinks they should look around and explore.

Gabi tells Chad that Quinn is going to let her do massages but she has to get experience first. Gabi wants Chad to let her give him a massage. Chad agrees to let her whenever she wants.

Brady tells Madison that he knows Ian never would let her go but it might not play out that way. Madison worries about going against Ian. Brady insists that it will be fine. Madison wants to believe it. Brady brings up the hold Ian has on her and he doesn't get it all. Madison doesn't expect him too. Brady calls her strong and tough so he wonders why she lets Ian get the best of her. Madison doesn't know how to explain it other than she's different with Brady than with Ian. Brady tells Madison that she is with him now so Ian is going to have to meet the woman that he loves and knows because she is capable of taking Ian down. Madison brings up seeing Ian destroy people and that he likes it. Brady asks if she's afraid of Ian coming after her but she says it isn't just her. Brady assures that he's not afraid of Ian and he can get rid of him as long as she tells him that's what she wants. Madison responds that he knows it is.

Gabi begins her massage on Chad. Gabi says they could stop but Chad insists that it feels amazing.

Sami questions Lucas coming to help her but now thinks he's just here to watch her fail like everyone else. Sami yells about ruining her marriage and destroying her son's life. Sami says she will survive this and tells Lucas to go back to Hong Kong. Lucas asks if she's done and feels better now. Lucas tells Sami that they have some work to do.

John makes a phone call but gets no answer. John thinks it's not like an agent to go off the grid like this. Hope suggests he might have figured out Stefano was involved. John figures they should just go back to their room. Hope brings up earlier but John wants to just get through this and they then exit the cafe.

Brady wants Madison to talk to him. Madison says she's just been on her own for so long and rolling over for Ian without a say in her life. Madison feels like that's going to change now with Brady. Brady tells her that it will all change but he warns her that it will come with a price. Brady tells Madison that she's going to have to give up something that she loves very much if she wants this to happen.

Melanie and Abigail finish getting ski equipment and go back to the lobby. Austin and Carrie walk in and Melanie is surprised to see them. Carrie talks about Abigail planning the trip. Austin claims he changed his mind at the last second. Abigail calls it a coincidence that they all ended up at the same place.

John and Hope return to their room to find Agent Walsh's dead body in a chair.

Lucas tells Sami that her yelling and screaming won't scare him off. Lucas tells her that he's on her side but this is worse than usual. Lucas says he isn't here to feel better about himself. Sami apologizes for screaming at him. Lucas reminds her that he is here to help her because she needed him. Lucas adds that no matter how much time goes by or what happens, she is the mother of his kids. Lucas tells Sami that he still loves her. Sami says she loves him too and hugs him.

Madison wants to know what else she has to give up. Brady reveals that it would be Mad World. Brady brings up Ian being CEO of Titan which means he has control of her company and that's his sole bargaining chip. Brady asks if she's willing to give up her company in order to be free of Ian. Madison says she loves Mad World and it's always been the most important thing to her but she loves Brady more and would do anything to be with him. Madison adds that she will do whatever it takes. Brady knows it's a sacrifice. Madison says she could just start a company but what they have is once in a lifetime and she doesn't want to lose him ever again. Brady then kisses her. Madison starts undressing Brady and he carries her to the bed as they kiss.

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