Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/1/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/1/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Hope return to their hotel in Alamainia. Hope brings up stopping for dinner as they talk about not much to do. Hope sees an ad for a place that she and John both remember.

Nicole takes another pregnancy test in her hotel room and it's still positive. Nicole wonders how she can be pregnant. Nicole starts to lay down but Daniel arrives. Daniel wanted to check on her and see if she was okay. Nicole says she isn't but thanks him for asking. Daniel understands it's a lot to take in. Nicole talks about EJ cheating on her and how she hates Sami. Nicole blames herself for falling for EJ.

EJ approaches Lexie at the town square. Lexie notices the bruise on his face from being punched by Rafe. Lexie starts to walk away but EJ stops her and wants to know what he did other than win the election. Lexie tells him that he can go be mayor but it's who he is that she has a problem with. She calls him a manipulative self-centered liar. EJ compares it to what Abe did and questions Lexie sticking up for him.

Rafe packs things from his office. He stops and looks at he and Sami's wedding picture then throws it in the trash can. Sami then arrives so Rafe questions what she's doing there. Sami hoped they could talk. Rafe says it isn't a good time. Sami tells him that it's important but he doesn't want to talk to her. Sami tries to talk to Rafe in his office. She asks him for help as she has no where else to turn. Rafe tells her that he can't be around her. Sami thinks he can but doesn't want to. Rafe points out that it's both. Sami brings up that Kate is going to have her travel. Rafe questions that being her desperate situation. Sami wants Rafe to help with the kids. Rafe tells her to quit her corporate espionage. Sami informs Rafe that she doesn't work for Madison anymore and only Kate. Rafe brings up Marlena. Sami says she's always busy. Rafe realizes Sami didn't even ask her. Sami asks Rafe not to be angry since he misses the kids. Sami tells Rafe that the kids miss him and she does too.

Lexie tells EJ that Abe is still her son's father and her husband so he can't speak ill of him. EJ agrees not to talk about Abe and instead wants to talk about Lexie. EJ tells her that he has a proposition for her as mayor.

Daniel has Nicole sit down so she can relax. Nicole talks about how upset she is and how she didn't sleep last night with all that's on her mind. Daniel reminds her that she has a lot to decide. Daniel tells her to think about all her options including whether or not she wants to have the baby.

Hope looks back at John and has a flashback to when they got married. Hope doesn't understand and wonders why this is coming back to them now. John states that it's because they are here where it happened which is Stefano's plan. John reminds Hope that they weren't under their own power back then. Hope hates the memories coming back. John tells her that all they can do is talk about everything that went on between them. Hope isn't sure but John thinks it will help deal with the memories. John worries about being threatened by what they remember. Hope insists that she isn't threatened since her and Bo are stronger than ever. John tells her that Stefano expects this to weaken them so they need to face it head-on. John says what happened back then wasn't real. Hope wonders how it must be like for Bo and Marlena. Hope says she would be driving herself crazy.

Nicole tells Daniel that she is having the baby no matter what. Nicole talks about never thinking she'd have a baby. Nicole admits she's terrified and can't handle another loss. Daniel tells her that she can and will survive. Daniel calls it a fate challenge for her. Nicole states that when she walked out on EJ, she was prepared to spend her life alone but now she's pregnant so she's not alone.

Lexie doesn't want to listen to EJ. He brings up it being health care and how he wants to improve the community. EJ wants to make sure people can get health care whether they can afford it or not. EJ wants to further medicine. Lexie wants to know what it has to do with her. EJ brings up Lexie still seeing him as the enemy. EJ points out that Lexie knows a good idea when she hears one. Lexie questions if he is asking for her support.

Rafe tells Sami that she can always count on him to be there for the kids. Sami tells him that she's not sure when it will be so Rafe tells her to just let him know. Sami thanks him and invites him to stay at the Loft while he's gone but Rafe warns her not to push it. Rafe tells her that it doesn't change anything between them and he doesn't want to confuse the kids. Sami understands and appreciates his help. Sami apologizes and admits it's been tough for her on her own. Sami says it's tough knowing that if she just believed in him and their family then none of this would've happened. Rafe says he will always do what's best for their family. Sami asks him if that includes her.

Nicole tells Daniel that she knows this is a blessing but worries about something going wrong. Daniel tells her that for now she needs to minimize the stress in her life. Daniel thinks she needs to find a way to be with EJ for the child but Nicole refuses.

EJ tells Lexie that no one is better qualified to be city health commissioner than her. EJ tells Lexie that she'd be able to do whatever she wants. Lexie thinks he just wants the ex-mayor's wife on his payroll.

Sami tells Rafe that she knows she would've never taken them to the Pub if he knew it was dangerous. Sami regrets blaming him for Johnny's disappearance and wishes she could take back everything. Rafe states that they can just live, learn, and move on. Sami brings up alienating Will. Rafe assumes Will will come around. Sami says Will is so mad at her that she doesn't know how to get through to him. Sami thinks Marlena is the last person Will should be talking to. Sami wants Rafe to talk to Will for her. Rafe states that he knows Will knows that she loves him. Rafe tells her that he's sorry and knows Will doesn't deserve to go through any of this. Rafe hopes now Sami will realize that there are consequences for her actions. Sami never thought losing Rafe would be one of the consequences. Sami tells Rafe that she loves him and he means everything to her. Sami doesn't want to believe that she has lost him and wants him to give her a chance. Rafe tells Sami that maybe he could've understood her sleeping with EJ and loved or trusted her enough to work through it but she lied to him over and over again. Rafe tells Sami that is when she lost him.

John tells Hope that Bo and Marlena know they have nothing to worry about. Hope compares it to if the situations were reversed and how she would feel. John warns her not to play into Stefano's hands. Hope agrees that she needs to stop making more out of this. Hope asks John about seeing sights. John decides to give Hope some space and leave but Hope stops him and wants to know what's really going on. Hope reminds John that she's a detective and notices the signs. Hope knows something else is going on and wants John to tell her what it is.

Sami tells Rafe that she knows he doesn't mean that. Sami wants Rafe to tell her that he loves her and will give them another chance. Rafe can't do it. Sami knows what she did was unforgivable but didn't want to tell him and see her family get torn apart. Rafe questions her doing it to protect her family. Rafe tells her that she was just doing what was best for her like she always does above everything else including her marriage. Sami tries to apologize. Rafe sees that she's sorry. Sami begs for forgiveness and another chance. Sami promises she can do better but can't do it without him. Rafe tells Sami that he can't do what she wants. Rafe tells her that he's sorry and exits the office leaving Sami crying in tears. Sami looks down and sees their wedding picture in the trash and knocks it over in frustration as she cries.

EJ tells Lexie that it's a legit offer and she doesn't have to accept right now. EJ thinks she would find it rewarding. Lexie says she will think about it. EJ wants her to keep an open mind about him too but Lexie feels that she's trusted him too many times. EJ understands it's hard to get over when someone lets you down. EJ knows some of the pain that Lexie is going through but she doubts it. EJ informs Lexie that she's not the only one who lost someone. EJ then tells her that he lost his wife.

Nicole tells Daniel that EJ can't know about the baby. She wants him to promise that he won't tell EJ. Daniel argues but then promises not to tell EJ anything. Daniel thinks Nicole needs to think this through. Nicole feels she is protecting her baby. Daniel questions not telling the father. Daniel brings up that he's been in the position of not being the father of a baby that he thought he was. Nicole calls it completely different. Nicole brings up all the times EJ claimed to love her and that things were different and she believed him. Nicole talks about helping him win the election but she still took Sami to bed behind her back. Daniel holds her hand and tells her that he realizes EJ is a bastard but asks if she really thinks this is something that she can keep from him.

Hope continues questioning John about what else is going on. John tells her it's real serious and that's all he can say. Hope refuses to accept that. Hope threatens to follow him everywhere he goes and be backup. Hope wants to know why John doesn't want her involved. John doesn't want to put her in danger.

Lexie asks EJ why Nicole left him. EJ doesn't want to get into details but it was all his fault. Lexie assumes he must have really hurt her. EJ admits that he did. Lexie calls it a change for him to take responsibility for his actions. EJ wishes he could resolve the situation with Nicole. EJ tells Lexie that he understands the pain. Lexie tells him that she's sorry to hear that. EJ tells her that he could really use his sister. EJ knows it's a lot to ask but hopes she can use her brother. Lexie tells him that they will see but she isn't making any promises. EJ tells her that he loves her as she walks away. EJ walks in the other direction and spots Sami in the distance. EJ starts to walk away but instead approaches her. Sami tells him that he's the last person she wants to see right now. EJ tells her that the feeling is mutual. Sami tells him to go to hell. EJ asks why Sami came to his house that night. Sami questions him blaming her since she lost her husband and son. EJ tells her that he lost Nicole too and she was the only person to ever love him for who he is.

Nicole tells Daniel that she knows it will be hard to keep a secret from EJ. Daniel thinks it will be impossible and brings up Sami trying to do the same thing. Daniel doesn't think Nicole is thinking this through. Nicole brings up Daniel leaving town to clear his head. Nicole asks Daniel if he figured out what to do with Jennifer, his hand, career, or life. Daniel says he's still working on it. Nicole decides that maybe she should leave Salem and take a mental break. Daniel wants her to keep the stress to a minimum so travel is not good. Daniel thinks she should be around people that care about her and a doctor that knows her history too. Nicole agrees and then states that Daniel is the only one who can help her keep the baby a secret.

John tells Hope about meeting with agents Spencer and Walsh at the cafe but they couldn't tell him enough. John tells her that he's supposed to meet with Walsh after the cafe closes tonight. Hope wants to go with him but John says no. Hope insists that she's going no matter what so they exit together.

Sami laughs at Nicole walking out on EJ and calls it good. Sami doesn't care and thinks Nicole will come back to him since she has no respect. Sami tells EJ that he can't compare that to her losing Rafe and Will. EJ questions her being serious and laughs at her. EJ calls Sami a selfish little bitch.

Rafe sits with Lexie at the Pub. They joke about hating to eat alone. Rafe asks about Abe but Lexie tells him that she can't talk to him. Lexie says she's tried to see it from his perspective but can't understand it. Lexie states it's like the man he loved ceased to exist but knows it sounds harsh. Rafe says that life is harsh sometimes and he understands more than she knows.

EJ tells Sami not to minimize what he had with Nicole. Sami calls it a real joke. EJ compares it to her marriage. Sami tells him to shut up. EJ thinks his pain is no less than hers. Sami thinks EJ just lost his publicist while she lost her husband. EJ calls her pathetic and says the only person Sami ever thinks about is herself. Sami agrees that she's the only person that she can count on. EJ mocks the idea of her always being the victim. EJ tells Sami to face the truth that karma is coming to her and is going to destroy her.

Nicole knows what she's asking Daniel to do. Daniel worries about what EJ would do if he finds out. Nicole points out that Daniel said the baby deserves to be happy. Daniel thinks there could be someone else that could help. Daniel brings up Chloe but Nicole says she has her new life in Chicago. Daniel brings up Brady but Nicole points out that he's with Madison so she can't drag him into this. Nicole suggests it might be wrong to put him in this position but she doesn't know what else to do since she's alone and can't risk EJ finding out about the baby. Daniel agrees to help her, be there for her, monitor her pregnancy and not tell anyone about the baby. Nicole thanks Daniel for saving her baby's life and hugs him.

Sami tells EJ that's a real nice attitude to talk about the mother of his children like that. EJ says it's because of their children that he's look past her many flaws but he doesn't have any sympathy for her. EJ calls her toxic and selfish and thinks that his kids could do better. Sami tells him to go to hell and starts to storm off as EJ tells her that she brought it on herself and is getting what she deserves.

John and Hope arrive to the cafe after hours as John had used a spare key. John and Hope start to have flashbacks of being together. Hope talks about not thinking about this in years. Hope wonders why it's feeling like it all just happened.

EJ tells Sami that she deserves everything that's' coming to her. Sami thinks EJ just wants to see her lose everything. EJ thinks she's long overdue for some punishment and watching Rafe and Will walk out on her is a start. Sami yells at him not to talk about them or mention their names. EJ brings up Sami shooting him. Sami wishes she killed him. EJ feels Sami was destined to live her life without love. Sami tells him that she really hates him and storms off.

Hope holds back tears as John tries to get through to her. John tells her to shake it off and remember that the memories don't mean anything and are only a part of Stefano's game. Hope worries about being unable to stop the memories and how they are so real. Hope says it makes her feel guilty that she's been unfaithful to Bo. John reminds her that it was a long time ago and those emotions and feelings don't exist anymore. Someone enters and John says he's glad he could make it only to turn around and see it's not Walsh. John asks what the hell the person is doing here.

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