Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/28/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/28/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Madison sits in bed looking at a photo of her and Brady on her tablet. Ian walks in so she puts it away. Ian praises Madison for standing up to Kate. Madison mocks the idea of staying married to upset others. Ian thinks she should celebrate beating Kate. Madison tells Ian that she can't do this anymore and starts to cry. Ian wants to know what's bothering her.

Abe drinks at the Pub as he sits with Jennifer. Kayla watches from the counter. Jennifer comments that this isn't like Abe. Abe doesn't care since he lost the election and says he has nothing else to worry about. Bo arrives and greets Kayla at the counter. Kayla hopes Bo can get through to Abe. Jennifer wants to take Abe home as Bo approaches. Outside the Pub, EJ arrives finishing a phone call.

Daniel informs Nicole that the test results showed she is pregnant. Nicole doesn't think it's possible since she was told she could not have children. Daniel points out that it's happened and the doctors were wrong. Nicole disagrees and thinks the test results have to be wrong.

Madison tells Ian that she can't do the banter between them anymore. Ian turns Madison's tablet back on and sees the picture of her and Brady. Ian agrees that they shouldn't play games and should be honest with each other. Ian wants to know what's bothering her. Madison doesn't want to talk about it. Ian claims that no one cares about her like he does and he always has her back. Madison yells at him for taking the CEO job at Titan. Madison accuses him of telling her not to take the job so that he could take it himself. Madison feels that Ian stabbed her in the back.

Daniel tells Nicole that he knows it's a lot to absorb. Nicole continues to think the tests are wrong. Nicole states that she can't take this miracle so Daniel asks if it's because of EJ.

EJ remains outside the Pub and leaves a message to Nicole on his phone, hoping that she will call him back as he is worried about her.

Jennifer steps away so Bo can sit with Abe. Bo wants to talk some sense into him. Abe tells him that will fail, so he can have a drink with him instead. EJ enters the Pub and asks Kayla if she's seen Nicole. Kayla says no and thinks EJ should leave. EJ goes to talk with Bo as Jennifer remarks to Kayla that the day is getting worse. Abe gets up and confronts EJ for coming in. Abe tries to go after EJ but Bo holds him back from attacking him.

Ian tells Madison that he hopes one day she will understand why he did what he did. Madison thinks it doesn't matter now as it's over. Ian doesn't think it's about his job or business but about something personal and emotional. Ian wants Madison to tell him exactly what's going on. Madison admits that she needs Ian to let her go.

Bo continues trying to calm Abe down. Bo asks Kayla to get EJ out of the Pub. Kayla tells EJ that he needs to go. EJ wishes the voters could see this so they could see what they dodged with Abe. EJ stops before leaving and tells Abe that he's so happy that Lexie saw him for the man he really is. Bo restrains Abe as EJ exits. Bo sits Abe down as Jennifer and Kayla step away. Jennifer blames herself since it was her idea to give EJ his own medicine and now Abe has lost his wife and reputation. Jennifer brings up that Abe would never tamper with the ballots. Jennifer gets a message on her phone and then rushes out. Bo talks with Abe about how he's been there for him when he's screwed up in the past. Bo warns Abe not to play into EJ's hand and get out of this mess with damage control. Abe asks Bo if he really thinks he tampered with the election results so Bo asks if he did.

Outside the Pub, EJ gets a call that Nicole is in the hospital and rushes off to get there.

Daniel continues talking with Nicole. Nicole says even if she and EJ were together, it wouldn't make a difference. Nicole says when she was pregnant before it was a miracle and talks about the sadness she felt when losing the baby. Nicole recalls going crazy with grief. Nicole doesn't want to go through it again. Nicole declares that she doesn't even care about EJ so this is about her. Nicole worries about the chances of carrying a baby to term. Nicole doesn't want to go through it again and asks Daniel to run the tests again as he hugs her. Daniel tells Nicole that he will run the tests again if Nicole takes some deep breaths to try and relax. Nicole thanks him and he then leaves to run the tests again. EJ then enters, asking if she's alright. Nicole orders him to get out. EJ just wants to know if she's okay. Nicole tells EJ that she's in the hospital because of what EJ did to her.

Abe questions Bo thinking he had something to do with the election tampering. Bo says no and says it only matters what the DA thinks. Bo brings up how the DA will be going after him to get leverage with EJ. Abe tells Bo that there's something that he doesn't know that he's not proud of. Abe reveals to Bo that he got advanced copies of the debate questions and sent the wrong ones to EJ. Bo realizes it's why Lexie is so upset at him. Abe points out that she doesn't trust him now. Bo wonders why Abe did it since he would've beat EJ in any debate. Abe says it just got personal and he was tired of EJ taking shots at him so he decided to fight fire with fire. Abe thought he was protecting the city but ended up handing the city to EJ. Abe adds that the worst part is that he lied to Lexie and she will never ever forgive him.

Jennifer goes to the hospital as Daniel runs into her. Jennifer says Maxine told her she could wait to see him. Jennifer hugs him and says it's good to see her. Daniel adds that he just got back today. Jennifer is surprised that he didn't call to tell her that he was coming back.

Madison apologizes to Ian and says she's not trying to hurt him and knows she owes him. Ian states that he saved her life and her company. Madison tells Ian that she's grateful for everything he's done for her but she doesn't want the same things as her life has changed. Madison thinks they need to be honest that they don't belong together anymore. Ian declares that he sees clearly that it has to do with Brady as Madison has fallen in love with him.

EJ sits with Nicole and asks what happened. Nicole tells EJ that she had quite a reaction from hearing about him and Sami. EJ wants Nicole to understand. Nicole tells him that she figured out that his connection with Sami trumps everything and it made her feel sick so she passed out. EJ apologizes to her but Nicole says sorry doesn't cut it. Nicole tells EJ that she was fine with not knowing DiMera business but they had to have trust or it wouldn't work. EJ points out that there is no love between he and Sami. Nicole says she might know that but knows that she can never trust him again or forgive him. Nicole then declares that she wants nothing to do with EJ ever again.

Madison tells Ian that she's so sorry. Ian knows she is and tells her that she's right that they need to be more honest with each other. Ian wants to know if Madison leaving him has to do with Brady. Madison states that it does as they love each other. Madison points out that she didn't plan this but has never felt love like this before. Madison says she never felt this way about Ian. Madison calls Brady her soul-mate and her equal that she never thought she would find but she has.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he just got in and didn't have a chance to call. Daniel adds that he did call Melanie and Maggie. Jennifer notes that it's good because they are his family. Jennifer feels like Daniel is avoiding her and thought they would stay in touch as friends. Daniel says they are but agreed to step back and do their own thing. Jennifer adds that she's happy to see him and is glad he's back. Daniel asks her how Jack is doing as he figured they would have gotten together when he left. Daniel adds that he didn't want to get in the way of that so Jennifer replies that he has nothing to worry about there.

Kayla sits with Abe and Bo and talks about how the DiMeras are driving Abe to drink. Kayla brings up Stefano trying to control John and Hope. Bo talks about opening the envelope and feeling that Alice was leading them to finding the truth. Kayla points out that dealing with Stefano head-on is the best way to deal. Kayla wants them to promise to deal with EJ the same way. Kayla worries about the town if they don't stand up to EJ.

EJ tells Nicole that he knows what he did was hurtful and he should've told her about it. Nicole agrees so she could've walked out then and saved everyone the grief. EJ tells her that he never meant for this to happen. Nicole doesn't want to listen as he turned to Sami in his hour of need. EJ tries to explain that he thought Johnny was dead. Nicole doesn't want him to try and explain it. Nicole recalls her grief and everything she did was to hold on to him and their family because all she wanted was him. Nicole cries about how she turned to him in her grief but in his grief, he turned to Sami. EJ asks if there's anything he can do to make it up to her but Nicole responds that there's nothing he can do or say because they are through.

Ian tells Madison that he has nothing to say and sees in her eyes that she's in love. Madison adds that she knows Brady is in love with her too. Ian feels he messed it up for her but Madison blames herself for not telling him about Ian from the beginning. Ian asks why she didn't. Madison says it doesn't matter now but deep in her heart, she knows she has a chance with Brady as he makes her feel more alive than she ever has.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not sure what that means as they sit down. Jennifer explains that her and Jack are not together and aren't going to be since Jack decided that they are not good for each other and he's not good for her. Daniel tells her that he's sorry and asks if she's okay. Jennifer admits that it hurt more than she imagined but thinks he's right that they aren't good for each other. Daniel states that some people are and some people aren't. Jennifer agrees that he's right. Daniel tells Jennifer that he's got to finish his test results and get back to work. Jennifer tells him it's good to see him again as he hugs her goodbye. Jennifer stops before leaving and asks Daniel if he's sure that everything is okay.

EJ tells Nicole that he knows that she's angry and hurt but he also knows that he loves her. EJ refuses to give up and wants to find a way to prove to her that what happened with Sami meant nothing. Nicole tells him again that there's nothing that he could say or do as they are through. EJ doesn't accept it and brings up everything that they have been through. EJ believes they are meant to be together and they can't control it. Nicole thinks it's just what EJ wants. EJ points out that they know each other better than themselves. Nicole feels they just know how to hurt each other. EJ tells Nicole it's in the past and not going to happen again. EJ reminds Nicole that he asked her to marry him because he loves her. EJ wants to put this behind them and look to the future as a family. Nicole lays her head back down and cries.

Daniel tells Jennifer that everything is fine. Daniel thanks her as she says welcome home and then exits.

Kayla tells Bo that it won't be easy to do his job with EJ as mayor. Kayla tells him that EJ will be unable to do anything blatant. Bo still can't believe EJ made it into office. Bo tells Abe that he thought they'd be working together. Kayla encourages them to work together and fight against EJ.

EJ tries to remind Nicole of how happy they were. Nicole stops him and says she realized what a fool she was to trust him and love him. Nicole tells EJ that she wouldn't want to be a part of his world or his family anymore. EJ doesn't think she means it but she insists. Nicole orders him to get out. Daniel returns with the test results which makes EJ question what test results there are.

Ian tells Madison that he can tell that she has changed. Ian feels Brady changes everything and knows Madison didn't mean for this to happen or set out to hurt him. Madison repeats that she didn't. Ian states that he knew something was happening from their talks on the phone but he sees now her love for Brady and it explains everything. Ian understands and adds that he felt the same way about her. Madison hopes he will understand and thinks they will both be happier. Ian isn't sure but Madison is sure that he will find someone who loves him like she and Brady do. Ian tells her that he'll be happy but she will be miserable. Ian asks if she can imagine being with her soul-mate while still married to him. Ian tells Madison that she won't get rid of him that easy and refuses to let her go, especially not to Brady. Madison can't believe it. Ian calls her a fool and reminds her that he owns her so he will never ever divorce her. Ian tells Madison to clean up because they are going out since she is the wife of the CEO of Titan and can't look like a hot mess. Ian then exits her room.

Bo tells Abe that Kayla is right that it doesn't matter that EJ will be mayor and they will have to continue working together. Bo has an idea but can't do it on his own. Bo tells Abe that his first priority should be to patch things up with Lexie. Bo thinks his idea will help their troubles and the people.

Nicole tells EJ that she told him what was wrong and she fainted so Daniel wanted to run tests. Nicole doesn't think the results are any of EJ's business. EJ hopes she will be okay. Nicole yells at him to get out so he reluctantly exits. Nicole cries and asks Daniel if the test results were wrong. Daniel tells her again that she is pregnant and there's no question about it.

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