Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/27/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny exits the Pub leaving Will a message on his phone that he's looking for him and worried about him. Sonny finishes that he's there if Will needs to talk.

Nicole sits at the Town Square and ignores EJ's phone call. Someone puts there hand on Nicole's shoulder so Nicole turns and is surprised to see Daniel has returned to Salem. Nicole didn't know he was back as Daniel sits with her and asks if she's alright. Nicole calls it one of the worst nights of her life.

Carrie asks Rafe what happened as he is upset while packing his things in their office. Rafe thinks she has enough problems. Carrie offers to help since they are still friends and family but Rafe doubts that and tells her that he won't be her brother in law for long since his marriage has been a lie. Rafe informs Carrie that Sami cheated on him with EJ and throws a box across the room in anger.

Sami questions how Marlena could tell Rafe that she slept with EJ. Marlena doesn't know what she is talking about as Sami explains what happened. Sami accuses Marlena of telling Rafe everything and ruining her marriage.

Rafe tells Carrie what happened and how Sami admitted so he went after EJ. Rafe explains how everything ended between EJ and Nicole as well. Carrie can't believe that Sami did that. Rafe thinks it was just another lie. Carrie tries to explain how it must have been grief. Rafe questions if she's trying to defend Sami. Carrie just wants to understand. Rafe doesn't care and says it was all just one big lie.

Marlena promises Sami that she did not say a word to Rafe. Sami looks at Will and asks if he told him. Will says he didn't so Sami wonders how he found out. Marlena suggests that it's for the best so they can begin to heal. Sami reminds Marlena that Rafe is so hurt and angry and made it clear that he won't forgive her. Sami says she knew she shouldn't tell him and continues to think Marlena was behind it. Sami tells Marlena that all she is doing is hurting everybody.

Daniel offers to talk with Nicole about it but she insists that she can deal with it on her own. Nicole doesn't think they are friends and assumes Daniel has better things to do. Daniel offers to help but Nicole decides she should get going. Nicole starts to get up but gets dizzy and Daniel catches her as she faints.

Rafe tells Carrie that he always knew Sami had a way of twisting the truth but never thought she would lie to him like this. Rafe stops and suggests maybe it was his fault for not being there for her. Carrie calls that crazy and tells him not to blame himself. Rafe says he wasn't there to figure out what she needed and was instead working with Carrie. Carrie insists that none of it is Rafe's fault.

Will reminds Sami that Marlena just said she didn't tell Rafe. Will points out that Sami, not Marlena, is the liar of the family. Sami tells Will that he doesn't know what Marlena is capable of and how many times she's destroyed her life. Sami continues to believe Marlena told Rafe and destroy her marriage. Will adds that Sami did it on her own by having sex with EJ. Will yells at Sami to stop blaming everyone else for her mistakes. Marlena tries to calm Will down. Will can't stand being around Sami and decides he should leave. Marlena wants to continue their important conversation. Sami apologizes for interrupting and screams at Will to stop confiding in Marlena since she can't be trusted. Marlena shouts back at Sami to stop talking and asks Will if they can finish their conversation. Will tells her that he can't with Sami around since she makes everything about herself which he can't handle. Will then turns and exits.

Daniel brings Nicole to the hospital. She wakes up in the hospital bed after fainting. Nicole claims she was making a dramatic exit. Daniel tells her that he's having tests run and asks if she ate anything. Nicole recalls have a romantic dinner before but then had an exhausting evening. Nicole insists that she's fine and tries to get up but Daniel tells her that she has to stay. Daniel offers to call EJ but Nicole tells him not to. Daniel thinks he should call someone to be with her but Nicole says no. Nicole says she's learned to tonight to take care of herself since others will just let you down.

Rafe tells Carrie that she's probably the last person he should be talking to about his marriage problems but he doesn't know who else to turn to since she understands. Rafe adds that he's not completely innocent in their problems. Carrie is sorry if she helped cause problems. Rafe assures her that she didn't. Rafe points out that Sami did a lot worse when doing more than kissing EJ. Rafe adds their distance was because of Sami's lies and how she kicked him out while knowing what she had done. Carrie assumes that Sami must have felt guilty. Rafe calls it unbelievable that after everything Sami has done, Carrie still gives her the benefit of the doubt. Carrie decides that they have to get out now so she makes him grab his things and they exit the office together with Carrie insisting that Rafe will thank her.

Marlena tells Sami that she's worried about Will as he's in a lot of pain right now. Marlena adds that he's in pain over what he saw Sami doing but right now has bigger things on his mind. Marlena says it's not her place to tell Sami what Will is going through. Sami still thinks Marlena told Rafe. Marlena tells Sami to stop being so self-absorbed and be there for Will for once.

Will sits at the Town Square as Sonny approaches and asks if he got his messages. Sonny sits with him and asks where he's been. Will states that he was at his Grandma's. Sonny wants to know if he talked about what happened. Will admits that he told her that he kissed a guy. Sonny asks how she took it. Will states that she wasn't surprised and she suspecting it for awhile. Sonny thinks that's good if she was cool with it. Sonny wants to know what else was said. Will informs him that they didn't get to finish the conversation since Sami showed up and started raving like a lunatic so he decided to leave. Will tells Sonny that Rafe now knows everything so he has no family anymore.

Daniel sits with Nicole and tells her that he doesn't have anywhere to go so he is going to keep her company. Nicole questions why he's being so nice to her and thought he only tolerated her before since she was Chloe's friend. Daniel adds that he never had a problem with her just the company she kept like EJ. Nicole thinks she should've learned her lesson with EJ by now. Daniel suggests that it will help her to get everything off her chest and vent to him about what happened. Nicole agrees that he could be right. Nicole tells Daniel that it's the same old stupid story where she falls in love with EJ then he breaks her heart in the worst possible way.

Rafe and Carrie sit together at the Pub. Rafe points out that Carrie isn't eating. Carrie tells him that she was there earlier with Bo but thought Rafe needed the clam chowder. Carrie tells Rafe that marriages are tough and brings up Caroline's affair with Victor in the past. Carrie says in the end all was forgiven and her grandparents had many more happy years. Carrie tells Rafe that marriage is a commitment and one of the most important things. Carrie suggests that sometimes working it out is worth it in the end.

Sonny asks Will how Rafe found out but he doesn't know. Sonny swears he didn't tell anyone and tells him how sorry he is. Sonny brings up that Will doesn't have to carry the secret around anymore and then he's also coming out to his grandma. Will declares that he didn't come out and just because he kissed a guy doesn't automatically mean that he's gay as he then walks away.

Sami tells Marlena that she's tried to get Will to open up but he won't because he knows he has Marlena to rely on so he doesn't need her. Marlena talks about Will coming to see her and John in Switzerland when they weren't getting along. Marlena believes Will doesn't rely on Sami because he doesn't feel that he can. Marlena talks about how Will has had to look out for Sami for years so maybe now she should start looking out for Will and being the parent that he deserves.

Nicole tells Daniel that she knew getting involved with EJ again was a mistake after everything he did to her in the past. Daniel questions why she did it. Nicole thought things would be different since she was stronger and knew what she was getting into. Nicole thought at first that it would just be a job but he broke down her defenses and she fell in love with him. Nicole swears that he felt the same way and then he cheated on her again with Sami. Daniel states that he would not have seen that coming. Nicole explains how he lied about it for months. Daniel tells her that he's sorry but Nicole blames herself for letting EJ in. Nicole declares that fairy tales don't happen to people like her even though EJ made her believe that she could have that kind of happiness until he snatched it away from her. Nicole shouts that she hates EJ and hates herself for letting EJ do this to her. Nicole screams about it as Daniel hugs her while she cries and he tries to calm her down.

Sami tells Marlena that she understands that she's a terrible mother but wants to know what's going on with Will. Sami demands to know since they are talking about Will. Marlena reminds her that Will speaks to her in confidence. Sami thinks Marlena is just bragging that she knows something that she doesn't. Marlena wants her and Will to reconcile. Sami demands she tell her what she knows. Marlena questions Sami not seeing signs of what's going on with Will. Sami thinks Will just mad at her for what she did and has been acting out because of it. Sami praises Will being a good student and brother. Sami worries if something's wrong with Will and if he'll be okay. Marlena thinks he will be okay. Sami thinks Marlena isn't sure. Marlena tells Sami that Will needs his mother now as her support is so important to him and how he comes through it will depend on Sami.

Sonny apologizes to Will for pushing him as he just thought he had things figured out. Will states that he doesn't know what to do as he had fought his feelings and hoped they would go away. Will admits that he's scared and doesn't know what to do. Sonny assures him that everything will be okay.

Nicole thanks Daniel for being there for her but feels she needs to get out of the hospital and check into a hotel to sleep so she can end the day. Daniel tells her that he will go check her tests and if everything is okay then he will have her released. They joke about not knowing Daniel still worked there. Nicole thanks him again as he gets up. Daniel asks Nicole if she's sure that she doesn't want him to call anyone. Nicole states that she doesn't need anyone and from now on, she is on her own. Daniel accepts it and exits the room. Nicole then starts to cry.

Rafe and Carrie sit together having coffee. Rafe is glad to hear things are going better for her and Austin since they are working things out. Carrie says it will take some time but they are both doing what they can and even planning a romantic getaway. Carrie tells Rafe that Austin is surprising her as far as where they are going. Rafe calls her lucky. Carrie tells Rafe that anything can happen so he shouldn't give up on he and Sami yet. Rafe tells Carrie that he's happy for her since at least one of them will be able to save their marriage.

Will tells Sonny that he's not ready to accept that this is his life and it's not something he ever planned for himself. Sonny adds that no one plans to be gay. Will states that even if he's gay, he doesn't think he can accept that. Will keeps thinking about how his family will react and hates the thought of them rejecting him. Sonny thinks Marlena understands but Will feels that she only feels that way since she's a psychiatrist. Will worries about the rest of his family like what Kate and Roman will do. Sonny thinks he's worrying too much and should take it one step at a time. Will worries about having to face his dad and mom. Will thinks Sami will make it all about herself and admits that he still cares about what she thinks. Sonny suggests that Sami and everyone could surprise him by being totally fine with it but Will doesn't want to take that chance. Will can't stand everyone turning their back on him because of who he is. Will doesn't want to lose the only family he's got. Sonny understands and recalls having the same doubts and fears about telling his family. Sonny encourages Will to take that step and stop worrying so it will get easier. Will doesn't think it will be that easy for him. Sonny tells him that he was scared too. Sonny informs Will that the first thing he needs to do is accept the truth for himself. Sonny then asks Will if he's ready to do that.

Sami yells at Marlena about trying to tell her to be there for her child. Sami questions where Marlena has been for the last three years. Marlena thinks Sami always wants to move back. They argue about what their lives have been like. Marlena tells Sami to start acting like a grown woman. Sami shouts at her to stop judging her as her life is falling apart while she just criticizes her. Sami worries about losing the man she loves. Marlena hopes that doesn't happen but adds that if it does, it's because of Sami's own doing.

Will tells Sonny that he can't go back if he tells people and it will change his life forever which he's afraid will mean giving up dreams of what his life was supposed to be. Sonny admits that he'll face a lot of challenges but it's better than living a lie and living with torment. Sonny compares it to a lesson from English class. Sonny tells Will that he will never be happy unless he accepts who he is. Will doesn't think he's strong enough. Sonny tells him that he's there if he needs help and always will be. Will worries how he knows for sure but Sonny thinks he does know for sure and just needs to be courageous enough to accept it.

Marlena tells Sami that she can either wallow in self-pity or take responsibility and start putting her family back together. Sami refuses to get lectured by her anymore. Sami declares she is going to put her family back together without Marlena in it and then she storms out.

Rafe and Carrie exit the Pub. Rafe thanks her for listening and giving him advice. Carrie asks Rafe if he can ever get past this and forgive Sami. Rafe doesn't know if he can ever trust her again and if he can't trust her, he doesn't know how he can save their marriage.

Daniel returns to Nicole with her test results. Nicole hopes that means she can leave but Daniel has something to discuss first. Nicole worries that something's wrong. Daniel then reveals that Nicole is pregnant.

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