Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/24/12


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Nicole accepts EJ's proposal and he puts the ring on her finger. EJ promises that they will get it right this time. They tell each other I love you and then kiss. Rafe arrives outside the DiMera Mansion and sees the door is locked. Rafe bangs on the door. EJ wonders who it could be but decides to ignore it and kisses Nicole as Rafe continues knocking. Sami arrives trying to stop Rafe, telling him that he can't do this.

Hope and John sit together at the airport. Hope tells him that it will be okay. John doesn't understand why their flight is delayed. Hope tells him to stay positive. Hope says they are doing exactly what Stefano thought he could stop them from doing.

Carrie goes to Marlena's and talks with her and Bo. Marlena hopes that Carrie found a way to get them to Alamainia.

Will and Neil continue kissing as Sonny watches. Will stops and freaks out then runs away. Neil wonders what his problem is as Sonny tries to go after Will.

Nicole tells EJ that the knock on the door was probably just someone wanting an interview with the new mayor. Rafe then comes in from the back door and greets EJ with a punch to the face. Sami follows in and she and Nicole scream on as Rafe continues punching EJ. Sami and Nicole pull Rafe off. Nicole checks on EJ and helps him up. Rafe threatens to kill EJ as EJ invites him to fight him. Nicole doesn't know what's going on and goes to call the police. EJ orders Nicole to put the phone down and says he will take care of him.

A man sits at the airport with his eye on Bo and Hope. John thinks they should call Marlena and Bo. Hope insists they will be fine. An airport official walks up and comments that they look so happy together and assumes they are Mr. and Mrs. Black.

Carrie tells Marlena and Bo that she couldn't get them to Alamainia. Carrie wonders why Stefano is doing this. Marlena explains that Stefano thinks they will be isolated and under his control. Marlena worries that Stefano's plan is to turn John and Hope into the pawn and Princess Gina.

Sonny catches up with Will. Will tells Sonny that he knows what he's going to say and it never would've happen but he just had too much to drink. Sonny doesn't think it was because Will was drinking. Sonny thinks Will wanted it to happen.

Nicole wants to know what is going on. Rafe informs Nicole that EJ had sex with Sami.

Will tells Sonny that he just had too much to drink. Will tells him not to try and make it into something that it's not. Sonny wants him not to hide anymore and to talk to him. Will tells Sonny that he doesn't understand. Sonny points out that he's the one person that does understand because he knows exactly what he's going through as he's been there. Will disagrees and says he can't do this then storms off.

Bo tells Marlena not to get ahead of themselves. Bo brings up that Stefano must not have ever thought this marriage would ever come out. Marlena worries that it was Stefano's plan all along. Bo says they will deal with together like they always do.

Nicole can't believe what Rafe has said. Nicole asks when this happened. Nicole turns to EJ and Sami and hopes that Rafe is lying. Nicole asks EJ if it's true that he slept with Sami. EJ turns away and Nicole realizes it's true that he cheated on her again. Nicole starts to cry. EJ wants her to let him explain but Nicole slaps him across the face. Nicole tells him that he does not get to explain.

Hope and John tell the airport assistant that they are technically Mr. and Mrs. Black but it's a long story. She tells them that they will begin boarding soon and asks what brings them to Alamainia. Hope says they are getting a divorce so she wishes them luck as the man behind them watches.

Will goes to Marlena's and tells her that he needs to talk to her. Marlena asks if something happened with Sami.

Nicole wants Rafe to tell her when this happened. Sami and EJ try to talk but Nicole tells them to both shut up. Rafe explains that it was when Johnny was missing. Sami tries to explain how they thought Johnny was dead and they were overcome with grief. Rafe points out that she ended up having sex with a man she hates. EJ calls it a mistake that they didn't mean to happen. Nicole tells EJ that they were mistake and she should never have trusted him or thought he would ever change. Nicole wonders what she was thinking. EJ apologizes and tells her that he loves her. Nicole tells EJ that he can't say that to her anymore. Sami suggests leaving but Nicole stops her and tells her that she is not leaving. Sami tells Nicole that she has every right to be upset. EJ tries to explain that they thought their son was dead and were trying to take the pain away. Sami brings up losing Grace and felt like she was going through it all over again. Rafe questions why she couldn't turn to him instead of EJ but she can't answer. EJ calls it an out of body experience. Nicole doesn't think that makes it better. EJ tells Nicole that he loves her but she tells him not to pretend that he cares about her when he only cares about himself and Sami since he keeps sleeping with her.

Hope and John sit together and continue talking about Alamainia. John hopes they can get out before Stefano does anything.

Bo sits with Carrie at the Pub about taking down criminals. Carrie tells him that she's sorry her partnership with Rafe ended as they were looking forward to working with Bo. Bo is concerned about Carrie. Carrie realizes that he's heard about her and Rafe. Bo asks what she was thinking. Carrie tells him that it's not his business and she doesn't want to be judged. Bo questions her getting defensive. Carrie says she and Austin are working things out like he and Hope are. Carrie then asks Bo what he was thinking leaving Hope for Carly in the past.

Will tells Marlena that it's not about Sami. Marlena wants to know what happened then. Will doesn't know what to do and wants her to tell him what to do. Will asks if she can help him and tell him what to do as he cries. Marlena tells him that she is there for him and hugs him as Will thanks her.

EJ tells Nicole that she knows that he detests Sami. Nicole can't believe it since he had sex with her. Sami calls it the truth and shouts about how much she hates EJ. Sami adds that the kids are the only reason she ever talks to EJ but Rafe doesn't care. Rafe tells Sami that she can be with EJ because he is done with her. Sami tells him that she loves him. Rafe points out that she lied to him and manipulated him and if they were in love, they wouldn't do those things. Nicole cries and can't take anymore so she tries to leave but EJ stops her and wants her to listen to what he has to say. Nicole doesn't want to listen to him and says she doesn't owe him anything. EJ begs her not to walk out and throw everything they have away because of a mistake. Nicole states that EJ threw away everything by sleeping with Sami. EJ brings up that they just need a fresh start and can have everything. Sami agrees and wants a fresh start with Rafe like when they renewed their vows. Rafe tells Sami not to try and romanticize what she did as she only wanted to renew their vows to give herself a sense of relief. Sami claims she meant every word. EJ asks Nicole to start over and not let something in the past affect their future. EJ tells Nicole that he loves her but she pulls away and removes her wedding ring. Nicole cries and tosses the ring at him, saying that she hates him and then storms out of the house.

Hope gets tired of waiting at the airport and suggests calling Bo and Marlena. John stops her and thinks she was right before to not worry. Hope wants to hear Bo's voice but John thinks they should wait until they land in Alamainia. They argue about keeping positive. John adds that at least they know Bo and Marlena are safe in Salem and Hope agrees.

Bo tells Carrie that she's right that he screwed up his marriage with Hope. Carrie apologizes but Bo thinks it's exactly his point since he's been there and had the conflicted feelings that make him doubt the commitment and destroy a marriage. Bo tells Carrie that he just loves her and doesn't want her to make the same mistakes that he's made. Carrie thanks him as Bo adds that he's here if she wants to talk.

Marlena sits down with Will to talk. She wants him to start at the beginning and tell her what has him so upset. Will tells her about Sonny inviting him to a party and how normally he would've said no but he was still angry with Sami and upset so he went along as a distraction. Marlena asks if something happened at the party. Will says his friends were there and were laughing and having a great time. Marlena asks if that means he was having a good time. Will says not really but then a guy asked him to play beer pong and he said yes for some reason. Will states that before he knew it, he was drunk. Marlena says she won't lecture him and tells him to continue. Will continues that he stumbled off by himself after the game and then the guy followed him. Marlena asks Will again what happened so Will tells her that he kissed him.

Rafe asks what it is with Sami and EJ. Sami shouts that there's nothing going on between them. Rafe thinks they have a sickness and obsession with destroying each others' lives. Rafe tells EJ to just let Sami lead the way and she will self destruct on her own like she always does. Sami tells Rafe that he's right that she blew it like she always does. Sami wants Rafe to believe that it meant nothing. Rafe shouts that it meant something to him. Rafe says it meant the end of his marriage and his family. Sami thinks they can fix this if they try. Sami brings up the letter Rafe wrote after she kicked him out that said he would never give up on her. EJ says they have a lot to discuss so he's going to go find Nicole but Rafe grabs him and threatens to kill him for what he's done.

Carrie tells Bo that what's getting to her the most is that she loves Austin so much and always has then they moved here and she was working so hard and spending time apart. Bo brings up Rafe and Carrie admits that she started having real feelings for him and got completely confused. Bo understands and clarifies that his situation with Carly was different. Bo explains that his relationship with Hope couldn't have been worse when Carly came back while Austin and Carrie seemed like they were in a good place. Carrie brings up being on opposite sides of John's case and fighting. Bo thinks kissing someone isn't an accident and that Carrie should admit that what happened with Rafe happened because she wanted it to.

Will doesn't think Marlena looks surprised. Will tells her again that he kissed a guy. Marlena states that she heard him. Will thinks Marlena should be shocked, angry, or disgusted. Will asks what she feels. Marlena tells him that her heart goes out to him and she's glad that he came to talk to her about it. Will points out that she didn't flinch when he told her that he kissed a guy and wants to know why.

Sami gets in between Rafe and EJ as she asks Rafe not to because it's not worth it. Rafe tells Sami that for once she's right since he's not worth it and neither is she. Rafe then turns and exits. Sami tells EJ that they have to do something to fix this. EJ shouts that they are not a team. EJ wants to go find Nicole and tells Sami to get out of his house. Sami blames EJ for it all. EJ tells Sami that she was on the couch when they had sex. Sami calls it the biggest mistake of her life and EJ agrees. Sami wants to go after Rafe but EJ stops her and wants to know why she told him. Sami screams that she would never have told him to risk their marriage. EJ wants to know who it was. EJ asks if it was Will but Sami doesn't think that he would have hurt Rafe like that. Sami tells EJ to go after Nicole and then storms out. EJ goes back and makes a phone call to have his car brought out as he then heads upstairs.

Marlena tells Will that he knows how much she loves him and she would never lie to him. Will tells her not to lie to him then and tell him the truth. Marlena admits that she suspected he was dealing with this for a long time. Will questions why she didn't say anything. Marlena thinks it's something he had to sort out himself as she can't tell him who he is or how he feels and that's something he has to figure out on his own.

Carrie agrees with Bo that she didn't try hard enough to stay faithful to her marriage. Bo points out that he's not blaming her but wants her to take an honest look at what happened and decide what she wants. Carrie states that she wants to save her marriage and connect with Austin like they used to but her feelings for Rafe won't go away. Carrie admits that she's in love with Rafe so Bo tells her to ask herself if she loves Rafe more than Austin. Bo adds that she'll have to consider if a relationship with Rafe is worth destroying her relationship with Sami and her kids. Carrie calls it a lot of questions. Bo says she will eventually have to answer because she's the only one who can know what she wants. Bo tells Carrie that she has to make this decision and live with it.

Hope and John's flight finally starts boarding so they start to pick up their bags but Hope trips over a bag and falls into John's arms.

Will tells Marlena that he doesn't think he can do this. Marlena adds that he doesn't have to do anything that he doesn't want to do. Marlena points out that she'll never judge him and just wants him to be happy. Will wants to be happy too and can't remember the last time that he was. Marlena promises that he will get back there. Will asks Marlena if she thinks that he's gay.

Bo calls Hope and leaves a message to say he misses her already and can't wait until she's back home. Bo tells her he loves her and to stay safe.

Hope tells John that she's more graceful than that usually but got her leg caught on the bag. John calls it his mistake as Hope then hurries off in the wrong direction before John reminds her to go the right way to board the plan. The man at the airport continues watching as they board the plane.

EJ comes downstairs looking at his wedding ring and tries calling Nicole. Nicole sits at the town square crying and ignores his call. Someone puts their hand on Nicole's shoulder so she turns and is surprised asking what they are doing there.

Rafe packs his things in he and Carrie's office as he's upset and then Carrie arrives.

Marlena tells Will that it's not about her or what she thinks but about him. Will doesn't know. Marlena thinks deep down he does know and has for awhile. Sami then arrives pounding on the door. Marlena answers the door as Sami asks how could she tell Rafe that she slept with EJ.

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