Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/23/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/23/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Nicole return home talking about their victory. Nicole thinks the people are ready to embrace him as mayor. EJ says he has big plans for the town. Nicole asks what's first on the agenda. EJ brings her into the living room where a candlelit dinner is set up. Nicole wonders what the occasion is so EJ points out that she doesn't remember. Nicole then recalls that a year ago today, they got remarried and they kiss.

Rafe talks with Bo, Hope, and John at John's. Rafe informs them that his contacts can't do anything to get Bo and Marlena to Alemania. Bo wants to make sure she doesn't go without him but Rafe doesn't know what else they can do. John figures there's no doubt that Stefano is behind this.

Marlena tells Sami that she knows it was terrible for her to keep the secret of Marlena cheating with John. Marlena agrees that they were selfish but Will points out that Sami can't keep blaming Marlena for everything wrong she does in her life. Sami claims she never meant to hurt Will. Marlena says it breaks her heart to see her past still hurting those she loves the most. Marlena tells Sami that she has to tell Rafe what happened with EJ if she wants to fix her marriage and her relationship with Will or else it will destroy her.

Nicole and EJ sit together at their dinner and champagne. Nicole can't believe she forgot their wedding anniversary. EJ points out that it was a tough year. EJ tells Nicole how much he appreciates her hard work and how he could not have done this without her. EJ still is not entirely sure how she managed to fix the win at the last minute. Nicole jokes that she can't give up all her secrets. EJ toasts to Nicole as they drink champagne.

Will tells Marlena that he has to go meet up with class mates and gives her a kiss goodbye. Will warns Marlena not to let Sami hurt her as she insists that she's fine. Will exits as Sami says Marlena and Will's relationship now makes sense. Sami accuses Marlena of using her relationship with Will to make sure that Will hated her and never forgave her. Sami accuses Marlena of trying to turn Will against her so that she could be a mother to him like she never was to her.

Hope and Bo talk with John about Stefano. They wish they had something against Stefano. They wonder if Stefano has looked at Alice's envelope yet. Bo hopes it's causing him as much as hell as it's causing them.

Nicole tells EJ that she's surprised Stefano wasn't front and center for EJ's press conference. EJ says Stefano left town. EJ kisses her and says he'd rather talk about them and their future. Nicole points up needing another job now that the campaign is over. EJ talks to Nicole about being the first lady of Salem. They talk about Nicole's dreams. Nicole can't believe she was so good at his campaign and isn't ready to give it up. EJ tells her that he will still need her and jokes about running for higher offices in the future. EJ and Nicole then continue kissing.

Will sits with Sonny at the Pub. Will talks about being behind on his classes. Sonny offers to help him with it. Will mentions that he's going through some family stuff that he can't talk about. Will wishes he could talk about it since he's tired of holding it inside. Sonny says he knows what it's like and wants to know what's going on. Sonny insists that Will can trust him.

Marlena questions Sami how she could even think that she would do something like that. Sami continues to accuse Marlena of wanting Will to herself. Marlena thinks Sami will just always think the worst of her. Marlena just wants Sami to be happy. Marlena asks her one more time if she wants to save her marriage. Sami shouts of course so Marlena tells her that she will have to tell Rafe what happened. Sami orders her to get out. Marlena wants Sami to listen since she knows that these kind of secrets can destroy the strongest relationships. Marlena then exits.

Will tells Sonny that he trusts him but he can't tell anybody about this because it could tear his family apart. Sonny suggests he could be wrong and it could bring them closer together. Sonny says that's what happened when he told his family that he was gay and it was the best thing he ever did. Will doesn't think that will happen here. Sonny recalls coming out to Victor and how their relationship has gotten much better since. Will tells Sonny that he has the complete wrong idea since the secret isn't about him but about Sami.

EJ tells Nicole that it will take more to convince the people of Salem that he's changed. Nicole says to give them time. EJ wants to use every trick possible to convince the people that they are legitimate. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him the way he is and then they continue kissing onto the floor.

Marlena returns home and talks to Bo and Hope about Stefano trying to keep them apart. Hope thinks Stefano must have a bigger plan but they don't know what it could be. John has a bad feeling that they will be walking into a trap in Alemania.

Sami paces at home and looks down at her phone. Sami picks up her phone and considers calling Rafe as she thinks back to Marlena encouraging her to tell the truth. Sami instead puts the phone down and can't do it.

Sonny asks Will about the secret with his mom. Will says it's been bugging him and has proven to him that she only cares about herself. Will calls Sami a selfish bitch. Sonny thinks that's harsh. Will tells him that he has no idea since he's forgiven her for so much stuff but can't for this. Sonny thinks Will can't turn his back on his mom since whatever she did can't be that bad. Will tells Sonny that she betrayed their entire family. Sonny wants to know how she did that so Will makes Sonny promise that he can't tell anyone. Will then begins telling Sonny the truth as Rafe arrives to the Pub. Will then informs Sonny that he caught Sami cheating on Rafe by having sex with EJ, which Rafe overhears from the counter.

Bo tells Marlena that they have to find a way to go to Alemania with John and Hope. John thinks they don't have any other choice. Marlena worries that it could be dangerous. Marlena thinks there must be some reason that Stefano chose Alemania. Hope tells Bo that they have no other plan. Hope points out that they have always won against Stefano before. John informs them that there is a flight leaving in an hour and he thinks they should book it. Marlena is shocked that he wants to leave tonight. John thinks they should get it over as soon as possible.

EJ and Nicole lay together. Nicole talks about surviving everything they have. Nicole tells EJ that in honor of their anniversary, she is going to rip up their divorce papers. EJ tells her to remain there while he goes upstairs.

Sonny tells Will that he's sorry that he had to carry that around for so long. Will apologizes for not being fun to be around because of it. Sonny suggests they go do something fun like a party. Sonny informs Will that some of his friends are meeting at a new club by the town square. Will agrees that it's a good idea to forget about Sami. Will and Sonny then exit together.

Sami finishes a phone call with Caroline asking her and Kayla to keep watching the kids until there's a knock on the door. Sami opens the door to see Rafe. Rafe asks Sami how she could sleep with EJ. Sami questions what he's talking about. Rafe tells her not to lie since he knows she slept with EJ. Sami asks who told him. Rafe shouts that it doesn't matter. Sami starts to cry that she never meant to hurt him or for it to happen. Rafe asks why it was EJ after everything he did to them. Rafe questions if Sami still loves EJ. Sami claims she doesn't and is completely disgusted by him. Rafe wants to know why. Sami talks about being so upset thinking Johnny was dead and had to escape the moment. Rafe questions if that made her feel better. Sami calls it the worst mistake of her life. Rafe wants to know why she didn't come to him. Sami says she wasn't thinking. Rafe recalls Sami blaming him for Johnny's disappearance and thinks she did this to get back at him. Sami shouts that it had nothing to do with that and how EJ was yelling at her for being a terrible mother. Sami says she ended up doing the most self-destructive thing she could do. Rafe tells Sami that she destroyed the entire family.

Will and Sonny sit with Sonny's friends, Kareem and Dustin outside the Town Square. Dustin and Sonny joke about boyfriends as Will watches on. A guy approaches and introduces himself as Neil to Will. He asks Will to be his partner in beer pong so Will agrees. Sonny jokes with Will about not being 21 yet. Will tells Sonny that he's here to have fun and joins in.

Marlena doesn't want John to go to Alemania. John tells Marlena not to worry. Marlena has John promise that he will come home safely and call her each day as John kisses her.

Rafe tells Sami that she wanted to renew their vows because she wanted a do-over. Rafe brings up that Sami kept lying to him and the vows meant nothing to her just like everything else. Sami claims she thought about telling him the truth all the time but didn't want him to think of her like he is now. Rafe tells her that he can't stand the sight of her right now.

Hope talks to Bo about having to say goodbye to Ciara but knows they will be waiting when she comes back. Bo is not comfortable with Hope going without him since he knows Alemania better than anyone. Bo recalls Alice almost dying in Alemania. Hope insists that it will be okay and she will be careful. Bo says it will be a rough two weeks. Hope states that distance can never separate them because he's in her heart. Hope has faith that they will always find their way back to each other. Hope tells him that she loves him and kisses him.

Rafe tells Sami that she sure played him for a fool. Rafe talks about beating himself up over the distance between them and thinking he did something wrong. Rafe says he kept begging her to talk and be honest with him but every time she just lied right to his face. Rafe says the scariest part about the whole thing is that Sami is so good at it. Rafe chalks it up to all the years of practice. Sami claims that she hated lying to him but Rafe declares that he will never believe another word she says. Rafe adds that all he did was love her and she betrayed him. Sami shouts back at Rafe that she's not the only one.

EJ returns downstairs to Nicole with a present for her. EJ drops down to one knee and proposes to Nicole again. Nicole points out that they are already married. EJ says technically they are but it's been quite a year. EJ says they found their way back to each other but haven't officially re-committed to their marriage. EJ surprises her with a new ring. Nicole calls it beautiful. EJ wants them to start over and thought a new ring could be a fresh start.

Will and Neil finish playing beer pong. Will returns to his friends feeling drunk and calls himself the winner of six games of beer pong. Kareem and Dustin suggest taking a break. Will steps away to go wash his face and walks down the entry of the town square. Neil follows him and asks if he's okay. Will insists that he's just high off their victory. Neil asks if he needs anything like water. Will says he doesn't need any water and then grabs Neil and aggressively kisses him.

Sami brings up Rafe kissing Carrie. Rafe asks if she's really going to compare that with Sami having sex with the man that continuously tried to destroy their lives and then kicked him out. Sami thinks they both made mistakes but if they try they can work through it. Rafe tells her maybe if she would have come to him in the beginning but she didn't and lied to him every day which turned their marriage into a joke. Sami knows he's upset but thinks he's saying things that he doesn't mean. Sami doesn't think Rafe means he will break up their family. Rafe tells her not to dare put it on him. Rafe shows her a picture of their family and tells Sami that she destroyed it. Sami tries to apologize but Rafe storms out. Sami tells him that she loves him. Rafe stops and tells Sami that she's not capable of real love and he knows that now as he slams the door.

Bo offers to take them to the airport but John says they don't need to make a big trip out of it. Bo tells Hope that he loves her and kisses her. John tells Marlena that he's going to miss her. Marlena asks him to please come home safe as they kiss. John tells her and Bo that he will see them in two weeks. Hope tells Bo that she will be eager to marry him when she gets back. Hope kisses Bo and exits with John. Hope remarks that this isn't going to be easy and John agrees.

Will and Neil continue kissing as Sonny approaches and sees them.

Sami cries at home and tries making a phone call then rushes out of the house.

EJ's phone rings with a call from Sami as he is proposing to Nicole. Nicole accepts the proposal and EJ puts the ring on her finger. EJ promises that they will get it right this time. They tell each other I love you and then kiss. Rafe arrives outside the DiMera Mansion and sees the door is locked. Rafe bangs on the door. EJ wonders who it could be but decides to ignore it and kisses Nicole as Rafe continues knocking.

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