Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/22/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/22/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail hopes Austin isn't breaking her heart for nothing. Abigail tells him that if he wants to fix his marriage, he can't have any secrets and has to tell Carrie everything about them and their affair. Austin says it was just one night. Abigail questions if that makes it right. Austin agrees that it doesn't make it right so Abigail decides they will tell Carrie today.

Sami wants Marlena to tell her what she knows about Will. Marlena says she only came to talk about her. Sami doesn't think she cares and wants Marlena to tell her what she knows or get out.

Austin questions telling Carrie. Abigail tries to tell him that he has to tell Carrie but Austin thinks he can't if he wants to save his marriage. Austin tells Abigail that it has to stay between them as Carrie arrives and wonders what has to stay between them.

Victor and Maggie talk at home. Victor thinks Maggie is still upset. Brady walks in and wants to know what's being done about Ian. Victor thinks it's his problem. Brady blames himself since he left Titan. Victor tells him that he's not to blame since he signed him without knowing his connection to Madison. Ian walks in and reminds everyone that Madison is his wife.

Quinn talks with Madison at the Spa. Quinn talks about looking forward to working with her and Mad World. Kate arrives and wants to know what Mad World products are doing on display.

Marlena tells Sami this is about her and Rafe and the future of her family. Will then walks in and greets Marlena, wanting to know what's going on. Marlena says they are having a talk so Will wants to stay. Marlena asks Will to let them talk in private. Will doesn't want to leave Marlena alone with Sami. Sami suggests she leave so Will asks if she's afraid that he's going to tell Marlena what he knows. Will then informs Sami that it's too late as he already told Marlena that Sami had sex with EJ. Sami can't believe Will went to Marlena. Sami wonders what she did to deserve this. Will says he could make a list. Marlena tries to tell Sami that Will was overwrought and angry with the secret. Sami knows how that feels. Will points out that she still let it happen and treated Rafe like scum. Sami thinks Marlena is loving this because of all the grief she gave her about cheating. Sami asks if Marlena is happy now.

Abigail tells Austin that it looks like his secret is about to come out. Carrie wants to know what she doesn't know and comments that she didn't know they were so close. Abigail remarks that they are a lot closer than she expected. Austin claims that he was trying to keep it a surprise as he asked Abigail where he and Carrie should go on their romantic getaway. Abigail adds that there's nothing she wouldn't do for Austin. Carrie asks Abigail how she's doing after what she went through. Abigail comments that she was just talking to the guy that broke her heart.

Ian argues with Victor and Brady. Victor thinks Ian wants to own Titan with no one to watch over him. Ian claims that he only wants to run Titan successfully as he was contracted to do. Ian apologizes for rubbing them the wrong way and says he's here to mend fences and make things right. Ian comments that the woman he loves now lives in Salem.

Madison informs Kate that Quinn has made a change to Mad World. Kate calls Quinn a traitor and wants to know why. Madison encourages Quinn to tell her.

Marlena tells Sami that she's not happy to see her daughter and family in pain as she knows how it feels. Sami shouts at her that she doesn't know how it feels. Marlena points out that Sami's shouting can't take away her shame from what she did. Sami tells Marlena not to compare her cheating to Marlena's. Sami makes up her excuses as to why she had sex with EJ because she was in grief. Will mocks her as Marlena tells him not to. Sami doesn't know what she can say to make Will not mad at her. Will wishes he was adopted and she wasn't his mother. Marlena points out that Will told her because she listens to him. Will says he gave up on trying to get through to Sami a long time ago. Marlena thinks Sami should know how Will feels. Sami questions her being a bad mother coming from Marlena.

Victor questions Ian trying to mend faces by barging in like he did. Brady says he can't change that he withheld information when he was hired. Victor adds that he would never have hired him if he knew. Ian says his marriage to Madison has nothing to do with his job. Brady thinks he kept it a secret which makes them think that he could have more secrets. Ian blames Madison for keeping it a secret. Ian thinks Brady is just upset that he lost Madison. Brady decides they are wasting their time. Ian points out that Brady no longer runs Titan and shows Victor his new business plan for Titan to prove he is the best man for the job.

Quinn explains to Kate that Mad World promised to take his spa to the next level. Madison offers Kate a Mad World product but she declines. Kate points out that she and Quinn had an agreement. Quinn adds it was never in writing and now Madison has offered to take him international. Quinn exits to continue working. Kate thinks Madison is just trying to get back at her.

Victor tells Ian that his business plan is very good. Ian says he can improve it by 30% and that's why he got the job. Victor wants to find out if his plan has substance first. Ian expected the answer and prepares to leave. Ian tells Brady there's no hard feelings since he couldn't lose what he never had.

Marlena points out that she never said Sami was a bad mother. Will adds that he will. Marlena stops him and says they are a family that needs to fix this. Sami gets that she's to blame for everything and doesn't need to hear it. Marlena tells her it's not all about her. Marlena wants Sami to let her help her. Sami shouts that she didn't have plan to have sex with EJ and didn't mean for it to happen but she was just angry, scared, and upset. Sami cries that she was upset over Johnny. Sami swears she doesn't know how they ended up doing it. Marlena understands that she was trying to avoid a terrible grief. Sami talks about hating herself afterwards and still does. Sami says she would never have put someone through the pain she went through. Sami apologizes to Will and says she knows it will never be enough but she's truly sorry. Sami says she would fix it if she could but doesn't know how. Marlena tells Sami that she's not alone as she is there for her and promises it will be alright. Sami cries and hugs Marlena.

Carrie is surprised Abigail is still talking to the guy that broke her heart. Austin tries to hurry Carrie out to go eat but Carrie wants to hear Abigail's story. Abigail talks about the guy having issues with commitment. Abigail thinks deep down this guy is a good guy. Abigail adds that truth and honesty are the most important parts of any relationship and Carrie agrees that her and Austin feel the same way.

Maggie asks Brady if he's talked to Madison about Ian. Brady explains that Madison tried to make him understand. Maggie and Victor tell Brady that they are sorry. Brady believes he was made a fool of by Madison. Brady will never understand how Madison let their relationship go so far while she was married.

Madison asks Kate why she would want to get back at her. Kate calls her petty and spiteful. Madison says that's her. Kate thinks it could be payback for stealing Sami. Madison disagrees. Kate thinks it's something personal. Madison calls it interesting since it's been all business since she came to Salem. Madison adds that they run in different circles. Kate wants to know what's really going on as Ian arrives.

Marlena hugs Sami and tells her that they will figure this out and make things right with Will and Rafe. Sami shouts that she can't tell Rafe that she had sex with EJ. Marlena thinks she has to. Sami worries that Rafe would divorce her. Sami refuses to tell Rafe and says only they will know. Will points out that EJ knows too. Marlena adds that EJ could use it against her and thinks she needs to tell Rafe first. Marlena thinks Sami can't keep letting Rafe believe he is in the wrong. Sami agrees that what she did was worse. Will points out that he didn't want to tell Rafe to break up the family but Sami already did that by kicking Rafe out. Marlena adds that they want her to save her marriage. Marlena says Rafe loves her so much that he will understand and forgive her. Marlena states that secrets will come out and the longer she waits the worse it will be. Marlena encourages Sami to tell Rafe today.

Carrie tells Abigail that she hopes everything works out for her. Abigail thanks her for letting her talk to her. Carrie offers to continue listening sometime as she and Austin exit. Austin looks back at Abigail before closing the door.

Maggie sits with Brady and says she's not defending Madison but believes sometimes people have good reasons for doing what they do even if they don't understand. Brady states that Madison had her reasons but he can't trust her anymore. Victor understands. Maggie asks if Madison said why she let him fall in love with her while still married to Ian. Brady says she did. Maggie wants to know if he believed her. Brady declares it's too late and doesn't matter. Maggie calls it a shame because she sees how Madison looks at Brady. Maggie states that Ian is not the man in Madison's heart but Brady is.

Ian informs Kate that Madison is his wife. Kate is surprised and says it's now all starting to make sense. Kate thinks this is why Madison singled her out. Madison calls what Kate had an affair since they were married. Kate notes that she and Ian were in love and his heart belonged to her. Madison remarks that she will never know who she is. Kate thinks she knows Ian and that Ian needs someone who is his equal. Madison points out that she and Ian are still married while Kate settled for Stefano. Kate corrects her that she is in love with Stefano and never settled. Madison declares that Mad World is ahead of her so she has beat her at every turn. Madison asks what Stefano said when he found out one of Kate's ex lovers are in town. Kate questions Madison being the one that kept her marriage a secret from Brady. Kate thinks Madison is done since she couldn't satisfy Ian or Brady.

Maggie starts cleaning up at the Mansion. Victor thinks Henderson can do that but Maggie wants to. Victor thinks they need to talk since he hurt her feelings. Maggie thinks Victor said that the situation with Ian wouldn't have happened if he wasn't married to her. Victor calls it the truth. Maggie takes it as Victor blaming her.

Abigail sits alone at the Town Square as Quinn arrives and congratulates her on being friends with Melanie again. Abigail talks about being excited to model with her. Quinn thinks she's having guy troubles and sits with her. Austin and Carrie arrive and sit together in the distance. Abigail talks to Quinn and then spots Austin so she starts flirting with Quinn.

Sami doesn't think Rafe would ever forgive her for sleeping with EJ. Will questions if she wants to keep lying and making Rafe feel horrible. Sami thinks it will be Rafe's excuse to go be with Carrie. Marlena tells her not to make it a competition since Rafe loves Sami. Marlena recalls Rafe pleading with her to let him come home. Will offers to call Rafe now. Sami decides she will talk to Rafe about Carrie and have him come home to sort it out and then she won't have to tell him about EJ. Sami wants them to promise her that they won't say anything.

Maggie tells Victor that he will be sleeping on the couch. Victor wants her to let him finish. Victor calls her the best thing to ever happen to him and now he's truly happy. Victor adds that his life is full now because of her. Victor says the Ian situation is just business while Maggie is the love of his life. Maggie cries and then they kiss.

Austin and Carrie joke around at the Town Square as he looks over at Abigail. Abigail asks Quinn about leaving town. Quinn informs her that the Spa is going international. Quinn mentions he will be going to Paris and will see Taylor. Abigail calls it romantic.

Carrie comments to Austin that he's lucky he had Abigail to plan his trip with. Austin declares that he has so much to do to get ready. Carrie adds that she does too so Austin says they will go take care of things and see each other back at the hotel. Austin hurries Carrie off as Austin watches Abigail. Abigail hugs Quinn goodbye and looks back at Austin. Austin approaches her and asks what that was all about.

Madison tells Kate that she can leave since there's nothing left for her. Kate agrees and calls Quinn a fool for doing business with her. Madison tells Kate that she should tell Stefano about Ian. Kate warns Madison that if she continues to make this personal, then there will be war and she will lose. Kate exits as Madison looks back at Ian.

Marlena tells Sami that she knows that she doesn't want to hurt Rafe but secrets have a terrible way of coming out. Sami thinks this one won't and Rafe will never have to know. Marlena thinks it's a time bomb since four people know. Sami brings up how it will make Rafe feel. Marlena adds that they can't have secrets in a marriage and have it survive. Sami claims that she's trying to protect Rafe. Will thinks she's just trying to protect herself like always. Sami shouts that she has to look out for herself since no one else will.

Maggie and Victor sit together as Maggie jokes about being less of a distraction to Victor. Maggie hopes things work out with Victor and Ian. Victor says time will tell. Maggie thinks Ian's business plan for Titan does seem amazing and Victor agrees that it does seem that way.

Ian asks Madison how she knew that he had seen Kate already. Madison says she must have been a better student than he ever gave her credit for. Madison then walks away and exits.

Austin questions Abigail flirting with Quinn. Abigail asks if he's jealous. Austin says he's concerned and doesn't want to see her get hurt. Austin calls Quinn bad news. Abigail wonders why he cares since he's back with Carrie. Abigail tells Austin that she will date whoever she wants. Abigail walks away and leaves the town square.

Brady looks up from his phone as Madison arrives at the town square and stops when she sees him.

Sami tells Marlena that she had to look after herself all her life since Marlena was off being happy with John. Marlena apologizes for not being there but can't change the past. Sami adds that she can't change who she is and that she's selfish. Sami thinks it comes from a mother only thinking of herself. Will calls it funny since he knows exactly how that feels.

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