Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/21/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/21/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer talks on the phone at home, denying the accusations against Abe. Jennifer gets upset and hangs up as Jack comes in to ask if everything is alright which startles Jennifer. Jennifer complains about phone calls. Jack needs to talk to her about something important.

Carrie finishes a phone call with John at her hotel room as Austin returns from running. Carrie talks about having so much to do. Austin points out that she's been at it all night and didn't sleep. Austin feels like she's burying herself in her work to avoid him. Carrie thinks it's ridiculous but Austin disagrees.

Jennifer talks to Jack about Abe's reputation being shattered and doesn't know what could be more important. Abigail comes in and greets Jennifer as Jack points out there is something that they need to talk about.

Marlena arrives at Sami's. Sami is surprised to see her as she thought she was going out of town and asks what brings her by. Marlena asks if she's going to invite her in first so she does. Marlena hoped to see Sami's kids before she left but they are already at school. Marlena adds that she wanted to talk to Sami as well. Rafe arrives which surprises Sami. Rafe apologizes for not knocking as he keeps forgetting he no longer lives there.

Jennifer sits down with Abigail and Jack. Jennifer gets a call but doesn't answer it so they can have family time. Jack encourages Abigail to talk to Jennifer. Abigail tells her that she hates fighting. Jennifer feels the same way. Abigail tells Jennifer not to worry about her modeling. Jennifer gets excited thinking Abigail turned it down but Abigail corrects her. Abigail says she will be modeling with Melanie and is doing it whether she likes it or not. Jennifer still doesn't like it. Jack reminds Abigail that they came to make peace. Abigail thought Jennifer was going to understand. Jack tries to encourage them to keep talking.

Austin tells Carrie that he knows she's working hard to help John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope. Carrie points out that she will do anything for family. Austin feels like it's been one thing after another since they came back to Salem. Carrie feels she needs to help them when they are in trouble. Austin adds that he needs Carrie too and can't fix their marriage on his own. Austin asks her to stop avoiding him and make an effort like they promised. Carrie intends to keep that promise. Austin understands that life can be distracting. Carrie hugs Austin as he thinks they should move back to Zurich so they can focus on them. Carrie thought they were just thinking about Zurich and not jumping into anything. Austin thinks moving back is the best decision for them but Carrie disagrees as she wants to stay in Salem.

Rafe apologizes for interrupting. Marlena says they were just talking. Sami asks what he's doing. Rafe hoped to see the kids but they are at school. Rafe suggests he could take the kids to school tomorrow morning. Rafe and Sami uncomfortably end their talk. Rafe brings up to Marlena that he heard about the marriage after running into Bo and offers to do anything he can to help. Rafe tells Sami that he will see her tomorrow and starts to leave but Marlena stops him and thinks he and Sami should talk.

Jack asks Jennifer what she's so against with Abigail modeling. Jennifer explains to Abigail that she thinks the model industry makes women feel like they have to be perfect and she wants her to be happy. Jennifer wants Abigail to stay in school and be involved like the experiences she had. Abigail says what Jennifer says is valid but points out that Jennifer was working a writing job in college. Jennifer adds that no one ever asked her to be a model. Abigail understands that she wants what's best for her but she's no longer a little kid. Abigail wants Jennifer to trust her to make the right decisions. Jack asks Jennifer what she says about it now. Jennifer wonders when her little girl became so mature and responsible. Jack agrees that it's hard to believe. Jennifer hugs Abigail and assures her they are okay. Jennifer tells her that if she feels she needs to be modeling then she's behind her. Jennifer wants her to call if anything goes wrong and promises that she just wants to take care of her. Abigail tells her she loves her and hugs her again. Abigail says her goodbyes and adds that dinner with both her parents would be great as she exits to go to class. Jack and Jennifer praise Abigail. Jennifer tells Jack that he did a great thing and thanks him for helping them make up. Jennifer adds that she sometimes wonders how they went on without him.

Sami wants Marlena to stay out of their business. Marlena wants to help but Sami shouts at her that she doesn't want her help. Marlena brings up their love as Rafe agrees that he loves Sami. Marlena points out that they can't fix things if they don't talk. Sami tries to order Marlena to get out but she refuses.

Austin tells Carrie that he thought they were on the same page. Carrie says she thought about Zurich but Marlena made her realize that they can't run from their problems. Carrie wants to stay in Salem with their friends and family. They start to argue as Carrie tells him they can work on their marriage together and build their life they always wanted. Austin decides it doesn't matter as he wants to be wherever she is. Carrie thanks him. Austin adds that they stay in Salem on one condition and that's that they go on a romantic weekend getaway. Carrie agrees and Austin kisses her. Austin tells her that he will surprise her with where they go for their trip. Austin kisses her and then goes to take a shower.

Rafe tells Marlena and Sami to calm down as he doesn't want them to fight. Rafe thanks Marlena for trying to help but blames himself for messing things up and breaking their vows. Rafe tells Sami he loves her and won't stop until he makes things right. Rafe says he will call her tomorrow to pick up the kids. Rafe wishes Marlena luck and then exits. Sami tells Marlena to give her speech and blame her for everything. Marlena wants Sami to tell her what she wants her to say. Sami wants Marlena to admit that she thinks she is to blame. Marlena adds that she didn't say that. Sami shouts that Rafe kissed Carrie so it's not her fault. Sami wants to have it out since she showed up.

Jack sits with Jennifer and he's glad to hear her say that she's glad he's there. Jennifer calls what he did amazing and points out that Jack really has changed. Jennifer calls Jack the same man that she fell in love with. Jennifer adds that Jack has become the man that she always knew he could be.

Rafe packs up more of his things in Carrie's office. Carrie then arrives and is surprised to see him. Rafe points out that the heater is having problems again. Carrie offers to come back when he's finished but Rafe stops her and tells her not to go.

Austin sits in his office as Abigail arrives and greets him, saying she got his message. Austin thanks her for coming and sits with her. Austin points out that they are both adults so he's going to give it to her straight. Abigail stops him, saying that she knows what he's going to say.

Jack asks Jennifer if she's sure she's not just seeing what she wants to see. Jennifer is sure but Jack doesn't think he's changed. Jack thinks he is the same jerk. Jennifer points out that he's still himself but the old Jack wouldn't have helped her and Abigail like he did today. Jennifer felt today like she was part of a team with Jack as her partner. Jennifer says all that matters is that Jack is here and trying. Jennifer calls him an amazing man and she wouldn't change anything.

Carrie doesn't think it's good that she stays but Rafe insists. Rafe says there's no use avoiding each other and jokes about their kiss. Carrie agrees to stay since she has work to do. Carrie asks Rafe what he's been doing since leaving. Rafe says he's mostly been working at the library. Carrie talks about the lease coming up on the office. Rafe recalls having good times there. Carrie suggests Rafe come back to work there so he agrees.

Marlena tells Sami that she just wants to take everything out on her. Sami accuses her of just trying to make her the bad guy. Marlena points out that it's usually the case. Sami blames Marlena for showing her first hand how to tear a marriage apart. Marlena asks how many times they are going to have this conversation. Sami yells about Marlena cheating with John and walking out on her family. Marlena wants Sami to move on but Sami accuses her of just trying to forget what she did. Marlena says she's faced her demons. Sami responds that she's looking at her demon. Marlena then tells Sami to look in the mirror. Marlena is not going to let what happened with her and John be the blame of her selfish behavior. Marlena rightfully tells Sami that it's time to grow up.

Jennifer talks about how Jack came back from what happened in Afghanistan. Jennifer praises Jack for staying strong. Jennifer says seeing the effort he's made with her and Abigail has made her see how much he means to her. Jennifer tells Jack that she loves him.

Rafe tells Carrie that he heard she was helping John and Hope get a divorce and Marlena and Bo to get to Alemania. Carrie talks about overcoming all the roadblocks. Rafe offers to call an old FBI friend to help. Carrie thanks him as Rafe notes that they are still partners even if they aren't working together.

Austin tells Abigail that what happened between them was a mistake as he was drunk and upset so he took advantage of their friendship. Austin apologizes but Abigail isn't sorry and is glad it happened. Austin tells her that he loves Carrie. Austin says Abigail is a wonderful girl but he loves Carrie and not her. Austin apologizes for being unclear and letting things get out of hand but now he's being clear. Abigail cries as Austin tells her that there can never be anything between them. Austin promises to make them working together as easy as possible and says he will arrange it so they can keep their distance until she gets a new job next semester. Abigail asks how he's going to do that and if he's going to tell everyone that she's just an easy lay. Austin knows she's hurt. Abigail accuses Austin of letting her believe his marriage was over just to get in her pants. Abigail says everything Austin has told her has been a lie. Austin doesn't know what else to say. Abigail tells Austin that he's done enough.

Marlena tells Sami it may be harsh but it's time she heard the truth. Sami doesn't feel she owes her anything. Marlena thinks Sami owes her children. Sami yells at her for calling her a bad parent. Marlena tells her to stop being selfish and be responsible for her own actions. Marlena points out that her kids love Rafe so hurting Rafe hurts the kids too. Sami questions if she's supposed to just accept that Rafe has feelings for Carrie. Sami accuses her of taking sides. Marlena denies doing that. Sami claims that she doesn't lie to her children. Marlena tells her to look at herself and tell her if she likes what she sees.

Rafe finishes his call but gets nothing. Carrie thanks him for his help anyway. Rafe promises to keep trying. Rafe starts to leave but Carrie questions him leaving already as Rafe thinks he should.

Sami calls Marlena a hypocrite. Marlena says she would take back what happened in the past if she could but she can't. Marlena tells Sami that everything she has been through does not give her the right to hurt the people that love her. Sami accuses her of always defending Rafe. Marlena points out that Rafe loves her and her self-pity won't let her see what she's letting go of. Marlena declares that Sami is making every mistake that she made in her life.

Jack tells Jennifer that she's the most important person in his life and how he's looked at life in a whole new light the last few months. Jennifer sees his changes. Jack just wants to be better. Jennifer hugs Jack and tells him that she wants him back and wants to be a family again. Jack doesn't know what to say. Jennifer thought he felt the same way and wanted the same thing. Jack assures Jennifer that he wants her more than anything but feels she's right that he has changed. Jack says it's helped him to see their relationship and the patterns that every time she opens her heart to him, he breaks it. Jennifer thinks she's done it too but knows this time that he would not hurt her. Jack declares that he wouldn't want to hurt her but he would. Jack is through being selfish and doesn't want to put her through it. Jennifer wants a say but Jack thinks it's better that they remain separated and she'll see that. Jennifer can't believe it. Jack says he's not doing this because he doesn't love her but because he does love her. Jack then kisses Jennifer and quickly rushes out of the house.

Abigail hopes Austin isn't breaking her heart for nothing. Abigail tells him that if he wants to fix his marriage, he can't have any secrets and has to tell Carrie everything about them and their affair. Austin says it was just one night. Abigail questions if that makes it right. Austin agrees that it doesn't make it right so Abigail decides they will tell Carrie today.

Rafe tells Carrie that maybe sharing office space isn't a great idea. Carrie thinks they could make it work. Rafe points out that they don't want Sami or Austin to get the wrong idea by seeing them together. Carrie thinks they can come up with a schedule where they can each use the office. Rafe is not sure and says he'll see her around and come back for the rest of his stuff later. Rafe then exits the office.

Sami screams at Marlena that she's nothing like her and would do nothing to her family like she has. Marlena brings up Will and what he's going through being exactly what Sami went through. Marlena thinks Sami would see that if she wasn't being so selfish. Sami thinks Marlena knows something. Marlena tells her to fix it. Sami demands to know what Marlena knows right now.

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