Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/20/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Nicole return home looking for Stefano and Kate. An envelope lies on the table with Katherine written on it. Nicole calls EJ mayor but EJ tells her not to get ahead of themselves. Nicole brings up the recount and just waiting for a phone call. Nicole thinks it's basically done and EJ won. EJ tells her that if he won, then she did it and kisses her.

Madison looks through her drawers in her hotel room and pulls out her wedding ring and puts it on her finger. She thinks back to her last conversation with Brady where she told him that she loved him. Brady then arrives. Madison is surprised but happy to see him and tries to hug him but Brady tells her not to.

Kate slaps Ian for kissing her and tells him that she's not doing this with him since she's married now. Ian thinks it makes it exciting. Ian tells her not to deny it and kisses her again.

Lexie begins packing her bags as Abe walks in and asks her please not to go.

Nicole tells EJ that she's glad nobody else is home so they can celebrate their victory in private. EJ likes the idea but is having a tough time believing that this all happened. They sit together as EJ talks about the suspicions on Abe for altering the election results. Nicole tells him that the officials will sort it all out and EJ will officially be named mayor. EJ brings up that he had lost the election and was writing his concession speech but Nicole never stopped believing that he would win. EJ wonders what Nicole did and wants to know how she fixed it. Nicole can't believe EJ wants to talk about that. EJ points out that Nicole single-handedly managed to snatch victory from defeat. Nicole says she promised him victory and delivered. EJ thinks there is more to it. Nicole reminds him that he's a phone call away from being mayor so she wants to move forward instead of back. EJ doesn't think it's that easy. Nicole wants to make love. EJ continues to wonder what Nicole did to cause such a big election upset. EJ is worried since Nicole doesn't want to talk about it.

Lexie asks Abe where he's been. Abe explains that Roman had brought him into the station for questioning. Abe says he told the truth that he did not fix the results. Lexie pointed out that he fixed the debate. Lexie says she was wrong about what kind of man he is. Abe tries to talk to her but Lexie tells him that she's more than upset or angry as she feels completely betrayed. Abe accuses her of trying to sneak out before he got home. Lexie tells Abe that he can't act like the victim and feels it might have been better if she did sneak out. Lexie knows Abe will try to make her stay and make false promises. Lexie asks Abe if he has any idea how much he hurt her.

Ian tells Kate that she was kissing him back and he doesn't want to give in to her. Ian wants her to be wanting more. Kate laughs at the idea of him trying to play her. Ian stops her from leaving and tells her that he would never play her.

Madison asks Brady what he's doing there. Madison invites him but Brady wants to know how she couldn't tell him that she was married. Madison calls it incredibly complicated. Brady takes her ring and asks if it's her wedding ring. She admits that it is. Brady comes in and states that he wants to hear everything of the whole truth. Madison agrees to tell him everything. Madison explains that she was still in college when she first met Ian and she was trying to run Mad World out of the trunk of her car. Madison talks about Ian overhearing her doing a sales pitch. She talks about being so young and being swept up. Brady realizes that she was seduced. Madison claims anyone would have been and explains how Ian took her under his wing and then Mad World took off. Madison felt that she owed Ian. Brady thinks the truth is simple but the lies are complicated. Brady points out that Madison told him before that she had never been in love before. Madison admits that she loved Ian but he never loved her.

Nicole gets the phone call and thinks it's the one they have been waiting for. She answers and steps out of the room as EJ anxiously awaits the answers.

Lexie tells Abe that they have had problems and she's to blame for most of them. Lexie thought they had found a new level of trust but they haven't. Lexie believes Abe has changed but he disagrees. Lexie thought nothing like this could ever happen to them again. Abe talks about not liking jeopardizing everything but didn't know what he was supposed to do. Abe talks about his love for the town and how he didn't want to just roll over for EJ. Abe states that he would do anything to protect the town and standing idly by is not an option. Lexie thinks he keeps saying it like she doesn't get it. Abe doesn't think she does. Lexie tells Abe that he's the one that doesn't get what he's done.

Nicole comes back in and tells EJ that it's official that he won the election. EJ is surprised and picks Nicole up to kiss her in celebration. Nicole says they will hold it for 24 hours but the election is over. EJ thanks her for believing in him and kisses her. EJ wants to call Lexie to make sure she's okay. Nicole doesn't want him to do that since she just found out that Abe lost the election. EJ agrees that she has bigger things to worry about. Nicole points out that Abe is in a lot of trouble so he and Lexie could be falling apart then she will need EJ. Nicole thinks Lexie will come to EJ since she'll have nowhere else to go. EJ likes the idea as Nicole says Lexie coming back to the family is what he and Stefano always wanted. EJ wishes she didn't have to suffer heartbreak. Nicole reminds EJ that Lexie will have the love of her family. EJ kisses her and likes the sound of being the mayor.

Abe sits with Lexie and tells her that she has to realize that the world does not operate on simple principles. Abe believes what he did was for the greater good but Lexie tells Abe that the town would have survived if he lost the election. Lexie says if Abe somehow still ends up winning, no one will believe in him anymore. Lexie thinks that's the real loss, that he's not the same person anymore. Abe says it's not true. Lexie tells him that he was supposed to be better than this but he's not anymore. Lexie brings up how the people looked up to and trusted him as well as his friends, her, and their son but not anymore.

Brady questions Ian marrying Madison but not loving her. Madison states that's the truth. Brady asks how she couldn't know that. Madison blames it on her being young and how Ian seemed so wonderful. Madison says there is another side of Ian that is nothing but cold and controlling. Brady questions what she means by controlling. Madison explains that there were lots of other women. Brady wonders if Madison allowed that. Madison says she didn't have a say as she was just a trophy wife. Brady asks about the other women. Madison says they were nobodies and conquests but there was one that Ian put above all the rest and couldn't let go and it was Kate. Madison says Kate doesn't know about her but she knew about Kate.

Kate tells Ian that she's not a fool. Kate says he can't just remind her of the past since she's not that same woman anymore. Kate states that she has a lot more self respect and a backbone now. Kate knows Ian will just drop his sly seduction on the next woman because that's who he is. Kate doesn't want that anymore. Kate starts to leave but Ian tells her that she's wrong as it's never been the same since her. Ian tells Kate that no other woman has made him feel like she has. Ian says for him, it's always been Kate and always will be. Ian calls letting Kate go, the biggest mistake of his life.

Madison continues talking about Ian and Kate. Madison says Ian knew how she felt about it but didn't care. Madison never understood but Ian convinced her that there was something wrong with her. Madison admits that is how Ian was controlling and had power over her. Brady doesn't think that's her because she always stood up to everyone else like him and Victor but cowers when Ian comes into the room. Madison says that's just how it's always been and she can't change it. Brady questions why she can't change it. Madison feels that's who Ian expects her to be. Brady shouts that it's not who she is. Brady says she is so much more than that. Madison tells him that she's tried to change things but she owes him so much and he knows it. Brady tells her that she's much happier when he's not around. Madison feels she has to remind herself to be strong when he's not around. Brady wants to know what changes and what happens with Ian. Madison says she just disappears when Ian walks in.

Abe finishes a call from Jennifer informing him of the election results. Abe hangs up and informs Lexie that it's official that EJ won the election and they will announce it in the morning. Lexie tells him that she's sorry and continues packing her bags. Abe says he has a lot to make up for. Abe promises to fix this and make it better. Lexie wants Abe to stop campaigning. Abe doesn't want to let this ruin everything they have worked so hard for. Lexie thinks there's nothing to hold on since the marriage she thought they had does not exist. Abe tells Lexie that they are family for better or worse and right now is a whole lot of worse. Abe needs Lexie to say she will stay. Lexie pulls away and says no because it's too late.

Nicole tells EJ that word is getting around that he's been elected mayor. EJ figures he should start his acceptance speech. EJ kisses her and says he owes it all to her. EJ wants to show her how incredibly grateful he is. Nicole sends him to go write his speech first. Nicole says she will be with him right after making a quick call. EJ exits and heads upstairs. Nicole then sits down with her phone looking upset.

Lexie tells Abe that she didn't just decide to leave on a whim or an angry reaction. Abe thinks they are bigger than that. Lexie points out that he didn't think this through and feels he became what he was so hell-bent on destroying. Abe tells her that he did not rig the election. Lexie feels Abe made her look like a fool when she defended him. Abe says he's sorry and Lexie says she is too because he is just like EJ and it makes her sick.

EJ prepares champagne in his room as Nicole then joins him and they begin to kiss on the bed.

Brady tells Madison that he gets that Ian has an effect and impact on her life but he still doesn't get why she didn't tell him. Madison says she couldn't tell him because he was so different and the kind of man that any woman would be lucky to have. Madison talks about trying hard to fight it at first until she eventually couldn't anymore. Brady points out that she still couldn't tell him the truth. Madison says she lost control and he became what she couldn't lose. Madison feared losing him if she told him about Ian and that's what happened.

Kate tells Ian that he's good. Ian responds that she's better. Kate says she won't ever fall for his act again. Ian claims it was never an act. Kate tells him to go find other naive women because she's not interested anymore in what he has to offer.

EJ and Nicole lay in bed together with champagne. EJ toasts to Nicole and calls putting her in charge of his campaign one of the smartest decisions he ever made second only to bringing her back into his life. They drink their glasses and Nicole begins to undress him as they kiss.

Ian tells Kate that he came to Salem because he missed her. Kate calls him annoying and says he's embarrassing himself. Ian respects her marriage but knows she will remember how well they fit together. Ian looks forward to seeing how long she holds up her resolve as he then walks away.

Madison tells Brady that there is nothing between she and Ian but humiliation and pain. Brady says they have that in common. Madison apologizes for hurting him. Madison says what she had with Ian has been over and she despises everything about him. Brady says maybe she does but it doesn't tell him what he needs to know. Brady says maybe he can understand how things got so complicated and why she couldn't tell him the truth but he doesn't understand why she's still with him. Brady brings up how Madison says she despises him and she's been in town for months without trying to get a divorce. Brady wants to know why she hasn't done that. Ian then arrives and tells Brady it's an excellent question. Ian states that Madison has tried and failed and will fail again if she tries again. Ian declares that he will never let Madison go and divorce is not an option.

Kate returns home looking for Stefano. She heads into the living room and pours a drink. Kate then looks over and spots the envelope with her name on it at the chess table. Kate opens the envelope and reads the letter inside from Stefano where he says that he must leave for a short time but will be in touch soon. Kate has a flashback to kissing Ian as she puts the letter down and continues drinking.

Lexie asks Abe how this happened to them. She talks about how they had so much to look forward to but now she feels like she can't even breathe. Abe tells Lexie that she's right and thinks it's all going too fast. Abe feels they can slow it all down. Lexie says no since she's made up her mind and not changing it. Lexie informs Abe that she's taking Theo and going somewhere to think about things. Abe tries to stop her. Abe then tells her that if anyone has to go it should be him. Abe doesn't want to disrupt Theo's routine. Abe holds back tears and decides he will go unless she tells him to stay. Lexie doesn't respond so Abe turns and walks out while Lexie cries.

While EJ sleeps in bed, Nicole sneaks back downstairs and makes a phone call in the living room. Nicole says she didn't tell EJ what the person did but they both know and need to talk.

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