Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/17/12


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Madison arrives to the Kiriakis Mansion to meet with Victor. They talk until Brady enters. Victor is glad Brady is here because he has an announcement that he wanted them both to be there for. Brady wonders what's going on as Maggie walks in with Ian. Ian says he hopes he's not late.

John and Marlena talk at home as they get ready to go to Alemania. John is sorry for putting her through this. Marlena looks at it like just traveling. They talk about getting through this like they always do and kiss. Bo and Hope arrive with Roman. John jokes with Roman about going with them. Hope says in two weeks, the divorce will be finalized and they hope that Stefano will be out of their lives. John comments on the election results getting rid of EJ too.

Nicole tells EJ not to worry because the nightmare will be over soon for EJ but not for Abe as they watch the television.

Abe continues inviting Lexie to join him at the pedestal as Jennifer and the crowd cheer her on. Lexie instead turns and runs the other way.

Brady questions what Ian is doing there. Victor comments that Ian is almost as good of a businessman as he is. Maggie wonders what's going on. Ian explains that he had met Brady previously. Brady wants to know what he's doing there. Victor then announces that Ian is the new CEO of Titan. Ian says they will all be working together and he thinks he will enjoy his time in Salem.

Stefano asks Nicole what she's talking about since Abe won the election. Nicole tells him to have more faith in her. Kate thinks something is not right with Abe. Abe continues his speech about how it's an emotional night for him and his family. Abe thanks everyone and promises to do his best to live up to the trust they have in him. Abe finishes as the crowd applauds. Abe steps down and explains to Jennifer that Lexie found out the truth. Abe rushes off to find her in hopes of making her understand.

Stefano wonders why Lexie was not with Abe. EJ asks Nicole what happened. Nicole says she has a general idea. EJ points out that he still lost. Nicole tells him to wait. EJ appreciates her encouragement and kisses her but doesn't think anything can make a difference too. EJ decides he must go congratulate him and make a speech so he exits. Stefano hopes Nicole has something good to fix this. Nicole tells him not to worry because she won't let EJ down as she then heads out after EJ.

Brady questions Victor making Ian the CEO. Brady gets mad and tells Victor that he's lost his mind. Maggie tries to calm him down. Ian thinks Brady is having an emotional response and that he's jealous since he took his job and his wife back. Brady goes after Ian but he is able to push him down.

Hope worries about Ciara while they are in Alemania. Bo talks about having to leave everything after just getting their lives back. Bo hopes Stefano rots in hell for this.

Stefano paces at home as Kate tries to calm him down from being upset. Stefano doesn't think EJ knows what to do now that he's lost. Kate points out that Nicole is confident that she can fix it. Stefano hoped she could before they announced a winner. Stefano thanks Kate for being with him. Kate asks if he thought any more about Alice's envelope. Stefano thinks it's best to leave it alone. Kate hugs him but seems unsure about the decision.

Abe catches up to Lexie outside of the Town Square. Abe wants to explain. Lexie points out that he lied to her. She would've expected it from EJ or Stefano but not Abe. Abe apologizes. Lexie keeps thinking about telling Theo that Abe's honesty won but he was just as dirty as EJ. Abe calls it a fair fight until he found out that EJ was planning to get the questions after he already stole his job plan. Lexie realizes that it was Jennifer that wanted him to fight dirty. Abe tells her not to blame Jennifer. Abe says EJ was stacking the deck against him. Lexie believes that Abe sunk to EJ's level. Lexie brings up defending him to EJ but he lied to her. Lexie feels like such a fool as she cries that she was so sure that he was a better person than EJ and Stefano. Lexie then states that he is just like them.

John and Hope talk about opening the envelope at the airport. Bo and Marlena join them and announce they have problems with their visas preventing them from traveling. They assume that Stefano was behind it.

Brady explains that Ian is Madison's husband which shocks Victor. Victor then wants to take his offer off the table.

Hope talks with Marlena and John at the airport. John leaves a message for Vivian since she is royality in Alemania while Bo tries to reach Carly or Nicholas. Hope worries about Stefano being able to mess with their lives. Hope has a flashback to being with John in the past. Hope mentions that Stefano warned her that opening the envelope would be opening Pandora's box. John doesn't think he'll wreak that kind of havoc in their lives again but it's not their lives that Hope is worried about. Marlena tries making calls as she thinks back to talking to John about his time with Hope in the past. Bo can't get a hold of Carly. Marlena tells Bo that no matter what happens, Stefano will not win.

Stefano thinks Kate is holding something from him. Kate says she has a lot on her mind but it is nothing to do with them. Kate says it's just distracting things at work but nothing she can't handle. Stefano reminds her that she can always come to him. Kate thanks him with a kiss.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the Town Square. Nicole tries to convince EJ not to concede but EJ doesn't want to look like a sore loser. They run into Jennifer and she talks about how they tried to win. EJ goes to find Abe and Nicole follows after getting a call. Jennifer walks on and gets a call as well but is surprised by what she hears and says you have to be kidding.

EJ finds Lexie crying and asks if something is wrong. Lexie says it's just been an emotional evening. EJ just wanted to congratulate her since most people think the best man won. Lexie says not everyone as Abe walks up. EJ tells Abe that he fought a very good campaign and beat him fair and square. Lexie leaves to go check on Theo. EJ shakes Abe's hand and congratulates him. Nicole catches up to EJ and tells him no congratulations or speeches. Nicole announces that her contact informed her that they found an irregularity with the ballot so the result is now being challenged.

Victor tells Ian that he can't attack Brady and still work for him. Ian points out that he works with him but not for him. Victor tries to take the offer back but Ian has a contract so he can't get rid of him. Brady threatens him. Ian wants to focus on work and settle issues. Ian says he has wonderful ideas for Titan and Mad World. Ian says he will see Victor and Madison in the morning. Ian tells Maggie that she looks wonderful in her dress and calls Victor a very lucky man before leaving the mansion. Maggie calls him a jerk. Victor goes to call his attorney. Maggie leaves to allow Madison and Brady to talk. Madison tells Brady that she had no idea. Brady doesn't have anything to say to her and storms out. Madison then follows after him.

Kate asks Stefano if he minds if she goes out for a little while. Kate wants to get things prepared in her office for the morning to calm down. Stefano agrees and says he will remain and hope that Nicole does something to fix the election. Kate tells him not to wait up as she exits. Stefano then pulls out his key and unlocks his drawer. He takes out the envelope and looks at it.

Abe asks Nicole what she's talking about. Nicole says there will be a recount. Jennifer comes up and takes Abe away to talk. Jennifer tells Abe that they have big trouble. Abe says he just heard. Jennifer tells Abe the commission found evidence of ballot tampering. Jennifer says she told the pollster that she wanted to win fair and square. Jennifer then realizes that they had been set up.

Nicole reminds EJ that she told him not to worry and she is taking care of everything as she promised.

Bo tells Hope that Marlena got through to her contact. Marlena explains that they will just have to wait and see. They are then informed that the visa problems have been cleared so they can travel.

Stefano sits with the envelope and begins to open it. Stefano takes out the paper from inside and reads it. Stefano says no and shakes his head. Stefano declares that this can't be.

Kate walks outside the town square and has a flashback to almost kissing Ian. Kate turns around and runs into Ian.

Victor finishes a phone call trying to get rid of Ian's contract. Victor tells Maggie that he can't believe he was taken in by Ian. Victor blames himself. Maggie points out that he couldn't have known he and Madison were married since she never let on. Victor wishes he knew everything about everyone. Victor says this would have never happened to him before. Maggie then questions before what.

Madison catches up to Brady outside and tells him that Ian is not the man in her heart.

Abe tells Jennifer that he believes they were set up. Jennifer points out that there isn't anything they wouldn't do to win the election. Roman arrives with officials and the pollster. EJ and Nicole approach. The official informs them that the pollster is being accused of ballot tampering so they are having a recount. He takes EJ and Nicole for questioning. Roman tells Abe that he knows there's no way Abe would stuff the ballot that way. Lexie then arrives and recognizes the pollster as the man that Jennifer met at the Pub. Lexie wonders what Abe has done. Abe tells her that she can't think he's done this. Lexie points out that she never thought he'd get the debate questions in advance or send EJ the fake ones which surprises Roman. Abe tells Lexie that she has to believe him but she continues to question why.

Maggie thinks Victor was going to say it would never have happened before he married her.

Brady tells Madison not to talk about what's in her heart because he doesn't know who or what she is after all her secrets and lies. Madison tells him she loves him. Madison says she lied and kept secrets but she loves him and knows he loves her too.

Kate tries to leave but Ian stands in her way. Ian questions what she's doing out at this time of night. Ian thinks Kate is throwing herself in her work to stop herself from thinking about him. Ian says he could always push her buttons and she always made him laugh. Ian says they still have chemistry and then kisses her.

The airport worker returns and announces that only John and Hope's visas have been cleared to go to Alemania and not Marlena or Bo which upsets them.

Abe tells Lexie that he's telling the truth that they had nothing to do with the pollster and told him not to get involved. Lexie doesn't know what to believe and doesn't know who Abe is anymore. She doesn't know what happened to the man she loved. Lexie then turns and runs off. Abe tries to go after her but Roman stops him. Roman reminds Abe that they will have to go to the station and talk about this. Roman says if it turns out that EJ is the winner, the town is in big trouble. Roman exits as Jennifer watches on shocked.

EJ and Nicole finish talking to the political official. Nicole reminds EJ that she told him that she would take care of everything. EJ hugs her and calls her a woman of her word.

Stefano sits at home with the paper from inside the envelope. Stefano gets up and turns on the TV and hears that the recount is being conducted so EJ could be the next mayor. Stefano smiles and turns off the TV. Stefano then goes back and sits down with the paper from the envelope. Stefano shakes his head as he starts to cry.

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