Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/16/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail tells Carrie it's so sweet to listen to her problems as she looks at Austin. Carrie says they care about her so anything she says will stay between them. Austin suggests Abigail talk to someone more her age. Abigail notes that Carrie is not that much older and she'd appreciate her perspective. Abigail declares that Carrie is the perfect person to help her understand why this guy did what he did. Carrie tells Abigail how much Jennifer has helped her in the past and lets her know that she can tell her anything.

Lexie and Abe talk outside the Pub about the huge turnout for the polls. Lexie doesn't believe the people will vote for EJ. Lexie looks inside the Pub and sees Jennifer talking to a guy she's never seen. Jennifer calls it weird since she thought she knew everyone on Abe's campaign and they look serious.

Jennifer sits with the pollster in the Pub. He asks if Abe wants to beat EJ. Jennifer says he does. The man reminds her that he can make it happen and asks if she wants him to pull the trigger.

EJ and Stefano sit at home watching about the polls on TV. Stefano turns off the TV. Nicole walks in finishing a phone call. Kate joins Stefano with food and kisses him. EJ and Nicole talk about waiting on the poll results. EJ tells her that they make a good team and kisses her. Nicole calls him the next mayor. Stefano notes that she sounds confident but he doesn't think she's done anything to make sure EJ wins. Nicole says she didn't take Stefano's offer to buy the election because EJ didn't need it. Nicole praises EJ as mayor. Stefano says they will wait and see what happens. Nicole believes EJ had to distance himself from Stefano to have a chance. EJ adds that she's right. Stefano reiterates that they will see.

Abe suggests to Lexie that Jennifer must be setting up an interview. Lexie agrees and hopes it will be an exclusive after he becomes mayor. Abe brings up EJ being her brother. Lexie insists that she would never vote for EJ and thinks the people will be relieved when the votes are counted. Lexie gets a call and steps away, sending Abe to get them a table in the Pub.

Jennifer tells the man that she would do anything to assure that Abe would get another term but they can't rig the vote count. Jennifer points out that Abe would be no different from EJ if they rigged the election. He hopes they aren't making a mistake since the exit polls are not looking good. He reminds her that she knows how to reach him and exits. Abe enters and asks Jennifer if it's bad news then assumes it is based on her look.

Jack tells Abigail that he's going to check in with Jennifer. Abigail insists she will be fine. Jack then exits. Austin tells Carrie he will see her later and starts to leave but Abigail stops him and says he doesn't have to go. Austin says he does but Abigail disagrees since they work together. Abigail doesn't see any reason why he can't hear what she has to say. Carrie agrees with Abigail and suggests Austin bring a guy's point of view and he could know the guy from school.

Nicole finishes a phone call with Will outside the living room as Kate joins her. Kate appreciates her and EJ giving Will a job. Nicole talks about seeing Will's potential and how EJ wants to take him under his wing. Kate laughs at what Sami must think. Kate is glad that it will give her a chance to see Will more often. Kate suggests that EJ could be a good influence on Will. Nicole starts to head upstairs but Kate stops her and tells her that she is a good influence on EJ. Nicole is surprised to hear that she's approving her. Kate points out that she hasn't changed her impression of her at all but felt like giving her credit for getting EJ to fall in love with her which has made him easier to get along with. Nicole adds that she can't stomach her but feels that she's a good influence on Stefano and makes him civilized. They agree that they just complimented each other and walk their separate ways.

EJ and Stefano sit together in the living room. EJ wants to turn the TV back on but Stefano thinks there is no breaking news yet. EJ suggests they take a moment to talk. EJ knows that Stefano hates being kept in the dark but he has a colorful reputation. EJ says it was important that it seemed like Stefano was moving into retirement. EJ adds that he's doing all this for Stefano as well. EJ laughs at the idea of being excited to be mayor. EJ suggests they can go from mayor to governor. Stefano calls what he's doing very honorable. EJ brings up that it would've been easier if John had stayed in prison. EJ warns about what he will do when he finds out how John got out of prison. Stefano tells him to forget about John as Kate returns to the room.

Abe sits with Jennifer and asks what she found out. Jennifer tells him that he was her contact and he said that Abe is falling behind in the exit polls. Jennifer thinks most people aren't honest at the exit polls. Jennifer points out that it is not over yet. Abe worries about the idea that EJ could win as Lexie arrives and asks what's going on. Abe tells Lexie that Jennifer was meeting with a poll watcher who said EJ is ahead. Lexie thinks it can change in a heartbeat. Abe worries that he could lose. Lexie refuses to accept that and doesn't think the people will let the DiMeras control the politics. Lexie steps away to call and check on Theo. Jennifer apologizes to Abe. Abe wishes they handled a few things differently and not stooped to EJ's level. Jennifer says she felt uncomfortable about the debate too but it helped them. Jennifer notes that it's the only time that they strayed from the straight and narrow. Jennifer tells him that they fought the good fight as Lexie returns and wants them to stop thinking negative.

Jennifer and Lexie walk through the town square. They talk about Abe not coming with them as he wanted some time alone. They talk about hoping Abe will make an acceptance speech. Lexie admits she's worried but can't believe anyone would vote for EJ. Lexie talks about how good Salem did under Abe. Lexie can't believe the people would vote off Abe. Jack arrives and greets them. Jack hopes they are ready for a victory party. Lexie steps out to check if Abe arrived yet. Jennifer talks to Jack about being nervous. Jack is sure that Abe will win. Jennifer asks where Abigail is. Jack informs her that she's talking to Carrie for advice. Jack tells Jennifer that Abigail had her heart broken and suggested she talk to Carrie. Jennifer thought she could've talked to her but Jack points out that they were still fighting over the modeling gig. Jack thinks Carrie will be great and it will help Abigail to talk to someone who is completely neutral.

Abigail talks to Carrie about how she met this guy when she was still with Chad and didn't want to like him as he was older but he got to her. Austin sits and listens as Abigail explains how this guy made her feel. Abigail talks about how she couldn't stop thinking about him. Abigail says this was more than just a crush as she thought he was the one. Carrie asks if he felt the same way and Abigail adds that he said he did but then she saw him kissing someone else.

Stefano tells EJ not to forget that his sister is married to Abe. Stefano talks about how disappointed Lexie and Theo will be if EJ wins. EJ says he'll be sensitive towards Lexie but feels she should understand. Kate wonders if Abe knows it's over. Nicole comes in finishing a phone call. Nicole announces that they are ready to announce the winner of the election.

Abe joins Lexie at the Town Square. Abe talks about helping Salem for Theo's generation. Lexie adds that the people know what would happen if EJ won. Abe believes he will win and Lexie agrees then kisses him. Jack and Jennifer join them as Jennifer announces they are about to declare the winner. Jennifer gets a call and says this is it.

Nicole gets a call back and wants the good news as EJ, Stefano, and Kate await the results.

Jennifer steps away on her call as Lexie and Abe watch on anxiously.

Carrie continues talking with Abigail. Abigail explains that she knew another woman was in the picture but he led her to believe it was over and was really sweet to her. Abigail felt like he loved her in the same way that she loved him but it turned out that he just wanted one thing and he feels stupid now. Carrie tells her not to feel stupid as Abigail adds that she was in love for the first time in her life. Carrie says it's completely on the guy and asks Austin if he can believe this.

Jennifer talks on the phone as Abe and Lexie continue to wait.

Nicole waits on the phone as EJ asks what's the news but she's on hold. Nicole asks to know who won.

Jennifer says Abe is still with her and she will tell him as she hangs up the phone. Jennifer tells Abe that it was close and really closer than anyone predicted but Abe won the election. Jennifer declares that they just made EJ a regular citizen again. Abe excitedly hugs Lexie as they shout that they did it.

Nicole finishes her call and tells EJ that she's so sorry. EJ can't believe it and thinks there has to be a mistake. Nicole announces that the commission certified the results and are about to announce it on TV. Stefano and Kate can't believe it as EJ declares it's not possible.

Carrie asks if Austin has anything to say. Austin claims he's trying to figure out how to put it. Austin says from a guy's perspective that he thinks it's possible he's not as calculating as he sounds. They ask what he means. Austin says maybe he didn't mean to lead her on or let things get so far. Carrie disagrees since the guy was older and shouldn't have gotten carried away. Abigail talks about the first time they kissed. Austin tries to defend the guy's side but quickly points out that he's not defending him. Austin says sometimes things just don't work out. Abigail asks if Austin is saying it's fine to use her and throw her away. Austin says he's not saying that as Abigail declares she's still in love with the guy and wonders what she's supposed to do.

EJ states this was not supposed to happen. Stefano questions all of the times that he was assured that his help was not needed and the election being a foregone conclusion was all wrong. EJ thought everything was under control and in place. Stefano points out that he still lost so somebody dropped the ball. Stefano wants to know what EJ is going to do about it. Nicole goes to start getting some answers and exits the room. Stefano tells EJ that sometimes their old ways are the best ways. EJ wants to find out what happened. Stefano reminds EJ that he was doing this for his family. Stefano doesn't want people saying his son couldn't become mayor. Stefano questions EJ putting this in the hands of Nicole. EJ tells him that's enough but Stefano tells him that he's just getting started. Stefano declares that EJ botched it up.

Abe calls Theo with the news as Jennifer makes a call too. Abe puts Lexie on the phone and she talks about how great it is that Abe won. Jennifer finishes a call about getting interviews with Abe. Lexie finishes her call as she talks about how happy Theo is. Jack and Jennifer join the reporters as Lexie tells Abe that she was right. Lexie tells Abe that playing by the rules worked. Lexie steps away to make a call that she won't be available for the hospital. The man that talked to Jennifer earlier approaches Abe and tells him that he got him the debate questions and that it looks like Abe got the fake ones to EJ all on his own. He congratulates Abe and exits as Lexie returns and hopes what he just said is not true.

Carrie hugs Abigail and talks to her about feeling used. Austin thinks the guy probably feels horrible and hasn't been able to explain himself. Carrie states that not all guys are like Austin. Abigail wants to be mad but can't get there as she's just really hurt. Abigail says the guy just wants to pretend that she was a mistake but she was imagining spending her life with this man. Abigail calls herself an idiot as she looks at Austin.

EJ doesn't want to listen to Stefano. EJ says he's going to find out what happened and see what he can salvage. EJ exits. Kate thinks Stefano was tough on EJ. Stefano says EJ let him down. Kate points out that the first class lawsuit against John was a big part of EJ's plan and it's not his fault that the charges were dropped. Stefano questions Kate sticking up for him and how he could've used this to prove himself and their family. Kate says they do things their way just like the other families. Kate adds that this is still EJ's family.

Nicole finishes a phone call outside the room telling someone to fix this or deal with her.

Abe asks Lexie what she thinks she heard. Lexie heard that what EJ and Nicole said was true that he got the debate questions in advance and gave EJ the wrong ones. Abe admits it and Lexie can't believe it. Abe explains how EJ tried to do it first and they felt they had no choice. Abe adds that he was sick of EJ's dirty tricks. Abe said for once he wanted to go one on one. Lexie accuses Abe of being just like EJ. Lexie talks about how she told Theo that honesty works but it was a lie. Lexie can't believe Abe lied to the people that voted for him and to her. Abe tries to explain as Jennifer returns and asks Abe if he's ready for his victory speech. Jennifer encourages Abe to have his moment. Lexie tells Abe to go so Jennifer walks him to the podium, leaving Lexie in disbelief.

Carrie tells Abigail to never think that she's dumb for falling in love. She tells Abigail that it's not worth shedding tears over as Abigail deserves better. Carrie feels sorry for the other woman not knowing that the guy she is with is complete scum. Carrie hugs Abigail while she stares at Austin.

EJ finishes a phone call as Stefano and Kate return to the room. Stefano asks if he found out what happened. EJ turns on the TV to see Abe's acceptance speech. Abe thanks everyone for coming. Abe says he stands filled with gratitude and is grateful to everyone for the opportunity to serve as mayor for the next four years. Abe promises to do his best to live up to their faith. Abe adds he's grateful for the support he's had and the help of Jennifer as the crowd applauds her. Abe thanks Jennifer for helping him run a successful and straightforward campaign. Abe adds that another person who inspires him every day is his wife Lexie. The crowd applauds as she holds back tears. Abe invites her to join him at the podium. Jennifer encourages Lexie as she just stares at Abe. Abe joins the crowd in making her feel welcome. Kate wonders why Lexie is just standing there. Nicole rejoins EJ as EJ says it should be them up there. Nicole informs EJ that it will be them sooner than he thinks.

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