Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/15/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/15/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jack arrives at the Town Square and sees Abigail sitting on a bench looking upset. Jack tells Abigail that he talked to Jennifer about her modeling but realizes that's not why she's upset. Jack then brings up Valentine's Day and assumes it's Chad but Abigail tells him that it's just a guy from school. Jack asks if he knows him.

Sami continues to ask Carrie if she has feelings for Rafe. Sami tells her that Austin deserves to know the truth.

Rafe arrives at the Brady Pub where Kayla is with Johnny, Allie, and Sydney. All the kids run up and hug Rafe as Johnny tells him how much they miss him and want to know when he's coming home.

Kate talks on the phone in her office as Ian arrives behind her. Kate finishes her argument on the phone and tells them to fix it. Ian then comments on her and Kate recognizes him. Ian remarks that Kate never changes.

Brady finishes a phone call at the Kiriakis Mansion as Madison arrives. Brady wonders how she got in and tells her that he has nothing to say to her. Madison wants to explain but Brady says that her husband already did. Madison tells him that she loves him but Brady tells her to get out now. Madison says she can't leave without explaining. Brady thinks she's been lying to him since day one. Madison tries to say it's not like that. Brady asks why she did this. Madison calls it very complicated. Brady felt Madison told him everything but left out a husband. Madison claims to have a good reason and never meant to hurt him. Brady says if she meant that, she would've let him off before he fell in love.

Kate questions what Ian is doing here. Kate says Ian walked away from her with no explanation and now he's here years later. She doesn't think it's just to see her. Ian comments on how beautiful she is. Ian tells Kate that he's missed her. Kate calls him a liar and wants to know what he wants.

Rafe gives the kids valentine's candy and cards. Kayla then sends the kids to go decorate cookies with Caroline. Kayla tells Rafe that it was sweet. Kayla brings up that Sami was a wreck earlier but she feels like the kids are going to cry if Rafe leaves. Rafe wishes he didn't have to. Kayla offers to talk about it. Rafe is surprised she hasn't already heard. Rafe then explains how Sami walked in on him kissing Carrie and he's in big trouble because of it.

Jack asks Abigail about this guy and if it was a rebound from Chad. Abigail says it hasn't been going on long but the guy is special and she thought he was the one but he doesn't feel the same. Jack asks if he led her on and Abigail says maybe. Jack wants to know exactly what he did so he can answer to him.

Carrie tells Sami that she's not in love with Rafe. Sami continues yelling about walking in on them. Sami keeps asking for the truth and wants to know why she kissed Rafe. Sami thinks Carrie is just out to get what is hers. Carrie tells her that it's all in her head and she doesn't want to fight her. Sami keeps accusing her of wanting Rafe. Sami tells Carrie that she hates her and calls her a selfish, fickle bitch. Sami tells Austin that he's an idiot if he doesn't see it and storms out of their room.

Abigail sits with Jack and asks him to let her handle this on her own. Jack understands it's part of growing up. Abigail insists that she will be fine. Jack calls her smart and strong like her mother. Jack talks about wanting to protect her. Jack tells Abigail that he thinks she might not be ready for a serious relationship. Abigail compares it to Jack and Jennifer getting together in college. Abigail states that she loves this guy which surprises Jack. Abigail truly believes that if he opened up and gave them a chance then they would be great together. Jack asks why they aren't together. Abigail says something is in the way. Jack asks if she means someone.

Carrie talks to Austin about the awful things Sami has done to them. Carrie hopes Austin knows that what Sami said is not true. Austin tells Carrie that he is always on her side and sits with her. Carrie tells Austin that she's always loved him and suggests getting out to clear her head. Austin tells her that all of this will pass but they won't and hugs her.

Rafe tells Kayla that all of this has been building for awhile. Rafe says he and Carrie are committed to their marriages. Rafe says Sami threw him out after the kiss even though the kiss didn't mean anything. Kayla brings up teaching Rafe and Carrie the dance for Sydney's party and she saw something between them but convinced herself it was nothing. Kayla asks Rafe if he's sure there's nothing between he and Carrie.

Madison tells Brady that she always wanted to tell him the truth but it was complicated. Madison reminds him that she wanted to keep it strictly business because she was trying hard not to fall for him but she lost control. Brady tells her to save it. Madison blames Brady for being the most wonderful, incredible man she ever met. Brady stops her and doesn't want to hear what she has to say. Brady blames himself for not walking out as soon as she came in. Brady doesn't want to hear anymore. Madison keeps saying she wants to explain but Brady says she can't and tells her to go to Ian and leave him alone. Madison explains that she owes Ian her life.

Ian tells Kate that life is too short to hold grudges. Kate says she doesn't hold grudges but moves on. Kate tells him that she's barely thought of him for years but seeing him brings back memories. Ian brings up a night they shared in Paris. Kate asks him again why he's here. Ian thought she'd be happy to see him but if she isn't then he will go if she wants.

Rafe tells Kayla that he loves Sami and that's' it. Kayla knows Sami means the world to him. Rafe promises to fix it. Kayla points out that Rafe didn't answer her question as Sami then arrives. Kayla greets Sami and tells her the kids are with Caroline. Kayla then goes to check on the kids to allow Sami to talk with Rafe. Rafe wishes Sami a happy Valentine's Day.

Brady questions Madison being married to Ian because she owes him. Brady feels Madison owed him the truth but he didn't get it. Brady doesn't care why she's married only that she is and lied to him about it. Brady says everything about her has been a lie.

Kate tells Ian that she's too busy to stroll down memory lane. Ian talks about the way she stands up to him. Kate talks about how many times he has made her angry. Ian says he couldn't stay away from her. Kate points out that he has for a long time. Ian says now he is back. Ian tells Kate that no one gets him the way that she does as they get close.

Jack asks Abigail if this guy is her age but she doesn't want to say anymore. Abigail then informs Jack that she and Melanie made up so they decided to model for Mad World together. Jack says he hasn't made a lot of head way in talking to Jennifer about that yet. Abigail doesn't understand why she's like that. Jack talks about how they both want to protect her. Abigail thanks him with a hug. Austin and Carrie then arrive walking through the town square. They stop and spot Abigail as Carrie greets her and asks if she's okay.

Sami says she didn't know Rafe would be at the Pub. Rafe explains that he brought candy and cards for the kids. Rafe says the kids thought that he left him. Sami claims she couldn't tell them what happened. Rafe didn't want them to think he left because he wanted to. Rafe tells her that he misses her. Rafe wants to know what he has to do to convince her. Sami gets in his face and tells him to stop kissing her sister then storms out. Rafe follows out after her and stops her wanting to talk. Sami tells him to make it fast. Rafe apologizes for kissing Carrie and calls it the wrong thing to do. Rafe says he'll be sorry for the end of time and will keep saying it until she understands. Sami realizes there was two of them and doesn't blame Rafe mostly since she knows what Carrie is capable of. Sami thinks Carrie hasn't been as apologetic as Rafe. Sami claims Carrie is always out to hurt her which Rafe doubts. Sami questions Rafe trying to defend Carrie. Rafe just wants to fix this and go home to be with her and the kids. Rafe asks what he has to tell her to convince her. Sami asks Rafe if he has feelings for Carrie. Rafe tells Sami that he loves her and his commitment is with her and the family. Sami calls it a nice sentiment but not an answer to the question. Sami asks him again if he has feelings for Carrie. Rafe doesn't respond so Sami takes that as her answer.

Austin apologizes to Jack and Abigail for interrupting. Carrie points out that Abigail looks upset. Jack says that they were just having a father-daughter talk. Austin tries to take Carrie to leave but Abigail comments that she's lucky to have Jack to talk to about this while Jack wishes he could read the riot act to the guy that broke her heart.

Kate tells Ian that she's married so there's no chance that she will kiss him since she's a devoted wife. Ian asks who the lucky man is. Kate says it's no one that he would like to engage with and informs him that it's Stefano DiMera. Kate points out flowers that Stefano sent her. Ian calls it romantic. Kate says if Stefano knew Ian came anywhere near her, then he'd be dead. Kate thinks Stefano would take care of him all by himself. Ian points out Stefano being older and calls him Kate's sugar daddy. Ian finds it hard to believe that she's satisfied. Kate tries to slap him but Ian blocks her and kisses her hand.

Madison tries to explain to Brady but Brady just wishes that she was honest with him. Brady talks about going back to her hotel room because he didn't want to be without her only to find her husband there. Brady says he had to tell him instead of her. Madison wishes she could go back and fix the way she handled it but doesn't know why she didn't. Brady thinks she does know and that there's a reason. Brady points out that she still can't be honest with him. Madison responds that she doesn't want to lose him no matter what's happened. Madison knows it's her fault but loves him. Madison knows Brady knows she loves him and feels it. Brady wants to know why she hasn't left Ian. Brady asks why Madison would even pretend to accept his proposal and if she was just going to be married to two men. Madison says she wouldn't do that. Brady shouts that he doesn't know who she is or anything about her. Brady says he's a fool for falling for her. Brady calls himself an easy target as Madison tries to tell him he's wrong. Brady brings up how Madison sent Sami to sabotage Kate's business and a woman like that is capable of this.

Kate calls Ian a bastard. Kate says this isn't fun as they argue. Ian pulls her closer and thinks she feels differently.

Carrie hugs Abigail and tells her she's sorry because they've all been down that road and know it hurts. Austin suggests giving them privacy and going. Carrie thinks Austin should support Abigail. Austin tells her that he's sorry she's hurting. Austin tries to leave again but Carrie asks where he met the guy and she tells her it was at school.

Sami screams at Rafe about Carrie taking Austin from her and now taking Rafe from her. Rafe tells her it isn't true and that he loves her and married her. Sami can't get the image of Rafe kissing Carrie out of her mind. Sami says that Carrie has ruined everything and she can't get past this ever.

Kate calls Ian arrogant and self-absorbed so she doesn't know why she ever put up with him. Ian tells Kate to go ahead and hit him if she wants. Ian says he never should have let her go.

Madison reminds Brady that she stopped her plan with Sami. Brady felt that she just backtracked and otherwise it's a coward that lies. Brady assumes she and Ian are good together and tells her to go be with Ian and leave him alone.

Sami talks to Rafe about it being more acceptable if it was anyone else but Carrie. Sami tells Rafe that she saw him and knows that he wouldn't kiss someone like that without feelings. Sami doesn't know how Rafe expects her to be with him while knowing that. Sami tries to leave but Rafe stops her again and refuses to let her walk away.

Austin tells Abigail that he cares about her very much but is sure the guy's intentions were not to hurt her. Abigail notes that it still happened. Carrie hugs Abigail again. Jack comments to Austin that they try to help and end up screwing things up. Jack suggests Carrie as a woman could try and help Abigail. Carrie sits with Abigail and wants her to tell him about the guy. Carrie asks if he made promises that he couldn't keep.

Ian hopes to see Kate again as he starts to leave. Kate stops him and asks how long he's staying in Salem. Ian responds that he's not leaving as he has moved to Salem. Ian then exits Kate's office.

Madison asks Brady not to ask her to leave but Brady tells her to get out and not come back. Brady tells her to walk the other way if she sees him in the street and pretend what they had never existed because that's what he is going to do. Madison cries as Brady tells her to go so she leaves.

Abigail tells Carrie it's so sweet to listen to her problems as she looks at Austin. Carrie says they care about her so anything she says will stay between them. Austin suggests Abigail talk to someone more her age. Abigail notes that Carrie is not that much older and she'd appreciate her perspective. Abigail declares that Carrie is the perfect person to help her understand why this guy did what he did.

Rafe tells Sami their marriage isn't over until they both say it's over and he will never say that. Sami questions why. Rafe calls Sami his everything till death do them part. Rafe kisses Sami and then walks away.

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