Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/14/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/14/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ kisses Nicole in bed and asks if she knows what today is. Nicole says a lady never forgets Valentine's Day but EJ forgot that it was. EJ gets mad at Will for not reminding him. Nicole tells him it's okay and understands because today is when EJ will be elected mayor of Salem. Nicole wants to be the first to congratulate him and kisses him.

Abe and Lexie talk with Jennifer at Jennifer's home. Lexie shows Jennifer new earrings that Abe got her for Valentine's Day. Lexie asks if Jennifer is doing anything special with Jack but she says no. Jennifer says her only date is helping Abe be the next mayor. Jennifer offers to get coffee but Lexie decides to go get it herself to allow Jennifer and Abe to talk about the campaign. Jennifer tells Abe that she was approached last night about one of the men in charge of polling the votes and he said he could adjust the results to guarantee a victory for Abe. Jennifer wants to know what Abe wants her to do.

Will stands at the town square among the political setup. A man meets Will and asks if it's smart to do this out in the open. Will agrees to go somewhere more private.

John gives Marlena a bracelet for Valentine's Day. John says it symbolizes a new beginning for them and kisses her. John brings up Marlena not sleeping much last night and assumes it's because of Stefano.

Chad arrives at the town square and spots Melanie coming out of the spa. Chad gives Melanie a card for Valentine's Day. Chad tells her that he still thinks about her all the time. Abigail arrives and greets them. Chad starts to leave but Abigail asks him to stay. Melanie offers to go get hot chocolates but Chad decides to get them so Melanie and Abigail can talk. Melanie tells Abigail that she doesn't have to invite Chad to stay with them if it's weird. Abigail reminds her that she meant that she thinks Chad and Melanie will be great together. Abigail sits with Melanie and says she's happy to have her best friend back. Abigail asks Melanie if she thinks she's making a mistake with Austin. Melanie doesn't want to see Abigail get hurt and calls the situation complicated.

Austin wakes Carrie up with a rose for Valentine's Day. Austin offers to get her breakfast. Carrie says he doesn't have to but he wants to. Carrie assures Austin that everything is okay with them. Austin wants to spoil his wife for Valentine's Day and kisses her. Austin tells her he will be back and then exits the room. Carrie remains in bed with the rose as Sami storms in. Carrie gets up wondering what Sami is doing there and Sami greets her with a slap across the face. Carrie questions what's wrong with her. Sami yells at her. Carrie reminds her that she's not after Rafe. Sami calls her a lying, home-wrecking slut and feels it's time to call her out.

John tells Marlena that he's sorry about Stefano. Marlena adds that no one could have seen this coming. Marlena apologizes for letting Stefano get to her. John points out that there's nothing Stefano won't do to get what he wants. Marlena is scared because Stefano wants to tear them apart but John says he won't succeed and kisses her.

Will meets with the man outside the Town Square. He feels weird about this but Will tells him that he will be rewarded. The man would prefer to hear it from EJ but Will states that hearing it from him is just as good.

EJ surprises Nicole by not forgetting about Valentine's Day after all. EJ gives her a bouquet of roses and then another gift box. Nicole opens it and inside is a silver necklace. Nicole calls it beyond beautiful as EJ puts it on her and kisses her. Nicole gets up and drops her clothes as EJ calls her stunning and she gets back in bed with him. EJ says he was thinking about what she said after Brady proposed to Madison about wanting her prince. Nicole thinks it's far-fetched and embarrassing. Nicole then says they need to get to the polls to see Abe have a bad day. They kiss again as Nicole gets up.

Abe asks Jennifer why this man wants to help him win the election. Jennifer explains that he doesn't want EJ to run the town. Abe states that EJ won't win either way. Jennifer hopes it wouldn't be necessary. Jennifer tells Abe that she will do it as long as he gives the word. Jennifer tells Abe that he has until polls close to make up his mind and doesn't have to decide now. Lexie comes back in and asks what he would be deciding. Lexie asks if Abe is having second thoughts about something. Jennifer claims they were just talking about Abe's tie. Lexie suggests they get going to get to the polls early. Lexie and Jennifer hope the big crowd works out in their favor. Jennifer declares there is no way that Abe loses to EJ.

EJ walks through the Town Square. A woman approaches with her baby that is named after EJ to take a picture with him. Nicole spots Will and asks if he took care of what she asked him to do. Will says he did and everything is on track.

Chad returns to Melanie and Abigail with hot chocolate. Abigail apologizes to Chad for being unfair to him after they broke up. She hopes he can forgive her so he does and hugs her. Melanie hugs Abigail as they agree to be best friends forever. Abigail tells Chad that she thinks he and Melanie would make a fantastic couple as she then exits.

Marlena talks to John about feeling that Stefano was different yesterday. John assures her that Stefano won't hurt them. John tells her that they will spend two weeks in Alemania and leave with the divorce so this will all be a memory and he hugs her.

Austin exits the Brady Pub with food and comes across Abigail. Abigail starts to leave but Austin stops her and says they need to talk.

Carrie tells Sami that she's sorry about what happened but she isn't a threat to her marriage. Carrie says Sami has every reason to be upset. Sami corners her against the wall and screams in her face that she is just getting started.

Abigail asks Austin what there is to talk about. Austin apologizes to her. Abigail says he stood her up for dinner but she saw him kissing Carrie. Austin apologizes that she had to see it. Abigail grabs his hand and doesn't understand what's going on. Austin pulls away and tells her that he and Carrie are trying to fix their marriage and make it stronger. Abigail wonders why. Austin says that's what married couples do. Austin says Abigail has every right to be upset with him since she was there when he needed her but he's ashamed of his behavior. Austin feels he took advantage of her. Abigail says she's not angry or sorry since being with him was the most wonderful night of her life.

Carrie tells Sami that she doesn't want to fight with her but Sami insists on fighting. Sami accuses her of throwing herself at Rafe. Carrie asks what Sami wants from her. Sami wants her to admit that she threw herself at Rafe because he's Sami's husband. Carrie says it's not true and apologizes. Sami yells at Carrie to stop acting like it was an accident. Sami claims she knows what would have happened if she didn't walk in. Carrie stops her. Sami accuses her of seducing her husband. Carrie tells Sami they'll go there and see who the real bitch is.

Marlena tells John that she's afraid that there is more to the Stefano business than they see. She wonders why he'd have him married outside the country. John doesn't want to dwell on it and wants to make love to his wife then kisses her. John tells Marlena not to waste her time on Stefano. Marlena points out that not everything was a lie. John says that time doesn't mean anything since Stefano was controlling them. Marlena asks John if he remembers being with Hope. Marlena says they have to resolve those feelings now.

Abe, Lexie, and Jennifer arrive to the Town Square and greet people. EJ greets Abe. Abe tells EJ that he can refer to him as Mr. Mayor. EJ notes that it will only be today. EJ thinks Abe needs all the help he can get. Abe is not concerned and believes the better man will emerge victorious. EJ agrees and steps away after getting a call. Abe walks on with Lexie as Jennifer watches. EJ meets with Will outside the Town Square. EJ says it better be important as Will tells him not to freak out. Will informs EJ that he told Sami that he saw them having sex. EJ wonders why Will would do a stupid thing like that.

Austin tells Abigail that she's very important to him. She doesn't feel important. Austin blames himself for that. Austin doesn't want to make excuses for what happened. Abigail tells Austin that what happened was he made love to her. Austin explains that he had too much to drink, wasn't thinking and was hurt. Austin is trying to be honest. Abigail asks why he's doing this. Austin doesn't want to lead her on. Austin calls her an amazing person that deserves to be with somebody who can make her happy. Abigail tells Austin that it's him that makes her happy.

Chad tells Melanie that she must be happy to have her best friend back. Melanie agrees that it's nice and this is too. Chad tells Melanie happy Valentine's Day and kisses her.

Lexie gets interviewed about the election. Lexie says the choice is easy for her since Abe is the finest man she knows. Lexie talks up Abe and then is asked about her brother EJ but Lexie responds no comment.

EJ asks Will what he's thinking by telling Sami. Will says it just kind of happened. EJ grabs Will and yells at him about how that could happen. Will apologizes but EJ says that doesn't cut it. EJ tells Will that he should have lied. Will explains that he tried but she wouldn't let him leave. Will says he knows it was mistake and that's why he's telling him. EJ worries about Nicole finding out but Will promises that she won't find out. EJ says his promises don't mean much anymore. Will explains that the last thing Sami wants is for this to get out so she won't tell anybody.

Sami tells Carrie that she can't use her past against her since she changed. Sami calls her a spoiled brat that had everything growing up. Carrie accuses Sami of being an insecure, jealous, manipulative witch. Carrie thinks it's always been a competition in Sami's head. Carrie brings up Sami asking Austin to move in with her. Carrie talks about working John's case during that. Sami questions John being more important than Austin. Carrie thinks Sami just jumped on the opportunity to hurt her. Sami claims that she was just trying to do something nice. Carrie calls her a liar. Sami tells her to shut up. Carrie brings up Sami lying in the past about Austin, Will's paternity, and them having children. Carrie warns Sami that now she's just getting started.

Abigail questions Austin why he would go back to Carrie after what she did. Austin says they both made mistakes but feels their marriage is worth fighting for. Austin tells Abigail that he loves his wife. Abigail asks how he could make love to her then. Abigail tells Austin that he might not remember it but she does and that night meant something to her. Abigail can't believe Austin is acting like it never happened because he thinks he owes it to Carrie. Austin reminds her that Carrie is his wife. Abigail asks if he just used her then. Austin says that isn't what happened. Abigail asks Austin if he loves her at all. Austin doesn't answer which upsets Abigail. Abigail tells him not to apologize because he's not sorry. Abigail calls herself a stupid idiot for thinking that Austin cared about her. Abigail then storms off.

Jennifer asks Abe if he's made a decision. Abe tells her that it's tempting to let this pollster adjust the votes to guarantee him the win. Jennifer says the pollster believes in Abe and is afraid of EJ winning. Abe says he believes in himself too and that's why he can't do it. Abe thinks he's already compromised his principles enough and if he rigs the election then he would be no better than EJ. Abe wants to be the man that Lexie sees or else there's no point in all of this.

Carrie asks Sami how she can attack her after all the times and ways Sami went after her husband. Sami tells her to stop trying to ruin her life. Carrie calls Sami self destructive. Sami says this time Carrie messed up and can't hide the truth from Austin that she's a whore. Sami accuses her of throwing herself at Rafe and declares that this time Austin will leave her for good. Austin then returns and wants to know what the hell is going on.

John asks why Marlena is doing this since they were under Stefano's control and she knows that he loves her. Marlena brings up his relationship with Hope and that the feelings were still there. John says what he has with Marlena is the only thing that's real and the certificate is all Stefano has. Marlena wonders if that is all Stefano has.

Chad and Melanie sit together. Melanie asks what he wants to do. Chad brings up a midnight showing of the Princess Bride at the theatre. Melanie says it's one of her favorite movies. Chad suggests picking her up early for dinner like it's their first date.

Will tells EJ that Sami won't tell anyone so he shouldn't worry. EJ asks how he can be so sure after his own slip up that it won't just come out in the heat of the moment. Will adds that Sami has no one to tell since she kicked Rafe out for kissing Carrie. Will compares it to what Sami did. EJ calls it a personal bias. Will says that's why Sami won't tell Nicole anything. EJ hopes so for Will's sake. EJ then gets up and walks away.

Austin asks Sami what she's doing. Sami says she came to tell Carrie how she feels. Carrie says Sami just wants to hurt her and blame her for everything. Sami yells at her and says they won't buy it. Austin tells Sami not to speak for him. Austin informs Sami that they have decided to put it behind them and move past it together which Sami cannot believe.

John and Marlena kiss on the couch. John asks if she trusts him. She does with all her heart and soul as they continue.

Nicole steps away on a call. Nicole says that can't happen or it will cost EJ the election. Nicole says she has to think what to do and will call them back. She heads back inside as EJ joins her. She assures EJ that everything is fine and going as it should then they kiss.

Abe tells Jennifer that he can't let this election change who he is as he has already crossed the line once. Jennifer is relieved to hear that decision and knew he'd make the right choice but she just had to ask. Lexie joins them and asks what's going on so Abe says he was just telling Jennifer how much Lexie's faith in him means. Lexie tells Abe that she believes in him more than anyone in the world and kisses then hugs him.

Sami can't believe Austin is staying with Carrie and calls him insane. Austin doesn't have to explain to Carrie. Sami says what happened wasn't a mistake. Austin doesn't care but Sami adds that it didn't just happen. Austin orders Sami to leave but Sami refuses to leave until Carrie tells her to her face that she's not in love with Rafe.

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