Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/13/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Austin asks Carrie how she would feel about moving back to Zurick where they were happy and never argued. Austin points out how they have fought more here than ever before. Carrie brings up Austin's job. Austin tells her that he loves her more than the job. Carrie asks about her company. Austin says it's her call and doesn't want her to do anything that she's not comfortable with. Carrie agrees that maybe they should. Carrie thinks it could be really good for them and Austin agrees. Austin tells her that he loves her and they kiss. Abigail then arrives and sees them kissing. Austin assures Carrie that everything is okay as it's just them now.

Abigail cries and goes walking then runs into Melanie as she was leaving the Pub. Abigail tells Melanie that everything is wrong and hugs her.

Will talks to Rafe at the Pub. Rafe thinks Sami keeps hinting that something else is going on and he thinks Will knows what it is.

Bo talks to Roman at the station about having to go to Alemania. Roman asks for an explanation so Bo responds that it's Stefano.

Brady wonders if he has the wrong room but realizes it is the right one. Brady asks if Madison is inside so Ian invites him in. Brady asks Ian who he is after he calls Madison darling. Ian introduces himself to Brady as Madison's husband. Ian then asks Madison if she's going to introduce him to her friend. Brady is confused and wants to know who Ian is. Ian asks the same about Brady. Brady wants to know what's going on. Ian invites him to join them for a drink. Madison states that it's late as Brady asks what's going on. Brady questions if Madison is married.

Melanie asks Abigail what happened. Abigail says she saw the guy that she likes kissing his wife in the town square. Abigail declares that he can't go back to her because they were so right together and it was finally going to happen for them.

Austin and Carrie continue kissing. They agree that they want to go back to their hotel as they keep kissing and then head to the hotel.

Will asks Rafe why he thinks he knows anything. Rafe says he saw the way Will was looking at Sami. Will says he was just upset and doesn't think she has any right to kick Rafe out. Rafe asks if that is all. Rafe is having a hard time and says he's not asking him to betray Sami but feels he has the right to know if something happened.

Ian talks about Brady being surprised that Madison is married. Ian asks who Brady is to Madison. Ian suggests they start over again and introduces himself while Brady just looks back at Madison angered.

Will explains to Rafe how Sami blamed everything on Carrie. Will says that's what she meant by everything that is going on. Rafe regrets taking the job with Carrie since Sami told him not to. Will tells Rafe that he's the best thing to happen to Sami. Rafe thinks it's the other way around. Rafe apologizes to Will for dragging him into this. Will tells him that he's involved either way. Rafe promises to fix this and get their relationship back.

Melanie suggests going to Abigail's house to talk and calls it a misunderstanding. Abigail says it wasn't and can't believe he did this since he knows how she feels about him. Abigail cries that she thought he was as committed as she was. Melanie then asks if they slept together. Abigail thinks back to kissing Austin until he fell asleep. Abigail then lies to Melanie and says they did in fact sleep together as she hugs her.

Bo explains to Roman about the safe deposit box with Alice and Stefano. Bo worries about the truth being harder to handle than the secret but he's glad it's out in the open. Roman still doesn't understand how this happened. Bo explains how Stefano controlled John and Hope years ago. Roman asks what they do now. Bo says they have to go to Alemania to fix this right away. Roman comments that Stefano must be enjoying it. Bo wishes he knew what Alice had on Stefano. A guard interrupts and informs them that they have a man off the most wanted list that works for a man named Maroni in custody. Roman steps out as they bring the suspect in to talk with Bo. Bo asks him what happened. He says no since he knows his rights. Bo points out that he's been here before. Bo suggests he play it smart rather than go to prison. Bo steps out of the room to give him time to think about it. Bo talks with Roman about what happened. Roman says the man went after a store owner. Bo reads his file and says his third strike will send him to prison. Roman thinks it could be a good catch before the mayor election.

Brady asks Madison why she isn't saying anything. Ian offers him a drink. Brady wants Madison to tell him what's going on.

Bo goes back to tell the suspect that his days as a free man are over since the victim is willing to testify. Bo intimidates him about going to prison and suggests that he make a deal and give up who he's working for but he'll have to decide quickly. Bo then steps out of the room again as Roman was watching. Roman compliments Bo and suggests bringing Rafe and Carrie in but Bo tells him that their partnership dissolved.

Will hopes Rafe does not blame himself for everything. Rafe thinks he has to since he broke his vows to Sami. Will tells Rafe that he wasn't unfaithful. Will tells Rafe that he can't sweat the small stuff with Sami. Rafe says they have all made mistakes but he doesn't consider this small stuff. Rafe feels he let Sami and the kids down. Rafe talks about the vows meaning something. Will then tells him to stop.

Austin and Carrie return to their hotel room. Carrie apologizes to Austin. Austin tells her to stop apologizing. They sit on the bed together as Austin says it took them both to get here. Austin says they are alone and feeling like they should. Austin assures that they can and will fix it if they love each other enough and Carrie agrees as they kiss.

Abigail and Melanie go to Abigail's home to talk. Abigail questions how something she was so sure of could be gone. Abigail admits that she knew he was married but their marriage was in trouble and they came together. Abigail says he appreciates her more than anyone ever has. Abigail talks about keeping her distance because he was married but then she thought it was over. Abigail lets it slip that she doesn't know how he could be with Carrie now so Melanie asks if she's talking about Austin.

Madison tells Brady that it wasn't supposed to happen like this. Brady continues to question her marriage. Ian thinks Brady is sounding like he has a connection to his wife. Brady tells Ian that he didn't know about him and says Ian clearly had no idea about him either.

Roman finishes a phone call as Bo rejoins him. Bo tells Roman that the suspect is about to give up who he's working for but Roman informs him that someone got to the witness so he won't testify anymore. Bo wants to try one more time but Roman says it's too late. Roman tells Bo that he is just looking to take out his frustrations but this guy is not Stefano.

Melanie talks to Abigail about Austin. Abigail talks about how Carrie was never around and never had time for Austin. Melanie reminds her that they are married. Abigail never thought this would be her and says it didn't start like this. Melanie agrees that Austin is hot. Abigail talks about it building as they spent time together and they had a connection. Abigail says they finally made love and it was everything that she knew it would be so she can't believe he would go back to Carrie. Melanie then hugs her again.

Austin and Carrie continue kissing in bed.

Rafe apologizes to Will again for dragging him into this. Will understands he's upset. Rafe just wants to make things right with Sami. Will doesn't think he can say anything else to help so he's going to go prepare for the election tomorrow. Rafe talks to Will about working for EJ and says he's worried about him. Will tells him not to be worried because he knows what he's doing. Will calls the apartment a gift from God so he doesn't have to stay with Sami. Rafe offers to give Will a ride. Will tries to tell him it's okay but goes with him.

Ian tells Brady that he doesn't know him but his instincts are telling him a great deal. Ian confronts Madison and to ask if Brady is her lover and if she betrayed him.

Will and Rafe stop at the station and greet Roman. Rafe heads in to talk to Bo while Roman tells Will that he's glad he's here.

Rafe tells Bo that he has news about the job they were going to do. Bo says he talked to Carrie and asks for details on why they aren't working together anymore.

Roman finishes a phone call and tells Will that he heard about Sonny applying for a business permit for the coffeehouse. Roman wants Will to tell Sonny that he can come to him if he has any trouble. Will asks what he means by trouble. Roman brings up how Salem has some jerks and troublemakers. Roman points out that Sonny is out and not shy about it so some people might not be so accepting of it. Will doesn't think anyone will have a problem. Roman hopes not but worries about certain people thinking about his business catering to a certain type of people. Roman wants Will to tell Sonny not to hesitate to come to him. Will points out that it is 2012. Roman feels it's still reality.

Abigail sits at home alone clutching a pillow as she thinks back to being with Austin again. Melanie comes back in with ice cream and sits with her. Abigail thanks her. Melanie is glad they worked everything out and feels like they are friends again. Melanie says she's especially glad now because Abigail shouldn't be alone and she will make sure that she isn't. Melanie hugs Abigail as she cries.

Austin and Carrie continue kissing in bed. They stop as Carrie thinks it's too soon. Austin doesn't want to force it either but wants her back. Carrie wants that too but feels they have a lot to put behind them. Carrie says they are here because of what they've done and need to think about what they almost lost. Austin thinks back to being with Abigail. Austin then tells Carrie that it makes sense.

Melanie and Abigail remain sitting together.

Austin holds Carrie in bed.

Bo asks Rafe to fill him in on what happened with their business. Rafe says it's complicated. Bo tells him that Carrie said the exact same thing but seemed tore up about it. Rafe tells him it's just between him and Carrie. Bo thinks he deserves to know since it was his idea to help them with a job and he was counting on them. Rafe states that it's just not a good idea and then admits that they kissed and made out leading to Sami and Austin walking in. Roman walks in with Will and overhears it as Roman is shocked by what he hears.

Ian questions Brady but Brady tells him to butt out. Brady wants Madison to fix this and tell him what's going on. Brady brings up his proposal. Ian tells him that it's unfortunate for him. Brady tells Madison that he needs to know right now if Ian is her husband. Madison says she needs to explain.

Roman confronts Rafe and hopes he did not hear that Rafe kissed Carrie. Rafe apologizes. Roman threatens him and wants to know what Sami did to deserve this. Roman shouts that Sami and Carrie were working out their problems until this. Rafe apologizes and promises to fix it as Roman tells him that he better. Rafe then exits with Will as Bo tries to calm Roman.

Austin and Carrie remain in bed. Carrie wonders if they should go out and eat. Austin just wants to be with her alone.

Abigail sits at home in front of the fireplace as Melanie joins her. Melanie asks if she get her anything. Abigail responds that all she wants is Austin.

Brady questions Madison about it being true. Madison wants to explain but Brady tells her to stay away from him. Madison wants him to hear her out but Brady storms out. Madison tries to go after him but Ian stops her and tells her that she isn't going anywhere.

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