Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/10/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/10/12


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Abigail runs into Melanie outside the Pub. They awkwardly greet each other and then start to walk away but Abigail stops and asks her for a coffee so they can talk.

Austin reads his text message from Abigail in the town square asking if they are still on for dinner. Austin wonders what he's going to do.

Brady tells Madison it's not that he doesn't want to come in but thinks she needs some time alone without distractions to think about his proposal. Madison agrees as Brady tells her that he loves her no matter what she decides. Brady kisses her again and calls her beautiful then exits. Madison shuts the door as a man reveals himself in the room and tells Madison that he has been waiting for her. Madison acknowledges the man as Ian and asks what he's doing here.

Sami is at home as Will packs his last box. Sami asks Will not to do this but he says it's too late. Sami disagrees and thinks he can stay to work through this. Will doesn't want to work through it and says he'll never forgive her for sleeping with EJ. Sami doesn't want to talk about it with the kids around. Will calls her a lying slut. Sami says she can't pretend that she doesn't exist and tries to stand in his way. Sami wants him to talk to her. Will agrees to talk by telling her that he hates her and that it makes him sick to be in the same room with her. Sami wants another chance to make it right. Will questions if she gave Marlena a chance. Rafe then returns knocking on the door.

Bo and Hope talk with John and Marlena about meeting with Carrie to find out the problems with the annulment. Carrie arrives and greets them. Carrie wishes she had better news but informs them that legally they cannot get their marriage annulled.

Abigail and Melanie sit in the Pub and begin talking about their friendship. Melanie promises her again that nothing is going on between her and Chad. Abigail states that she now believes her. Abigail says she knows in her heart that she would not cross that line. Abigail admits that she's been unfair and apologizes, hoping Melanie can forgive her.

Madison tells Ian that she's surprised. Ian gives her a hug and calls it nice. Ian declares that they are reunited at last. Madison asks what he's doing there. Ian says he missed her and she says the same. Madison wanted to know why he didn't tell her he was coming. Ian wanted it to be a surprise. Madison offers to go get some food but Ian grabs her to stop her and tells her that she won't be going anywhere.

Rafe tells Sami that he forgot his cell phone charger and wanted to get it. Will questions why he's asking permission to come in. Rafe realizes that the kids don't know. Sami claims she hasn't had a chance. Rafe tells Will that they have been going through a rough patch so he decided to move out which surprises Will. Will then asks Sami if she told Rafe about EJ.

Melanie forgives Abigail and doesn't think there's a lot to forgive. Abigail feels she did say some plenty of things. Abigail insists that she's not just saying this so they can model together for Madison. They agree that they missed each other. Melanie wants to know about Abigail's life since hers has been boring. Abigail informs Melanie that something pretty amazing happened with the guy that she told him about before. Abigail thinks he could be the one.

Austin sits at the town square as Brady arrives and greets him. Brady invites him to join him for a drink. Brady tells Austin that he just proposed to Madison. Brady notes that she hasn't officially accepted but knows she will say yes.

Ian asks Madison what is new. She says there's nothing to tell as she works every minute and that's it. Ian brings up Madison turning down Titan. Ian calls her irreplaceable. Madison thinks it was a mistake to turn down the Titan job as she really wanted it. Ian says he's never led her astray before. Ian tells her not to be upset with him as he was doing it for her best interest. Ian warns her that she will not get in trouble if she does what he says.

Carrie talks about talking with a lawyer in Alemania but the annulment is not possible since the marriage was consummated. Hope blames it on Stefano's brainwash but Carrie notes that they can't explain that to a judge. Bo thinks there's no way to prove it was consummated. Carrie brings up it being common knowledge that Hope and John initially thought Zack was their child. Marlena agrees that Stefano would just get more involved. Carrie tells them that they can't get an annulment but they can file for divorce. John wants to do it as soon as possible but Carrie adds that there is a catch.

Will then realizes Sami didn't tell Rafe as he didn't know what he was talking about. Sami then explains that EJ got Will a new apartment and says that's why he was asking about. Will tells Rafe that it's true but Sami is leaving out some very crucial details.

Madison tells Ian that she appreciates everything he has done for her over the years but feels it's time that she makes some decisions on her own. Ian thinks something is different about her and comments on her hair. Madison wants to go to sleep. Ian then asks who Madison was talking to in the hall and if it was a man.

Brady and Austin toast to the future. Austin asks Brady what if Madison says no. Brady says she won't and he knows that Madison is a businesswoman that analyzes everything. Austin calls it just his experience with proposals. Brady states that Madison is not like most women. Austin apologizes for taking out his mess of a life on him. Brady asks what he's talking about. Austin informs him that he and Carrie are having problems. Brady is not worried since they've been through so much like a super couple. Austin says maybe they used to be but life happens. Brady knows from experience. Austin says marriage has it's ups and downs. Austin looks at his phone and says things will be great again as soon as he takes care of a few things and they toast again to Brady.

Abigail talks to Melanie about spending time with this other guy. Melanie is happy for her as Abigail says it's making her what a good relationship is supposed to be like which she and Chad never had. Abigail then tells Melanie that she thinks Chad and Melanie would make a great couple. Abigail tells her to forget everything she said and be together if they want to.

Carrie says they can't file for a divorce unless they are in Alemania to take care of it in person. Bo decides that they can do that. Carrie adds that a judge would have to review the case which means Hope and John would have to stay in Alemania for at least two weeks.

Will tells Sami that he's not surprised that she would try and make him look like the bad guy. Will says Sami left out why EJ is paying his rent. Rafe wants Will to tell him so Will just says he earned it by working his ass off for EJ. Will adds that he doesn't care since he likes his internship. Rafe tells Will that he's making a huge mistake in trusting EJ. Will notes that he never said he trusts him but the longer he works for him, the longer he gets to stay away. Will then wants to know what made Rafe move out. Sami feels it's between them but Rafe thinks Will deserves to know. Rafe tells Will that he messed up and hurt Sami by betraying her trust so she asked him for some space. Will questions Sami kicking Rafe out after everything she has done. Will calls her unbelievable.

Abigail apologizes to Melanie again for giving her such a hard time. Melanie tells her it's forgotten and says that she never had a best friend before Abigail so she's glad they worked things out.

Marlena asks Carrie if there's any other way to handle this but Carrie says she explored every other action and this is Alemanian law. Bo wants to forget this ever happened and go on with their lives. Carrie points out that they would have legal complications at some point that aren't worth the risk. Marlena agrees to get this handled as soon as possible.

Rafe blames himself and tells Will to get upset at him. Sami wants to talk to Will alone so Rafe steps out to get his phone charger. Will asks Sami how she can live with herself. Will yells at Sami for cheating on Rafe and kicking him out. Sami then informs Will that she walked in on Rafe kissing Carrie. Sami accuses Carrie of going after the man that she loves again. Will reminds Sami that she had sex with the devil so the kiss is not as big of a deal. Sami calls that mistake that she feels sick about while there was something actually going on between Rafe and Carrie. Will says what Rafe did will never be as low and disgusting as what she did with EJ. Rafe returns to the room and asks if everything is okay.

Carrie apologizes to Marlena for not having good news. Marlena insists that they will get through it and is glad Carrie is helping. Marlena asks Carrie how she is. Carrie states that she's been better but she and Austin had a long talk and decided to try to make it work. Carrie brings up that they were going to try a vacation to get away from it all. Marlena reminds her that they can't run away from problems. Carrie is sure they'll get through this and make it. Marlena asks about her feelings for Rafe. Carrie calls it a mistake that she sees now and that they won't be working together anymore. Bo overhears and asks why they aren't working together anymore. Carrie calls it complicated as Bo says they were a good team that he was looking forward to working with.

Brady tells Austin how he loves everything about Madison. Brady states that he knows she is the one. Austin suggests he go tell her all this to encourage her decision. Brady agrees that he should be telling her all of this and decides to go find her to tell her. Austin wishes him luck but adds that he won't need it.

Ian asks Madison again why a man was outside her room. Madison claims that it was a business associate but Ian doesn't believe her. Madison tells him that she wouldn't lie to him. Ian questions if she would make such a stupid mistake.

Sami tells Rafe that everything is fine but Will disagrees. Will tells Rafe that he does not deserve to be treated like this. Will adds that worse things could have happened than Rafe kissing Carrie. Rafe believes Sami has every right to be mad at him since she trusted him with her heart and he broke it. Rafe regrets hurting the person he cares about the most. Rafe promises Sami that nothing like it will ever happen again. Sami notes that she read Rafe's letter as he tells her that he meant every word and refuses to give up on them. Rafe tells her that he quit his job and won't be working with Carrie anymore. Rafe asks what he can do to fix it but Sami asks him to go instead of talking about it. Rafe understands and tells her that he loves her then exits as Will watches on. Will then confronts Sami and can't believe what just happened. Will asks if she's happy that she made an innocent man feel like crap. Will calls Sami sick and then exits with his last box.

Melanie and Abigail talk about modeling. Abigail is unsure since she and Jennifer had a huge fight about it. Melanie encourages Abigail but understands if it will come between her and Jennifer. Abigail then decides she wants the job a lot so she wants to do this. Melanie says she's going to go home and practice while Abigail plans to go find her guy. Melanie offers to help but Abigail tells her that she'll meet him soon but they have things to figure out first.

Austin sits with Carrie at the town square. Carrie tells Austin about meeting with Hope and John for their divorce but she kept thinking about them and their situation. Carrie doesn't want to end up there and have their marriage ruined because of what she did. Austin says they just have to work at it every day. Carrie calls him amazing and can't believe he forgave her so quick. Austin says they both made mistakes and agreed on a fresh start. Carrie says what they are going to is really tough but she's kind of glad things happened because everything is now out in the open with no secrets or lies just love and giving everything they have.

Madison tells Ian they can talk about this in the morning as she wants to go to sleep. Ian questions his importance to her and wants to know why she's lying to him. Ian wants the truth and thinks that she found some local guy to get into her heart and bed. Ian corners her demanding an answer as Brady returns and knocks on the door. Ian answers the door and asks if he can help him while Madison remains scared in the corner.

Austin asks Carrie how she would feel about moving back to Zurick where they were happy and never argued. Austin points out how they have fought more here than ever before. Carrie brings up Austin's job. Austin tells her that he loves her more than the job. Carrie asks about her company. Austin says it's her call and doesn't want her to do anything that she's not comfortable with. Carrie agrees that maybe they should. Carrie thinks it could be really good for them and Austin agrees. Austin tells her that he loves her and they kiss. Abigail then arrives and sees them kissing.

Sami sits at home with Rafe's letter as Johnny runs in claiming there's a monster in his room. Sami tries to comfort him but Johnny wants Rafe to make it go away. Sami tells him that Rafe is not there tonight but she will make it all better. Johnny insists that he wants Rafe and Sami claims she does too.

Will arrives at the Pub where Rafe is seated at the bar drinking a beer. Will joins him and says he's sorry that Sami kicked him out. Rafe believes he deserved it but Will says he didn't after everything Sami has done to him. Rafe points out that Will keeps saying that and Sami keeps saying that so he thinks there is something that he's not telling him. Rafe feels something else is going on and Will knows what it is. Rafe wants Will to tell him if he knows something.

John declares that he's got his schedule in order to go to Alemania. John asks if they are really going to do this. Marlena doesn't think they have a choice and Hope wants to get it over so John says they will be going then.

Brady wonders if he has the wrong room but realizes it is the right one. Brady asks if Madison is inside so Ian invites him in. Brady asks Ian who he is after he calls Madison darling. Ian introduces himself to Brady as Madison's husband.

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