Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/9/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/9/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano sits at home at the chess table in the dark as Kate walks in and turns on the lights. Kate asks about dinner but Stefano doesn't care. Kate wants to know what's wrong. Stefano claims it's nothing but Kate sits with him and points out a mistake he was making in Chess meaning he is upset. Kate figures he is thinking about what Alice put in the envelope. Kate tells Stefano that it's nothing compared to the hell that he has created for Marlena, John, Bo, and Hope. Kate reminds him that now John and Hope are married and the past is coming back to haunt them.

Bo and Hope talk with John and Marlena at their home about wanting to hear from Carrie to get the annulment started. John points out it might be tougher being an Alemania.

Madison leaves a message on someone's phone saying to call her back as soon as they can. Brady then arrives with roses which surprises her. Brady then asks if she was in the middle of something.

EJ sits in his room looking through folders as Nicole joins him to go over things. Nicole tries to encourage EJ about the polls but he does not want to talk about them. EJ then tells Nicole that as of this moment he's not running for mayor. Nicole questions what he means and tries to encourage him. EJ says he's not dropping out of the race but is not running for mayor. EJ doesn't want to talk about politics, statistics, or polls anymore. EJ instead tells Nicole how beautiful she is and kisses her. Nicole likes the idea and they agree to be on the same page as they continue kissing in bed.

Madison tells Brady that she was just leaving a message for her distributors. Brady informs Madison that he has planned them an important date. Madison brings up that she has a meeting but Brady tells her that he made reservations and she kisses him.

Stefano likes how Kate puts a positive spin on things. Stefano concludes that there's nothing to worry about with Alice's envelope since what you don't know can't hurt you. Kate agrees not to talk about it so Stefano asks her about work. Kate states that it turns out that she's glad she hired Sami which surprises Stefano. Stefano notes that Sami is Marlena's daughter.

Marlena says they can't underestimate Stefano. Hope thinks they should just be able to annul the marriage as it didn't mean anything. John brings up that they have to consider the possibility of being more than they think since Stefano is involved. Bo agrees to go see Stefano to let him know that they have the paper. John knows Stefano would expect a visit after they opened the envelope. Marlena agrees but thinks they should all go together.

Stefano praises Kate's intelligence. Kate doesn't think Sami is anything like Marlena. Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena then arrive. Kate mocks them arriving. Hope doesn't find it funny. Stefano reminds Hope that he warned her. Kate wonders how devastating the news must have been for John. Stefano says he and Kate discuss everything and compares it to Hope and Bo finding out about their marriage.

EJ and Nicole finish making love in bed. EJ tells Nicole that he knows how lucky he is to be with her. EJ vows to not do anything to risk losing her. Nicole asks if he's implying that she might as they laugh it off. They imagine being the first family of Salem and then kiss again.

Madison gets dressed as Brady jokes that they should stay in. Brady calls her beautiful. Madison asks Brady what he would have done if she had other plans. Brady talks about spending more time together since she didn't take the Titan job. Madison thought he wanted her to take the job. Brady just wants her to be happy with no regrets as she hugs him.

Nicole tells EJ that she's hungry as they remain in bed. Nicole tells EJ to buy dinner and save room for dessert as they continue kissing before Nicole gets out of bed.

Madison and Brady walk through the town square where Brady has a candle-lit dinner set up. Brady reminds her that it's where they first met. Brady tells her that he already ordered all of her favorites as they have champagne brought to the table. Brady wants it to be a night Madison remembers. Brady toasts to Madison who he calls the most beautiful woman he's ever met.

Bo tells Stefano that his games won't work. Stefano assures them that the certificate is valid. John wants to know what's in it for Stefano. Hope states that Bo is her husband and Marlena is John's wife. Hope calls the certificate just a technicality that they will take care of. Stefano says they don't need him if everything is in perfect order. Marlena doesn't understand why Stefano thought it was so big when they have dealt with and moved on. Stefano says there was no reason to lock it up if that's the case. Stefano points out that they wouldn't be here if they really believed that.

Brady and Madison finish dinner as Madison says everything was amazing. Brady reveals he has something to ask her. Madison assumes it's a job offer but Brady tells her it has nothing to do with business. They talk about not knowing each other very long but Brady feels like he's known her forever. Brady recalls them both being wary when they met and he had given up on love. Brady says he thinks about Madison all the time even more than work. Brady thinks it's perfect so he needs to act on it. Brady tells Madison that no one has ever made him feel the way she has and he doesn't think he'll ever find that again. Brady then gets up and drops to one knee. He pulls out a ring and proposes to Madison.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the Town Square and Nicole sees Brady proposing to Madison.

Madison tells Brady that it was the last thing she expected. Brady tells her he loves her. Madison says she loves him too and they hug.

EJ holds Nicole and asks if that bothers her. Nicole says it doesn't and asks why would it. EJ persists so Nicole admits it might a little.

Bo wants to know what Stefano thinks he's going to gain from all of this. Stefano says nothing and reminds them how he warned them not to open the box. Stefano and Kate mock them getting remarried. Stefano then brings up that an annulment could bring up the other question but he doesn't think anyone cares to hear about it so Kate insists that she can't wait to hear.

EJ and Nicole continue to watch as Brady and Madison sit back down. Nicole admits that it bothers her but not because she wants to be with Brady. EJ asks her if it bothers her that Brady is getting married again. Nicole says no and just reacts to other women being happy. EJ laughs it off saying she won't be happy by marrying Brady. EJ points out that Madison is crying and Nicole assumes it's of happiness while EJ jokes about it being all downhill from there. Brady spots them and says it looks like they have an audience. EJ says since he's a politician he has to go and be nice to people.

Stefano tells them that it's not so much what they have to hear but to admit. Stefano thinks their revelation will bring back Bo's anxiety and anger of knowing John made love to Hope. Bo calls Stefano a son of a bitch. Stefano reminds him that he tried to keep it a secret. Stefano says that Hope was thinking about John when making love to Bo. Marlena tells Stefano that what he's trying to do won't work this time. Stefano questions what he's doing. Stefano says they are in his living room and he did not seek them out. Stefano says he does not want to hurt Marlena. Stefano says no brain power can force people to do something. Marlena tells him it won't work but Stefano thinks it already is. Stefano thinks Marlena should know better since he couldn't have made them get married unless they really wanted to do it.

EJ and Nicole approach Brady and Madison. EJ congratulates them and shakes hands with Brady. Nicole wishes them happiness as she and EJ exit. Brady and Madison laugh it off as Madison wants more champagne but Brady points out that she hasn't answered yet.

John tells Stefano that they are aware he will do anything to destroy what they have. Hope adds that Stefano will never have anything like it. Hope says they won't fall for his mind games. Stefano thinks they are all thinking about the same thing. Stefano talks about Marlena not wanting to believe that John made sacred vows with Hope before marrying her. Bo points out that they had no idea but Stefano thinks they hid it from them. They decide to leave but Stefano talks about how much he was enjoying it since they think there's nothing to worry about.

Nicole and EJ sit at another table as Nicole looks over at Brady and Madison again. EJ offers to go somewhere else if it's bothering her but Nicole insists that Brady is a part of her past.

Madison tells Brady that she's sorry but the proposal was so sudden that it overwhelmed her. Brady says he's not pressing her and wants her to take all the time she needs. Madison apologizes as she knows he's disappointed. Brady tells her that she could never disappoint him but Madison doesn't think that's true. Brady assures her that she's not disappointing him. Brady knows he asked her to take the biggest step of her life and understands. Brady never thought he'd take the step again but finding and falling in love with her has changed everything. Brady admits he hoped she would say yes but did not expect her to tonight. Brady wants her to take her time. Madison agrees that it was a surprise but she's really happy that he asked her. Madison says she's never met a man as wonderful as him. Madison promises to answer him soon as Brady says they have all the time in the world.

Marlena says they found out what they came to learn so they can leave now. She says the situation is just what they thought, Stefano wanting to feel powerful again. Marlena calls it sad and asks if he's opened Alice's envelope. Hope thinks it will haunt Stefano forever but he'll never tell anyone as they all leave.

Nicole continues watching as Brady and Madison prepare to leave. EJ thinks something is clearly bothering Nicole and asks if it's him. Nicole states that in a way it is.

Kate tells Stefano that he was magnificent. She is impressed by how he stays one step ahead of his enemies. They laugh about them leaving as Stefano calls it just the beginning since there is much more to come that they know nothing about. Stefano tells Kate that the road to their annulment is filled with peril. Stefano suggests that maybe they won't even want the annulment by the time they get there. Stefano tells her to stay tuned and kisses her. Kate goes to tell the cook that they are eating in tonight.

Brady and Madison return to Madison's hotel room. Madison calls it a night that she will remember and tells Brady to surprise her like that any time he wants. Brady kisses her as she heads inside. Madison invites him in but Brady says not tonight.

EJ asks Nicole if he did something to disappoint her. Nicole says it's not something he can help. Nicole talks about always wanting a storybook romance with a prince sweeping her off her feet but that only happens in fantasies.

Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena return to John & Marlena's talking about not letting Stefano get to them. John gets a phone call and then tells them that this won't be as easy as he thought.

Stefano opens a drawer in the living room with a key and takes out Alice's envelope. Stefano sits with it and thinks back to Hope warning that it will haunt him forever.

Brady tells Madison it's not that he doesn't want to come in but thinks she needs some time alone without distractions to think about his proposal. Madison agrees as Brady tells her that he loves her no matter what she decides. Brady kisses her again and calls her beautiful then exits. Madison shuts the door as a man reveals himself in the room and tells Madison that he has been waiting for her.

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