Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/8/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/8/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Marlena talk at home. John asks about Carrie and Marlena says she's having a hard time. They agree that they are glad to be in Salem for their family. Marlena notices something is wrong and wants to know what it is. John warns her that what he is about to tell her will complicate their lives a bit. John then informs her that their marriage is not legal. Marlena laughs it off at first but John explains that he's technically legally married to Hope.

Hope lays in bed looking at the marriage certificate. Bo joins her and talks about solving this problem. Hope wishes it was all a dream. Bo says Hope is his wife no matter what the certificate says. Bo says nothing can change how he feels about her and tells Hope that he loves her.

Carrie arrives at her office and finds Rafe sleeping at his desk. Carrie tries to leave but Rafe wakes up. Rafe explains that Sami asked him to leave and he didn't know where else to go. Rafe asks how things are going for her since she didn't sleep at her desk. Carrie says Austin never came home and she doesn't know where he is.

Austin lays asleep in his office as Abigail, half-dressed, lays with him and wakes him up. Austin wakes up and can't believe it, thinking it's a dream. Abigail tells him it's all real and starts kissing him. Austin sits up with a headache so Abigail offers to get him some aspirin. Austin tells Abigail to put her clothes on as he gets up and sees the half empty bottle. Austin can't believe he drank it all. Abigail doesn't blame him after what Carrie did. Abigail says she was glad to be there for Austin but Austin doesn't remember. Abigail tells Austin that she would do anything for him.

Rafe tells Carrie that Austin is probably just letting off some steam and will come home after he cools off. Carrie doesn't know what will happen when he does since she feels terrible. Rafe talks about trying to apologizing to Sami but it didn't matter. Carrie apologizes as they agree it was a big mistake. They talk about not knowing how it happened.

Abigail confesses to Austin that she has had feelings for him for a long time and has fantasized about being with him so last night was a dream come true for her. Austin points out how much he drank. Austin says he knows that he kissed her but feels like a jerk. Austin tells her that he doesn't remember sleeping with her. Abigail points out that he said slept together so Austin asks if that's what happened. Abigail thinks back to kissing Austin and removing her clothes but he fell asleep before it went any further. Austin apologizes if he hurt her feelings but blames it on the drinking. Austin calls Abigail an amazing friend and a student that he feels he took advantage of. Abigail assures him that he did not take advantage of her. Abigail calls last night very special to her so he has nothing to be sorry about.

Hope tells Bo that she knows the certificate doesn't change anything but nothing is simple with Stefano. Bo says they will find out if it's legit first. Bo reminds her that they are a team in it together and nothing will change that as Hope kisses him.

Marlena tells John that she doesn't believe it. John says Stefano could be messing with them but they will have to wait and see. Marlena wonders how much they will have to go through after all of Stefano's torture for years. Marlena decides she wants to go see Stefano and kill him but John stops her and says they need to stick together and keep their cool for now. Marlena says she's just tired of it all.

Carrie tells Rafe that she and Austin love each other but haven't had a perfect relationship. She talks about having a long road to the altar. Carrie says things were great until they came back to Salem. Rafe brings up all that they have had to deal with. Carrie says it was her idea to stay in Salem and she doesn't regret it as she thought it would be good for everyone. Carrie talks about thinking their work schedule would allow them to spend time with their family but things got complicated. Rafe states that they have a decision to make.

Austin tells Abigail that she's smart and funny. Abigail responds that she feels the same way about him. Austin calls her a loyal friend that he's grateful to. Abigail says they have danced around their feelings for a long time and it's been hard but now everything's changed and they can finally be together. Abigail states that one night has changed their whole lives and she's so happy as she hugs him.

John talks to Marlena about overcoming things before. Marlena calls it exhausting. Marlena says they shouldn't have to worry all the time about people being after them. Marlena talks about their family needing them. Marlena declares that Stefano will never control them again and wants to know what to do now.

Austin tells Abigail to listen as he calls last night a mistake since he had too much to drink and was upset over Carrie. Austin reminds her that he's married. Abigail points out that Carrie broke her vows first. Austin tries to explain but Abigail says she has to go to class. Abigail offers to talk later over dinner. Abigail says she will make reservations as Austin tries to explain further but she hurries out of the office.

Rafe suggests they stop working together and Carrie find a new investigator. Rafe says it's not what he wants but what has to happen since them working together is not good anymore. Carrie agrees that it's the right decision. Rafe apologizes as they agree that they both messed up and their business wasn't doing great anyways. Carrie asks Rafe what he will do now. Rafe wants to save his marriage and try to get Sami to forgive him. Carrie insists that Sami loves Rafe and that she'd be an idiot to let him go. Rafe thanks Carrie as he packs his bag. Rafe gives Carrie his key to the office but Carrie tells him to keep it so he can pack up the rest of his stuff when he needs to. Rafe thanks her for understanding. Carrie wishes him luck and Rafe does the same. They shake hands as Rafe then exits the office.

Bo tells Hope that something is ironic about the whole situation. Bo talks about fishing with Victor and he'd explain mythology to him. Bo says in the body of Pandora's Box was hope. Bo assures her that Stefano will never comprehend their love. Bo calls Hope the best part of him as she kisses him. Bo says Stefano can try to come between them but will never win.

John tells Marlena that they are going to keep on with their lives regardless of the document. Marlena wonders how John can stay so calm. John talks up how they can just get re-married if it was real as they kiss.

Carrie remains in her office looking upset. She thinks back to kissing Rafe as Austin then arrives which surprises her. Austin tells her that he's sorry for not coming home. Carrie thinks he had every reason not to. Austin says there is something that he needs to tell her. Austin apologizes more but Carrie says she's the one that screwed up. Austin blames himself for walking out and talking things through. Austin says he was hurt and he left while Carrie deserved better. Austin regrets not staying and fighting for their marriage. Austin admits that he went to the liquor store instead. Austin promises to never turn his back on their marriage again. Austin hopes that she will forgive him. Carrie points out that she is the one that she kissed another man and wonders why Austin is apologizing. Carrie blames herself for everything. Austin tries to say it's okay but Carrie can't forgive herself and doesn't know how Austin will forgive her.

Bo and Hope finish making love. Hope looks at her watch and talks about wanting Bo's source to call to see if the certificate is legit. Hope wonders how they always end up in these situations. Hope doesn't understand why Stefano can't leave their family alone. Bo states that Stefano is missing a heart and is empty inside. Bo says they will live happily ever after while Stefano never will.

Abigail returns to Austin's office and says her class was canceled but Austin is gone. Abigail looks at the bottle and wonders if she should tell Austin the truth as she puts the bottle in the trash.

Austin tells Carrie that they both made mistakes. Carrie will do whatever it takes to make it up to him. Austin just wants her to be with him. They tell each other I love you and Carrie promises to never let anything like this happen again as they hug. Carrie is glad Austin came. Austin wishes he didn't storm out. Carrie says she has something to tell Austin now that he's here. Carrie informs him that she and Rafe will no longer be working together. Austin asks if she's sure she wants to end their partnership. Carrie questions him as Austin says he just wants her to be happy. Carrie is surprised after everything that happened. Austin says he trusts her. Carrie can't believe he feels that way. Austin wishes he had been a better husband and will do whatever he can to make their marriage better. Carrie thinks it's best for her and Rafe to go their separate ways. Austin just wants them to be them again and for things to go back to how they were before they came back to Salem. Carrie wishes they could start over again. Carrie promises to not make the same mistakes.

John and Marlena arrives at the Pub as Marlena leaves a message for Sami asking her to meet her for lunch. They sit together as Marlena worries about Sami and Carrie. She has a feeling that something bad is going to happen. John gets a call from Bo. Bo says he heard from his contact so they should have some answers within the hour. Bo says they will meet them at the Pub so they can be together when they get the answers. Bo tells Hope that they will have the answers within the hour. Hope worries about whether or not she can handle the truth.

Austin apologizes again for turning his back on Carrie. Carrie tells him to stop and says she's glad he left because she had a talk with Marlena afterward and she helped her see things clearly. Carrie says Marlena helped her see that all marriages need help to stay strong. They agree that they both weren't making time for each other. Austin wants Carrie to stop punishing herself since they both made mistakes and can now start over to forget what they have done and focus on making things better. Carrie wants it to be that easy. Austin says they just have to let go. Austin calls it a new beginning for both of them. They agree that they both want that as they hug.

Bo and Hope arrive at the Pub and join John and Marlena. Hope says she's sorry they were roped in to the drama. Marlena adds that they know Stefano is to blame. John reminds them that they don't know if it is real or not. They talk about Stefano just wanting to torment them. Bo gets the call from his contact. Hope wants to know what was said.

Rafe sits at home writing a note to leave for Sami. He writes that he stopped by to pack his things and he knows she's angry that he betrayed her trust. Rafe writes that kissing Carrie was a mistake and nothing has changed his love for her. Rafe notes that nothing can change that and he will do whatever he can to make things right. Rafe puts the note in an envelope and leaves it on the table.

Austin tells Carrie that she has no idea how happy she's made him. Carrie is surprised still and thanks him for forgiving her. Austin suggests they go on a vacation to Hawaii. Carrie reminds him of his job and he can't leave in the middle of a semester. Austin suggests a long weekend instead which Carrie calls perfect. Austin then gets a call from Abigail but doesn't answer it. Austin says he'll deal with it later because he just wants to focus on Carrie now and hugs her.

Abigail leaves Austin a message saying she just wanted to let him know that she's around if he wanted to get together and figure out their plans for tonight. Abigail says she can't stop thinking about him and wants him to know that last night was really special to her. Abigail thanks him and hopes to talk to him soon as she finishes and hangs up.

Bo informs them that the marriage certificate is real. Hope doesn't believe it but Bo explains how the records were found in Alemania. John calls it more of the same from Stefano. Hope wishes that part of their lives was over. Hope says now that they know the truth, they can move forward with annulment proceedings. Marlena doesn't know why she thought it would be easier since it's Stefano. Marlena adds that knowing Stefano, this isn't over yet.

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