Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/7/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/7/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Bo agree to open it so Hope opens the envelope and reads the paper inside. Hope says "oh my God no" and drops the paper as she sits down in shock. Hope shows it to Bo but he refuses to believe it's true.

John returns home to Marlena. John says they finished work early to remind themselves why they work so hard and then he kisses Marlena.

Madison looks at her phone at her hotel and thinks back to her last phone call. She then gets a message from a blocked number saying to open the door. Madison grabs a glass jar and opens the door but no one is there. Madison looks out and Brady surprises her with a kiss.

Abigail works in Austin's office and gets a phone call from Gabi. Abigail says she can't hang out as she is working tonight with Austin as she looks at a photo of Austin and Carrie on the desk.

Austin asks Carrie if she has feelings for Rafe. Carrie doesn't answer and Austin can't believe it. Austin starts to leave but Carrie stops and says it's not what he thinks. Austin says all he has to do is look at her to know.

Sami orders Rafe to get out of the house after throwing their wedding picture. Rafe refuses to leave until they talk about this. Sami says she is done talking and done with all of this. Rafe doesn't think she means it but Sami tells Rafe that he doesn't know her at all.

Brady tells Madison he was just having a fun little mystery. Brady says he finished up work and wanted to get back to her. Brady tells her that he loves her and then asks her what is wrong.

Austin starts to leave but Carrie wants to figure this out. Austin doesn't think there's anything to figure out since she has feelings for another man. Carrie apologizes for making a big mistake. Austin says it wasn't just a mistake or just a kiss but she broke his heart. Austin then leaves her office.

Rafe tells Sami that he loves her but Sami says he can't say that after kissing her sister. Rafe isn't proud of it but Sami thinks he's mad that he got caught. Sami questions how long this has been going on. Rafe assures her that it was only one kiss. Rafe then says he's glad he got caught so now it's all out in the open. Rafe admits he messed up but wants to look at everything in order to fix it. Rafe tells Sami that he's not the only one who messed up.

Hope tells Bo that she's sorry and blames herself. Bo tells her it's not her fault and she doesn't have to be sorry. Bo calls it a DiMera trick that Stefano planned. Hope reveals that the contents of the envelope state that Hope is not married to Bo, but married to John.

Madison apologizes to Brady for making everything weird. Brady blames himself for putting her on the spot. Madison calls what he said very sweet. Brady points out that he said it before and she said it back then. Madison assures him that she really meant it. Brady asks what happened this time. Madison says this is all really new to her and scares her.

John and Marlena lay together on the couch. John decides he will cook dinner for her tonight. Marlena suggests staying right here. Marlena asks John what he's thinking about. John admits he's worried about the next few months of getting Basic Black running again. John tells her that he would spend every second with her if he could and they kiss again.

Hope looks at the marriage certificate and says it doesn't look like a forgery. Bo thinks it has to be and doesn't care what Stefano thinks. They talk about the date and how Stefano kidnapped her back then. Bo says John and Marlena got married not Hope. Bo wonders why Hope is so quick to take that as the truth. Hope talks about how she doesn't remember much about that time and thinks John might not remember either. Hope thinks it has to be true since Stefano held on to it. Bo calls it leverage. Hope worries about Stefano using it against them.

Sami questions Rafe what he means. Rafe says he is to blame but things have not been the same between them for awhile. Rafe just wants to figure out why they haven't been connected and what happened. Sami says she doesn't know what he's talking about and accuses Rafe of making excuses. Rafe brings up Sami rushing to renew their vows. Sami questions if Rafe wanted to do that or not. Rafe says he did but felt that it seemed a little desperate as if Sami was trying to fix something with them. Sami turns away and Rafe says he knows that it all started when Johnny went missing.

Madison can't believe she said that to Brady and thinks it made her sound insecure when she's not an insecure person. Brady gets it and understands. Brady compares it to standing on the edge of a cliff and not knowing what happens next. Brady suggests taking it all in and loving it for what it is. Madison says she's been successful in business by predicting trends but this is not business and she's out of her comfort zone. Brady tells her it's okay to be uncomfortable. Brady suggests showing her what he's talking about and takes her out of the room.

Hope looks at the marriage certificate trying to find something she didn't catch. Bo takes it and says he's done looking at it and will not give Stefano the satisfaction of buying into it. Bo tells Hope that she is his wife and nothing will change that as he hugs her.

Carrie calls Marlena from her office. Marlena knows she's upset and wants to know what is going on. Carrie says she screwed up and did something incredibly stupid. Marlena tells Carrie that she will come see her as Carrie hangs up and starts to cry.

Austin returns to his office drunk with a bottle in his hand which surprises Abigail.

Rafe talks to Sami about this starting when Johnny went missing. Sami questions talking about that. Rafe feels they never talked about it before and thinks Sami was different after Johnny was home. Sami claims that thinking her son was dead changed her. Rafe asks Sami if she meant it when she apologized for blaming him for Johnny's disappearance. Sami thinks Rafe is just changing the subject from kissing Carrie. Sami accuses Rafe of trying to blame her. Rafe says he's just trying to fix this. Rafe wants to know when it started if it wasn't when Johnny disappeared. Rafe just wants to figure out why there is a void between them.

Hope tells Bo that they are their whole life and nothing could ever change that because what they have can't be broken. Bo kisses her and says that's exactly what he needed to hear. Hope says now she has to say something that he won't want to hear. Hope says if the certificate is real that means their marriage isn't. Hope worries about how this affects John and Marlena. Bo wants to find out if it's true first but Hope feels they have to tell them about this. Bo reluctantly agrees as Hope kisses him and they head out.

Austin sits down and says he didn't know Abigail would be there. Abigail makes him give her the bottle. Abigail wants to know what's going on. Austin says he just had a night out with the bottle. Austin calls loyalty overrated. Abigail offers to talk about it. Austin calls her a good friend. Abigail doesn't like seeing him upset like this. Austin wishes he was just upset. Austin then tells Abigail that Carrie told him she has feelings for another man so upset is just the beginning. Austin gets up and takes another drink of the bottle.

Carrie explains to Marlena what happened between her and Rafe. Carrie then tells her that Sami walked in followed by Austin. Carrie talks about how much she hurt Austin. Marlena tells Carrie that she didn't do anything wrong and didn't mean to hurt anybody. Marlena brings up the tension between Carrie and Austin lately. Carrie talks about how they had just been fighting and then did something so wrong. Marlena suggests it could be good to have time apart so she can sort out what's in her heart and how she feels about Rafe. Carrie tells her that she doesn't need time to figure out how she feels about Rafe.

Sami continues questioning Rafe. Sami accuses Rafe of pulling away from her ever since she took the job with Madison. Rafe corrects her that he only hated her spying on Kate. Sami tells him that he will have to live with guilt. Rafe says he isn't blaming her but feels their marriage is in trouble so they both need to fight for it. Sami wants Rafe to tell her why he did it.

Brady and Madison walk through the town square as Brady had it cleared out for them and they then ride scooters around the town square together.

Hope and Bo arrive to see John. Hope says they need to talk to him and Marlena. John notes that they look serious and wonder what's going on. Bo responds that it's Stefano.

Austin tells Abigail about Carrie kissing Rafe. Abigail says she's sorry. Austin tells her that he saw it coming for a long time but thought Carrie couldn't possibly have feelings for another man as his wife but in the end she didn't act like his wife. Abigail asks what she can do. Austin tells her that she's doing it by being a friend and someone he can count on. Austin says that's all that he wants.

Carrie tells Marlena that she didn't want this as coming back to Salem was supposed to be like coming home and they were going to have a future here. Carrie states that she loves Austin but her feelings for Rafe crept up on her. Carrie admits that her feelings for Rafe are real.

Rafe apologizes to Sami for hurting her. Sami turns away as she holds back tears. Rafe says he's sorry for not being able to fix it. Sami thinks back to Will revealing what he knew to her and cries. Sami turns back to Rafe as he tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her. Rafe says he will do whatever she wants. Rafe tells her he will stay if she wants to keep talking and figure this out but if she's tired of him then he'll go. Sami cries and turns away from Rafe.

Bo and Hope explain to John about the safe deposit box of Alice and Stefano's. Hope wishes Marlena was there. Hope reveals to John that what they found out involves him. John thinks it can't be that bad and wants to know. Hope gives John the envelope and he opens it to read the certificate which shocks him.

Carrie tells Marlena that she still loves Austin but something has changed. Carrie says she first felt change when they were on opposite sides of John's case. Marlena talks about Rafe being on John's side from day one. Carrie feels that she let this happen because it was nice to be around someone that felt the same way she did and kept looking for more ways to spend more time with Rafe while less with Austin. Carrie calls herself a horrible person but Marlena disagrees. Carrie points out that she broke Austin's heart and it isn't the first time but it doesn't change the way she feels.

Abigail takes Austin's bottle away and tells him that he doesn't need anymore and should stop. Abigail tells Austin that she'll stay all night if he wants to talk or they can just sit but no more drinking. Austin responds that she doesn't know how bad this hurts. Abigail corrects him that she's not a little kid and knows how bad it can hurt. Abigail says Austin doesn't deserve this as he's a good person. Austin tells her to say that to Carrie. Abigail talks about it being crazy if Carrie can't see how lucky she is. Austin gets up and holds Abigail's face as he tells her that she is amazing. Austin says Abigail could have just left him here but she didn't and wants to know why she didn't leave him. Abigail responds that he needed her. Austin agrees that he needs her and Abigail then kisses Austin.

Brady and Madison finish riding scooters. They talk about it being fun and Madison wonders what made Brady think about this. Brady talks about how Madison said she never really got to be a kid so he decided this would be fun. Madison agrees that it was the best and kisses him. They then walk off together out of the town square while someone with a black glove watches them from a distance.

John asks Hope if she thinks the marriage is legitimate. Hope states that she has no idea. John thinks it could be Stefano trying to hurt them again. John says if it is real then they would just have it annulled and get remarried but Bo doesn't think it will be that simple. Bo reminds them that Stefano warned them that they would be opening Pandora's Box by opening the envelope. Hope questions if Bo thinks he's right now. Bo says when it comes to Stefano, nothing is ever simple.

Marlena talks to Carrie about how long she and Austin have been together. She says dynamics can change even in the strongest marriages and it brings up questions. Marlena reminds Carrie that she and Rafe are both married. Marlena tells Carrie that her feelings are not wrong but she should be sure that where they could go is a place she really wants to go. Marlena says Carrie and Sami's marriages are both based on something strong and meaningful. Marlena advises Carrie to think a long time about it before doing something that she might regret for the rest of her life.

Austin stops kissing Abigail and tells her no but Abigail insists that it's okay and they kiss again.

Sami sits looking out the window as Rafe packs his bag. Rafe holds back tears and says he packed what he needed and will be back for the rest later. Rafe tells Sami again that he's sorry and she has no idea how sorry he is. Rafe tells her that he loves her and always will. Rafe then exits leaving Sami crying.

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