Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/6/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/6/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole and EJ accuse Abe of cheating by knowing the debate questions beforehand. Lexie calls EJ crazy to accuse Abe. Nicole calls Jennifer and Abe's cheaters. Lexie doesn't believe them.

Kate and Austin sit at the DiMera Mansion as Kate tells him how happy she is that he came to visit. Stefano paces in the room. Austin talks about being busy with teaching. Kate wants Austin and Carrie to come over for dinner and asks Stefano if he agrees but he does not answer so Kate worries about what's wrong.

Hope and Bo talk about the Horton house about opening Alice's envelope from the safe deposit box.

Rafe tells Carrie how good they did with saving a marriage. Carrie calls it their first real job since they got paid and hugs him. They get close and begin kissing. Sami arrives outside the office and then enters to see Rafe and Carrie kissing. Sami clears her throat to interrupt them which catches them by surprise.

Lexie attacks EJ for questioning the trust of her marriage. Abe tries to calm her down. Lexie calls Abe the finest and most honest man she knows. EJ accuses Abe of delivering his answers in a rehearsed sounding way. Lexie thinks Abe was just more prepared. Nicole promises to find out how Abe got the questions and plans to use it to make sure Abe loses everything.

Sami yells at Rafe and Carrie questioning what they were doing. Rafe and Carrie try to explain that they were just excited over their work and it didn't mean anything. Sami wonders what would have happened if she didn't walk in. Sami accuses Carrie of always wanting what she has and then asks Rafe how he could betray her like this.

Kate checks Stefano's blood sugar level and sees it's normal. Stefano sits with Kate and Austin and asks where Carrie is. Austin says she's working. Stefano wishes she could have joined them. Stefano talks about remembering Carrie when she was a little girl and how Tony loved her. Kate and Stefano both want Austin and Carrie to come over for dinner but Austin says that could be a problem. Kate suggests lunch at the town square then. Austin says he didn't want to get into this here but admits that he and Carrie have been having problems lately. Kate asks what happened. Austin says things have just been strained since being on the opposite ends of John's case. Kate wonders why he's just now telling them. Austin thought things would get better but they both started new jobs and don't see each other much. Kate and Stefano tell him that he should go be with his wife then. Kate tells Austin that she loves spending time with him but it's more important for him to save his marriage with a surprise. Austin doesn't want to let Rafe know how bad things are between he and Carrie. Kate questions Rafe's involvement. Austin points out how much time Rafe and Carrie are spending working together. Kate wants Austin to start working on his marriage. Austin agrees that they have to work this out. Stefano wishes him luck and steps away. Kate tells Austin that they will make things right and then celebrate. Austin hugs Kate and thanks her then exits. Kate goes back to Stefano and wants to know what the problem was before.

Bo and Hope sit together and continue talking about Alice and Stefano's involvement in the safe deposit box. Hope feels that she let Stefano win by letting him walk away with his envelope. Hope worries that opening this envelope could be a mistake. Hope thinks it could be better to keep it a secret forever.

Sami tells Carrie that she can't believe she tried to get along with her. Sami accuses Carrie of going after Rafe. Sami talks about Carrie trying to ruin her life. Carrie wishes she could take back what happened. Sami tries to storm out but Rafe stops her. Rafe tries to explain to Sami that it didn't mean anything but Sami refuses to believe it and calls Carrie a slut and Rafe a traitor for defending her.

Lexie continues telling EJ and Nicole that Abe and Jennifer didn't cheat. EJ thinks Lexie is blinded. EJ vows to win the election. Lexie disagrees since Abe won the debate. EJ calls Lexie a fool if she believes he's the only one using dirty tricks. Lexie claims her team plays fair. EJ tells Lexie to open her eyes before she gets shocked by the truth. EJ warns that the truth always comes out.

Bo and Hope continue talking about Alice. Hope says she was so sure she wanted to know what was in the envelope but now that she has it, she's not sure. Hope then begins to wonder why she's terrified.

Kate and Stefano sit together and talk about he and Alice blackmailing each other. Kate asks him what happened after opening the box. Stefano says they took their envelopes and the problems were over. Stefano says Hope has the envelope with what he had on Alice and it's up to her whether or not she opens it. Kate wants to know what Alice had on him but Stefano admits he does not know because he hasn't opened it yet.

Rafe tells Sami that he was sorry it happened and calls it innocent. Carrie and Sami argue about the past as Carrie brings up Sami going after Austin. Carrie tells Sami to trust Rafe's love. Sami continues yelling at Carrie. Rafe tries to calm Sami down but she continues screaming about them kissing as Austin arrives and can't believe what he just heard.

Lexie calls EJ pathetic and says she's done with him. EJ calls Abe a liar and a cheat. EJ tells Lexie that she will one day realize that she put her faith in the wrong family member. EJ and Nicole then exit. Lexie talks with Abe about how she can't believe the nerve of EJ. Abe calms her down and Jennifer says it doesn't matter since it's done now. Lexie can't believe they are easily forgiving and forgetting. Lexie asks if what they were saying was in fact crazy. Abe can't believe she asked. Lexie notes that this is the first time Abe is sounding like a politician and didn't answer her questions. Lexie then asks Abe if he cheated to win the debate.

Kate asks Stefano why he hasn't opened the envelope. Stefano says he has his reasons. Kate offers to open it but Stefano says it will be sealed until he decides. Kate asks if he's worried. Stefano states that he's just being cautious. Stefano calls Alice a formidable opponent. Stefano recalls Alice warning him to never let anyone see what's inside the envelope. Kate wishes she could help. Stefano tells her that her love is more than enough and they kiss. Kate wants to know what's in the envelope that Bo and Hope have.

Hope hates not knowing what to do. Bo thinks Hope knows what to do since Stefano could go public with what's in their envelope. Hope agrees to open it and starts to but stops and wishes she knew for sure that it was the right thing to do. Hope wants a sign from Alice to let her know that she's supposed to open it. Bo thinks Alice gave enough signs to get them this far. Hope then spots Tom's book on the mantle that she hadn't seen in years. Hope opens it and a paper slip falls out. Hope excitedly thanks Alice for sending her a sign.

Austin goes after Rafe for kissing Carrie but Carrie stops him and says it wasn't his fault as it just happened. Austin questions Carrie letting Rafe kiss her. Carrie tries to explain but Austin shouts that she crossed the line. Carrie apologizes as Austin brings up their wedding vows. Rafe wants to go home to talk with Sami about this. Sami agrees to get away from Carrie. Sami warns Carrie that she will never forget this as she and Rafe then exit. Austin sits down as he says he agrees with Sami for once. Austin asks Carrie if she has anything else to say.

Abe asks Lexie if she could really believe he would cheat. Lexie apologizes and Abe tells her that he did not cheat so she hugs him as Jennifer watches on worrying.

EJ and Nicole sit together at the town square talking about not having a way to prove that Abe cheated. Nicole wants to publicly accuse Abe of cheating but EJ thinks it'd come out that they tried first. Nicole says they now know that Abe and Jennifer are willing to cheat so they can up their efforts. EJ calls the debate a turning point as the election is about to get very interesting. They laugh that Abe's personal life is about to get interesting as well and toast to it.

Carrie wants Austin to believe that the kiss meant nothing. They talk about not expecting this. Carrie says she would never deliberately hurt Austin. Austin asks how big of a fool she thinks he is. Austin talks about her and Rafe being a team since John's case. Carrie talks about their happiness of actually helping someone in a case. Austin understands she and Rafe are close and have a bond. Carrie calls it a one time thing and promises it will never happen again. Austin asks if she's making a promise she can't keep.

Rafe and Sami return home. Sami looks at their wedding picture. Rafe asks if she's going to talk to him. Sami doesn't think there's anything to talk about. Rafe wants to put it behind them but Sami doesn't think they can.

EJ and Nicole talk about how Abe could have a more interesting personal life. EJ doesn't get what Lexie sees in Abe because he's so dull. Nicole says that Abe made two really big mistakes by getting his hands dirty and then he lied to his wife. EJ likes the way she's thinking and thanks her with a kiss.

Lexie tells Abe that she hates that she doubted him. She says she's lucky to be his wife. Lexie calls him a wonderful father for Theo and tells him that she loves him then kisses him. Lexie thanks Jennifer for helping Abe's campaign and then leaves to go pick up Theo. Jennifer tells Abe that she's sorry. Abe says he's never once lied to Lexie before in all the years of their marriage until now.

Stefano finishes telling Kate what is in Hope's envelope that he had on Alice. Kate calls it hard to believe and says no one will believe it at first. Kate promises not to say anything. Kate asks if he thinks that they will open the envelope. Stefano says he warned them against it but knows Hope will open it since she's a detective. Kate says he's the same way with having to know everything. Stefano states that it brings them back to what Alice has on him in the envelope. Kate thinks Stefano has to open it or else it will drive him crazy. Stefano is still debating on what he wants to do. Kate offers again to open it and tell him if it's important. Stefano thanks her but says he will be the only one to open it since he must deal with whatever Alice left him to face.

Bo asks Hope about getting a sign. Hope hands the paper clip to Bo as Alice would save newspaper clippings of sayings she liked. Bo reads it to say "If not you, who, if not now, when". Bo agrees that it's a sign and they think that she wants her to open the envelope so Hope begins to open it.

Jennifer apologizes for causing Abe to do this. Abe tells her it was his choice to lie to Lexie and felt he wasn't man enough to admit he cheated to win a debate. Abe states that he crossed a line that he never thought he would and knows he will pay for it one day. Jennifer blames herself for forcing him to cheat. Jennifer worries that EJ would have won the election if he won the debate but now Abe is in the lead. Abe worries about the costs. Jennifer says she doesn't like lying either but thinks it's worth it to keep EJ out of the mayor's office. Abe isn't sure about it. Abe says it's one thing to play a little dirty but now he feels no better than EJ. Jennifer insists that he is better but Abe reiterates that he lied to his wife. Abe worries that Lexie will never forgive him if she ever finds out.

EJ and Nicole joke around about Abe's lies coming out. They toast to those that muck with them getting mucked. EJ calls it a sweet victory if Abe loses the election and his wife. Nicole thinks the end of Lexie's marriage could be the one thing to bring her back into the DiMeras. Nicole tells EJ that she will make it happen and he kisses her.

Kate understands that opening the envelope is Stefano's decision. Stefano wants to know the truth. Kate says what Hope finds out could change a lot of people's lives. Stefano wonders if his envelope has the same thing. Stefano can't imagine how Alice could know something life-changing that he didn't know. Kate tells Stefano that whatever he finds will be fine since he's always been the master of his own destiny. Stefano wonders what could possibly be in the envelope. Stefano worries if it's something out of his control.

Hope talks to Bo about the other clues that Alice left were all leading to good things like Daniel being Maggie's son and the IOU that helped them free John. Bo reminds her that what's inside is what Stefano had on Alice. Hope thinks opening it is beating Stefano to the punch. They agree to open it so Hope opens the envelope and reads the paper inside. Hope says "oh my God no" and drops the paper as she sits down in shock.

Carrie tells Austin that she loves him and would never do anything with Rafe to threaten their marriage. Austin wants to believe her but asks if she has feelings for Rafe.

Rafe questions Sami not thinking they can get past this. Rafe thinks they can since they renewed their vows and promised to talk through their problems and work them out. Sami thinks it's too late. Rafe refuses to accept that after he made one mistake. Sami points out that it's not only about him. Rafe thinks they've dealt with worse and can deal with this. Sami throws their wedding picture against the wall and orders Rafe to get out.

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