Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/3/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/3/12


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Rafe comes into the office to see Carrie and is surprised to see a client meeting with Carrie. Carrie introduces the woman as Mrs. Carlisle. Rafe asks what they can do. She is crying and says she never thought she'd be in this situation and explains that she was telling Carrie about how she's been married for 30 years with two children and a grandchild on the way but she's worried that her husband is having an affair.

Abe talks with Jennifer at her home and practices his answers to the debate questions. Jennifer advises him to attack the ideas. Abe admits that he still feels guilty about switching the debate questions on EJ. Jennifer points out that EJ has been doing everything underhanded. Abe notes that EJ did steal his plan. Jennifer tells him that this is their only hope of keeping EJ out of the office. Abe hates using these tactics and lying to Lexie. Abe says he can't tell her the truth since she thinks he's holding the moral high ground. Abe worries that he doesn't deserve Lexie's high opinion of him. Jennifer insists that Abe is better than EJ. Abe feels Lexie would be upset. Lexie then arrives and asks what she'd be upset about.

Nicole wants EJ to admit that Will has something on him. EJ calls it preposterous nonsense and wants to prepare for the debate. Nicole continues to think that it's true. Nicole doesn't think there's any other reason that EJ would be doing all this for Will. Nicole asks what Will has on him.

Sami continues asking Will why he's mad at her. Will tells her that she doesn't want to know because when she finds out, things will never be the same between them. Sami talks about all they have been through and wants to find a way to heal this. Will tells her it's never going to happen after what she's done.

Mrs. Carlisle continues telling her story to Rafe and Carrie. She shows them a picture of her husband and talks about how she thought their marriage was perfect. Rafe wonders why she thinks he's having an affair. She explains how things have changed with him working late and seeming distant and secretive. Rafe suggests he could be worried about money or his job. She says she thought so until the other night, his cell phone rang from a woman named Julia. She wrote down the number and gives it to Carrie, hoping she can investigate who she is. Rafe promises to look into right away. She asks Carrie to be her divorce lawyer if needed. Carrie and Rafe advise her not to get ahead of herself and assure they will be there for her. She shakes hands with Carrie and notices her wedding ring which causes her to ask if Rafe is her husband.

Jennifer tells Lexie that they were just talking about EJ pulling underhanded tactics. Lexie is sure that Abe will win the election and the debate. Abe wishes he had her confidence. Lexie praises Abe and his honesty. Abe tells her that her support means everything to him and kisses her. Abe hugs her as he tells her that he hopes she knows how much he loves her.

EJ tells Nicole how much potential he sees in Will to be an ally. Nicole points out that Will shot him. EJ calls it a past mistake and thinks Will can be useful due to who he's connected to. Nicole still doesn't get why he's being so generous with him. EJ thinks it makes him easier to control. EJ kisses her and tries to leave but Nicole stops him. Nicole wants EJ to look her in the eyes and swear that it's all it is. EJ does so and swears to her. Nicole accepts it and kisses him.

Sami wants Will to tell her what she's done. Will says it's not worth it to get into it. Sami asks what he means. Will says he's moving out today so there's no point in having an argument if he never has to see her again. Sami reminds him that they are a family and may have fights and problems but they will always find a way to stick together. Will tells Sami not to talk to him about family. Will questions if Sami really could have no clue why he would be upset with her. Sami says she has no idea why he's mad at her. Will calls it typical of her to demand him tell the truth but she refuses to be honest herself. They continue to argue as Will questions why he can't count on Sami.

Abe and EJ begin the debate at the Town Square. The host says the first topic is local jobs. She asks EJ about the economy for Salem University and how he'd sever loose ends. EJ hesitates in answering before talking about how the University provides many jobs. EJ suggests a commission. Abe then talks about how they don't have time for commissions but need to expand now. Nicole and Jennifer exchange glances as they watch on. Abe wants to increase awareness for students to stay in Salem after graduating.

Rafe looks up the phone number of Julia and looks up an address. Carrie talks about feeling bad for Mrs. Carlisle's situation. They both hope she's wrong and talk about how they didn't expect this when they started this. Carrie feels guilty about Rafe losing her job in the police force for him helping her with John's case. Rafe tells her that he does not regret what he did because John's family. Carrie says she sometimes wishes that Austin could have been more like him and acted with his heart to be by her side a bit more. Carrie states that ever since John's case, she and Austin have been on opposite sides of everything after they worked so hard to get where they are. Carrie tells Rafe that she never thought she'd be so incredibly sad and lonely. Rafe assures her that she's not alone.

Sami tells Will that she loves him and his brother and sisters. Will shouts that she's a liar. Will doesn't believe that she cares about anyone but herself. Will says what she's done will tear their family apart. Sami continues to ask so Will finally screams that he saw her having sex with EJ. Sami tries to deny it but Will tells her to stop lying like she always does. Will talks about the whole town searching for her son while she was having sex with EJ and that's why they couldn't find her. Will says it makes him sick. Sami tries to say it's not what he thinks. Will tells her that he knows what he saw and she betrayed the family and Rafe. Will then calls Sami nothing but a whore.

They take a break in the debate. EJ steps aside with Nicole and questions what is going on since he's getting killed. Nicole doesn't know what happened since her contact said they had the right questions. Nicole thinks he did fine but EJ disagrees. EJ talks about how well Abe is doing and then realizes it's like he knew all the questions. Nicole can't believe it but EJ tells her to think about it. They look over at Lexie and Jennifer praising Abe for his good job. Nicole then realizes EJ is right. Nicole says they can't let Abe get away with this. Nicole insists that EJ can still win this.

Rafe tells Carrie that he understands what she's going through since he and Sami used to always be a united front. Carrie calls it a great feeling to know someone has your back. Rafe calls it frustrating since it feels like he and Sami are worlds apart and he has no idea why. Rafe recalls being able to know exactly what she was thinking but not anymore. Rafe worries that he's better off not knowing.

Sami tells Will to listen to her and tries to explain that she didn't know what she was doing and was lost in her grief over Johnny. Will calls sex with EJ her first natural instinct. Sami says it wasn't like that and she didn't want him but she was heartbroken and devastated. She cries that she was trying to numb the pain. Will tells her to stop making excuses. Sami says she's not because she knows what she did is unforgivable and she's felt the guilt and regret ever since. Sami says she will never forgive herself or stop torturing herself for what she's done. Will says he won't feel sorry for her after what she's done to the family and to Rafe. Sami hopes Will won't tell Rafe. Will admits part of him would love to tell Rafe to see him leave Sami and walk out to never look back. Sami begs him to not make the day worse than it already is. Will tells her that he loves his brother and sisters so he doesn't want them to lose out on the family that he always wanted that Sami was never able to give him. Will agrees not to say anything for now. Sami thanks him. Will tells Sami that he hates her and always will and he wants her out of his life for good. Will prepares to leave but Sami says she won't let him get rid of her that easy since she's his mother and will always be part of his life. Will wonders how she can say that when she's never been there for him. Will feels Sami was too busy chasing after guys to care about him. Sami tells him she loves him. Will asks if she even knows what is happening to him. Sami says she doesn't because he won't talk to her and has been shutting her out. Sami doesn't think that has to happen now that everything is out in the open. Sami wants to be there for him and make a difference. Sami begs for one more chance but Will says it's too late. Will says thanks to EJ, he will never have to live with her and listen to her lies. Sami wonders why he's working for EJ if he knows what they did. Will admits he hates EJ and tells Sami that he tried to blackmail him but EJ gave him a chance to get away and start his life over. Sami thinks EJ turned Will against her but Will corrects her that she did that all on her own.

The debate continues as EJ talks about the economy. EJ talks about being mayor and the moral standards that come with it. EJ brings up Abe's martial discretions which surprises Lexie. EJ thinks they are factors to consider when deciding who to trust with the future of their city. Abe chooses to respond to EJ's last statement. Abe does not think it's necessary to sully the integrity of the process or the office by resorting to personal attacks. Abe points out that the word indiscretions does not begin to describe the many past activities of EJ in personal and professional. Abe says if EJ wants to pursue the matter further, he'd be happy to provide details.

Rafe gets a lead on Julia with a last name and an address. Carrie wants to go with Rafe since she wants to help and has nothing else to do. Rafe says he'd be more than happy to have her along as they exit.

Will tells Sami that she should know his hatred and disgust that he feels for her. Will talks about how she should know about hating your mother. Sami says it's not what Will thinks. Will calls it history repeating itself. Sami doesn't think it's anything like what Marlena did but Will shouts that it's worse because Marlena at least loved John while what Sami and EJ did was disgusting and filthy. Sami cries that she's sorry but Will stops her. Will tells her that she always said what Marlena did ruined her life by tearing apart her family and now she's just done the same thing. Sami tries to say no but Will congratulates her on becoming what she always hated about her own mother. Sami tries to stop him from leaving but Will shoves her onto the couch and screams at her not to touch him as he then storms out of the house. Sami holds a picture of her and Will as she cries. She puts the picture down, grabs her things and leaves the house.

Lexie and Jennifer congratulate Abe on the great job he did. Lexie can't believe EJ tried to make it personal. Lexie says Abe outperformed him on every level and she thinks it happened because he stood by his convictions and spoke from his heart. Lexie tells Abe that he has the best heart of anyone she knows.

Nicole sits with EJ and thinks he still has a chance to win. EJ is trying to figure out how Abe got the questions. Nicole gets a call from research that the first poll results are coming through.

Jennifer sees the polls that 66% think Abe won the debate and they excitedly hug as EJ and Nicole look upset.

Will heads to the Brady Pub and looks inside where Dustin and Kareem are.

Rafe and Carrie return to the office. Carrie talks about not expecting Mr. Carlisle to show up. They talk about being happy to find out that Julia is Mr. Carlisle's surprise party planner for their 30th anniversary and there was no affair. They talk about doing something very important today in saving a marriage. Carrie calls it their first real job since they got paid and she hugs Rafe. They look at each other and then begin kissing. Sami arrives outside the office and prepares to go in.

Lexie tells Abe and Jennifer that they should go celebrate. EJ and Nicole approach as EJ congratulates Abe on his victory. EJ says his responses were very eloquent. Nicole adds that if she didn't know better, she would think that Abe had the questions ahead of time. Nicole and EJ accuse Abe of knowing the questions.

Will goes into the Brady Pub and greets Dustin and Kareem. They talk about Will not being around lately. Will says he's been busy with his internship. Will asks if they are hanging out. They decide to invite Will to a party if he's not busy. Will states that he's finally free.

Rafe and Carrie continue kissing in their office as Sami walks in and is shocked by what she sees.

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