Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/2/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/2/12


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Hope and Bo pace at the bank with the safe deposit box. Bo reminds Hope that they can change their minds before Stefano arrives.

EJ practices going over the debate questions at home with Nicole and Will. EJ talks about having the question in advance. Nicole warns EJ to be careful what he says around Will since his family is friends with Abe but EJ is sure that Will won't say anything.

Sami meets with Madison at her hotel room. Sami has new ideas to sabotage Kate and wants to cover their tracks but Madison tells her that they aren't going to sabotage Kate's campaign. Madison has decided to pull the plug and doesn't want Sami to spy anymore.

Will tells EJ that he's right that he can trust his staff. Nicole has enough and wants to know what's going on now.

Hope tells Bo that it's not like her to go back and forth but she wants to know what's in the box. Hope feels part of her wants to put it back and never open it but she can't. Hope worries about what could be in the box and feels that she can't walk away now. Bo states that it involves making a deal with the devil as Stefano arrives.

Nicole tells EJ that she wants to know what's going on. EJ tells her that she has nothing to worry about but Nicole disagrees. Nicole says she's tired of EJ pulling her off when she asks about Will. EJ points out that Nicole just doesn't like when she doesn't know what he's up to. EJ then informs Nicole that he knew about her transferring money into Will's bank account. Nicole tries to explain but EJ says he knows what she was doing and will give her money back. EJ tells Nicole that he isn't mad and knows her so well. Nicole questions Will turning her in. Will reminds her that he works for EJ and not her. Nicole then tells EJ that she quits and is leaving if she's not part of his inner circle.

Stefano talks with Hope and Bo about using their keys to open the safe deposit box. Stefano repeats his warning to what they are about to discover. Stefano reminds them that there is no turning back after opening the box. Bo points out that Stefano has as much at stake. Stefano states that they will all have an illuminating day.

Sami can't believe Madison wants her to stop spying. Sami argues with her about how much risk she's taking and now doesn't get a say. Sami goes over everything that she's done for Madison and the risk involved. Sami worries about Kate finding out what she's done. Madison swears to protect Sami and has an exit strategy in place. Sami wants to hear the details.

Nicole tells EJ that she can't do her job if she's in the dark. Nicole doesn't think hiring Will should be a secret. Nicole feels that EJ is only protecting himself. EJ questions Nicole walking away from everything. Nicole tells him that she can't live like this. EJ points out that maybe he's protecting Will which confuses Nicole. EJ explains that Will has a secret that he promised he wouldn't repeat. Nicole doesn't get it until EJ reveals that he's blackmailing Will. Nicole questions the blackmailing. EJ invites Will to tell Nicole about it. Will doesn't find it funny. EJ explains how he felt Will's ties to Abe's family could be useful. Nicole wants to know why he agreed. EJ then informs Nicole that the story is a little different than Lucas being the one who shot him.

Sami can't believe Madison and accuses her of double crossing her. Sami worries about the truth coming out. Sami thinks Madison is going to cover herself and let her get in trouble.

Stefano asks Hope if she's thought this through. Stefano talks about what Alice could have had on him. Hope thinks it's something damaging that could put him away for life. Stefano doesn't think that Alice would let him get away with anything like that. Stefano then changes the subject to Hope and her family. Stefano knows what Alice has on him could hurt him but he could take it. Stefano points out that Hope has no idea which family member will be hit when she opens the box or what will happen to them. Bo notes that Stefano keeps saying that. Hope says she knows she's doing the right thing when Stefano threatens her so they will proceed. Stefano reminds them that his stipulation is that only he takes what was left for him.

Madison gets that Sami is upset but tells her to calm down and stop making it about her. Sami feels that she's going to be the one that pays for it but Madison says it was her idea so she'd get in trouble. Sami talks about her past with Kate.

EJ tells Nicole about how it was Will that shot him and not Lucas. Nicole says she can see in Will's eyes that it's true. EJ notes that Will wanted him dead but not anymore.

Madison tells Sami that she couldn't have thought this would go on forever. Sami thought they would get to nail Kate. Madison thinks Sami is having an emotional reaction because she wanted to hurt Kate and enjoyed the two salaries. Sami doesn't care what reason Madison is doing it for.

Bo thinks Stefano is scared of what he will find in the box. Stefano says he isn't scared and doesn't care what they think. Stefano doesn't believe anything very threatening is in there. Bo questions not letting them find out what it is. Hope points out that Stefano won't find out without her help. Stefano mocks the idea of what they will find. Stefano states that he respected Alice but by the end of the day, he doesn't think she was a match for him.

Madison explains to Sami how Brady shared things with her from their past that Sami should have told her. Sami thought Madison did her research and was willing to take the risks. Madison regrets doing this in the first place. Sami accuses Madison of letting Brady call the shots. Madison thinks Sami should understand. Sami says Rafe was disappointed in her but she wasn't going to let that ruin their plan. Madison finds her relationship with Brady more important than any competition. Madison tells Sami that her decision is final because she's the boss.

EJ tells Nicole that Will will be an excellent addition to their team and he's learning a lot. Nicole worries about Will taking another shot at him. EJ insists that those days are long gone but Will questions if they are. Nicole wonders how EJ found out and who else knows. EJ says it's just the three of them that know. EJ tells Will that he will understand one day that you can't keep secrets from your soul mate. EJ thinks they should all put their cards on the table. Will asks if he means all of the cards. Will asks EJ how far he wants to go with the full disclosure and asks if he should put all of his cards on the table.

Sami talks to Madison about being a parent and how she's been dealing with keeping her kids lives going with her two salaries. Madison doesn't think it means that much to Rafe so Sami tells Madison that she doesn't know her that well.

Nicole asks EJ what's going on again. EJ says Will is learning to play in the big leagues. Will says he does not like being treated like a child and thinks EJ was doing that. Will says if honesty is so important then Nicole should know everything. EJ states that if he really thinks that's necessary, he can go ahead and tell her.

Hope tells Stefano that he wasn't smarter or better at protecting family than Alice. Bo thinks Stefano knows that. Hope says they both want to know what's in the box to protect their families.

Madison tells Sami that she's known her since she was a little kid. Sami feels she has changed a lot since then. Madison admires her talent and drive. Sami says their past doesn't matter because everything is different now. Sami is disappointed as she thought Madison had more nerve. Sami wants to prove herself but Madison tells Sami to resign from Kate and say she's doing it for her family. Sami refuses to do it but Madison orders her to quit. Sami instead then resigns from Madison and tells her she quits.

Stefano reminds Hope that they came to him first. Stefano says they could leave the box and throw the key away. Bo wonders why he didn't do that then. Stefano thinks he should have or Alice should have but it's not too late and they can. Hope says Alice didn't get rid of the key because she wanted someone to eventually find it. Hope believes they have the key for a reason so opening it is the right thing to do. Hope then puts her key into the box.

Nicole says she doesn't care who tells her but wants one of them to tell her what's going on. EJ says he'll take this one and tells Nicole that he's feeling bad about the way he used blackmail to get to Will. EJ says when he makes a mistake, he admits it and makes amends so that's why he got Will a new car and then reveals he got Will his own apartment which surprises him. Nicole calls it uncharacteristically generous and then gets a call and steps out. Will comments on EJ getting him a car and now an apartment. EJ wants him to have a taste of freedom and explore what life has to offer. Will says it sounds great. EJ asks if that means they are good but Will says no. Will doesn't think EJ should have told Nicole about the shooting as it made him feel like EJ is not trustworthy.

Stefano puts his key into the safe deposit box and they open the box. Stefano takes his envelope out as Bo asks Hope if she's ready. Hope says it's the right thing. Bo tells her to trust herself as it's her call.

EJ tells Will that he might not be completely trustworthy but is generous. Will asks if he thinks he's just some kid that he can buy off. EJ says he thinks he's a young man so that's why he bought him the apartment and car. Will thinks EJ is just trying to keep him from telling Nicole what he knows. EJ says that if Will tells Nicole, it will put a kink in their relationship. EJ says he and Nicole have weathered much bigger storms than this but on the other hand, Will would go to prison for the rest of his life. EJ tells Will to go pack his bags and check out his new apartment. EJ says he will call if he needs him. Will asks if he says no but EJ says they both know he won't. EJ warns Will to never threaten him again because it has never worked well for the people who have tried.

Madison calls it crazy that Sami is continuing to work for Kate. Madison goes over everything Sami said about Kate including not trusting her. Sami says trusting Madison got her this. Madison brings up that Kate tried to kill her before. Sami thinks they are past that. Madison calls Sami impulsive and says she knows she's making a huge mistake. Sami says she can't say it's been a pleasure working for her. Sami tells her that Countess W will drive Mad World into the ground as she walks out. Madison makes a call and says they need to talk as there are things to go over.

Stefano asks Hope if she's gotten cold feet again and says they could lock the box up again but it would seem anticlimactic after all the drama. Bo reminds Hope that she doesn't have to do this but she decides to take the envelope.

Will sits at home writing a note but Sami comes in looking for Rafe. Will tells her that Rafe isn't here. Sami asks Will about his bags. Will tells her that he's moving out.

Nicole returns to EJ and tells him that there's a new moderator to the debate. EJ doesn't think it matters since they have the questions. Nicole mentions that she saw Will storm out. EJ jokes about Will giving him grief. Nicole brings up Will trying to kill EJ. EJ says they have to learn to roll with the punches. Nicole asks what EJ's personal interest stems from. EJ claims to see a little of himself in Will. Nicole says she understands why Will has to do what EJ tells him but wants to know why he had to set him up with an apartment and car. Nicole says if she didn't know better, she would think Will was blackmailing EJ.

Bo tells Stefano that he got what he want so he can leave. Stefano says he will give them privacy but warns them that Alice went to great lengths to keep what's in the envelope a secret. Bo tells him to stop as Stefano tells Hope to be like Alice. Hope says that's what she's tried to do for her whole life. Stefano assures Hope that she will never forget what's inside the envelope. Stefano then exits.

Sami asks Will where he's going and when he decided. Will says it's been in the works for awhile and will be staying in Salem. Sami asks Will if he will be moving with Marlena but Will informs her that he got his own place. Sami then realizes that EJ did it. Will calls it one of the many perks of working for EJ. Will tells Sami that he will see her around. Sami stops him from leaving and says they have to talk about it. Will doesn't think they have anything to talk about as he left a note for the kids and will be in touch with Rafe. Sami thinks he's just doing this to punish her. Sami says she's been trying to talk to him for months but only gets disrespect and attitude. Will says that's why it works for him to move out. Sami doesn't get why he treats her with such contempt. Sami says this stops now and wants Will to tell her what's going on.

Bo tells Hope she has no pressure to open it now as it can stay closed a little longer or forever if she wants but it's all up to her.

Stefano looks at his envelope and sighs without opening it.

Sami says Will has been so cold and mean to her. Sami thought it was because of his breakup with Gabi but that's not it since he's himself with Rafe, the kids, and everyone except her. Sami calls him not the son she used to know. Will questions if she's saying it's a flaw in him and not her. Sami admits she's hardly perfect so Will agrees and wants to leave on that but Sami stops him and says they aren't finished. Sami wants Will to tell her what's going on.

Madison sits in her hotel room wondering where the person she called is.

A person with a black glove is shown looking at their phone with a missed call from Madison as they are at the airport.

EJ questions Nicole thinking Will could blackmail him. Nicole points out that he is Sami's son. EJ thinks Will is just like Sami which is why he could be of real use to their family. Nicole still wants an answer to her question. Nicole asks EJ why he set Will up with an apartment and a car. Nicole thinks it seems like Will has something on EJ.

Sami wants Will to tell her what's wrong. Will then asks if Sami really wants to know.

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