Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/1/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/1/12


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Will sits at home looking at an old picture of he and Gabi on his phone until Sonny arrives. They talk about going to the movies. Will suggests seeing the Devil Wears Prada but Sonny has a date tomorrow that will want to see it. Sonny suggests watching a movie at the house but Will is unsure. Sonny hopes Will isn't uncomfortable to be around him alone. Will talks about what his friends thought about him recently. Will then asks Sonny how he knew when he was gay.

Madison meets with Brady at the Pub. Brady asks about her and Sami's plan against Kate. Madison admits she's been thinking twice about that. Madison then tells Brady she should apologize because she lied to him.

Abigail goes home and tells Jennifer and Jack that she has big news and announces she got an internship at Mad World Cosmetics. Abigail then adds that Madison wants her to be a model too. Jack is excited and Jennifer was but Jennifer then states she'd rather Abigail be pregnant than be a model.

Rafe and Carrie play cards in their office. Rafe talks about how it sucks not to have any work. They talk about Bo and Hope asking them to help on the most wanted list and Abe getting Rafe to run campaign security. Rafe mentions they haven't heard anything since and offers to go home and call it a day. Carrie says she'd rather stay and play cards than fight with Austin again. Rafe says he isn't going home to fight with Sami since she isn't even there so he agrees to play cards again with Carrie but the phone rings. Carrie answers an international call from a woman she knows named Linda. Carrie asks her to please not do this.

Will tells Sonny that he doesn't have to talk about being gay but he's curious about how it was for him since they are friends. Sonny sits down and recalls knowing but not understanding when he was young. Sonny says it was just how he was born. Will asks when he began to question it. Sonny says he had been noticing guys since he was a freshman in high school but didn't understand it since they were all with girls. Sonny says he fooled them for awhile but didn't fool himself as he didn't like lying. Sonny says that instead of dealing with it, he did something terrible in that every birthday in high school he would wish that gay Sonny would go away so he could be like everyone else. Sonny regrets wasting his wishes and finds it hard to believe that he ever felt that way about himself. Will tells Sonny that he gets it.

Abigail questions Jennifer. Jennifer says she may have been exaggerating but she doesn't like the idea of her modeling. Jennifer worries about her being in school and reminds her of her full schedule. Jennifer says Madison will understand when Abigail refuses the offer.

Carrie hangs up and informs Rafe that the law firm cut their funding since they weren't bringing in enough money. Rafe then declares they are officially out of business.

Madison talks to Brady about getting so close and things are so great with them so she's afraid that her whole dealings with Kate will make him think twice and she doesn't want to lose him. Brady promises her that it won't come between them. Madison tells Brady that she's pulling the plug on the plan and won't have Sami spy for her anymore.

Sonny continues telling Will how he lived hating himself because he thought it'd be easier but he was wrong. Sonny talks about hating being different. Will asks Sonny what he was most afraid of. Sonny responds that he was afraid he wouldn't live the life that he envisioned himself having with a wife and kids. Will states that would freak him out too. Sonny says the worst part was not having anyone to talk to about it. Sonny tells Will that he knows it's hard.

Abigail tells Jennifer and Jack that she is not asking permission to model. Jack wants to hear more about the job. Abigail explains how it's a new line for women her age with her and Melanie. Jennifer is surprised and thought Abigail wasn't getting along with Melanie. Abigail adds that they are working out and says she would be making lots of money. Jennifer asks her about not staying in school. Abigail thinks modeling won't change anything. Jennifer then tells her she forbids her to take the job.

Sonny tells Will that he would break up with girls if he thought they were close to finding out the truth. Will doesn't buy that he was a loner since he has so many friends. Sonny states that now that he's out of the closet he does. Sonny recalls being at a party in high school and feeling like there was a wall between him and everyone else. Sonny states that it kills him to know there are others like that still out there. Will says Sonny's family was fine with him coming out but asks what happens when it doesn't work that way.

Carrie tells Rafe that she wanted this to work and wished they had more time. Rafe says they gave it their best shot but it just didn't work out. Carrie feels like a failure but Rafe calls her amazing in so many ways. Carrie tells Rafe that he is too. Rafe worries about what to do now. Rafe assumes he'll work security for Abe's campaign and asks Carrie what she will do. Carrie states that her firm has left a spot open for her in case she wants to go back to Switzerland.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she can't forbid her to do anything since she's an adult. Jack says she's right but wants Abigail to understand Jennifer's concern. Abigail says she is still going to model but Jennifer begs her not to. Abigail doesn't understand why she is so against it. Abigail says she knows how to take care of herself. Jennifer brings up what happened to her friends and the website. Abigail says she is taking the job and neither of them can stop her. Jennifer tells Abigail that if she takes the job, she will have to move out.

Brady thanks Madison for stopping the plan with Kate due to the family feud. Brady asks how she will get Sami out. Madison says she will find a way and make it all okay. Brady thanks Madison for doing this for them. Madison says for years all she cared about was Mad World but now for the first time there's something she cares about more in Brady. Madison can't believe that she's more worried about their relationship than business. Madison says she never put anything but business first and it's all because of Brady. Brady doesn't think it gets better than what they have. Madison tells him how much she cares about him. Madison likes having him after a long day of work. Brady tells her that no one has ever got him like she does and calls her worth the wait as they kiss.

Sonny tells Will that it's not always easy to come out like his friend Tyler got a lot of yelling and screaming from his parents but they are good now. Sonny says for him, coming out meant being free and no more hiding or lying. Sonny says things get better after accepting who you are. Sonny feels closer to his family now. Will says Sonny makes it sound really easy and he wants to believe him.

Rafe asks Carrie about Switzerland since Austin is working at Salem U. Carrie says they can't survive on his salary alone. Rafe reminds Carrie that she's a lawyer so someone will offer her a job. Carrie doesn't think there are open positions. Rafe doesn't think Carrie can leave her family and friends like him. Rafe jokes with Carrie about fun times they've had. Carrie admits it has been a lot of fun but points out that Austin still has a standing offer with his old job in Switzerland too so she feels it might be time to go back.

Abigail questions Jennifer kicking her out. Jennifer doesn't want to pay for classes that she won't be attending. Jennifer wants Abigail to understand that she loves her. Abigail accuses her of kicking her to the curb. Jennifer doesn't know why it's important since Abigail never cared about modeling before. Jack agrees that it came out of nowhere. Abigail thinks it's a chance for her to do something new and exciting with her life. Abigail thinks being a model will make people take her seriously and see her as a grown woman. Jennifer wants her to get a degree and job to be respected and admired instead. Abigail calls talking to her useless. Abigail says she's made up her mind that she's going to model and will use her salary to get her own place if she has to. Abigail tells Jennifer that she's sick of living with her drama and storms out. Jack then asks Jennifer what she was thinking. Jennifer claims she was protecting their daughter. Jennifer asks Jack if he really wants Abigail to be a model. Jack feels it doesn't matter what he wants since they can't decide things for her anymore. Jennifer reminds that they are her parents. Jack tells Abigail that she already left to start her modeling career. Jack recalls walking in on Chad massaging Abigail and flipping out until Jennifer made him back off and give her space. Jennifer hates when he uses her words against her. Jack admits they may have made a mess of their own lives at times but haven't messed up their kids. Jack tells Jennifer that they have to let their kids make their own mistakes because if they don't, they could lose them forever. Jennifer cries about losing Alice, Daniel, and Jack so she doesn't want to lose Abigail as Jack hugs her.

Carrie finishes a call with a contact and finds out that no one has any openings. Carrie talks about loving this job and working with Rafe. They talk about how much they'll miss it as Carrie suggests they start packing up. Rafe stops her and tells her to wait since they don't want this to end. Rafe tells her not to quit now since they are just getting started. Rafe shows her the Reed & Hernandez label on the door and promises that they will make this work together.

Jennifer tells Jack how she worries about Abigail traveling since she had been kidnapped before. Jennifer compares it to what happened to Jack. Jack points out that she won't be alone. Jennifer realizes she's being selfish and not ready to let Abigail go. Jack says she's going to do what she wants whether they like it or not so it's better not to fight with her. Jennifer calls it amazing that Jack is being the voice of the reason and she's listening.

Brady and Madison go back to Madison's hotel room. Brady says they've each had so much drama in their lives that there's nothing they can't handle. Madison talks about being through a lot of drama in her life. Madison says there's something she's wanted to tell him that she's been thinking about a lot but she gets a phone call and looks worried so Brady asks who's calling.

Sonny tells Will that he didn't lie to him about coming out as sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not. Sonny asks Will what he doesn't believe. Will says Sonny made it sound like coming out fixes everything and makes life perfect. Sonny apologizes and clarifies that it won't make everything perfect. Sonny tells Will that he has a better chance of being happy if he doesn't keep secrets about anything. Will thinks Sonny can say that because he knew his family would be okay with it but not every family is. Sonny talks about still being afraid to tell his family. Sonny says his brother Alex freaked out a bit but is cool now. Will tells Sonny that his parents are awesome and they took the news like it was great. Sonny states that they were a little bummed since they worried that he won't have the life they dreamed. Sonny feels his parents were afraid that he could never find love and that's what it is all about. Sonny tells Will that he can't find true love without living his own truth.

Carrie tells Rafe that she doesn't want it to end but doesn't know how they can keep it going. Rafe feels they have some time still. Rafe offers to do overtime in security with Abe to keep things going or play prince again. Carrie tells Rafe that she's with him all the way.

Madison tells Brady the phone call was nothing but she was just upset because the office always calls when they are going to talk. Brady tells Madison that what she was going to say will have to wait since he has to go meet with an investor. Madison calls it no big deal. Brady tells her that he wanted to tell her something too and that is that he loves her. Madison kisses him and hugs him as she tells him that she loves him too. They continue kissing as Brady suggests he can cancel his meeting so they can keep going. Madison reminds him that John is counting on him. Brady tells her that he will see her later and kisses her again before leaving. After he leaves, Madison happily comments that Brady loves her but her phone rings again. Madison answers and says she was just going to call them back but was in a meeting. Madison says she always has time for them.

Will apologizes to Sonny for asking so much. Sonny says he's his friend so he can ask or tell him anything. Will goes back to wanting to watch a movie. Sonny tells Will that he wasted so much time worrying about what people thought about who he is so he was afraid and alone and doesn't want anyone else to feel that way, especially a friend. Sonny says he realized he's not alone and being afraid is a lot worse than being honest.

Carrie tells Rafe that he could be a trainer at the Spa. Rafe laughs and says he won't do it. Rafe tells her that they have too much fun together to give up without a fight. Carrie thanks him for helping her see that as they agree to work this out together.

Jennifer sits at home looking at a picture of her and Abigail and cries as she hugs it.

Abigail sits at the town square as Jack arrives. Abigail assumes Jennifer sent Jack to lure her home. Jack informs her that he tracked her on her phone's GPS. Jack sits with her and Abigail doesn't understand why Jennifer can't be happy for her. Jack suggests giving her some time and she'll come around. Abigail don't think it will be any time soon. Jack thinks it would help if Abigail promises to be careful. Jack encourages Abigail to let them know if anything doesn't feel right so they can do what they can. Abigail agrees that she can do that. Jack thinks it would make Jennifer happy. Abigail thanks Jack for listening and being there. Abigail tells him that she's really glad he's home and in their family again as she hugs him and Jack says he's glad too.

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