Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/31/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/31/12


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Madison kisses Brady in bed to wake him up and they continue kissing before work.

Sami runs into John at the Brady Pub. Sami says Sydney enjoyed her party. John was glad to be included. Sami thanks him for the carriage. John talks about Marlena looking forward to spending time with Sydney the way she missed out on with Sami. John asks Sami how it's going working for Kate but Sami questions what he means by that.

Carrie spills coffee in her office as Rafe arrives to help her clean it up. Rafe asks Carrie what's really going on. Carrie admits to Rafe that she and Austin had a big fight leading to Austin storming out and not coming back so she has no idea where he is.

Abigail arrives to Austin's office where he was sleeping on the couch. Abigail wakes him up and asks if he's okay. Austin claims he's great other than the stiff back. Abigail asks him what's going on that caused him to be there all night.

Brady and Madison continue to make love.

Austin tells Abigail that he likes to come sleep on his couch every once and a while. Abigail offers to get him a coffee but Austin wants to get it himself. Abigail asks if everything is okay. Austin tries to say he's fine but admits to Abigail that he and Carrie had an argument so he crashed on the couch and hasn't checked in with her. Austin states that things are definitely not okay.

Rafe tells Carrie that every couple has fights but Carrie thinks this is different. Carrie says she waited but he never came back and apologizes to Rafe for acting upset. Rafe tells her it's okay and insists that she can tell him what happened. Carrie admits that Austin was mad at her over Sydney's party but it goes back to taking John's case and Austin thinks she has time for everything but him. Rafe blames himself for asking Carrie to help with Sydney's party. Rafe offers to talk to Austin but Carrie feels it would only make things worse.

John apologizes to Sami if he came off nosy. John says she doesn't have to talk about her job and that he only asked because he cares. Sami apologizes for jumping on him and tells him that it's going really well. John jokes with her about working with Kate. Sami says her and Kate are working really well together. Sami talks about not having enough time in the day and how she wasn't able to help plan Sydney's party. John tells Sami that when she was a child, he was the one that spent time with her because Marlena wasn't there and he knows she resents that. Sami understands it wasn't her fault. John regrets not being there for Brady. John tells Sami that she's a wonderful mom and that her kids need her. John tells her to ask herself if her job is worth it.

Rafe tells Carrie that he won't ask her to do anything if it will cause problems. Carrie says it's not Rafe since her working on John's case is what started their problems. Carrie talks about thinking she and Austin could build a new life together but she kept wondering if they even know who they are anymore. Rafe points out that they didn't have problems in Switzerland and asks why they decided to stay in Salem. Carrie says they both missed Salem and their families. Rafe adds that families do bring a lot of baggage. Carrie calls Salem their home but they can't find a place other than their hotel. Carrie blames the stress of their new jobs. Carrie talks about how they used to always find time to be together but what scares her the most is maybe it's not so important to them anymore.

Abigail tells Austin she's sorry and doesn't know what to say. Abigail brings up how long they have been married. Austin advises Abigail to wait until she's so in love with someone to get married. Austin says sometimes you can be more alone in a marriage than on your own. Austin says marriage always brings new things to deal with but sometimes you don't feel like talking about it. Austin admits the problems are why he slept on the couch but it got him absolutely nothing as things are a lot worse now. Austin says this is what happens when married people stop talking. Abigail asks Austin if he thinks Carrie wants to work things out but he doesn't think so since she didn't call. Abigail calls Carrie crazy to not want to make it right with him.

Madison continues kissing Brady in bed after they finish making love. Madison asks Brady what he's thinking about and says he can tell her anything. Madison thinks he's upset about sending Sami to spy on Kate. Brady says he's not upset but thinks that's crazy although he thinks the old him would've done the same thing. Madison reminds him that it's just business and bets Kate has done the same thing. Brady jokes with her about missing the days when he was CEO above her. Brady asks Madison what else she hasn't told him. Madison thinks back to her phone conversations and then kisses Brady and suggests they get dressed. Brady stops her and thinks there is something she's hiding.

Rafe tells Carrie that guys get mad and walk out but eventually find themselves alone. Carrie worries about Austin not coming home. Rafe insists that he'll be there when she goes back home. Rafe jokes with her about being too reasonable in fights with Sami. Rafe tells Carrie that their problems were more than about Carrie since Sami was so mad with Will. Rafe says he's worried about Will and Carrie is too. Rafe says he and Sami got into it and they said some things. Carrie assures Rafe that he can tell her anything. Rafe believes Sami's boss is using her. Rafe talks about how they would have fights but work things out and now Sami is doing this that he can't fathom which don't seem to bother her at all. Carrie says she has a lot of experience with that side of Sami and knows how hard it can be.

Austin thanks Abigail for sticking up for him. Austin believes Carrie has plenty of reasons to be angry with him. Abigail talks about how lucky Carrie is to have him as he's a great guy that's been nice to her and saved her life. Austin thinks she's putting it too strongly but Abigail disagrees. Abigail talks about how Austin always listens to her and takes her seriously which means a lot to her. Abigail calls Austin a good person. Austin tells Abigail that he almost believes it when she says it as he holds her hand.

Sami goes after John for not being around and not knowing about her life. Sami thinks he can't tell her about spending time with her kids. John just compares it to him not being there. Sami tells him they are different and she's still doing everything for her kids. Sami talks about how much her job means to her. John asks how it's working out for them with her working and Rafe not working much. Sami questions him and John just wanted to know about the tension between them at the party. Sami points out that EJ and Nicole were at the party too. Sami accuses John of thinking she can balance work and her life. Sami shouts that he's probably right and storms out.

Brady wishes he could read Madison's mind but she claims not a lot is going on in there other than work. Brady hopes nothing screws them up and then they continue kissing. Madison assures him that won't happen.

Austin and Abigail go to the town square and sit together as Rafe and Carrie then arrive and see them. Carrie remarks that Austin made it through the night okay. Carrie wants to leave before Austin sees them but he already saw them. Austin gets up and decides to talk to Carrie. Carrie and Rafe approach and she greets Austin. Carrie sees Abigail and says she didn't know Austin had a date for breakfast. Rafe suggests giving them some privacy and steps away with Abigail. Abigail comments on them looking so upset and explains to Rafe how she found Austin sleeping on his couch. Rafe tells Abigail that Carrie isn't upset at her as she was already upset. Abigail decides to go on to class and she exits. Sami then arrives and runs into Rafe. Sami says she's late for work as Rafe asks if she's okay. Sami calls it a bad morning and tries to rush off but Rafe asks what happened. Sami tells him about running into John and he tried to give her life lessons but she doesn't have time to talk about it. Sami again starts to hurry off but Rafe stops her so that they can talk.

Carrie says Austin walked out on her and doesn't come back then she finds him having a cheery breakfast with his assistant as if he's not bothered or upset about this. Austin tells her how Abigail found him on the couch and knows how upset he was. Austin reminds Carrie that he loves her and married her. Carrie asks why he didn't come home. Austin says he was tired of the same old argument and wanted time to think and cool off. Austin wanted to forget the other day ever happened. Carrie sits with him and can't believe that this is them. Austin agrees and says they were never upset with each other before they came here and never fought. Austin asks if they can please figure this out.

Brady and Madison go to the Brady Pub and join John who is working on his laptop. John explains that he's trying to reconnect with old clients. Madison jokes with him about their fashion line and her cosmetic line. John gets a call and steps away. Madison tells Brady that it must feel good to have John be proud of him. Brady admits that it does. Madison says she has to go so she doesn't have time for breakfast. Brady kisses her. Madison lets him know that she heard everything he said about Sami and will think about it. Madison then exits the Pub. John returns and asks Brady what Madison is up to with Sami.

Sami tells Rafe that it's a long story so she will tell him later. Rafe wants to know what John said. Sami claims that John said she was screwing up. Rafe wonders why he'd say that but Sami doesn't know and says she's late for work. Sami says she wishes she could blow it off but they need the paycheck. Sami remarks that she can sit at home once Rafe and Carrie get their business going. They joke about it as Rafe insists that they are always good. Rafe tells her that he loves her and kisses her then she runs off to work.

Carrie tells Austin that they always wanted what the other wanted and made sacrifices without a second thought. Carrie talks about cheering each other on. Austin notes that she's talking about the past. They agree that both want what's best for the other. Austin blames himself for being a selfish jerk last night because he wants her to himself. Austin says Carrie has to admit that she's been spending a lot of time with Rafe. Carrie admits she hasn't been considerate of his feelings and apologizes. Austin gets a message for a meeting and he has a class so he has to go. Austin tells Carrie they are good. Carrie agrees that they are better than they were as Austin promises to come home tonight. Austin tells her that he loves her and promises to get through this then kisses her before leaving.

Brady explains to John how Sami worked for Madison and is now working for Kate. Brady goes over how Sami and Madison knew each other from grade school. Brady talks about Sami not approving of his relationship with Madison. Brady says he was just telling Madison that he's worried about Sami. John worries that Sami's job is going to make her revert back to her old tricks and that could cause her to lose everything important to her.

Sami sits on a bench outside the town square as Madison arrives to meet with her. Sami talks about knowing the drill when it comes to working for Kate. Sami insists that Kate trusts her and is entirely focused on Madison. Sami thinks it's time to break Kate down. Madison is unsure and tells Sami that she talked to Brady. Madison explains how Brady hates this and thinks she's using Sami. Madison informs Sami that Brady filled her in on her complicated history with Kate and her family. Madison admits she's now worried about what Kate could do to her. Sami promises that Kate will never know that she's apart of this. Madison doesn't want Sami to get hurt and they know she could if they go forward with their plan.

Rafe and Carrie return to the office. Carrie tells Rafe that they talked but didn't accomplish much before Austin had to go to a meeting. Rafe tells her about running into Sami and how she always has to go. Rafe recalls having his job like that. Carrie tells him she's sorry. Carrie doesn't think they will accomplish much today. Rafe calls it a shame and then he spills coffee like Carrie did earlier. Rafe then unplugs the coffee machine and throws it away as they laugh about it. Carrie says at least they can always make each other laugh as Rafe agrees.

Austin returns to his office where Abigail is. Abigail tells him about his meeting. Austin says he's glad to see her because he wanted to apologize for her witnessing the scene between he and Carrie. Austin tells her it had nothing to do with her and Carrie knows. Abigail offers to call Carrie and talk to her about it but Austin says it's not necessary. Abigail says she's sorry he's going through this. Austin tells her not to think or worry about it and then heads off to his meeting.

Madison starts to leave but Sami stops her and questions letting Brady run things. Sami doesn't think it matters what Brady thinks since he doesn't even run Titan anymore. Madison talks about being concerned about what Kate could do to her. Madison says she cares about what Brady thinks and about Sami. Madison wants to abort their plan. Sami doesn't know what else she can do. Sami feels that they have gone too far and can't stop now. Sami adds that she has risked everything for this and can't be left hanging.

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