Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/30/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/30/12


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Marlena and John talk at home about their ideas for a budget. They talk about their wardrobes and then kiss.

EJ tells Will to be happy that he brought Sydney since she's having so much fun at her party. Will remarks to wait until Sami finds out if he thinks this is fun. Abe steps out of the room and switches the debate questions that were delivered but gets caught by EJ, who asks what he's doing out there.

Rafe and Carrie practice their dance routine at the Pub in costume for Sydney's birthday party. Outside the Pub, Sami arrives talking on the phone about being back but then sees Rafe and Carrie through the window.

Hope tells Stefano that the mind games are over so they are going to open the box. Stefano warns her that it will ruin her family and reminds her that Alice went through a lot to keep it secret. Hope thinks if Alice wanted to keep it secret, she would've gotten rid of the key so Stefano points out where she found the key.

Nicole helps Sydney open her present and inside is a princess dress as everyone around watches. Nicole then wonders where EJ went.

EJ asks Abe if he's hiding something from him. Abe says he caught him red-handed while he thought he would get away with it.

Rafe and Carrie finish their routine and Sami then enters the Pub. Rafe and Carrie talk about it being hot in there and they get close as Austin then arrives next to Sami. Austin greets them which surprises both.

John compliments Marlena on her leopard-print robe and recalls her wearing it on Valentine's Day a few years ago. John kisses her and suggests they have an afternoon to never forget.

Stefano wonders why Alice didn't give the key while she was alive if she wanted her to find it. Stefano says it looks like he knows Alice better than Hope which makes her mad. Hope tries to go after him but Bo holds her back and says they won't play his games but Stefano points out that they already are.

Rafe and Carrie explain what they were doing and how it was all for Sydney. Sami and Austin agree that Sydney would have been disappointed. Austin gets it but wants to know what was going on when they walked in.

Nicole, Theo, and Will help Sydney open more presents as Jennifer and Lexie watch on.

EJ questions Abe trying to hide something from him. Abe says he forgot to sign Sydney's birthday card and was looking for a pen. EJ gives Abe his lucky pen to use and tells him he'll need his luck with the debates coming up. Abe brings up that he was looking for a pen not luck so he'll use his own. EJ calls him confident and steps away. Abe then finishes switching the questions and goes back into the living room. Lexie rejoins him as he says he had to take care of some business but thinks everything will work out.

Carrie tells Austin that it was just a dance. Austin asks again why they were dancing so they explain the show. Austin says he gets that they were just practicing. Austin suggests they take ballroom lessons that they talked about ages ago. Carrie tells Sami that she only volunteered because they didn't know when she'd be back so she wants Sami to be the princess. Rafe agrees but Sami says they are already in costume so she doesn't have time to play dress-up and they have more to get one with decorations. Rafe tells Sami that Sydney is with Will so she wonders where he is.

Sydney continues opening presents as EJ walks back into the room. EJ tells Will that they should probably wrap things up before Sami returns. Will wonders what the rush is and says Sami isn't back for a couple of more hours. Will says he wouldn't lie to him and has things under control.

Abe talks to Jennifer on the side about EJ catching him but he was able to keep him from seeing anything. Abe doesn't want to think about what would've happened if EJ saw what he was doing. Jennifer tells him it's over and done now. Abe hates lying to Lexie. Jennifer assures him that he's doing what he has to do to win the election and is almost there. Abe hopes that he's right.

EJ talks with Nicole about the debate questions arriving. Nicole states that they are in a very safe place. Sydney runs up to EJ so he picks her up as she says she is having a good time. EJ calls it a wonderful day and kisses Nicole.

Hope accuses Stefano of making this all a game. Bo tells her not to let him get to her. Stefano thinks they are making the wrong choice since opening the box will destroy their family. Hope thinks he's bluffing because what's inside could put him away for life. Hope believes Stefano is scared. Stefano points out that he let them make the decision. Hope wonders why he didn't walk away and brings up they could get a warrant. Hope says Stefano is only helping them because he's scared and going to lose. Stefano tells them that they are always wrong when they think that.

John and Marlena finish getting re-dressed. John talks about surprising her and kisses her. John wants to get back to their budget. Marlena adds that she gets her first paycheck next week. John doesn't want to live off of her money. Marlena talks about always getting through tough times. Marlena wants John to relax. Marlena sits with him and says to get excited about Sydney's party. John agrees to an hour of relaxation. Marlena says they better think of something to do that won't cost anything and then kisses him.

Stefano continues talking to Hope and Bo about their keys and how both open the box. Stefano says they need him and his key. Stefano says he could walk away and not help them. Hope tells him that they will find another way to open it. Stefano then wishes them luck and goes to leave but Bo stops him. Bo says Stefano wants to know what's in the box as much as them. Bo believes Stefano wants to know what Alice had on him so they should get this over with today. Hope wants Stefano to admit that he wants to know what is inside just as bad. Stefano agrees to help them open the box on one condition.

EJ and Nicole have tea with Sydney. Lexie and Abe talk with Theo about seeing Abe on TV for the debate. Lexie talks up how amazing Abe will do and how the whole town will see what a smart, caring, trustworthy man Abe is.

Jennifer sits with Will and tells him that his cell phone has been going off for ten minutes. Will doubts it's important but gets up and looks at it then doesn't answer. Will then decides to answer Sami's call. Sami says she's been calling for ten minutes and wants to know where Will is since Sydney's party is about to start. Sami asks where Will is. Will says he's at EJ's and they were having a birthday party so she should come over. Will talks about how he's never seen Sydney smile so big. Sami can't believe Will is there. Will hangs up as Sami is furious. Rafe wonders what just happened. Sami says Will hung up on her. Rafe can't believe Will and Sydney are at the DiMeras. Sami says EJ went behind her back to throw Sydney a party after she said no and used Will to do it. Sami says she's going to get Sydney and Rafe offers to go with her even in costume so they exit together. Carrie worries about it hurting Sydney's big day. Austin tells her that things started going south for him when he caught his wife in the arms of his brother-in-law. Carrie blows it off as no big deal. Austin thinks it is though.

Bo questions Stefano's conditions and isn't surprised. Stefano says they will play by his rules. Hope feels that he needs them too. Stefano says Alice's secret will haunt them. Bo asks what he wants. Stefano just wants to know the content of the letter in the box so no one touches it and only he sees it. Hope does not agree with his terms but Stefano says take it or leave it.

Will tells Sydney and Theo that they can go get some chocolate cake so Theo takes Sydney to get it. EJ and Nicole wonder where they are off to as the doorbell rings and Sami arrives with Rafe. EJ wants to know what Sami is doing. Sami accuses EJ of trying to kidnap Sydney. Nicole comes out and questions the yelling. Sami demands her daughter. EJ says they are all having a lovely time. Sami screams about not knowing where her daughter was and not letting her celebrate with kidnappers. EJ brings up that he's her father. Sami points out that he gave up his rights and she's been generous in letting him see her. Sami shouts that EJ will only see her when she says so but Sydney comes in and tells them to stop.

Bo thinks Stefano is afraid of what ever is in the box will end his reign in Salem. Hope calls him a coward. Stefano points out that they both have something they want and he's trying to make a deal to satisfy everyone. Bo says they won't make deals with the devil. Stefano reminds that he's the only one who knows one of the secrets in the box and now that Alice is gone, there's nothing stopping him from sharing it with the world. Hope doesn't think he would but Stefano says he will unless they play by his rules. Bo points out that Stefano keeps saying how terrible the secret is and asks about his secret. Bo asks Stefano if he's really ready to handle what Alice had on him.

Carrie doesn't want to fight with Austin. Austin says he's just expressing himself and communicate. Carrie wants him to use a nicer tone because he's hurting her feelings. Austin questions hurting her feelings since it hurt his feelings to find her with Rafe after they spent hours trying to put one date together. Austin accuses her of playing princess with Rafe. Carrie explains again how she had to help. Austin points out that she didn't call him at lunch. Carrie apologizes for being caught up. Austin questions her getting caught up with Rafe. Carrie doesn't know how to explain it. Austin says he doesn't want to hear it since he'll just be the bad guy as John and Marlena then arrive. John figures it's a bad time.

Sami picks up Sydney and apologizes to her. EJ says everything will be okay. Rafe shows Sydney his prince costume. Sami tells Sydney about her party at the Pub. Sami tells Sydney about everyone who will be there but Sydney wants her dad.

Austin sits at the counter as John tries to comfort him and asks if he's alright. Austin says he's not really. Austin apologizes to John for having to see their argument. John understands it's marriage.

Carrie talks with Marlena and blames herself for not calling Austin instead of trying to save the day. Marlena points out that she was just trying to help her family. Carrie talks about her and Austin not having time together. Carrie admits she may have been avoiding Austin after their last fight.

Austin admits to John that he overreacted but misses Carrie and every time he turns around, she's with Rafe. Austin says it's not about Rafe and knows there's nothing going on but it's about the fact that he wants to spend time with Carrie but doesn't think she wants to spend time with him.

Sami talks to Sydney about going to the Pub but Sydney insists that she wants her dad. Sami says EJ can't come because he's busy and already had a party with her so he can't make this one. EJ adds that he has a lot to do and tells Sydney to go have a lot of fun. Sydney refuses and runs back to hug EJ's leg. Sami and Rafe try to convince Sydney to go. Sami then reluctantly agrees to let EJ come. EJ picks Sydney up and gives her to Sami. EJ says they will clean up and join them at the Pub. Sami asks Will if he's coming and he says he wouldn't miss it as Sami and Rafe exit. Will shuts the door behind them as Abe, Lexie, and Jennifer head back into the living room. Nicole follows in leaving EJ with Will. EJ asks Will what that was all about. Will assumes Sami got home sooner than expected. EJ questions how Sami knew Sydney was there and warns him that he's treading on dangerous ground. Will thinks it was worth it to see how mad Sami got and heads back into the living room.

Rafe and Sami bring Sydney to the Pub as John, Marlena, Austin, and Carrie clap for her and tell her happy birthday. Marlena holds Sydney as John adds that they are glad to be there. Sami remarks about Rafe's dances as he steps to the back. Carrie talks to Sydney as the princess. Rafe asks Austin to help him with the punch bowl. Austin tells Rafe that he used to be a detective so he can find it himself. Will arrives and Sami questions what his problem is. Will says he's in a fantastic mood. Sami tells Will that she won't let him ruin Sydney's birthday party but afterwards, they are going to have a very serious talk.

Stefano accuses Bo of playing games now. Bo thinks Stefano can't handle the truth. Stefano guarantees that he can't either. Hope tells him to stop speculating and open the box. Stefano says only if they do it on terms. Hope doesn't trust Stefano and he doesn't trust her. Stefano tells her to decide what's important, finding the secret or an excuse about him. Stefano realizes they won't settle this today and starts to leave but Hope stops him. Stefano says he wins either way and then exits as Bo holds Hope back and tells her that he isn't worth it. Hope wishes Stefano would end up behind bars. Bo tells her not to worry as they will figure it out.

Lexie, Jennifer, Abe, and Theo prepare to leave the mansion. Abe sends Theo with Lexie as they exit. Abe tells Jennifer that the fake questions are in the drawer waiting for EJ. Jennifer worries about Abe having second thoughts. Abe says he's not since EJ played dirty all along and now he's left them no other choice.

Sami and Rafe dress Sydney up as a princess. Rafe tells Sami that everything turned out perfectly for Sydney and that's all they will remember in the future. EJ and Nicole arrive and join Sydney. Sami then tells Rafe that she'll remember each and everything about this day.

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