Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/27/12


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Abigail joins Austin in his office and asks if he has a minute. Austin invites her in and she says she has something to tell him. Abigail sits down and isn't sure how to say it. Austin says she can tell him anything so Abigail tells him that she loves him. Austin is surprised as Abigail can't believe she blurted it out. Abigail says she knows there's an age difference and that he's married. Abigail talks about feeling this way and trying to fight it but she wants to be with him. Abigail wants to know if there's a chance he feels the same way. Austin then kisses Abigail.

Carrie joins Rafe in their office as Rafe is putting together a tiara for Sydney's birthday party. Rafe has trouble with it so Carrie sits down to put it together for him.

Jennifer talks with Abe at home about the upcoming debate and asks if he wants to go over the questions that they've got. Jennifer knows how much he doesn't like this. Abe feels like he's cheating. Jennifer thinks it isn't really because EJ did it too. Abe thinks there used to be a difference between he and EJ but Jennifer feels they don't have a choice as they can't let EJ win the debate. Jennifer says they are sure that EJ is having the questions hand delivered today so they have to figure out a way to switch the real questions with ones they made up to trip up EJ at his own game. Abe asks if she has any ideas.

Will goes to the DiMera Mansion as EJ calls him his favorite intern. Will asks if he needs him for something. EJ brings up today being Sydney's birthday. Will says they are having a birthday party at the Pub later. EJ brings up that he's not invited but he wants to spend a little bit of time with his daughter on her birthday. EJ decides he's going to throw a little party at the mansion and wants Will to bring Sydney.

Stefano joins Bo and Hope at the town square. Hope figures Stefano must be eager to hear what they have to say. Stefano assumes she made a decision regarding the safe deposit box and asks what it's going to be. Stefano wants to know if she is going to try and find out what Alice kept from her all these years or will they let the past rest in peace.

Abigail comes out of her daydream of kissing Austin. Austin invites her into the office and Abigail says she has something to tell him and isn't sure how he will react. Austin thinks she seems nervous and tells her that she can tell him anything. Abigail hopes so because it's big.

Rafe praises Carrie for getting the evidence dropped in the case he brought to her. Carrie fixes up the tiara and Rafe calls it perfect. Rafe asks if there's anything Carrie can't do.

Will tells EJ that Sami will never go for bringing Sydney over. EJ brings up that Sami and Kate are in Chicago and won't even be back until this evening so she won't have to know. Will brings up the possibility of Sydney telling Sami that she saw him. EJ figures it will be too late then. Will refuses to do it so EJ asks if he's really going to deny Sydney seeing her father on her birthday. EJ says she'd just spend some time with he and Nicole and open presents. Will admits that Sydney talks about EJ but thinks Sami would lose her mind. EJ tells him that's the whole idea. Will says he'll ask and see. Will calls it amazing how EJ always manages to get what he wants.

Hope tells Stefano that she gave it a lot of thought and then realized that whatever is in the box must affect Stefano in some way since both keys have to be used to open it. Bo says they know Stefano and Alice weren't best buddies and doesn't think she would entrust him to an important secret. Stefano mocks their assumptions. Hope believes Stefano wanted it kept secret as much as Alice did and thinks he still does.

Rafe and Carrie talk about birthday parties. Rafe asks Carrie about her favorite birthday party memory. She says she can't tell him because it would sound too superficial now. Rafe convinces her to tell him that it was a princess party with a pony. Carrie mentions it was also the last party that her mom threw for her. Rafe apologizes for not knowing. Carrie talks about it showing that her mom loved her. Rafe thanks her for making him realize that it's all worth it for Sydney.

Jennifer and Abe continue talking as Lexie arrives. Abe is surprised to see her and wonders what she's doing there. Lexie tells them that she got a call from EJ and he wants to know if they will bring Theo over for Sydney's birthday party at the mansion. Lexie talks about knowing they don't want to go over there but feels it's about Theo and Sydney. Lexie doesn't want her feelings about EJ to affect Theo and Sydney's relationship. Jennifer suggests that they go. Abe hesitates but agrees that it could be good for Theo. Lexie remains unsure and worries about EJ trying to pull something while they are there. Jennifer offers to go with them to make sure everything runs smoothly. Lexie decides they better go get ready then.

EJ and Nicole decorate for Sydney's party and place presents all around. Nicole worries about the fallout of going behind Sami's back. EJ stands by the fact that he is Sydney's father. Nicole is excited to see her as she talks about how much she loved spending time with her. Nicole admits she will still always think of her as her own in her heart. EJ laughs with her about their past as Will arrives with Sydney. Sydney runs up and joins EJ and Nicole as Will watches.

Stefano tells Hope and Bo that he has nothing to hide. Hope questions believing him. Stefano says he wouldn't offer to open the box if he had something to hide. Hope thinks Stefano wanted to stop her from opening it. Hope still believes that Stefano is the one who doesn't want it opened. Stefano claims that all he wanted to do was protect her from what Alice didn't have the heart to expose her to. Bo questions Stefano protecting them. Stefano states that he always thinks of Hope's best interests. Hope tells him not to act that way and says she won't fall for his mind games.

Abigail tells Austin about how she started working for Madison. Austin assumes she won't be able to work for him anymore but Abigail assures that it's not it. Abigail brings up that Madison asked her to model but wanted to make sure it was okay with him first. Austin calls it an amazing opportunity for her. Austin asks if she told her parents. Abigail quickly adds that she doesn't need her parents' permission. Austin talks about knowing Abigail since she was a little girl and will always know her as Jack and Jennifer's little girl. Austin talks about it being hard to see her as an adult which disappoints her. Abigail starts to leave but Austin stops her, saying he upset her and knows why.

Rafe and Austin finish fixing up the tiara. Rafe asks Carrie why she and Austin don't have any kids. Carrie says it's by choice as they always wanted kids but their careers got in the way and now the timing isn't right. The phone rings so Rafe answers it and Carrie goes back to her own desk. Rafe hangs up frustrated and tells Carrie that everything is wrong.

Lexie and Abe bring Theo with Jennifer to the DiMera Mansion. Theo goes and sits with Sydney. EJ thanks Lexie for coming. Lexie says she came for Theo and Sydney but not him. Jennifer talks with Abe on the side and informs him that the papers have not been delivered yet. Abe wishes they could tell Lexie about what they are doing. Jennifer worries about him having second thoughts but Abe says he isn't since there are only a few weeks until the election. Abe states that he cannot let EJ have total control of the city and must stop it no matter what it takes.

Hope tells Stefano it's time to go open the box. Stefano thinks she's making a major mistake. Hope tells him to keep his opinions to himself. Hope wonders if what's in the box could be what they need to finally put Stefano away. Stefano laughs it off as Hope tells him to stop hiding behind Alice and own up to what he's done. Stefano warns Hope that she has no idea how many lives could be destroyed by the secrets inside the box.

Kayla prepares the Brady Pub for Sydney's birthday party as Rafe and Carrie arrive dressed in prince and princess costumes. Rafe explains that the people they hired to dress up as the characters canceled on them so they had to do it instead. Kayla goes to get a camera to take pictures as Rafe worries about thousands of pictures being on the internet of them in costume.

Jennifer and Abe greet Will at the DiMera Mansion and are surprised to see him there. Will claims he's just being a go-between for EJ and Sami in their family. Will then reveals to them that he is working for EJ as his campaign intern which shocks Abe and Jennifer. Abe wonders why Will didn't come to him. Abe says he would've made room for Will in a heartbeat. Jennifer wants Will to get out of this. Will thanks them but says he can't since he's committed to EJ and leaving now would be unprofessional.

EJ and Lexie talk as Lexie asks where Stefano is as it isn't like him to miss his grandchildren. EJ talks about how quickly this came together so he wasn't able to make it. Lexie worries that he's up to something.

Bo and Hope ask Stefano what secrets he's talking about. Stefano talks about going to see Alice after she saved EJ's life to express his gratitude. Stefano says he told her he'd do everything in his power to pay her back. They talk about the IOU card. Stefano says he and Alice didn't have much in common but he respected her as she was strong, honorable, and was more clever than he ever imagined.

Abigail asks Austin about knowing why she's upset. Austin understands that she doesn't want to be treated as a kid anymore since she is a grown woman so he apologizes. Abigail accepts his apology as Austin asks more about the modeling. Abigail brings up that it's not a sure thing yet. Abigail says she will be traveling a lot if she gets the job. Abigail talks about going to Europe. Austin comments on Abigail seeing a lot of the world. Abigail tells Austin that she's much more mature than he realizes.

Kayla takes pictures of Carrie and Rafe in costumes. They joke around as Kayla brings up a dance that the characters do. Rafe and Carrie are confused since they don't watch the show. Kayla says it's a ballroom dance. Carrie and Rafe joke around about how they can't dance. Rafe doubts Sydney would expect them to do the dance. Kayla begins showing them how to dance together.

EJ and Nicole talk about Sydney loving being with her family. EJ tells her how his family can proud of his name after he wins the election. EJ wants his kids to have what he didn't have growing up. Nicole believes in him but reminds him that winning the election could cause him to lose his sister. EJ assures her that it won't happen. EJ says Lexie always comes back. EJ goes to get the camera as the doorbell rings so Nicole goes to answer it while Jennifer and Abe exchange looks, wondering if it's the debate questions being delivered.

Stefano tells Hope and Bo that he went to see Alice again a few years after giving her the IOU card. Stefano says he had come across some information on her family and knew it was something Alice would never want anyone to know about so he told her he would keep it a secret as a way to pay back his debt to her but then she told him she had something on him. Stefano thought it was a bluff but it wasn't. Bo asks what she had on him but Stefano reveals that she never told him so he doesn't know. Stefano says they were at a stalemate until she came up with a compromise which is the safe deposit box.

Rafe and Carrie practice their dance at the Pub as Kayla watches while laughing. They finish and Kayla applauds them, calling it perfect. Kayla gets a phone message and has to go because of the babysitter. Kayla encourages them as she heads to the back. Rafe admits to Carrie that it isn't so bad. Carrie agrees and calls Rafe a wonderful dancer. Rafe says he was just trying to keep up with her as she was amazing. Rafe suggests they keep rehearsing and Carrie agrees so Rafe turns the music back on.

Nicole gets the debate questions and slips them into a drawer. Abe and Jennifer talk in private about thinking the questions were just dropped off and Jennifer saw where Nicole put them. Nicole re-enters the room and joins Will and Sydney on the couch. Abe says it's now or never.

Stefano tells Bo and Hope that he and Alice both refused to reveal what they had on each other so she suggested they put them in envelopes and lock them up in the box with an agreement that the box was never opened unless they were both there. Stefano says Alice never found out what he had and he never found out what she had on him. Stefano assumed it was the end of it when Alice passed away but they wouldn't let it go. Stefano says now they will have to face something very real and dangerous for them all.

Rafe and Carrie continue rehearsing their routine and dancing together. Carrie almost falls but Rafe catches her. They agree that they got the routine down.

Nicole gives Sydney a present to open as EJ takes pictures and tells Will to be happy he brought her since it's going so well. Will says if he thinks this is fun, just wait until Sami finds out. Abe goes into the other room and switches the debate questions with the fake ones but EJ spots him and asks what he's doing.

Stefano tells Hope and Bo that he was not bluffing when he said what he had on Alice should never be made public. Stefano suggests they adhere to that advice. Stefano says he's done his part and now they either let it lie or awaken the beast and the choice will be theirs.

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