Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/26/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jack meets Marlena at the Town Square. Jack is uncomfortable about meeting in public. Marlena says they aren't having a session here but she just wanted to ask him about something. Marlena brings up having sessions with military personnel that have been to Iraq. Marlena invites Jack to join one of their group therapy sessions that she is about to have. Jack tells her that he can't do ti.

Abigail meets with Madison at the Town Square. Madison brings up Abigail's writing award and asks her to edit a memo. Abigail wants to know what she meant by being more than an intern. Madison tells her that she has very big plans for her.

Quinn finds Melanie at the spa and wants to talk to her about Abigail. Melanie points out that Abigail hates her now.

John and Brady work at home about campaigns for Basic Black. Brady thinks they need to do something that hasn't been done before. John reminds him that they are starting from scratch and can do more later but Brady thinks he's wrong.

Quinn and Melanie discuss her friendship with Abigail. Quinn thinks Abigail's feelings took over and she regrets it now. Melanie disagrees and says it isn't a big deal. Quinn talks about the mistakes he's made and wants her to fix them before they go too far.

Abigail and Madison go to the spa. Madison tells Abigail they are here to rescue Quinn. Madison wants to talk to Quinn about a new project for Mad World. Quinn comes up to meet with Madison. He sends Abigail to the treatment room where Melanie is so that they can talk. Quinn tells Madison that he's using his powers for good.

Jack tells Marlena that group therapy won't work. Jack points out that he wasn't in the military and thinks it'd be an insult to pretend that he went through anything like that. Marlena tells him that they already said it's okay. Jack agrees to meet with their regular session next week. Marlena accuses him of running away again.

John tells Brady to always say what he really feels. Brady talks about needing customers and investors. John doesn't want Basic Black to come off panicked. They argue about it until Brady decides changing the subject would be better. Brady tells John that they can't work on any ad campaign until they can decide whether or not they can work together.

Abigail goes into the treatment room and finds Melanie inside which makes them uncomfortable.

John tells Brady he's flipping out over one disagreement. Brady thinks they just need to talk on how this is going to work. John says he's not saying no to Brady's idea but not yet. Brady thinks they need to make decisive moves now or else there won't be a deal.

Abigail tells Melanie that Quinn set her up by not telling her that she was in there. Melanie tells her she's sorry. Abigail assumes she doesn't want to see her but Melanie doesn't think so.

Madison talks to Quinn about drawing in a young crowd to the spa. Madison thinks Quinn using Countess Wilhelmina's products screams middle age. Madison wants to use his spa for a national campaign with Mad World. Quinn thinks Kate is already doing that but Madison points out that her campaign will be successful. Madison says this is Quinn's opportunity to make his spa national. Madison calls it the opportunity of a lifetime and asks him when they will start.

Jack and Marlena go to the group therapy. Jack stops before they enter and doesn't think he can do this. Marlena reminds him that he's one of the bravest people she knows after what he's going through. Jack says he wants to do this but isn't sure that he can. Marlena talks about the military guys going through similar things and helping each other to survive. Jack agrees to do it for Abigail and JJ so they can go in together. Marlena introduces Jack to the four military personnel inside.

John talks to Brady about being partners. Brady talks about how strongly he feels about this. They argue about working together and about ad campaigns. John tells Brady that he thinks they are both acting like jerks and they laugh about it together.

Jack meets the four military soldiers in Marlena's session. One of the men, Mike, tells Jack that he's not a fan of journalists. Jack tells his story about being in Afghanistan. Jack then goes into being kidnapped and held in a cave for a year. Jack relates to the soldiers about not feeling at home.

John and Brady agree that their problem is they are too alike. John suggests coming up with something to compromise.

Melanie compliments Abigail on getting her internship. Abigail thanks her and goes to leave but Quinn comes in with Madison and calls it progress. Quinn introduces Madison and Melanie. Madison wants to do a campaign featuring Melanie and Abigail. Madison wants them to be the model faces of a new line. Madison compares it to Kate's campaign. Madison says she wants to feature real friends. Quinn brings up the problem in that. Madison says she can't use either one of them if they aren't getting along.

A woman named Leslie talks during Marlena's session about what she remembers most. Jack calls it amazing as she talks about losing a leg and most of her vision. Another of the guys, Paco, tells Leslie that she inspired him to enlist. Paco tells his story about seeing a friend die but thinking about going back. The other guy, Robert, talks about wanting to go back but has a blood clot. Paco talks about still hearing the gunfire in his sleep and his struggle to talk about it. A marine woman named Pat arrives and joins the session. Marlena introduces her to Jack and suggests Jack tell her his story as Mike points out that Pat is a good listener.

Brady and John discuss ideas. John says Brady can work the internet while he sticks to more traditional formats. They agree that they've come up with a compromise and Black is back.

Madison starts to leave but Abigail stops her. Madison says they can't have a campaign on friends without friends. Melanie and Abigail admit that they are both interested. Quinn says their only problem is they can't stand each other unless they can work things out.

Leslie talks in the group therapy about overcoming her shortcomings and inspiring others. Pat talks about her three year old son being what keeps her going. Mike talks about being able to talk here but no where else. Paco talks about holding his friend when he died. Jack continues listening to each person's story.

Quinn steps out of the room while Madison talks to Abigail and Melanie about the ad campaign needing to be authentic so they would have to patch things up for real. Madison says she will need an answer soon so they can let her know as she then exits the room. Madison rejoins Quinn and asks about her offer. Quinn says he has to think about it more because he'd be breaking his agreement with Kate. Madison reminds him that she's offering national exposure and promises to make him rich.

Melanie and Abigail sit together as Melanie tells Abigail about Daniel leaving town which surprises her. Abigail tells her she's sorry since she knew how close they were. Melanie figures Daniel just needed time to get away from everything. Abigail says Melanie should've called but understands why she didn't. Melanie gets why Abigail was upset at her but it hurt her feelings that she didn't listen to her when she said their friendship meant more than any guy. Abigail tells her that she was listening and believed her but she's admitting she cares about Chad. Abigail asks if she wants to be with Chad. Melanie looks away and Abigail says that's what she thought and so they are right back to where they started.

Marlena brings up that Jack hasn't said much. Jack doesn't know what to say after the others stories. Mike and Paco tell Jack about thousands of people going through the same things. Jack swears to never feel sorry for himself again. Paco asks Jack what it was like in the cave for a year. Leslie encourages him to tell them what happened in the cave. Jack recalls not knowing what day it was and feeling like he'd go crazy. Jack talks about being beaten and tortured as he has flashbacks to the experience. Jack talks about wishing to get home and then one day they killed one of his friends that was held there. Jack states that he feels like he's still back in the cave. Jack talks about getting back and thinking he could just pick up where he left off but it didn't work out that way. Jack talks about scaring Jennifer and how he kept freaking out. Jack says a huge part of him is still back in Afghanistan in a cave. Jack talks about wanting to be a good dad to his kids and a man whose wife wants to be with him. Jack declares that he wants to be whole again. Marlena thanks him and finishes the session. She thanks them all for coming since she knows it's not easy. Marlena says the session reminded her of what a World War II veteran said to her once and that's that for those who were there, there's no explanation necessary and for those who weren't, there's no explanation possible. Marlena hopes they all come back and tells them to stay safe. Paco tells Jack that everything will be alright as he says goodbye. Mike and Robert shake hands with Jack and say the same. Pat gives Jack a hug and Leslie hugs him and thanks him for sharing his story as they exit. Marlena hugs Jack as he thanks her. Marlena tells him that he did really good.

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