Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/25/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/25/12


Written By Joseph
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Gabi and Chad get prepared for their modeling. Kate enters and introduces them to the photographer, Alexander. Kate compliments Gabi and Chad on their look. Kate credits Sami and says this campaign will be so successful.

Austin and Carrie walk through the town square talking about where they will go on their date. Carrie brings up a restaurant so Austin says he'll make the reservation. They kiss and Carrie then exits. Abigail arrives and greets Austin. Austin invites her to have a cup of coffee.

Will arrives at the Brady Pub and meets with Marlena for lunch. Marlena agrees not to lecture him about EJ or Sami. Marlena tells Will that she could never love him more than she does.

Victor and Maggie sit at home and eat muffins that Maggie made. They talk and then kiss. Brady enters and talks about enjoying Maggie's cooking as well. Brady talks about how things are going well with Basic Black and John. Victor brings up wanting Madison to start as CEO as soon as possible. Brady tells him that he hasn't heard her decision. Victor hopes Madison will realize the good opportunity.

Madison walks through the town square talking on her phone. Madison says Titan is a major company and then says if that's what they think she should do, consider it done.

Rafe returns home as he forgot his phone. Rafe asks Sami why he isn't at the photo shoot with Kate. Sami says she's going but is glad Rafe came back because she's not glad with the way they left things. Rafe is unhappy about her and Madison pulling corporate espionage on Kate. Rafe warns Sami not to mess with the DiMeras. Rafe goes to leave but Sami says she can't concentrate when they are fighting so she wants to find a way to make it right. Sami understands that Rafe doesn't love what she's doing but feels Rafe has to agree they need the money. Rafe feels Sami wouldn't be doing this if he still had a regular paycheck. Sami states that she loves what she is doing and credits Madison for giving her the opportunity. Rafe still doesn't like that Sami lied to him. Sami apologizes for not being perfect. Rafe doesn't think this is helping. Sami says she's not perfect like he is. Sami goes on about everything she's doing to keep things going. Rafe apologizes for not having a steady paycheck. Rafe tells Sami that if she wants to make things right then she should walk away from the job but Sami says she can't. Rafe tells her to agree to disagree. Sami wants him to understand but Rafe doesn't and he walks out.

Will tells Marlena that he's glad he won't have to defend working for EJ anymore. Marlena tells him that it's his choice. Marlena talks to Will about being happy and believing in himself so that no one can shame him for any reason.

Madison goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Madison joins Brady while Victor hopes they can convince her that she has the opportunity of a lifetime. Madison knows Victor is anxious to hear her decision and tells him that she's made one. Madison credits Victor and Brady for the success of Titan. Madison says Mad World is a hot ticket but knows Titan is in another league. Victor and Brady both believe that she is up for the challenge. Madison likes their support and says she's honored to have been asked but she turns down the offer which surprises Victor, Brady, and Maggie.

Will tells Marlena that he's fine with his choices and has done nothing wrong while he has plenty of reasons to be mad at Sami. Marlena talks about not talking about them as Sonny arrives. Sonny says he saw them through the window and wanted to say hi. Marlena congratulates Sonny on the new coffee house as he talks about getting an investor. Sonny says he's going to meet with Dustin and Kareem later about possible logos and invites Will to join them. Sonny shows Marlena the logo and she calls it interesting. Sonny asks Will but he says he's busy and can't. Sonny worries if everything is alright. Will asks for a moment alone with Sonny so they step aside. Will reminds Sonny of his working for EJ so he's too busy with that and school. Sonny wants to do it next week but Will says the election is coming up. Sonny suggests the next week. Will says he loves what he's doing but doesn't want him to wait for him. Will tells him to go ahead and meet his friends. Sonny then worries that Will doesn't like his friends.

Victor talks with Madison about not being turned down. Victor thinks Madison is making a bad choice. Madison says she's taking other advice just from herself and reiterates that her answer is no.

Gabi and Chad talk about modeling. Chad admits he isn't crazy about this but likes the money. Gabi thanks him for doing it for her. Chad tells Gabi that Will is a jerk and an idiot because she's hot. Sami arrives and tells Gabi that she looks amazing. Kate thanks her for getting the best people. Chad and Gabi then begin their photo shoot.

Carrie finishes a phone call at her office about work as Rafe arrives. Rafe says he could use some good news so Carrie says she will make his day.

Will doesn't know why Sonny is making a big deal that he doesn't have time. Sonny says they are all busy and thought it would be good if he helped with his opinion. Sonny understands that Will is too busy and suggests to call him when he isn't. Sonny apologizes for pressuring Will about anything and then exits. Will returns to Marlena and apologizes for that. Will assures her that everything is alright and good.

Austin and Abigail sit together at the town square. Austin apologizes for canceling their dinner last night. Austin tells Abigail that he canceled because he thought Carrie would be free but she wasn't. Abigail tells Austin to call her next time so he agrees to do so.

Carrie talks to Rafe about his friend's arson case she was working. Carrie tells him of her new lead and Rafe thinks it's huge. Carrie says she put a call into the DA's office. Rafe doesn't know how to thank her. Carrie says she still has to clear the kid and mentions that Rafe was the one that believed in him. Carrie asks Rafe if something else is going on but he says no.

Gabi and Chad continue their photo shoot.

Maggie and Victor step aside as Brady sits with Madison. Brady thought she was leaning towards Titan and wants to make sure she won't regret this. Madison insists that she has made up her mind. Victor says he can't believe this. Maggie points out that this doesn't change how they feel about Madison and that she's always welcome there. Madison thanks Victor for the offer and faith in her. Victor exits to go try and find a new CEO of Titan. Madison suggests leaving but Brady wants to know why she turned down the offer. Brady wants her to tell him what's really going on.

Austin tells Abigail he got her message earlier. Abigail says she had good news and wanted to tell everyone that she got the internship at Mad World. Austin calls it terrific. Abigail can't believe Madison is letting her work for her. Austin says he's happy for her and hugs her. Austin wants to celebrate and feels bad for canceling dinner. Austin suggests brunch at Chet Rouge. Abigail agrees and Austin starts to leave but Abigail stops him and reminds him that they are only open for dinner on weeknights. Abigail suggests just having breakfast now so Austin goes to get her a muffin.

Rafe tells Carrie nothing is going on. Carrie thinks Rafe seems stressed. Rafe says being at work is a good distraction since he likes dealing with other problems instead of his own. Carrie calls it a good escape. Carrie shows Rafe a picture of the guy in their arson case. Rafe sees it matches the description. Rafe suggests going to see the DA and Carrie likes the idea. They get close while putting their jackets on and then exit.

Gabi and Chad continue their photo shoot and finish up. Kate, Sami and the photographers applaud them on a good job. Sami and Kate compliment them on everything. Kate thinks they have a gold mine in them. Sami feels they were like pros. Kate talks about taking a leap of faith by hiring Sami but she's really happy that she did since she's working out even better than she thought.

Brady doesn't think Madison just doesn't want the job. Brady talks about understanding she wants to stay at Mad World and brings up what she's doing with Sami. Brady says he still doesn't understand her strategy. Brady brings up all the power and control she could have had at Titan. Madison says her instincts haven't failed her yet. Brady still doesn't think it makes sense. Madison states that she just knows. Madison asks if he can live with it. Brady guesses he doesn't have much of a choice since it's her life. Madison says she could never thank him enough for pushing her to ask questions and for wanting the best for her. Madison tells him how much his support means to her then kisses him and hugs him.

Marlena and Will continue eating at the Pub. Marlena brings up it being nice that Sonny wanted Will's advice on his project. Will continues to say he doesn't have time with school and the campaign. Marlena worries about him not having time for his friends. Will wants her to let it go. Marlena wonders about Will shutting down Sonny. Will says Sonny was trying to make him do something he didn't want to do so he wants to drop it but Marlena says they cant.

Abigail tells Austin that they are going to spend a lot of time together this semester. Austin says he loves spending time with her which makes her happy as she tells him the same.

Carrie and Rafe return to their office. They talk about having a successful meeting with the DA. Rafe tells Carrie that he trusts her. Carrie says the case is up to the DA now. Rafe calls himself lucky to be working with her. Rafe hopes they get some new clients. Carrie says she called business today looking for work and hopes they can get some cases to solve. Rafe tells Carrie that she will then be a genius.

Madison and Brady walk through the town square talking about what she and Sami are doing. Brady worries about them ending up in trouble. Madison insists they are being careful and doesn't want Brady to be mad at her. Brady assures her that he isn't and kisses her then goes to get them food. While he's gone, Madison calls Sami and asks how it's going. Sami tells her about the photo shoot and says it went well. Sami admits she thinks the photos are incredible. Madison points out that it wasn't the plan. Sami thinks Gabi and Chad were more natural at it than she thought. Madison tells her to do something about it. Sami wonders what she is supposed to do since the photo shoot is over. Kate walks up behind Sami and asks what's going on and who she is talking to.

Will tells Marlena he has to go. Marlena reminds him that she loves him and wants to help when she sees him struggling in pain. Will insists that he isn't struggling or in pain but is just busy and will be fine. Marlena thinks Will could use someone to talk to and reminds him that she's here any time. Will tells her he appreciates it more than she knows. Marlena wants to talk but Will says he has to go and exits. As Will is leaving, Gabi and Chad arrive and he just walks past them and leaves.

Sami talks to Kate about her phone call just being about the photo shoot. Kate says she never imagined Gabi and Chad as models would turn out this good. Kate looks at the photos and says when Madison sees them, she won't know what hit her.

Victor sits with Maggie and wonders how Madison could turn down the job. Maggie says Madison has her reasons and doesn't have to share them. Victor still questions how she could say no. Maggie suggests that Madison is happy running her smaller business. Victor says he chose her because he saw that she wanted this but then she did a total 180. Victor believes something else is going on.

Brady returns to Madison with coffee and asks her what's wrong. Madison says she just has a lot going on. Brady points out it never stopped her before. She thanks him for having faith in her and then they kiss. Brady asks Madison what she isn't telling him.

Rafe and Carrie look on the computer as the phone rings. Rafe answers and it's Sami. Sami asks if he's busy. Rafe says they are. Sami tells him she can't stop thinking about their argument and wonders if he's still mad at her. Rafe tells her that she knows how feels and they are waiting for a call from the DA so they can't talk now and he hangs up. Carrie asks Rafe about fighting with Sami but the phone rings again. Rafe answers and then finishes the call looking happy. Rafe informs Carrie that they dropped the arson charges. Carrie runs up and hugs Rafe in excitement.

Marlena approaches Gabi and Chad. Chad asks if Will is okay. Gabi comments that Will didn't even look at her when she came in. Marlena states Will has a lot going on but she will make sure he's fine.

Will walks to the town square then stops and thinks about Sonny's offer to help with the coffee house.

Maggie thinks Victor's offer to Madison was personal. Victor doesn't know why Madison wouldn't want the challenge. Maggie thinks Madison being in love with Brady means she wants to spend more time with him and not less due to work. Maggie thinks it could be good for Madison.

Madison tells Brady that she cares about him a lot and that's all that's going on. Brady kisses her and tells her that he's behind her no matter what. Madison thanks him as they agree to see each other later and then kiss one more time before Brady exits. After Brady leaves, Madison pulls out her phone again and makes a call. Madison says she turned down Victor like they asked. Madison says it wasn't easy and she feels like she just gave up the biggest opportunity of her life. Madison tells them that she is trusting them.

Sami looks at the photos of Gabi and Chad on the laptop and almost deletes them but Kate returns and takes it from her to continue working.

Rafe and Carrie talk about the good news and then go back to their desks as Carrie prepares to make more calls and Rafe says goodbye as he exits.

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