Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/24/12


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Bo joins Hope at the Brady Pub. Bo talks to Hope about hoping she worked out her frustrations at the shooting range. Hope says she was seeing if she still had the nerve. Doug and Julie arrive to join them as Hope tells them to get ready to hear what happened yesterday with Stefano.

Austin and Carrie kiss at their hotel room after saying it's been too long since they've seen each other like this.

Sami kisses Rafe at home. Sami then confesses to Rafe that she never really left Mad World and has been a spy on Kate. Rafe responds that he hates it.

Will goes to the DiMera mansion and leaves an envelope for EJ. Will goes to leave but Nicole stops him. Nicole feels Will has been avoiding her ever since she said she needed his help. Will claims he's just been busy. Nicole invites Will back in and suggests he makes time for her.

EJ sits at the Town Square as he sees Lexie arrive. EJ greets her so she tries to keep on walking but EJ stops her and wants to talk about the campaign. Lexie believes there is nothing to discuss. EJ talks about understanding her support for Abe. EJ says things will be different after the election but some things don't change like them being family but Lexie tells him to think again.

Abe goes to Jennifer's as she tells him she wanted to discuss something with him. Jennifer asks if he meant it when he said he wanted to play hard ball and fight fire with fire. Abe says he's ready. Jennifer tells him that EJ is doing exactly what they expected by getting the debate questions in advance. Jennifer states that they will not let him because she has a way to stop EJ that he will never see coming.

Sami questions Rafe hating the idea. Rafe says they renewed their vows and promised to be open and honest with each other but now it turns out they have been living a lie.

Austin and Carrie continue kissing. Austin starts to undress her but she reminds him that they both have a busy day ahead at work.

Hope tells Doug and Julie about Stefano sharing the safe deposit box with Alice. Hope explains why she wasn't ready to open it yet. Julie believes Hope hasn't lost her nerve but is just being careful like she has to be with Stefano. Hope worries about what is in the box that Alice and Stefano wanted to keep secret.

EJ asks Lexie if they can have an honest conversation between just the two of them. Lexie doesn't think EJ is honest. EJ admits he was waiting for her here so they could talk. EJ wants to bridge the gap between them. Lexie calls him smug and thinks EJ is assuming she's just going to forgive him. EJ brings up that she came over on Christmas because they are family. Lexie says her real family is Abe and Theo because it's about love and trust. EJ says he and Stefano feel the same way but Lexie disagrees. EJ states that he's trying to change. Lexie tells him that he will never become the kind of man that Abe is, who has ethics and morals while she says EJ doesn't know the meaning of those words.

Jennifer talks to Abe about how she found out about EJ trying to get the debate questions. Abe asks what she wants to do with the information. Jennifer wants to beat EJ at his own game and get the questions in advance for them instead. Jennifer says Abe just has to say yes. Abe questions it coming to this. Jennifer reminds him that he said he had to get his hands dirty. Abe thought it meant getting aggressive not cheating. Jennifer points out that EJ is already cheating and they don't know what else EJ is planning. Abe tells her she's right and admits exposing EJ's schemes will just lead to him trying to cover it up like he always does. They sit down and Abe talks about running for another term and never thought he'd resort to tactics like this. Jennifer brings up that he never thought he'd be running against EJ either. Abe says he knows how much damage EJ would do to the city he loves if he were mayor. Abe then agrees to let Jennifer call her source to get the questions. Abe then tells her that Lexie can't know what they are doing so Jennifer agrees to keep it between them.

EJ tells Lexie that she can compare him and Abe but can't choose her family. Lexie accuses him of crossing the line by undermining Abe. Lexie feels that EJ made her choose and she chooses Abe because he's everything EJ isn't and then she storms off.

Nicole tells Will that she has a few things she wants to get straight and make sure they are on the same page. Will points out that she's running the campaign while he's just an intern so he doesn't know what she wants with him. Nicole informs Will that she knows he stole Abe's job plan from his computer. Nicole tells Will that they need to make sure that EJ wins the campaign. Nicole tells Will to check in with her before every assignment he takes. Will asks if she's asking him to be her spy and she tells him that he catches on fast.

Carrie apologizes to Austin but says they are running late. Austin says he gets it but misses her. Carrie says it's crazy how busy they are. Austin thinks they need to make time for each other or no one else will. Austin tells her it's time they make a date to spend time.

Rafe gets upset at Sami for what she's doing to Kate. Sami thinks it's okay because it's to Kate. Sami wants Rafe to see her side. Rafe doesn't know why she did it in the first place. Sami says Madison told her to and she feels that she's doing well at it. Rafe calls it deceit and betrayal. Sami compares it to a police officer going undercover but Rafe doesn't see it that way. Rafe remarks that this sounds like something EJ would do and not Sami.

Hope gets up to get a drink as Julie comments that Stefano is getting what he wants by making Hope worry. Bo talks about how Hope will do anything to protect her family and Alice's memory so he knows she will find the right way to solve the mystery.

Carrie sits with Austin and goes over their work schedules and how they are busy all week. Austin calls it crazy and mentions how Carrie and Rafe's business doesn't have much business yet so he thinks her schedule might be more flexible. Carrie takes it as Austin blaming her. Austin thinks it shouldn't be this difficult to make some time for each other.

Sami questions Rafe comparing her to EJ and calls it hurtful. Rafe says he's trying to get her to wake up. Rafe can't believe that she's convinced herself that what she's doing is okay or good. Sami tells him that he can disagree with her but he can't condescend her because she's bringing in a paycheck to support the family. Sami tells Rafe that he can't question her doing what her boss tells her. Rafe responds that he doesn't think Madison thinks she actually has to do it and thinks Sami is coming up with reasons. Sami yells back that Rafe is wrong. Rafe brings up finding candy wrappers in Johnny's bed and how he blamed it on Allie. Rafe compares it to Sami lying and wonder how she would explain it to her kids.

Will tells Nicole that he's not comfortable with this conversation because EJ is his boss so he suggests that Nicole talk to EJ about this. Nicole brings up that they are his campaign team. Nicole says she just wants Will to let her know what's going on in the campaign. Nicole offers to help him feel less uncomfortable by handing him a deposit slip of money she transferred to his account. Nicole says there will be more if she can count on him as EJ comes home.

Jennifer says again to Abe that she hates to resort to this but feels EJ is forcing them. Jennifer tells him that she will get the questions and they will go over them to practice and be prepared. Abe stops her and says that won't be enough to level the playing field. Abe states he wants an advantage over EJ the same way EJ wanted one over him. Jennifer doesn't know what else to do but Abe has an idea. Abe says having the right questions is one thing but wants to arrange to have EJ get the wrong questions. Jennifer likes the idea as Abe feels this could decide the whole election. Abe is unsure how to make it happen but Jennifer decides to see if her source can do more for them. She asks Abe if he's sure about this. Abe responds that he just can't wait for the election to be over.

EJ comes into the living room where Nicole and Will are. Nicole says she was just giving Will a few things to handle. EJ kisses her and says he's glad she is sharing the responsibilities. Will claims it's nothing important just deliveries.

Doug brings up that he and Julie took a closer look at Alice's bank statements and they came up with something incredible. Julie and Doug show that all the transfers ended up at the same bank in Africa. Hope wonders if the safe deposit box is tied to this. Doug and Julie say they wondered the same thing and the only way to find out is to get on a plane and go there.

Sami asks Rafe if he's seriously bringing up the kids. Sami calls their situation completely different but Rafe doesn't think so. Sami doesn't understand why they are fighting about this and thought that he liked that she was crazy and unpredictable. Rafe states that is the Sami he loves and will never stop loving. Sami says he could have fooled her. Rafe tells her that he's trying to be honest and apologizes for not congratulating her on being a corporate spy. Sami thinks he's overreacting. Rafe points out that what she's doing is not legal. Rafe apologizes for worrying about her. Rafe reminds her that Kate is a DiMera and worries what she will do when she finds out. Sami claims that she already has an exit strategy. Rafe doesn't think Kate will be okay with it. Rafe says taking a job means the team comes first. Sami questions if Rafe is saying Carrie comes first for him now.

Carrie tells Austin that she hates that they can't find time to be alone. Austin tells her that he sat in a restaurant alone last night waiting for her. Carrie apologizes for it. Austin says he made other plans but blows it off as nothing. Austin felt stood up two times. Carrie explains that she's trying to get a business running so they can stay in Salem so she didn't think dinner was that important. Austin then asks her if they are important. Carrie assures him that they are which is why she's trying to figure out a date that works for both of them. Austin talks about how before they couldn't wait to see each other at the end of their days and how they always seemed to find time for each other then so he wonders why they can't now.

Hope thanks Julie for being willing to go to Africa to look into this. Julie says they want to get to the bottom of this and they will enjoy Africa while they are there. Hope admits she's afraid of what they might find since Stefano was implying that Alice was involved in something terrible. Julie tells her not to think like that since Alice was incorruptible. Alice tells Hope to know and remember that. Hope knows but feels it's hard. Doug adds that Stefano is making it hard because that's what he does to protect himself. Bo agrees as Doug and Julie decide to go get ready. Doug and Julie hug Bo and Hope and then exit the Pub. Bo asks Hope if she's feeling better. Hope calls it amazing that they are doing this. Hope says they won't sit around and let Stefano call the shots. Hope wants to take the fight to Stefano.

Jennifer finishes a phone call and informs Abe that her contact is willing to get them the questions but not get EJ the wrong questions as he feels it's too dangerous to cross a DiMera. Abe says they will find a way to figure this out themselves. Abe reminds her that they have to keep this quiet because the fallout could be catastrophic. Lexie then arrives and asks what fallout he is talking about.

EJ talks with Nicole in private about their project to get the debate questions. Nicole tells EJ that it's a lock and the questions will be delivered in a few hours. EJ kisses Nicole and then she exits to take care of some things. EJ shuts the door behind her to talk to Will. EJ asks if he has anything to report. Will says no except that he won't have any problem filling his car with gas with a load of cash. EJ asks if it went like he thought it would. Will informs EJ that it did and shows him the deposit slip Nicole gave him so EJ knew about Nicole's plan. Will calls it kind of exciting as he had never been bribed before. EJ laughs and pats him on the shoulder.

Abe tells Lexie that he and Jennifer were talking about the fallout of losing the debate. Abe says a bad performance could make the difference of winning or losing. Lexie asks if he's worried about losing. Abe doesn't know what EJ will do next. Lexie encourages him that everyone will see the difference between the two candidates. Lexie calls him the best man she's ever met and hugs him.

Will asks EJ how he knew that Nicole would ask him to work for her. EJ talks to him about women being straightforward with what they want. EJ thinks it's Nicole showing she cares and he loves her for it.

Austin gets an e-mail that his faculty meeting for Thursday is canceled. They are excited to both have a day free and they agree to a romantic date on Thursday night.

Rafe tells Sami that she and the kids come first for him. Rafe thinks Sami has a problem with him working with Carrie after all after he thought she understood. Rafe tells her that he didn't take the job to hurt her but to put food on their table. Sami claims that's the same thing she is doing. Rafe questions Sami not seeing any difference. Sami admits that she doesn't so Rafe takes his things and goes to work. Sami shuts the door behind him and starts to cry.

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