Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/23/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/23/12


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Brady and Quinn practice martial arts at the spa. Quinn instructs Brady to learn how to channel his anger. Brady tells him that he isn't angry but frustrated because John can't get any funding to rebuild his company. Quinn says he knows about rebuilding reputations. Brady points out the differences between the two. Brady then admits he's a little angry at Quinn still because of Chloe ending up in the hospital. Quinn takes responsibility and says he'll be sorry for the rest of his life for what he did.

Abigail meets with Madison about the internship at Mad World. Madison is concerned that Abigail has too much going on as it is. Abigail believes she can multi-task and asks Madison to give her a chance.

Chad meets with Gabi at Kate's office. Gabi informs Chad that Kate is offering them jobs as models which surprises him. Kate comes in and tells them that she wants them to be the new faces of Countess Wilhelmina.

Quinn and Will sit with two gay guys that Sonny has working on the coffee shop named Dustin and Kareem. They make mention of a gay club and invite Will to come.

Daniel talks with Maggie and Melanie at the Kiriakis Mansion about preparing to leave town. Melanie is still upset so Daniel reminds her that she can always call him. Melanie worries about going to the hospital and Daniel not being there as Jennifer arrives, shocked to learn that Daniel is leaving today.

Hope asks Stefano why he had a safe deposit box with Alice. Stefano claims to not know anything about it. Bo tells Stefano that they had someone call Stefano about the box and it proved they were right. Hope wants him to tell them the truth and asks what he and Alice were hiding.

Quinn tells Brady that he understand he's upset. Quinn informs him that he's been seeing Marlena for therapy on how to get his life back on track. Quinn states that he's trying to change. Brady admits he shouldn't judge and wishes him luck. Quinn hoped they were past their problems. Brady apologizes for his anger flaring up. Brady informs Quinn that he talked to Chloe so he knows that he sent her an apology letter. Brady mentions that Chloe told him Quinn helped her opening night and he heard from Melanie that Quinn helped Carly in the past too. Brady tells Quinn that he will give him a second chance and they shake hands. Quinn hopes the rest of Salem can do that as well.

Madison compliments Abigail on her drive and welcomes her to Mad World. Abigail promises to be the best intern. Madison instead wants to offer her something more. Madison tells her to show up tomorrow and see the big plans that she has in store for her.

Maggie takes Melanie and Victor out of the room so that Daniel can talk with Jennifer. Daniel explains that he asked Jennifer to meet him to say goodbye. Jennifer thought Daniel would stay for Maggie and Melanie. Jennifer asks if he's really doing this. Jennifer wants to know how long he'll be gone or where he'll go. Daniel suggests starting in Australia and says he'll be gone as long as it takes to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life since he can't be a surgeon anymore. Jennifer thinks he could do that here but Daniel says not with everyone giving him the same look. Daniel admits he has too many painful memories in Salem. Jennifer blames herself for Daniel leaving.

Stefano tells Bo and Hope that they will never outsmart him. Bo and Hope continue to want answers. Stefano admits that he shares the box with Alice but it cannot be opened without both keys. Hope then shows Stefano the key from Alice. Stefano talks about his secrets with Alice. Bo asks if he's going to show them the box or not. Stefano figures there's no reason to keep them in the dark any longer and invites them to come along so they follow him out of the Town Square.

Chad thanks Kate for the offer but says he is not a model and has zero interest in being one. Kate tells Chad how good of a model he was and Gabi compliments him. Chad continues to decline as Gabi and Kate try to convince him. Chad wonders why Kate is pushing so hard. Kate claims she isn't but Chad believes Kate doesn't do anything unless something is in it for her. Chad accuses Kate of just trying to get him back under Stefano.

Will tells Dustin and Kareem that he has other plans so he can't go to the club. They get up to get drinks as Sonny asks Will what he thinks about Dustin. Will says he seems like a good guy and then questions if Sonny is asking if he's interested in him. Sonny clarifies that he's interested in Dustin and jokes with Will about putting in a good word for him.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she feels like he's leaving Maggie and Melanie because of her and she doesn't want him to do that. Daniel talks about how his life was a disaster before she came into it. Daniel tells Jennifer that he will never regret falling in love with her and their time together will always make him smile. Jennifer hugs Daniel as she holds back tears.

Brady joins Madison at the Town Square. Brady sits with her and asks if she's going to become CEO of Titan. Madison is still thinking it over as she has a lot going on at Mad World. Brady asks her about it but realizes Madison isn't going to tell him. Madison tells Brady that she has been keeping a secret from him and thinks it's time to come clean.

Jennifer leaves and Victor comes back in as Daniel asked to talk with him. Daniel thanks Victor for looking out for him for the last few years. Daniel gives Victor the pocket-watch that his dad gave him when Victor became his godfather. Daniel talks about losing his parents and then Rebecca, he traveled the world because no place felt like home but this place feels like home and Victor made him feel like he had a home. Daniel thanks Victor for it. Victor understands Daniel's need to take off but reminds him that the point of an odyssey is to end up back home.

Kate talks about how Chad believes in DiMera conspiracy theories. Kate tells Chad that she's not doing this for Stefano but to promote her company and she thinks they are perfect for it. Chad doesn't believe that Kate doesn't have ulterior motives but still insists that he doesn't want the job. Kate accepts his rejection and then says she will have to find a different couple. Kate informs them that if Chad does not accept the job then Gabi loses hers too.

Madison makes Brady swear not to say anything about her secret. Madison informs Brady that Sami never quit and is still working for her. Madison explains how they staged arguments for Kate. Madison talks about never underestimating Kate so she had Sami give false information to Kate. Brady thinks Madison sunk to Kate's level and did something unethical. Madison believes she was just protecting her company but Brady is unhappy that she lied to him.

Hope and Bo wait for Stefano to open the safe deposit box at the bank. Hope worries about Stefano being up to something. Bo wonders what's in the box. Hope wants to know why Alice had secrets with Stefano and doesn't have a good feeling about it. Bo calms her down and reminds her that they are doing it together. Hope mentions that it's Alice's birthday today and considers it a sign that today will be a big day for them. Stefano returns to them with the safe deposit box and asks if they want to see what's inside.

Abigail runs into Quinn at the Town Square. Abigail informs Quinn about her new internship at Mad World Cosmetics. Abigail's phone dies so Quinn invites her in to use the spa phone. Abigail wants to make sure Melanie isn't working there because she doesn't want to see her. Quinn brings up their problems and offers to listen to Abigail talk about it.

Gabi asks Kate for a moment alone with Chad so she exits. Gabi tries to convince Chad more. Chad thinks Kate is using Gabi to get to him. Chad thinks Kate is just trying to get him back in with Stefano. Gabi begins to question why she thought she could be a model. Chad tries to make her feel better and tells her that she's beautiful. Gabi doesn't believe that and blames herself for the breakup with Will. Gabi thought being a model could show Will that he was wrong about her.

Dustin tells Sonny, Kareem, and Will about the time he came out to his parents that he was gay. Dustin says his parents were great and Sonny says the same about his parents. Dustin then asks Will what happened when he came out to his parents.

Madison asks Brady why he's mad at her. Brady doesn't like that she lied to him and put Sami in that position. Brady brings up the bad history between Kate and Sami. Brady informs Madison that Kate once framed Sami of murder so he can't believe she sent Sami to Kate. Madison insists that they are being careful. Brady doesn't like that she's playing games with the DiMeras. Madison admits she had no idea about the war between the families. Brady can't believe that she did this. Madison tells Brady that he has no idea how personal this is for her.

Victor and Daniel toast to odysseys as Victor makes it known that he will look out for Maggie and Melanie while Daniel is gone. Daniel wishes he would have found out sooner that Maggie was his mother so that they would have had more time to bond. Victor tells Daniel that there's something he has been meaning to tell him something about that. Victor then states that he knew. Daniel asks what Victor knew. Victor claims that he just meant he knew Daniel leaving would devastate Maggie since she loves him. Daniel points out that it won't be forever and he's sure that he will be back. Maggie, Melanie, and Jennifer return to the room so Victor goes to get the car ready. Maggie talks about not wanting to say goodbye. Maggie says she knows why he's going and knows he'll be back. Maggie gives Daniel a compass that belonged to her father and he hopes he can think of her while he's gone by looking at it. Maggie hopes it will lead him back to them. Daniel assures her that he will stay in touch. Maggie cries as Daniel hugs her.

Brady asks Madison what exactly she has against Kate. Madison points out that they have crossed paths before and Kate probably doesn't remember it. Madison says Mad World is everything to her so she is ensuring it's survival. Madison admits she should've told Brady what they were doing but she's being honest now. Madison wants Brady to not be mad and forgive her.

Hope inserts Alice's key into the safe deposit box. Stefano says before they open it, they should ask themselves a question. Stefano asks them why Alice went through so much trouble to keep it hidden if she wanted them to know what's in. Stefano suggests that Alice was trying to protect them or someone they love. Bo tells him to stop stalling so Stefano inserts his key. Stefano comments that it looks like they are opening Pandora's Box and then asks if they are sure they want to do that.

Gabi remains upset about not being a model. Chad talks about first meeting Gabi. Chad tells her that she's beautiful inside and out which is why Kate picked her. Gabi thanks him and tells him that it means a lot to her.

Dustin continues to ask Will about coming out so Sonny tries to keep talking and then Dustin gets a call so he exits with Kareem. Sonny apologizes to Will about the questions so Will says it's no big deal because they just assumed he was gay.

Melanie begins her goodbye to Daniel. Daniel promises her that she will never lose him. Melanie cries and hugs him as Maggie and Jennifer hold back tears.

Brady tells Madison that he hates that she lied to him. Madison gets that it wasn't a good idea. Brady doesn't want to fight about it but needs some time to digest what she's done. Brady gets Madison to promise him that there will be no secrets. Brady states that it was a terrible idea to send Sami to Kate but suggests getting her out before she gets hurt. Madison says she's in too deep to pull out now. Brady warns her that it could blow up in everyone's face.

Will returns home and walks around the empty house. Will picks up a picture of him and Sami then puts it back down. He stops to look himself in the mirror and then spits on it.

Gabi apologizes to Chad and says she's fine not being a model. Chad changes his mind for her and agrees to become a model. Gabi hugs him as Kate returns and thinks Chad made a very wise decision.

Madison promises Brady that no one will find out about Sami. She walks with Brady and they come across Abigail and Quinn talking. Madison informs Brady that she is going to ask Abigail to model for Mad World. Brady likes the idea and suggests asking Quinn too. Madison then says she has a different plan for Quinn.

Victor comes back and tells Daniel the car is ready. Daniel hugs Maggie and Melanie goodbye. Daniel shakes hands with Victor and then says he loves them all. Daniel then leaves the room and puts on his jacket but Jennifer runs up and kisses him goodbye. Jennifer asks Daniel to please hurry home and they kiss again before Daniel exits leaving Jennifer crying at the door.

Hope tells Stefano that she's sure she wants it open. Stefano begins to open it but Bo stops him and reminds Hope that they can wait if she wants. Bo tells Hope that he sees that she isn't ready. Stefano tells them to really think it over and then let him know when they've made a decision. Hope takes Alice's key back as Stefano takes the box and exits. Hope tells Bo that he was right that she's not ready.

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