Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/20/12


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Gabi comes up to Melanie at the spa as she is wiping away tears. Gabi wants to know what's going on so Melanie informs her that Daniel is leaving town. Melanie cries about losing her father after just finding him as Gabi hugs her.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion. Chad looks around for anyone being home but doesn't see anyone. Stefano then walks in and talks to Chad about imported coffee beans that Chad was looking at. Chad asks Stefano why he asked him to come. Stefano says he heard about Chad's latest venture with Sonny to change the Cheating Heart to a coffee house. Stefano offers to help since he knows the right people. Stefano also offers to invest in their company because he wants Chad to succeed. Chad declines Stefano and tells him that he doesn't want his help.

Kate and Sami look at the photos of Gabi and Chad at their office. Kate is impressed and they talk about how good the pictures are. Sami thinks they have found the faces to represent their youth line. Kate says the best part is that it will blow Madison's company away.

Bo and Hope sit at the Brady Pub as Hope continues looking at Alice's key. They talk about what their next move should be. Bo brings up the possibility of Stefano being the other holder. Hope thinks it's possible since he's been so connected. Bo wonders how they can secure his cooperation. Hope states that they have to figure out a way to get him to talk because if they don't, they may never find out the truth. Hope brings up the bank records and suggests a search warrant for the DiMera Mansion. Bo points out why they can't. Hope says she's willing to do anything. Hope admits she considered breaking into the DiMera Mansion. Bo talks to her about having to play by the rules. Hope worries about running out of options and they never find what they are looking for.

Madison finishes a phone call as she sits at the Brady Pub. Madison looks over at Bo and Hope and uses her phone to take a picture of Hope.

Sami suggests a slogan idea to Kate of "Youth is Served." Kate likes it but admits she is annoyed when Sami makes a big deal out of her compliments. Kate talks about how much potential this line is. Kate admits that hiring Sami was one of the smartest moves she's made in years.

Madison approaches Bo and Hope and introduces herself. Bo and Hope talk about hearing good things about Madison. Madison says she wanted to talk to Hope about Mad World and asks her how much she loves being a cop.

Stefano wants Chad to hear him out. Chad doesn't see the point. Stefano tells Chad not to let his pride get in the way of success. Stefano says he knows their relationship has been strained but he's still Chad's father and it's every father's duty to see their children reach their potential. Chad asks if he's saying that he's nothing without him. Stefano explains that he would just be a silent partner. Chad doesn't want to run his business this way. Chad doesn't believe Stefano cares about the coffee house and wants to know what Stefano really wants. Stefano says he just saw an opportunity for them to do something positive together. Chad doesn't think it sounds that positive. Stefano thinks he could show that his motive is very sincere. Stefano says they could then work on a real relationship between father and son. Chad calls Stefano's gesture meaningless. Stefano tells Chad that he's so wealthy because he never invested in something he did not believe in but he believes in him. Chad wants to know why. Stefano tells Chad that he's earned it and will never be able to cut him out of his life so he shouldn't try. Stefano wants the rift between them to heal. Chad asks if he's supposed to sit back and let Stefano do all the work. Stefano thinks Chad is just making it sound bad. Stefano says he just misses his son. Stefano tells Chad that he stays up at nights thinking of a way to get Chad back in his life. Stefano says he came up with this plan so that they could have a future as father and son.

Melanie tells Gabi that she doesn't know where Daniel is going but understands that he needs time to get his head straight. Gabi and Melanie talk about feeling that way themselves. Melanie imagines Daniel being happy somewhere and she realized she can't remember the last time Daniel was happy. Gabi insists that Daniel will come back and pick up where he left off. Melanie cries that she believes her since he said he would he be back but he never said when so she worries about when the next time she will get to see her dad will be.

Kate tells Sami that they need to get a move on their line and sign Gabi and Chad. Kate tells Sami that she needs her to get started today. Sami thinks Kate is best to approach Chad and she agrees with Sami talking to Gabi about it. Sami brings up how loyal Gabi is to Rafe considering what Stefano did to Rafe. Kate says Stefano has nothing to do with this so she wants Gabi to sign a contract today. Kate calls the campaign perfect. Kate says if it works then she hopes to start a reconciliation with Chad and Stefano. Kate brings up Gabi and being worried about Will. Kate suggests that if Sami gets to know Gabi better, she might learn more about why she and Will broke up. Kate calls it a win-win for the both of them.

Madison tells Hope that she wants her to model for Mad World which surprises her. Madison hopes she's not being too forward. Hope calls it out of the blue and doesn't know what to think. Madison says she has a great look with an essence. Hope doesn't know what to say. Hope says she loves being a cop as that's who she is. Madison suggests that she could be a cop and a model. Madison would be happy to work around her schedules. Madison points out that Hope has done it before. Hope notes that Madison must have done her research. Madison thinks Hope would be a natural. Hope admits she's intrigued but decides that it's not for her. Madison accepts her denial and thanks her for listening. Madison gives Hope her card in case she changes her mind. Madison states that her instincts are never wrong and then she leaves them. Hope asks Bo if he can believe it. Bo tells her he can't believe she doesn't get that kind of offer every day.

Stefano tells Chad that he can be more than just his father, he can be his friend and mentor. Chad questions having Stefano as a mentor. Stefano knows Chad doesn't want anything to do with what he does and he can accept that but Stefano can not take Chad not accepting his family. Stefano warns Chad that he will regret it one day. Stefano vows to never give up on Chad and he prays that Chad will not hate him for it.

Gabi shows Melanie her photos with Chad from the photo shoot. Gabi talks about how amazing it was. Gabi says she felt sexy and did not have to fake it. Gabi comments that even Chad had a good time. Gabi calls it a good distraction for Chad after his breakup with Abigail. Gabi asks Melanie what she thinks about Chad and if he's talked about how he's feeling. Melanie claims they don't talk about that stuff. Gabi then asks Melanie if she would ever consider hooking up with Chad.

Chad tells Stefano that he's putting him on the spot. Stefano invites Chad to stay for dinner. Chad believes that Stefano is being sincere but tells him that he really wants to do this on his own. Stefano understands and admires him for it. Chad tells him that he can't stay for dinner. Chad stops before leaving and suggests Stefano could buy a cup of coffee from him at the coffee house one day. Stefano states that he would like that very much as Chad then exits.

Hope tells Bo that she still can't get over Madison's offer. Bo isn't surprised and talks about how beautiful Hope is. Hope states that she just isn't a model anymore. Bo has her repeat that so she does. Bo says that's it and that he's just figured out how to get to Stefano.

Madison talks in her office to someone about how they need to get rid of Kate and Countess Wilhelmina. Madison turns out to be speaking to Sami as Sami tells Madison that it was a genius idea to put someone on the inside at Countess Wilhelmina. Madison agrees as it appears she and Sami were working together all along. Sami says she's hurting Kate right where it will hurt the most in her ego. They talk about being sure that Kate does not expect it. Sami and Madison talk about the way they staged all of their fights so that Kate would see them. They discuss how Kate thought she could turn Sami against Madison. Sami talks about how she's fed Kate a bunch of false information. Madison says they will attract all the clients that Kate is ignoring now. Sami talks about wanting to make sure they stay focused with Titan since Kate probably has spies. Madison believes that Kate will let her guard down and she'll end up left twisting in the wind.

Melanie questions why she would want to hook up with Chad. Gabi points out times that Melanie has looked at Chad before. Melanie claims they are just friends. Gabi says she just had to ask and Melanie then walks away. Kate arrives and meets with Gabi. Kate shows Gabi the modeling photos and asks if she's talked to Sami. Gabi hasn't so Kate wants to talk to her and Chad together. Gabi decides to text Chad to meet them there. Melanie tells Gabi that she's going to go take a break and exits the spa. Kate and Gabi continue looking at the photos.

Sami talks to Madison about being unsure that their plan would come together. They pour champagne as Madison thanks Sami for everything she has done for her and her company. Sami thanks her as Madison promises to take care of her. They talk about how Kate is going to hire inexperienced models and one of them is Gabi. Madison assures her that Gabi will be okay. Sami and Madison toast to each other and to never getting on their bad side.

Melanie walks through the town square as Chad arrives and comes across Melanie.

Sami talks to Madison about how she can't believe she convinced Kate to buy into her campaign idea. They talk about how they are going to reveal their new line at the same time. Madison and Sami compliment each other. Sami asks how she can mess things up more for Kate. Madison talks about how good Sami has done so far so she should do whatever she wants next. Sami says she loves her job. Sami wants to think of new ways to torment Kate and jokes with Madison about renegotiating her contract. Madison points out how she's already making two paychecks as Sami jokes that she would do it for free and they toast to that.

Chad asks Melanie if she's okay or wants to talk. Chad asks Melanie if she knows what he has to meet with Kate and Gabi about. Melanie says it's about the modeling pictures. Chad would prefer to stay with Melanie. Chad tells Melanie that during his pictures, he was imagining he was holding her the whole time. Chad says he knows she's upset that Abigail doesn't want to be friends anymore but he thinks they should still be friends. Chad says he could use a friend after seeing his dad. Chad says his dad is so determined to be in his life and he doesn't know what to do about it. Melanie tells him that he's lucky since she is also having dad problems.

Bo and Hope talk to a woman at the Brady Pub and then send her off. They talk about how they knew it'd be hard to get Stefano to talk to them but not to someone different.

Melanie talks to Chad about Daniel leaving. Chad says he's sorry as he had no idea. Melanie tells him that she never saw it coming. Chad reminds her it won't be forever. Melanie talks about everybody leaving her from her brother to her mom to Dario. Chad hugs her and lets her know that he's still here. Melanie wonders why Daniel has to leave at all. Melanie says she shouldn't be doing this and doesn't know what she's doing then runs off.

Gabi tells Kate that Chad said he was on his way. Kate hopes he gets there soon. Gabi asks Kate more about what she wants to talk about. Kate just says it's about her future.

Bo and Hope talk in the Town Square. They worry about Stefano figuring out their plan. Bo reminds her that Stefano doesn't know they have the key or that they know about the safe deposit box. Hope worries about Mr. Simpson from the bank telling him. Stefano then arrives at the town square talking on his phone as Bo and Hope await his arrival.

Sami talks with Madison about how nobody knows that they are working together still. Madison tells her how much she appreciates what she's doing for her. Madison knows it's not easy to pull this off. They talk about wishing they could have let Brady in but doubt he would have green lit it. Sami believes it will all be worth it in the end. Madison suggests they can let Brady and Rafe in on it at this point since they have been so successful. Sami thanks Madison and appreciates the opportunity to take Kate down. Sami tells Madison that what she wants more than anything is to see the look on Kate's face when she finds out the truth.

Kate talks with Gabi about her future at Countess Wilhelmina. Kate says the photos weren't to evaluate her products but to evaluate Gabi and Chad. Kate believes they can take her products to the next level as the new faces of Countess W. Gabi is surprised by the offer as Kate does not want to take no for an answer.

Chad follows Melanie and tries talking to her but Melanie says it's not fair to Abigail and she can't stop thinking about her. Chad tries to tell her how good they could be together. Chad feels that they need each other. Melanie regrets talking to him about Daniel. Melanie wishes they could be there for each other. Chad wants to know what reason Melanie has for not wanting this. Chad tells her not to feel guilty about Abigail. Melanie says it's too hard to keep saying no so she asks Chad to stop and then she exits.

Bo and Hope pretend to accidentally run into Stefano. Stefano quickly thinks back to being called by the woman that Bo and Hope sent to pretend to be someone from the bank, talking to him about the safe deposit box where Stefano agreed to go there as soon as he could. Bo brings up the odds of running into him. Stefano calls them pretty high as Hope wants answers about the safe deposit box.

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