Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/18/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/18/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Nicole wake up in bed together as the alarm goes off. Nicole wants to get up and get to work. EJ prefers to stay in bed but Nicole reminds EJ that he has meetings. EJ states that he does have to meet Will. Nicole asks EJ if he's ready to tell her the real reason as to why he hired Will.

Will sits at the Town Square when he gets a message from EJ to meet him there. Marlena arrives and greets Will. Marlena asks Will if he wants to have coffee if he isn't waiting for anyone. Will insists that he's got time and they go to get coffee.

Carrie hangs a picture in her office as Rafe arrives with a fan for the heat. Carrie had the same idea and has a fan. Carrie tells Rafe that she brought a blender for ice drinks too. They then realize that the landlord fixed the furnace and it's not burning up anymore. They joke with each other until Sami enters and asks if she's interrupting.

Abe and Lexie talk at the Brady Pub about EJ stealing his plans. Abe says they knew how EJ was but Lexie believed EJ had changed when he promised things would be different. Lexie says she will never fall for it again and declares that it's the end for her and EJ. Abe says he's glad and tells her that justice will be served when he finds out how EJ stole the file from his computer. Bo and Hope then arrive to meet with them in talking about finding the most wanted criminals. Abe and Lexie talk to them about wanting to find the criminals to help Abe win the election.

EJ kisses Nicole in bed as she continues to ask why EJ hired Will. Nicole wonders why EJ doesn't want to tell her but he keeps kissing her.

Will and Marlena sit together at the Town Square. Marlena asks Will again if he's meeting somewhere. Will claims he just has a full day. Marlena jokes with Will about their word games. Will says he has a lot going on and tells Marlena that he is going to be staying in Salem. Marlena wants Will to talk to Sami but he's not sure how to bring up the subject of Sami sleeping with EJ.

Rafe tells Sami that she's not interrupting and invites her in. Sami comments on them having so much fun. Rafe and Carrie joke around about their heat day before. Sami wonders why they didn't work from home so they tell her that they were waiting for a client. Rafe and Carrie talk about how funny it was but Sami says it must have been a had to be there moment.

Abe and Lexie talk with Bo and Hope about the file from his computer being stolen.

EJ and Nicole remain in bed. EJ offers to make her breakfast but Nicole reminds him that she has to get started on her day. Nicole asks EJ about his meeting with Will so he informs her that it's at the town square.

Rafe asks Sami what brings her by the office. Sami tells him that she brought him his favorite muffins. Rafe thanks her with a kiss. They talk about how busy they have been with their schedules. Carrie starts to work on a case to give them some privacy. Sami talks with Rafe about her job with Kate and says it's going really well. Sami tells Rafe about Gabi being a model for their line. Rafe is glad to hear and is surprised that Kate is been more appreciative than Madison. Sami worries about not having time to spend together. Sami wants to set up a date night and kisses Rafe until a loud noise startles Sami but makes Rafe and Carrie laugh.

Nicole persists asking EJ about hiring Will. Nicole doesn't believe it was a coincidence that he hired Will and then got Abe's plans soon after.

Marlena tells Will that she understands his anger but it's only hurting himself. Will says he's heard that before. Marlena calls it good advice and tells him to get past it.

Abe tells Bo and Hope to hire anyone they need to hire anyone they need to clean up Salem.

Nicole talks with EJ about her fight with Jennifer and not knowing about EJ's plans to announce Abe's plan on TV. Nicole figures he gave her a spa day to keep her away. EJ tells her that she thinks too much and that this is one of the times where she doesn't need to know what is going on. EJ then gets up to take a shower. Nicole decides to grab her phone and makes a phone call asking for some personal files on EJ.

Will questions Marlena as to why he should give Sami a chance when she never gives anyone a chance. Will talks about how Sami treats Marlena like crap. Marlena insists that she still loves Sami with her whole heart. Marlena talks about everything she loves about Sami and says Sami feels the same way about Will.

Sami talks with Rafe and Carrie how she didn't have an office when she worked at Mad World. Sami rambles on then decides she should go back to work. Rafe thanks her for coming and kisses her. Sami wishes them luck with the heat. Carrie turns on the fan but it starts to blow all her papers off so Rafe goes to help her as they laugh while Sami watches them before leaving.

Abe and Lexie talk more with Bo and Hope about finding the criminals of Salem. Lexie talks about EJ and Stefano's dirty tricks. Abe says he will do whatever he can to make sure that EJ's latest dirty trick is his last as they say their goodbyes then Abe and Lexie leave the Pub.

Marlena tells Will that she is just as much to blame for her relationship with Sami. Marlena wants Will to talk to Sami but he doesn't think he can. Marlena assures him that it's important and will make things easier later on. EJ and Nicole then arrive and EJ greets Will. EJ asks Will if he's ready to get to work but Marlena wants to know what's going on. Will explains to EJ that he was waiting but ran into Marlena. EJ says it's not a problem and greets Marlena. Marlena wants to know what's going on so EJ informs her that Will now works for his campaign.

Rafe and Carrie meet with Bo and Hope at the Pub. Bo explains their new job of getting rid of all the criminals. They tell them that they want to hire both Rafe and Carrie.

Marlena tells Will that she could get him on Abe's campaign. Will points out that Abe had no openings. EJ sits Nicole at their table while Marlena says they weren't invited to join them. EJ sits down as Marlena takes Will aside to talk to him. Nicole comments that Marlena isn't happy as EJ looks at the menu.

Rafe and Carrie accept the work from Bo and Hope and they toast to working together.

Will tells Marlena that working for EJ is just a job and calls it cool since it has perks like concert tickets. Marlena points out that he's working for a DiMera. Will says he worked for Stefano before. Marlena offers to call Abe to get Will a job with him but Will insists that he's fine. Will says he has to work so he can't talk right now then gives Marlena a kiss goodbye and goes back to EJ. EJ tells Will to get some campaign posters printed for him so he goes to do that and runs past Lexie and Abe in the process. Lexie and Abe continue walking and come across EJ and Nicole. Abe calls out EJ for theft and plagiarism. Lexie talks about all the things EJ has done in the past. Abe accuses EJ of stealing from him but EJ tells him to prepare for the race. Abe says EJ won't get away with this and he'll lose the election which will prove that crime doesn't pay while he's in charge.

Bo shows Rafe the most wanted list and Rafe recognizes some of the names. Hope asks them about their business. Carrie talks about their workload being light so far. Hope and Bo compare it to when they first got started. Bo offers to help get the word out about their firm. Hope asks about Sami being okay with them going into business. Rafe says she's been great. Carrie admits it's been nerve-wracking having things be tense with Sami. Bo and Hope go to refill their coffee. Rafe talks with Carrie about always hearing good things about her from Sami. Carrie thinks it's different now that she's back in town. Rafe says Sami's in a happier place now and he thinks she wants the past to stay in the past which Carrie wants too.

Lexie yells at EJ about what he's doing. Lexie accuses them of trying to steal the debate questions in advance. Nicole calls her insecure and believes the people want EJ. Abe comments that EJ's smoke and mirrors can't last forever so EJ says it just needs to last through the election.

Sami walks through the town square on her phone as Marlena stops her. Marlena wants to talk but Sami says she has to work. Marlena brings up Sami working for Kate so Sami goes off on her. Sami tells Marlena that it's going well with Kate. Marlena wants to talk about Will and admits she's concerned about him working for EJ. Marlena thinks Sami doesn't seem very concerned. Marlena questions if Sami's feelings for EJ have changed. Sami says she despises EJ and tried to change Will's mind but he won't listen to her. Marlena asks if she's just going to leave it at that. Marlena wishes Sami would try once more. Sami wonders where this is coming from. Marlena mentions that Will is troubled and needs his mother more than ever. Sami then questions where Marlena was when she needed her.

Lexie tells EJ that she used to think he could be a real human but must have just imagined it. Lexie says EJ doesn't have a soul and calls him an expensive, empty suit. EJ reminds her that it's politics and tells her not to take it so personally.

Bo and Hope tell Rafe and Carrie about how they found the key in the Horton plaque and how they haven't gotten to the safe deposit box yet. Bo and Hope tell them of their suspicions that Stefano could be the other name on the box.

Abe and Lexie leave EJ and Nicole. Nicole checks on EJ as he insists that he's alright. EJ wonders where Will is with the posters. Nicole brings up how Marlena reacted and wants to know how Sami feels. EJ tells Nicole that he won't answer any questions about Will so she should drop it.

Marlena tells Sami not to make it about them but about Will. Sami accuses her of not having any answers. Marlena knows it wouldn't satisfy her. Sami says people call her selfish and she must have got it from Marlena since she always puts John first. Marlena feels she's tried to put Sami first. Marlena thinks Sami avoids healing their relationship. Sami calls her a hypocrite and talks about how she wasn't there for her and never made up for it. Sami accuses Marlena of putting John above her and her kids. Sami says Marlena wasn't there for them when Johnny was missing because of John. Marlena agrees to end the conversation so Sami says they should never talk about it again. Sami warns Marlena to never talk to her about being a good mother again because she wasn't one.

Bo and Hope say goodbye to Rafe and Carrie outside the Pub and exit. Rafe offers to buy Carrie lunch and they head back inside the Pub. Rafe asks Carrie if she feels conflicted. She says she can't be because they need the work and she knows he wants to do it. Carrie thinks it's a conflict of interest so Rafe says they won't do it. Rafe tells her they are a team so if she's not in, he's not in. Carrie then says she can't abandon him so it will be good to grow. Rafe reminds her that they are a team. Rafe then spots Sami and greets her with a hug.

Nicole tells EJ that she'll stop pestering him about Will if he's straight with her about Lexie. Nicole feels Lexie's outrage stems from realizing that Abe could lose the election. Nicole thinks Lexie meant that she may never speak to EJ again. EJ insists that she'll come around and he won't lose sleep over it.

Abe talks with Lexie about how he wishes she wouldn't let EJ upset her so much. Lexie tells him that she loves and believes in him but knows what EJ is capable of. Lexie admits that it scares her. Abe tells her not to be scared because EJ won't and can't win since the citizens of Salem deserve better. Abe vows to make sure they get it.

Will returns to the Town Square and runs into Marlena again. Marlena asks for a minute so Will agrees as long as she doesn't lecture him. Marlena understands that he is an adult. Marlena says she couldn't live with herself without sharing some knowledge with him. Marlena warns Will that nothing good ever comes from associating with a DiMera.

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