Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/17/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie goes to the Brady Pub where Chad is. They talk about how hard it is for the both of them. Chad still believes it doesn't have to be like this but Melanie insists that it does. Chad holds Melanie's hand before exiting to give Gabi some class work. Abigail walks by and sees them together then storms out. Melanie rushes out of the Pub to try and catch up with Abigail.

Madison and Brady return to Madison's hotel room after finishing a workout and then they start kissing. They then go to take a shower together.

Chad goes to the health spa and gives Gabi notes from school. Gabi talks Chad into a massage and has him remove his shirt. Gabi applies lotion and begins massaging Chad.

John talks with Marlena at home about how he can't wait to start working with Brady. John apologizes for not taking the time to enjoy each other more. Marlena is just happy to see him happy. John tells her that she makes him the happiest and then kisses her.

Kate and Sami arrive at the health spa. Sami spots Gabi massaging Chad and comments that she's using the Countess Wilhelmina products. Quinn walks by and Kate goes to talk with him as Sami continues watching Gabi and Chad.

Melanie follows Abigail to the Town Square and says there's nothing going on between her and Chad. Abigail still doesn't believe her. Abigail tells her to stop lying and leave her alone. Melanie says Abigail is her best friend and that means too much to her. Melanie and Abigail argue about her relationship with Chad. Melanie tells Abigail that nothing is going to happen with Chad because their friendship means too much. Abigail appreciates her trying to make amends but says it's too late because Melanie betrayed her and their friendship so there is no going back.

Kate talks with Quinn about how popular her products have been at the spa. Sami joins them as Kate comments on Gabi helping the line. Quinn steps away. Sami tells Kate that she just got another amazing idea.

Marlena talks to John about how happy she is to see him happy and excited about his life. Marlena talks about Brady leaving Titan to work with him. John is happy that his son wants to be with him. Marlena thinks it will be a huge success.

Brady and Madison get out of their shower and kiss. Madison makes a call to check in with the office as Brady continues kissing her from behind. Madison says in her call that she's coming in late and then continues kissing Brady. Brady drops his towel and removes Madison's robe as they kiss some more.

Sami brings up their idea to find someone new to be the face of Countess Wilhelmina. Sami tells Kate that she thinks Gabi could be the new face. Kate says she might be onto something. Kate talks about Gabi being a natural beauty that can sell the product. Kate suggests they could include Chad and have he and Gabi pretend to be a hot, young couple.

Melanie tells Abigail that she's trying to do the right thing. Abigail reiterates that she betrayed her so she doesn't want to be her friend. Abigail says they weren't friends that long anyway. Melanie wants to fix it but Abigail shouts that she can't because it's too late. Abigail then walks away. Quinn arrives and tells Melanie that he's sorry to hear and offers to try and help her.

Kate and Sami approach Chad and Gabi about the Countess W line. Kate explains that they want them to do some product research. Sami says they want them to test out new products. Kate calls it a focus group. Chad and Gabi both decline the offer.

Quinn sits with Melanie at the Town Square to talk with her. Melanie worries what she should do about Abigail and Chad. Quinn suggests waiting to see what happens but knows she doesn't want to wait. Melanie admits she wants to be friends with Abigail and date Chad. Quinn tells her it might not be possible. Quinn tells her that he's sorry and heads back to work at the spa.

Chad tells Kate that he won't get involved in anything DiMera. Sami asks about Gabi. Gabi points out that she works for Quinn. Quinn returns and tells Gabi that it's fine and good for business. Sami takes Gabi aside to talk with her about it. Kate and Gabi try to convince Chad. Kate tells Chad that she would consider it a personal favor and have nothing to do with their family. Sami adds that they could use his help and Chad agrees. Gabi excitedly runs up and hugs him.

Brady and Madison talk at the Town Square about Madison's decision with Titan. Madison gets a text message from Salem U as they wanted Mad World to start an intern program but she hasn't been able to think about it with everything going on. Madison kisses Brady before he exits to go see John. Abigail then approaches and introduces herself to Madison. Abigail tells Madison that she wants the intern job for Mad World.

Gabi and Chad get prepped for the line. Sami brings in a photographer to take shots of them. Sami encourages them to seem like they are having fun. Sami takes Gabi aside and brings up being worried about Will since their breakup. Gabi assumes it's just taking Will longer to get over it. Sami hopes that's all it is and then goes back to taking pictures. Gabi and Chad finish getting their makeover. Gabi and Chad compliment each other's looks with Gabi saying he looks incredible and he says she looks beautiful as Melanie arrives and overhears them.

Brady arrives at John's to work with him. Brady says they will build from their first venture and they sit to talk about what their first venture will be.

Madison sits with Abigail to talk to her. Abigail tells Madison what all she is doing right now and explains how she's always been interested in beauty and fashion. Madison gives Abigail her business card so she can e-mail her resume then take it from there. Marlena walks by and greets them. Marlena talks about knowing Abigail since she was young which surprises Madison to know that Abigail is Jennifer's daughter. Madison gets a phone call and steps away. Abigail talks to Marlena about how she could get a job with Madison. Marlena asks Abigail about Melanie. Abigail says she can't ever forgive her. Madison returns and says she knows how that feels as she was betrayed by Sami.

Kate tells Sami that she was right and believes Gabi and Chad could be their new image. Melanie joins Chad and Gabi and asks what's going on. Gabi explains Kate and Sami's idea. Gabi and Chad joke about their makeovers as Sami comes over and wants to take more shots. Melanie steps away. Kate instructs Gabi to unbutton Chad's shirt and put her hand on his chest to show off her nails. Melanie watches from a distance and gets uncomfortable.

Brady tells John that cosmetics are performing good but he doesn't want to compete with Madison. John talks with Brady about how serious he and Madison are. Brady says he really likes her and she makes him really happy. John asks what makes Madison different but Brady states it would take a lot of time.

Marlena talks with Madison about how surprised she is that Sami went to work for Kate. Madison explains how Sami doesn't take criticism well and couldn't stay out of her personal life. Marlena can't understand it with Sami and Kate's history. Abigail listens to them talk as Marlena says everyone deals with people hurting them. Marlena doesn't think anything good can come of Sami and Kate being together.

Kate tells Chad that she appreciates his help and hopes he will do another favor. Kate says she knows he wants to stay independent but wants him to at least stop by and talk to Stefano. Kate asks Chad to just visit Stefano. Kate reminds Chad that Stefano loves and misses him. Kate tells Chad that if he does, she thinks it will make them both happy.

Sami praises Gabi for her natural beauty in the photos and how she looked good with Chad.

Chad talks with Melanie about how he was pulled into the modeling gig. Chad tells Melanie all he cares about is her and holds her hand. Melanie tells Chad that she tried to talk to Abigail again but isn't sure why she bothered. Melanie states that her best friend hates her and Chad tells her that he's sorry. Chad thinks it's time to give up on getting through to Abigail. Melanie can't believe that Abigail will never forgive her and doesn't know what to do. Chad suggests that they should just be together.

Madison tells Marlena that Sami will have to live with the consequences of her actions. Madison gets another call and steps away. Marlena talks with Abigail about not forgiving Melanie. Abigail believes Melanie and Chad are already a couple and lying about it. Marlena asks Abigail what if it were true that they weren't together and if that would make her feel better.

Melanie tells Chad that she can't be with him. Chad asks if she's just going to give up and put their lives on hold because of Abigail. Melanie asks Chad not to be mad at her. Chad says he's just frustrated. Chad says Abigail will move on and he wants them to as well. Chad wonders what's in their way. Gabi comes over and gets Chad for more pictures. Melanie tells him that they will talk later.

Brady tells John that Madison is to credit for him being here today. Brady says Madison knew he wanted to work with John before he did. Brady states that Madison gets him. Brady says it's different with Madison and talks about how special she is. Brady says Madison knows him, accepts him, and doesn't want to change him. Brady talks about the issues that they have gotten through. Brady states that secrets and lies had always killed his relationships and it's good to know that it won't happen with Madison.

Madison talks on the phone saying she's sorry she didn't call back but can't talk right now as there are people around. Madison says she will call them back when she gets to the office because she needs their help in deciding what to do with Titan.

Abigail tells Marlena that she still doesn't know if she could ever be friends with Chad or Melanie. Abigail insists that she's not obsessing over this with all she has going on with school. Madison comes back and reminds Abigail to send her resume so she exits to do so. Marlena endorses Abigail to Madison. Madison then asks Marlena if Brady and John are really doing as well as Brady said. Marlena talks about how they can't wait to start working together. Madison admits how she freaked out at Brady leaving Titan at first but she knows how important it is to him so she's happy for him and supports his decision. Marlena says she knows they haven't been together long but she sees why Brady is so fond of her. Marlena then exits.

Brady talks to John about what he thought of with Basic Black. John says it was always fashion. John suggests that they could partner with Mad World. Brady thinks they could continue on. John declares that fashion is the new Basic Black and they agree to stick with what they know.

Sami sets up Gabi and Chad for more photos of them together as Melanie continues to watch uncomfortably.

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