Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/16/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Bo sit with the executor of Alice's estate, Mr. Simpson, and want to find more about who Alice had a partnership with. He explains to them that Alice's wishes were to keep it between them so Bo wants him to call the other person and have them come down there.

Daniel sits at the Pub having a beer and then gets tremors in his hand. Jack arrives and tells him the drinks will be on him.

Jennifer walks through the town square finishing a phone call about Abe's campaign, she hangs up when she spots Nicole and confronts her saying that she needs to talk. Jennifer wants to know how Nicole pulled it off.

Sami questions what's going on between Will and EJ. Sami takes the car keys from Will and wants to know what they are for. EJ tells Sami that it's Will's brand new sports car for his new job. Sami asks what's being talked about so EJ informs Sami that Will is working for him. Sami gets upset as EJ explains that Will is the newest member of his campaign team. Sami can't believe it. EJ wants to know why Sami is so upset. EJ praises Will as young, smart, and capable. Sami says she will not let Will get involved with EJ. Will questions Sami saying she won't let him. Sami tells Will how wrong it is but Will wants to know what's wrong. Sami brings up consequences of being involved with the DiMeras. Will tells Sami that she would know and refuses to leave with her.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she doesn't know what she's talking about but she shouldn't mess with her. Jennifer accuses Nicole of stealing Abe's plans. Jennifer talks about EJ announcing his plans on TV but Nicole knew nothing of it. Jennifer continues to accuse Nicole of being behind it. Nicole denies being involved. Nicole suggests that Jennifer stole from them.

Mr. Simpson informs Bo and Hope that it's not the bank's place to get in the middle of this. Hope and Bo want to find out who it is but he says he doesn't know what to tell them. Hope wonders if it was Tom but he informs them that it isn't and the other owner is still alive. He tells them that there's nothing that they can do and exits. Bo and Hope talk about being left with no answers. Hope believes Alice wants them to find the truth so that's what they are going to do.

Daniel asks Jack why he wanted to buy him a beer. Jack comments that he thought he could use it. Daniel says he was reading different drugs to try and treat his condition. Daniel's hand begins to shake again so he wants to change the subject. Daniel suggests they talk about Jack instead. Jack doesn't think he's very interesting but Daniel disagrees. Daniel asks Jack about his PTSD. Jack feels that he has a handle on it. Jack talks about talking to Marlena and how she suggested a support group. Daniel assures Jack that he can still have a life that he wants. Jack believes there's a fix for Daniel too.

Jennifer continues arguing with Nicole. Nicole says they can come up with their own plans but Jennifer disagrees. Jennifer states that Nicole and EJ are not worthy. Nicole tells Jennifer that she's taking it too personal because she made a mistake. Nicole tells Jennifer that she's proven she can't make decisive choices. Nicole brings up Jennifer being unable to choose between Jack and Daniel.

Will tells Sami that she can't tell him who he can or can't work for. Sami brings up what EJ has done to them. Will says he hasn't forgotten a thing. Sami wonders how Will could want to be involved with EJ. Will says he could ask the same thing. Sami calls her relationship with EJ a mistake. Will says this isn't personal but just a job. Sami feels it is personal. Sami reminds Will of what EJ did to Rafe. Sami asks Will how he thinks Rafe will feel when he finds out that Will wanted to work with EJ. Will asks Sami how she thinks Rafe will feel but EJ interrupts and says he thinks Rafe will be glad that Will has a job. Sami tells EJ that all he's teaching is how to be a criminal. EJ talks about all the skills that Will can learn on the campaign. Sami calls it a trap. Sami asks Will how he can't see through this. Will tells Sami that he's made his decision and when he explains why, he's sure that she will understand.

Hope and Bo go to the Brady Pub still trying to figure out the mystery with Alice. Hope says if Alice didn't want anything found, she wouldn't have left the key. Hope believes finding the key is more than just a coincidence. Bo thinks Alice had to have wanted to keep the safe deposit box hidden from somewhere. They talk about who Alice would've told about it and why it was kept secret. Bo says they have no idea who it could be as Roman enters. Roman sits with them and talks about the bust they made. Roman tells them that it was a good start but they need to get to the root of it.

Jack asks Daniel what he's going to do now for work since he's been a surgeon for so long. Daniel states that he probably will never be a surgeon again. Daniel says he's considering a few ideas. Daniel says he just caught a bad break but so has Jack. Daniel says they'll both have to figure things out and move on. Jack toasts to moving on. Daniel suggests that he might need some time off and some time on the road. Daniel admits that he's considering leaving Salem.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she's letting her personal life affect Abe's campaign. Jennifer brings up Nicole's relationship past with EJ. Jennifer calls EJ a murderer. Nicole responds that Jennifer doesn't know EJ. Jennifer argues with Nicole about taking EJ back. Nicole says their relationship has nothing to do with their campaign. Jennifer says men like EJ don't change. Nicole points out that Jennifer has no one to come home to. Nicole calls Jennifer boring. Jennifer calls Nicole as gutless as EJ is. Nicole responds by calling Jennifer a bitch and pushes her. They almost get into a fight until Daniel and Jack arrive to separate them.

Will reminds Sami that he's worked for EJ before. Will says he knows now what he's getting into but Sami disagrees. Will points out that EJ is Johnny and Sydney's father so that means he's family. Sami argues that it doesn't change who EJ is or what he does. Will points out that EJ is no more of a bad influence on him than Sami is. Will says it's a really good job. Sami wants to know why Will doesn't see this as a problem. Will calls it an opportunity. Will brings up that Sami works for Kate who she hates and is a DiMera. Sami says the difference is that she's not EJ. Will reminds Sami that she had two kids with EJ so he can find a way to live with himself working for EJ then asks Sami if she can live with herself.

Daniel and Jack hold Jennifer and Nicole apart. Jack asks Jennifer what she's doing. Jennifer blames Nicole for bringing out the worst in people. Jennifer says she's not afraid to fight her. Jack reminds her about Abe's campaign. Jennifer accuses Nicole of making it personal.

Roman shows Bo and Hope new tablets that detectives will use. Bo and Hope talk about liking the new technology. Roman explains how it work while Bo and Hope talk about wanting to put all the criminals behind bars. Roman tells them that he's putting them in charge of the task force since they are his two best detectives. Bo likes the idea but Hope continues looking at Alice's key.

Sami asks EJ for a minute with Will so he exits the room. Will tells Sami that he isn't going to say anything different. Sami tells Will that she hears him and understands. Sami says she's glad that he's thinking about his future. Sami says it's good that Will sounds so sure of himself but she wonders if Will is trying to prove something to Gabi. Will questions why Sami would bring Gabi up. Sami says she's just trying to understand what's going on. Will says nothing is going on. Sami brings up that Will has been angry ever since breaking up with Gabi. Will tells her break ups aren't supposed to be fun. Sami thinks Will has to admit that he hasn't been himself lately and maybe Will misses her more than he thought. Will questions if Sami thinks he's trying to win her back with a job. Will tells Sami that she is so wrong. Will says working for EJ has nothing to do with Gabi. Sami tells Will to tell her why right now then. Will claims it's just something he wants to do and tells her to stop trying to change his mind because it isn't going to happen.

Jack walks Jennifer further away in the town square as Jennifer continues complaining about how Nicole is just like EJ.

Daniel talks with Nicole and tries to calm her down. Nicole blames Jennifer for starting it. Daniel believes Nicole gave Jennifer a reason to come at her. Nicole asks Daniel if he's really defending Jennifer. Daniel says she knows nothing about his relationship with Jennifer because he still loves Jennifer. They argue about the situation as Daniel says he just walked away. Nicole states that Jennifer was playing them both from the beginning. Nicole thinks Jennifer enjoyed two men fighting over her. Daniel tells her it's none of her business anyway. Daniel tells her that it was his idea. Nicole calls him an idiot. Nicole says she was going to give him credit for seeing the light and then walks away.

Roman talks with Hope about being a great detective but she doesn't feel like one because of the key. Bo explains why they can't get to the safe deposit box. Hope says every time they get closer, they end up with more questions. Hope still wonders about Alice's offshore bank account. Roman reminds them that they figured out that Daniel was Maggie's son. Hope says now it's very hard to feel like they haven't hit a dead end. Roman encourages them to not give up and believes they can find the other name on the deposit box.

Jack sits with Jennifer as Daniel walks away. Jennifer complains about everything Nicole and EJ have done. Jennifer continues to accuse Nicole of stealing Abe's plans. Jack reminds her that it's all politics. Jack praises Jennifer as a person and says that he also thought she was perfect for the job. Jennifer thanks him for his encouragement. Jennifer thanks Jack for showing up when he did and then looks back at Daniel. Jennifer asks Jack about he and Daniel showing up at the same time. Jack admits that he bought Daniel a beer at the pub. Jennifer thought they couldn't stand each other but Jack says things change. Jack likens Daniel's life being turned upside down to his own life. Jack mentions that Daniel is thinking about leaving town which shocks Jennifer.

Sami tells Will that she won't try to change his mind but she thinks there are things he hasn't thought through. Sami brings up people thinking Will has the same values as DiMeras. Will questions Sami talking to him about values. Sami reminds him that she's his mother. Sami admits she's made a lot of mistakes and doesn't want to see Will make one that he will regret. Sami says that she knows what EJ is capable of. Will says he knows what EJ is capable of doing. Sami asks Will to think about his decision but Will instead turns and opens the doors to call EJ back into the room. Will tells EJ that they are done here and Sami is leaving.

Hope thanks Roman for believing in her. Hope feels like they are missing something obvious. Bo then states that he knows what that is. Bo says it's the same thing missing from the most wanted list and it is obvious. Hope asks what they're missing. Bo shows them the list and wants to know who's not on it. Hope realizes it's Stefano. Roman mentions that it's because Stefano has never been convicted of a legit crime. Bo points out that Stefano was involved with Alice. Bo explains to Roman how Alice saved EJ's life and they were able to use the IOU. Bo thinks the answer is that Stefano is the other name on the safe deposit box.

Daniel returns to Jennifer and Jack and tells them that Nicole is gone. Jack decides to leave to prepare for teaching class tomorrow. Jennifer thanks Jack as he exits to allow Jennifer to talk to Daniel. Jennifer tells Daniel that she isn't alright because Jack just told her that Daniel was thinking about leaving town. Jennifer asks if it's true.

EJ asks Sami if she needs anything else. Sami tells Will that she's never giving up on him. Sami then exits the mansion as Will sits down with EJ. EJ asks Will if everything is okay. Will brings up that EJ told him there were things he would come to appreciate about their arrangement and tells him that he was right which EJ is glad to hear.

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