Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/13/12


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Brady gives Madison a massage at the health spa where they are receiving couples massages. Madison then gets up and kisses him.

Hope and Bo talk with Jennifer about Alice's key and what it could mean. Hope worries about letting Alice down. Abe arrives and talks about his campaign and the polls going his way.

EJ and Nicole go to the health spa as EJ tells Nicole that she is going to take a self-defense class. Nicole doesn't think she needs it but EJ wants her to keep an eye on Quinn.

Rafe and Sami have lunch at the Town Square. Sami talks about being able to have lunch even with their busy schedules. Sami asks Rafe about work and he says it's fine. Rafe talks about being surprised Kate let Sami off. Sami assures Rafe that Kate is treating her okay. Sami says it's going really well. Sami says she has her eyes open for this. Sami mentions that a lot has changed but she still loves him then kisses and hugs him. EJ walks by which makes Sami uncomfortable.

EJ makes a phone call from outside the spa to Will who is at the Brady Pub. EJ tells Will to stay there as he has another job for him.

Rafe asks Sami what's wrong. Sami claims she just has a headache so Rafe massages her head.

Hope and Bo talk with Jennifer and Abe about Abe's campaign. Abe tells them to wait until he makes his new proposal public.

EJ arrives at the Pub to meet Will. Will worries about someone seeing them together. EJ points out that they aren't doing anything illegal. Will worries about what he did to Abe already. EJ tells him it's just politics. EJ brings up that Will was the one who tried to blackmail him. EJ tells Will to consider their arrangement an apology for shooting him years ago. EJ says he will keep his mouth shut about it and Will's questionable behavior. Will wants to know what EJ wants. EJ thinks Will should get a kick out of all the errands. EJ wants to know if Will got a bit of a rush out of stealing from Abe's computer. Will stops him and shakes his head.

Brady and Madison continue kissing in the massage room as they drop their towels.

Quinn starts Nicole's self-defense class. Nicole is surprised that Quinn has to be her instructor. Nicole talks about how EJ set her up with the class. Nicole mocks Quinn being an ex-pimp. Quinn assures Nicole that he has changed now. Quinn talks about his business is making people better. Nicole reminds him that she paid for kickboxing and not talking so she starts her class.

Jennifer sits with Hope and talks about strange it is that Alice hid the key. Hope changes the subject and asks Jennifer about her situation with Jack and Daniel. Jennifer doesn't know where to begin since she is not someone who can't make up her mind. Jennifer calls herself fickle when it comes to Jack and Daniel. Hope talks about how difficult the situation is. Jennifer says both guys walked away since they didn't want to pressure her and she doesn't blame them. Jennifer says she has no idea what she's going to do. Jennifer wishes she could have it easy like Bo and Hope. Hope points out that their relationship hasn't been easy but Jennifer mentions how they are happy and committed. Hope assures her that relationships are not easy. Hope then informs Jennifer that she and Bo have been going to therapy with Marlena as they want their relationship to be as healthy as it can be. Hope talks about bringing up all those painful memories and how Bo doesn't like talking about his feelings. Jennifer compares it to Jack having to talk about his PTSD. Hope says all couples have issues.

Sami tells Rafe about her new idea for Kate's model line and how Kate called her idea genius. Rafe says Sami is already making a name for herself. Rafe jokes with her about needing help to look at models. Sami tells Rafe that he is the best.

Will and EJ sit together as EJ gives Will the name of a man he needs him to meet at the Town Square to receive an envelope. EJ explains that inside the envelope will be further instruction for him to carry out. EJ tells Will not to think about declining this.

Brady finishes Madison's massage and then tells her not to move as he exits the room. Brady gets some water and runs into Nicole. Brady talks to Nicole about it being good to take a martial-arts class. Nicole comments that there is something different about Brady but she can't put her finger on it. Brady says he's sober and then Madison comes out and joins Brady which makes Nicole think that must be it.

Abe finishes talking about his campaign and then mentions that he'll help in any way he can with Alice's key. Bo and Hope say goodbye and then exit to allow Abe and Jennifer to work. Abe and Jennifer sit together with Abe not wanting to be caught off guard by EJ's next move.

Rafe returns to Sami with coffee as Sami was looking at a picture of her and Will on her phone. Sami talks about being proud of Will and not seeing him like this before. Sami states that she didn't think Will would take breaking up with Gabi so hard. Rafe thinks Will just has a big heart. Rafe says broken hearts always heal at Will's age.

Will asks EJ why he doesn't just meet the man. EJ informs him that he has plans and thinks Will could enjoy the assignment. EJ then exits the Pub after leaving the information with Will.

Brady steps away to go find Quinn leaving Madison and Nicole together. Nicole asks Madison about her and Brady. Nicole calls it funny that Madison said she would never want to hook up with him. Madison says they are out of the denial phase. Madison brings up how Nicole denied she ever wanted to be with EJ again. Nicole tells Madison that Brady is a real catch that she will always care about. Madison tells Nicole that he said the same thing about her. Nicole is glad Brady is with someone who makes him happy and is free to love him back.

Jennifer and Abe continue working as Abe wants to announce his plans soon. Jennifer suggests he announce it at one of the factories that his program will reopen. Abe says he thought so but isn't sure. Abe talks about the area being hurt by the recession and how many people are struggling. Abe wants to show the people that he understands what they are going through. Abe wants to give them answers and hope. Abe talks about his plans. Jennifer calls it incredible and wants the voters to see Abe's passion and dedication to the town.

EJ returns home where he has cameras set up.

Will arrives at the town square and quickly walks past Rafe and Sami before they see him. Rafe and Sami talk about their plans. Rafe says he's going to see Abe and Jennifer about working security for their campaign. Rafe kisses Sami and then they go their separate ways. Will then returns to the area and approaches EJ's associate. The man gets up from his table and leaves the envelope in his newspaper then walks away. Will retrieves the envelope and puts it in his jacket.

EJ finishes his work and a man exits with the TV cameras. Will arrives and gives EJ what was inside the envelope. Will asks EJ why he made it seem like he was about to do something illegal when it was just having EJ's car delivered. EJ asks Will if he liked driving it. Will says it was the coolest car he'll ever drive. EJ then stuns Will by revealing that it is Will's car.

Bo and Hope meet with Alice's lawyer to talk about the key. Hope complains about not having any answers. Hope worries about this leading to more questions.

Nicole and Madison laugh together as Brady returns and wonders what's going on. They joke with Brady about talking about him. Madison tells him he has nothing to worry about. Madison goes back for another massage after wishing Nicole luck on her campaign. Brady and Nicole comment that they both like Madison. Brady says he's glad he ran into Nicole and mentions that she looks happy. Nicole thanks Brady for not making a crack about EJ. Brady admits he's trying hard not to. Nicole tells Brady that EJ has changed. Nicole believes it will work out for them this time.

Rafe meets with Jennifer and Abe to talk about working security for their campaign. They talk to Rafe about the increase in amount of people showing to events. Jennifer wants Rafe to consult with their security about crowd control. Rafe brings up that he's opening a new business with Carrie but he's sure he can fit in his schedule. Rafe accepts the job and they welcome him. Abe says he's learned not to take anything for granted when going against a DiMera.

Will questions EJ giving him a sports car. Will tries to give him the keys back but EJ tells him that it's his now. Will wonders why he's doing this. EJ calls it a perk of the job. EJ says that since Will works for him, he represents him, his family, and his campaign so he needs him to drive in style. EJ says when people see Will they will see him. Will reluctantly agrees to keep the car.

Sami sits at the Brady Pub when she gets a call from Kate. Kate asks Sami to bring a file by her house so she gathers her things and heads to the DiMera Mansion.

Hope and Bo meet with Alice's branch manager. Hope asks about the safe deposit box and the manager tells them that the key does go to the box but he cannot allow them access to it. Hope reminds him that she's the executor of Alice's estate so it legally belongs to her now but he informs Hope that she does not because the safe deposit box did not belong to just Alice. He says there are two names on the account and the terms stipulate that they both must be present for access. Hope realizes the key is useless unless they find out who the other person is.

Brady and Madison join each other after their massages and kiss. Madison thanks Brady for the day. Madison talks about the big decisions that she has to make. Brady tells her to just do what's right for her. Brady jokes with her about wanting to know what she and Nicole were talking about. Madison removes her robe and kisses Brady.

Nicole practices her martial-arts with Quinn. Quinn compliments her session and says she's in great shape. Quinn feels she will be able to hold her own after a few more sessions. Nicole brings up how Quinn said he's changed and she now believes that people can change. Nicole says she and EJ have both changed so maybe Quinn can too.

Rafe goes over security with Abe and Jennifer. Jennifer then gets a message on her phone and says this can't be possible. Jennifer turns on the TV to see EJ giving a speech that he recorded earlier. EJ talks about using his resources to rebuild factories and warehouses which was Abe's plan. Abe wonders how the hell EJ got his hand on his plans.

Will tells EJ that they understand each other but no one has ever given him anything like this before. EJ calls the car just the beginning of what he can put it in his reach. EJ hands Will the keys back as Sami walks in and wonders what the hell is going on.

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