Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/12/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/12/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Carrie arrives in her office where Rafe is in there without a shirt on because there's no air condition. Rafe decides to put his shirt back on as Carrie removes her jacket due to the heat and they exchange looks.

Austin walks through the Town Square carrying a stack of books and runs into Abigail. Austin talks about it being his first day and admits he's a little bit nervous but is glad to see a friendly face in Abigail.

Will and Sonny talk at the Town Square. Sonny brings up thinking Will was going to leave town. Will says he decided that running away is not the answer so he's sticking around. Will claims that he's tired of the same old boring choices and he's tired of being good little Will. Will says he's done pretending and with a lot of things.

Bo and Hope talk about trying to find out about the key in the Horton Town Square plaque but they haven't found out anything new.

Sonny and Will sit together as Sonny asks about his new outlook. Will calls it a new year's resolution with a lot of time to think. Will says he wants to be open to things around him like new things and new people. Will says he wants to try something new. Sonny thinks it's good because Will was sounding depressed before. Will insists that he's over that. Adrienne then arrives and greets Sonny. Adrienne tells him that she's meeting Justin but wanted to tell Sonny how proud of him she is. Adrienne exits as Sonny talks about Justin and Adrienne with the Cheatin' Heart. Will comments on how great it must be to have parents like that.

Rafe and Carrie remain in the office and exchange looks at one another when they aren't looking. Rafe tries to fix the air condition. Rafe suggests Carrie go home but Carrie insists she wanted to stay in case of any clients. Rafe mentions that he did get a call for a case today from a woman saying her son is accused of arson. Rafe believes that he's innocent. Rafe wants Carrie to be the defense attorney that helps the kid. Rafe tells her that the family is broke so they would not be able to pay her.

Abigail offers to help Austin. Abigail insists on showing Austin a shortcut to his office and they walk off together.

Hope and Bo sit at the Horton home and continue talking about Alice's secrets. They talk about thinking Alice and Tom had the perfect marriage. Hope reminds Bo how much it means to her that he's still okay with going to therapy. Bo insists that he would do anything for her and thinks it's worth it if they get a stronger, better marriage. Hope kisses him and thanks him for sticking with her. Bo says there is something he needs to talk to her about. Bo talks about finding the key by accident and that they've learned that Alice didn't want anyone to find it. Bo admits that he really thinks they should drop it.

Justin joins Sonny and Will and greets them. Sonny talks about how great Justin has been with Sonny's idea to make the Cheatin' Heart into a coffee house. Will mentions how people are already talking about it on campus. Sonny talks about different ideas and how he wants all types of people to feel comfortable. Justin promises to be there. Sonny and Justin decide to leave and hug as Justin tells him how proud he is of him. Justin talks about being glad to spend more time with Adrienne without the Cheating Heart. Sonny exits to make a call. Justin tells Will how glad he is that he's working with Sonny. Will thanks Justin and says it's cool how supportive he is. Justin calls Sonny an amazing kid. Will mentions that not every parent would be so accepting. Justin asks if he's referring to Sonny being gay.

Rafe and Carrie remain in the office with the heat getting to them. Rafe asks Carrie if she's okay with his pitch for the case. Rafe explains what the case means. Carrie comments that they haven't had any cases so she agrees to work the case. Carrie says Rafe vouching for the kid means a lot to her. Rafe calls her the best for agreeing to do it. Rafe e-mails her the case file as Carrie jokes with him about fixing the thermos.

Hope questions Bo agreeing that some things should stay buried and that Alice doesn't want them to know the truth. Bo says he wants her to be happy. Hope tells him that she won't be happy without knowing but Bo wants her to be able to sleep at night again. Hope talks about how close she was to Alice. Hope feels that Alice would've tossed the key in the river if she never wanted anyone to find it. Hope thinks there's a reason she put it where it could someday be found. Hope refuses to drop it until she finds out what the key is for.

Will talks to Justin about Sonny being so cool with who he is and how awesome that both his parents are too. Justin calls Sonny a great person with ambition and heart. Will says he knows not everyone would be so laid back about him being gay. Justin asks if that surprises Will. Will admits that it does because a lot of people are uncomfortable with it. Will says that he isn't and thinks it's cool that Sonny has his family's support because not everyone would in his situation. Justin says it's not a situation but who Sonny is. Justin says it doesn't change how he feels about Sonny and he still hopes Sonny falls in love with a good person who makes him happy as that's what they all deserve and Will agrees. Justin tells Will that he and Adrienne wouldn't change one thing about Sonny even if they could before going to meet with Adrienne.

Rafe and Carrie remain heated in the office. Rafe tells Carrie she can go home if she wants but she insists on staying. Carrie and Rafe joke around about sweating in the heat. Rafe mentions Sami taking a job with Kate and how he thinks it's a bad idea despite the good money. Carrie reminds Rafe that he'll need the good money if their case load doesn't pick up. Carrie says she's glad Sami didn't put up a fuss about them working together. Carrie looks at the case file and sees a lot of evidence against the kid but hopes she'll get something else from reading the rest of it.

Abigail helps Austin get set up in his new office. Austin thanks her for showing him the shortcut. Abigail jokes with Austin about not giving his students' homework. Austin talks about not knowing how to do all the online stuff. Austin jokes with Abigail about how old he is. Abigail offers to help Austin with his online work but he says she has done enough already. Abigail insists anyways on helping Austin with the computer but he can't remember his user name.

Bo tells Hope that he's worried about her. Hope says giving up will only drive them crazier. Bo agrees to support her since they are a team. Hope says she knows they can get to the bottom of the mystery. Hope hugs him and Bo gets a phone call as they then exit on a case.

Sonny meets with a designer and introduces him to Will. They talk about wanting to get him as an investor for the new coffee house. The designer, Mateo, talks to Will about liking their sports website while it was up. They joke around together and joke about their tastes in music.

Abigail shows Austin everything on his computer. Austin calls it amazing how it's all there. Austin doesn't think he'll ever figure it all out but Abigail insists that he will be fine. Abigail jokes with him about being in his class. Austin says he doesn't know how he would've gotten through today without her and thanks her. Abigail says she has to go meet with financial aid. Austin brings up that he could have a student assistant so Abigail eagerly agrees to be his assistant. Austin decides to make the call now.

Rafe and Carrie exchange looks as they both sweat in the office. Carrie gets up and walks as Rafe watches her as she sits back down. Carrie then looks at Rafe when he stands up.

Austin finishes his call and tells Abigail that she got the job as his assistant. Abigail excitedly thanks him. Abigail says she will do whatever he needs to make his life easier. Austin offers her lunch at the campus cafeteria which surprises Abigail who likes the idea of having lunch together.

Rafe makes a phone call to have the rest of the file e-mailed to him. Rafe and Carrie pour each other ice water to try and stay cool as Rafe ends up watching Carrie from his desk again.

Bo and Hope go to the Brady Pub talk about getting rid of a drug thief in the case they were called on. They sit down to talk more about the key. Hope mentions that Austin told her about a website where you can access public records. Hope wants to look around on it. Bo and Hope both believe that Alice used a pseudonym and Bo thinks he knows which one.

Mateo sits with Sonny and Will as they continue talking about music. Mateo asks Will to meet him tomorrow to talk more about music. Will agrees to but then says he might have to check his schedule. Sonny adds that he has come up with a name for the coffee house, Common Grounds, so it's a place that people will feel welcome with. Mateo says he likes it as Will decides he has to go and hurries off. Mateo wonders if it was something he said. Sonny tells him not to take it personal. Mateo mentions that Will was fine until he asked him to hook up and listen to music tomorrow. Sonny tells Mateo that it's hard for Will as he's just not there yet.

Rafe finishes another phone call and tells Carrie that he's got a new witness that could clear the kid in their case. Carrie adds that she's finding things wrong in the evidence. Carrie thinks she can help the kid. Rafe is glad but asks Carrie if she's sure she has time to do this. Carrie reminds him that not much else is going on for them. Rafe insists that they will get cases soon. Carrie states that they won't be able to keep this up without paying cases.

Abigail talks to Austin about the cafeteria food. Abigail offers to go pick them up some food from the Brady Pub so they can then get to work. Austin is surprised when Abigail recognizes a quote from Casablanca. Austin then comments that Abigail is full of surprises.

Hope and Bo get on the page for Alice but don't find anything about the key. Hope realizes that the key is certainly for a safe deposit box but she wonders what is in the box that would make Alice go to such great lengths to hide and keep secret.

Sonny and Mateo continue talking at the Town Square as Justin and Adrienne join them. Sonny introduces Mateo to them while Will watches from a distance.

Bo and Hope continue looking at the key together at the Pub.

Austin works on his computer as Abigail returns with their food.

Rafe and Carrie remain in the office as Rafe finds himself staring across the room at Carrie.

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