Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/11/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/11/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate sits in her office as Sami comes in. Kate complains about trying the new face of Countess Wilhelmina. Sami comments on the pictures as well. Sami tells Kate she's going about the search all wrong.

Brady and John go over the terms of their outline to rebuild Basic Black at the Brady Pub. John talks about how proud he is to being work with him. Brady says it means a lot to him and admits it was tough to leave Titan but knows it was the right move. Abe and Lexie arrive and greet John. John introduces them to Brady as his new business partner and tells them of their plans. Abe and Lexie call it great and that it's a special day for John. Abe says John will be able to close a chapter in his life. Brady praises John for paying back the investors. John states that rebuilding Basic Black will be completely worth it.

Nicole sits at the DiMera Mansion as EJ joins her. Nicole talks about John becoming a hero. Nicole reminds him that today's the day that John is paying back the penchant funds and that John is going to endorse Abe. Nicole tells EJ about Abe's new plan. EJ surprises her that he already started working on it. Will arrives which confuses Nicole so EJ announces that Will is the newest member of their campaign.

Madison admits to Victor and Maggie that she's overwhelmed by being offered the CEO job of Titan. Victor thinks she's perfect for the job. Madison says she respects him and is flattered but worries about giving up the day to day running of Mad World. Madison states that it will be a problem.

Abe and Lexie sit with Brady and John. Brady comments on not knowing John was doing an interview. Abe explains how they came up with the idea. Brady likes their plan and then gets a call so he steps away. Abe tells John that he appreciates his endorsement of his campaign. John says the last thing he would want is for EJ to be mayor. John wants the voters to know how much of a stand up guy Abe is. Lexie agrees then spots the reporter outside so she exits to go make sure she has everything she needs. Abe steps away on a call. Brady comes back and tells John that he has to go so he exits. Abe returns to John and tells him he's happy to hear he'll be working with Brady. John hopes his endorsement to Abe helps bury EJ.

Nicole asks EJ about Will joining their team. EJ says it just happened and claims he couldn't be more excited. EJ tells Nicole how Will is into politics and he wants to have a member of the Horton family on his campaign. Nicole questions the decision. EJ adds that it goes to a college credit for Will. Nicole tells Will that he surprised her by picking the winning team but she still has a hard time believing that he isn't on Abe's team. EJ explains that no opportunities were available with Abe so Nicole welcomes Will to the team and then steps out to make some phone calls. Will asks EJ why he made him come and what he wants. EJ tells Will that he's about to start earning favor with the master.

Kate tells Sami that she doesn't know what she means since she got the best models. Sami talks about other ideas. Sami suggests they go for a different look. Sami thinks they can do a search to find the new face that will be relevant. Kate agrees that they could start in Salem. Sami talks about how big it could become.

Maggie brings coffee in and suggests Madison and Victor take a break from negotiations. Victor continues to explain how big Titan is to Madison. Victor thinks Madison could run it all. Madison admits that she's flattered but still overwhelmed. Maggie tells Victor that he can't expect her to make a decision that quick. Maggie suggests letting Madison think it over. Victor agrees and says he will put together a salary package for her to look over. Madison thanks Victor for everything and says she has to go back to work. Madison thanks Maggie and shakes hands with Victor before exiting. Maggie tells Victor that he made a smart move. Victor appreciates her backup and kisses her.

Will asks EJ what he wants him to do. EJ tells him that Abe and Lexie are at the Pub listening to John's speech about paying back the penchant funds. EJ wants Will to go to the Pub and find Abe's computer then steal his information on his job proposals. Will wonders how he is supposed to do that. EJ thinks Will can be creative and find a way to get the computer and the information. EJ says if Will gets caught, he can be creative in getting out of it. Will tells EJ that he's not going to do it. EJ reminds Will that he owns him. EJ brings up Will shooting him and threatens to make it public if Will does not get the information from Abe. EJ gives Will a flash drive to put the information on. Will says they are clear and walks out.

Maggie and Victor sit together. Maggie wonders how Victor is handling all of this. Victor admits he was hurt and angry when Brady first left but he realizes it's for the best. Maggie is surprised. Victor talks about Brady being willing to give up the company he went to great lengths to get makes him think that Brady is maturing. Maggie thinks working with John will help him. Victor is glad that Brady will get to renew his relationship with John which is what Isabella would like. Maggie tells Victor that Isabella is smiling down on him now. Victor states that's one of the reasons he was willing to let Brady go even if it means leaving the company with someone not in the family. Maggie then asks Victor what about his son.

Brady runs into Madison at the Town Square. They talk about Brady's decision. Madison says she's okay with it but wishes they were still working together. Brady reminds her of how she wished she could have worked with her mom and he feels this is the one chance to work with his dad. Brady tells Madison that they will still see each other. Madison though is not sure it will be possible.

Sami asks Kate what she thinks about her ideas. Kate thinks it's genius. Sami asks Kate if she's calling her a genius and smiles.

Nicole returns to EJ and wonders where Will went. EJ informs her that he sent him on an errand. Nicole jokes with EJ and wants to know why he hired Will out of the blue. EJ thinks it's a good thing for the campaign. Nicole feels they will need more than a Horton. EJ has a feeling that Will is going to give the boost that they need. Nicole wishes she had his confidence.

John speaks with the reporter and gives his interview. John credits Abe and Lexie for allowing him to be there. Will stands near Abe and looks at his computer. The reporter asks John about retrieving the lost funds. Abe notices Will and greets him. Will says he's just there to support John. Abe gets a call and steps away, allowing Will to sneak into his computer.

Victor tells Maggie that Phillip is not interested in running Titan. Maggie says she isn't talking about Phillip, but about Bo, which surprises Victor. Maggie asks if Victor ever considered asking Bo to run Titan. Victor is unsure about Bo in a suit and tie. Victor admits he would be thrilled and feels Bo did an impressive job when he was with Titan before but they were never a fit and Bo would never leave the police force. Maggie thinks it would still be nice for Bo to know that Victor considered him. Victor tells Maggie she amazes him by running the family. Victor calls himself lucky for finding her. Victor tells Maggie that he's the luckiest man in the world to have fallen in love and married her then kisses her.

Brady questions Madison having a problem with seeing him. Madison says her workload might be changing. Madison then informs Brady that Victor offered her the CEO position at Titan. Brady calls it great. Brady says he's not surprised that Victor knows her talent so Brady asks if she will take the job.

Nicole wants to know what tricks EJ has up his sleeve. EJ claims that he's just confident that he will find a way to level the playing field. EJ thinks they have talked enough about the campaign and wants to focus on her. EJ tries to kiss her but Nicole says duty calls. EJ pulls her back and tells her that they don't have to work for awhile. EJ reminds her that he promised to put her first. EJ picks Nicole up and kisses her then carries her off.

John talks about how long he's known Abe in his interview while Will sneaks onto Abe's computer. Lexie then comes up from behind and puts her hand on Will's shoulder which startles him.

Maggie tells Victor that they are both very lucky which is why it's important to find the right person. Maggie jokes with him that she doesn't want to share him with the company. Victor hopes Madison accepts the job then and says it would elevate her career to a new level. Maggie points out that decisions sometimes come from the heart rather than money. Maggie feels that if Madison takes the job, she won't have a moment for Brady and she might not want to work that much. Victor calls her very perceptive. Victor thinks Madison would make a perfect fit for Brady.

Madison talks to Brady about thinking over Victor's offer. They sit together as Brady calls it a no-brainer since Madison is a natural. Madison points out how much Mad World means to her and she isn't sure she could just walk away from it. Brady understands and tells her that the choice is hers.

Kate tells Sami that she only said her idea was genius. Sami accepts it as a compliment. Kate feels it's boosted Sami's confidence by stealing her from Mad World. Sami tells Kate that she loves her job. Kate warns Sami not to let it go to her head. Sami suggests that she should take Rafe out to dinner to celebrate. Kate questions if there's trouble in paradise since Sami keeps talking about Rafe. Sami questions her. Kate explains that Sami only talks about herself but now is talking about Rafe so she thinks she did something wrong.

EJ and Nicole have dinner at the Town Square and toast to enjoying one another. EJ surprises Nicole with a bracelet to thank her for everything she has done. Nicole jokes with him about getting her gifts. EJ wants to get her gifts as he feels he has a lot to make up for. Nicole feels she needs to as well. Nicole doesn't want to keep talking about the past and start fresh. Nicole reminds him that they are being totally honest with each other now and that's all she cares about. EJ thinks back to being with Sami and then tells Nicole that they have made a commitment and love each other. EJ thinks he couldn't have done his campaign without her. Nicole believes more experienced people could have helped him. EJ says they make a good team as they are partners. EJ refuses to throw away what they have and Nicole kisses him.

Lexie hugs Will and thanks him for supporting John. John and Abe rejoin them as John thanks Will for coming. will says he just wanted to be there for support. The reporter comes back and asks for follow-up questions with John, Abe, and Lexie so she takes them all aside allowing Will to go back to work on Abe's computer. Will gets the information and removes the flashdrive.

Brady and Madison walk through the town square and sit together again. Brady tells her he won't influence her but is confident that she will make the right choice. Madison talks about being unsure about the huge job. Madison worried that Brady would think less of her if she didn't take on the job. Brady says he wants whatever is best for her. They joke with another and Madison kisses him. Brady calls her the most brilliant person she's ever known. Madison calls him amazing and kisses him again.

Sami questions what Kate is talking about. Kate feels Sami is overcompensating with Rafe like she did something wrong. Sami claims she's just showing him affection and wants him to know she loves him. Kate says that'd be normal for anyone but her as she recognizes the behavior with Sami from her past with Austin and Lucas. Kate says history repeats herself and she knows something not good is up when Sami acts desperate and needy. Sami thinks back to being with EJ and tells Kate that there's nothing wrong with her and Rafe's great relationship so she should stay out of it. Kate adds that it was just an observation and then exits the office.

EJ and Nicole continue together at the Town Square. EJ gets a text message from Will that he finished his errand and is ready to meet him. Nicole decides to go check on the campaign headquarters. EJ says he will see her back at the house. Nicole thanks him for the bracelet and EJ kisses her. Nicole tells EJ that she owes him for life being good then kisses him before leaving.

John invites Will to join them for hot chocolate but Will says he can't. John thanks Will for coming. Abe says goodbye to Will as he wishes him luck in his campaign. Will exits as Lexie comments how sweet it was for Will to come by and support him. John says Will's a good kid that will be just fine. Will stands outside the Pub with the flash drive then walks away.

Maggie talks with Victor about how this is a huge moment that Madison could become the first woman that Victor has ever approved of being with Brady. Victor compares Madison to others and says Madison has her head on straight so she's a perfect match for Brady. Maggie says they are lucky to have found each other but knows they will have plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Brady tells Madison he wishes he could stay with her but has to go talk to John. Madison thanks him for everything and kisses him. Brady exits and Madison then makes a phone call. Madison says she has a big decision to make and needs advice. Madison says it's just like the old days as she needs their help again.

Kate returns to the office and tells Sami that she's clear to go ahead with the search for the new face of Countess Wilhelmina. Kate warns Sami to make the idea work. Sami promises not to let her down as Kate then exits.

The interviewer thanks Abe, Lexie, and John for their time and then exits the Pub. Abe thanks John and calls him a local hero. Abe thinks John's endorsement will give his campaign a big boost. Lexie says EJ has been depending on his bag of dirty tricks but thinks EJ's campaign will take a hit with John's endorsement. Abe doesn't want to get overconfident but feels that he's in good shape for another term now. John likes it and hugs him.

Will returns to the DiMera Mansion and gives EJ the flash drive. EJ puts it into his computer and calls it excellent. Will adds in that he feels horrible about doing this. EJ reminds Will to be careful when he attempts to blackmail a DiMera. EJ tells Will that he saved his information until he needed to use it. Will tells EJ he's won but he doesn't feel good about any of this. EJ points out that Will got the information he needed with minimal effort. EJ tells Will to think about how he might learn something about himself and the world from him.

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