Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/10/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/10/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Chad talk at the Brady Pub. They joke with each other then Chad asks Sonny about remodeling the Cheating Heart. Sonny tells Chad about Will's idea to talk to Kate about investing. Chad doesn't want to use DiMera money. Sonny feels there's too many strings with his own family as they sit together. Melanie arrives so Sonny heads off to class to let Melanie and Chad talk.

Brady and Madison come downstairs at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady thanks her for being there for him and says his decision to leave Titan is not going to be popular with Victory. They talk about having to tell Victor together and then head into the living room.

Melanie sits with Chad and asks if he's excited about the semester. Chad tells her that he wants to kiss her. Melanie likes the idea so Chad tries to but Melanie reminds him that they can't because of Abigail. Chad wants to go somewhere private but Melanie brings up that they agreed to take it slow. Chad points out that he broke up with Abigail. Melanie worries about Abigail walking in and seeing them kissing. Abigail then arrives and calls them Salem's last couple. Abigail mocks them being together and says that they both stabbed her in the back.

Brady and Madison go into the living room where Maggie and Victor are. Brady tells Victor that they have to talk and he's not going to like it.

John and Marlena sit at home and toast to Marlena being the new head of the psychiatric program at Salem U. Marlena talks to John about his interviews later today. Marlena tells him that she is proud of him for paying back his investors. John appreciates her understanding. John hates that his money problems affect Marlena. Marlena points out that she's working and John will be working soon. Marlena says that what it's important is that John is free and everyone knows that he's the honorable man that he always was. Marlena talks about being lucky to have him home. Marlena hopes Brady leaves Titan to rejoin John at Basic Black. John hopes also that Brady wants to do this but worries about how Victor will react.

Brady talks to Victor about John planning to rebuild Basic Black. Maggie thinks it's wonderful what John is doing by paying back the people. Brady informs Victor that he wants to help John rebuild his company. Victor offers for Titan to help fund things but Brady says he will be taking a hands-on approach to helping him rebuild. Victor questions him so Brady informs him that he's decided to go work for John which means he's leaving Titan.

Chad and Melanie try to explain to Abigail but she doesn't believe them. Abigail says she's tired of their lies and walks away. Chad suggests they go but Melanie wants to stay and try to get through to Abigail. Chad wishes her luck and then exits. Melanie approaches Abigail and says she hates how things are. Abigail tells her to go away but Melanie argues that it's not her fault that they broke up. Abigail accuses Melanie of waiting for the second they broke up. Melanie brings up Abigail having a crush on another guy. Abigail blames Melanie for her and Chad not working out. Melanie didn't want anything to come between them but Abigail says it already has. Abigail tells Melanie that she's not her best friend anymore.

John talks with Marlena about being glad that he and Brady are close again. Brady regrets not being there when Brady needed him in the past. Marlena encourages John about the future. John thinks Madison is to credit for Brady turning things around and being happy. Marlena praises John for always loving and supporting Brady. Marlena tells John that he has a second chance with his son.

Victor forbids Brady from leaving Titan. Victor thinks it's madness since Titan is his birthright. Victor reminds Brady of everything he went through to become CEO of Titan. Victor tells him that he can't walk away. Madison tries to explain how Brady feels. Victor feels Brady is abandoning the family business. Brady brings up Basic Black being his family too and he needs to help his dad. Victor doesn't know how Brady can go from running a billion dollar company to a start up. Brady can't expect him to understand. Victor accuses Brady of being foolish. Victor says he believes in him but brings up the mess John has made. Victor finds it impossible to start up a new company. Victor says they can talk again when Brady comes to his senses but Brady tells him that his decision is final that he's leaving Titan for Basic Black so Victor calls him a fool.

Chad joins Sonny at the Town Square and they sit together. Sonny says he left thinking it'd be best to leave him alone with Melanie. Chad explains it's not what he thinks since he broke up with Abigail. Sonny says he knew but didn't want to gossip. Sonny says now that it's in the open, they can be honest. Sonny asks Chad if he cheated on his cousin with Melanie. Chad questions what he means by cheat.

Melanie tells Abigail that Chad never cheated on her. Melanie says she isn't going to be with Chad. Abigail mocks her and accuses her of going straight after him. Melanie says she never meant to go after Chad. Abigail tells her not to pretend and accuses Melanie of doing the same when she stole Phillip and Nathan from Stephanie. Abigail points out that Stephanie warned her about Melanie but she defended her like a friend. Abigail then calls Melanie a selfish bitch.

John tells Marlena that if he and Brady can patch things up, he thinks Marlena and Sami can too. Marlena thinks it's different with them. John says everything is in the past since he's innocent now so Sami has no reason to be disrespectful to them anymore. Marlena recalls hurting Sami a lot over the years. John points out that they also loved her over the years. John tells Marlena that she's going to help all the kids at Salem U. They kiss before Marlena exits.

Brady continues talking to Victor about enjoying Titan. Brady admits the real reason is that he wants to spend time with John. Victor thinks they could go on a trip together then. Victor asks Madison what she thinks. Madison admits that when he first told her, she had the same reaction. Madison points out that Brady always had a good relationship with Victor but not with John. Madison thinks Brady is doing the right thing. Victor brings up the effect on Mad World. Madison supports Brady. Victor accuses Brady of walking out on his family dynasty. Brady tells Victor not to attack Madison and says Titan was never his legacy since he stole it from Victor. Victor forgives him but Brady feels it was wrong. Brady announces that he's resigning as CEO from Titan and giving Victor back all his shares in the company. Victor talks about not expecting Brady to wash his hands of him. Brady tells Victor he loves him and is grateful for everything he's taught him. Victor thinks he has a bad way of showing it. Brady hopes Victor will understand that the time has come for him to move on and learn from John. Brady admits he's hurt a lot of people along the way. Brady hopes going to work for John will make him more like his father. Brady talks about what John is doing by paying back all the investors. Victor questions why Brady couldn't learn from him. Brady admires Victor for building Titan and that's what he wants to do with Basic Black. Victor explains that they build for their family not themselves. Victor says their legacy should be knowing their future family will be safe and secure. Brady calls it Victor's legacy but not his. Brady wants to earn his place in the world on his own terms. Brady tells Victor that he's walking in his footsteps.

Sonny and Chad walk through the town square as Sonny asks Chad if he hooked up with Melanie while with Abigail. Chad says no and that they have only kissed a few times. Chad and Sonny argue about it as Chad admits he couldn't stop thinking about Melanie. Sonny apologizes for asking but Chad wants him to listen now. Chad says he and Melanie have more in common. Sonny admits he knew that but couldn't say anything since Abigail is his cousin. Chad asks if Sonny will be mad if he dates Melanie. Sonny says no and wonders what he means by if they date or not. Chad explains that they are trying to give Abigail some time to get used to things before they start to date. Chad knows it's not easy being just friends. Sonny thinks they are doing the right thing by not jumping into things. Chad admits it's tougher than he thought to stay away from Melanie.

Melanie and Abigail continue to argue as Abigail calls her a lying slut. Melanie asks Abigail about her other crush. Abigail says she never acted on those feelings like Melanie did. Melanie claims that she never did. Abigail brings up their kiss on Halloween. Abigail tells Melanie to look her in the eyes and tell her that nothing else ever happened between them. Melanie thinks back to kissing Chad while they were held hostage and can't tell her. Melanie starts to cry as Abigail comments on the type of friend Melanie is before storming out of the Pub.

Victor tells Brady that he's making a mistake no matter how he puts it. Brady disagrees and so does Maggie. Maggie talks about how long she's known Brady and she wants him to follow his heart to be his own person. Maggie thinks Brady is doing the right thing and sounded like his mother. Victor calls it unfair to bring Isabella into it. Maggie says she's just being honest and compares Brady to Isabella. Maggie tells Victor to think about how happy Isabella would be for Brady and John to be working together. Victor admits he knows and that Maggie is right that Isabella would be proud of Brady. Victor says it pains him to admit but he's proud of Brady too.

Abigail runs into Marlena at Salem U. Marlena notices Abigail crying so she tries to leave but Marlena stops her. Abigail says it's just been a bad day but she will be fine. Marlena offers to help but Abigail doesn't think she can. Marlena invites her into her office to talk so Abigail agrees.

Melanie joins Chad at the Town Square and sits with him. Melanie says they have to talk. Chad assumes it's about Abigail. Melanie tells him that Abigail hates her and will never forgive her for being with him. Chad points out that all they've done is kiss. Melanie says Abigail thinks she's a traitor. Chad thinks Abigail will get over it and is just being over dramatic. Chad feels that they would have broken up sooner or later. Melanie thinks they only broke up because of her. Melanie cries about how Abigail was her best friend who helped her get through so many things. Chad tries to calm her down but Melanie feels she's hurt Abigail too much so she can't be with him ever because of it.

Victor tells Brady that he's the one that can help John get Basic Black up again. Brady kisses Madison before exiting. Victor and Maggie invite her to stay before Madison leaves. Madison has to go to a meeting but they insist that she stay. Victor wants to talk to Madison about her future and Brady's place in it.

Abigail finishes telling Marlena her story. Marlena understands why she's hurt and is sorry it happened. Abigail talks about thinking Melanie would be her best friend forever and was ok with a mutual breakup with Chad but then to find out that they were together behind her back. She couldn't believe it. Marlena suggests that she didn't see it because it didn't happen since they say they didn't cheat on her. Abigail complains about Chad being hot and Melanie being pretty then admits it might be easier to believe if they weren't. Marlena tells Abigail to give them the benefit of the doubt since they care about her. Abigail doesn't think they care about her. Marlena says they don't want to hurt her and knows Abigail feels betrayed. Marlena asks how it would make her feel to open up.

John and Brady meet at the Brady Pub. Brady and John shake hands as John cheers excitedly. Brady declares that they and Basic Black are back. John calls it a dream come true as they happily rejoice.

Madison questions Victor thinking she isn't right for Brady. Madison talks about feeling right to support Brady. Victor instead tells her that he appreciates that she supported Brady and stood up to him. Victor calls her smart and loyal so he wants to discuss Mad World's future with Titan now that Brady is leaving. Victor says he will have to bring in a new CEO. Madison thought Victor would take over. Victor talks about being married now so she takes first priority and he's ready to wind down. Madison suggests Victor will promote Phillip to CEO but Victor says he has too many responsibilities with his son as it is. Madison asks who Victor has in mind. Victor says only one person can take Brady's place at Titan and that's Madison.

Abigail tells Marlena that she wishes she could believe Melanie and Chad but Melanie could not deny that something happened with her and Chad. Marlena says she's sorry as she knew it meant a lot. Abigail admits that Melanie's betrayal hurts more than Chad's. Marlena tells her that sometimes things feel like betrayals but aren't meant to be. Marlena brings up what happened with Jack. Marlena suggests that Abigail could find a way to forgive Melanie but Abigail says no. Abigail says Jack didn't mean to get kidnapped but Melanie knew that she was stabbing her in the back but did it away so their friendship has to be over.

Chad tells Melanie that he gets that she's upset from losing her best friend. Chad gets that Abigail is upset and they both feel bad but doesn't think them being apart will help anyone. Chad says he and Abigail will never get back together. Melanie doesn't want to go back to who she used to be. Chad tries to argue but Melanie apologizes and says she can't be with him before running off.

Brady and John talk together about what John went through. John says today he got the best gift by getting his son back.

Madison questions becoming the new CEO of Titan. Victor says he's been keeping an eye on her and sees a strong woman that's almost as savvy as he and Brady put together. Madison calls it quite the compliment. Victor says he's just keeping it real. Victor talks about how Madison took Mad World into a global franchise so he wonders what she could do with Titan. Madison mentions that she'd have to give up the reigns of Mad World if she becomes CEO. Victor points out that she'll still oversee it. Maggie encourages her. Madison doesn't know what to say but Victor wants her to say yes.

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