Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/9/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/9/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will goes in to the DiMera Mansion and tells EJ that he knows what he did with Sami. EJ wants to talk in private so they go into the living room. Will says he knows he doesn't want anyone else to hear this.

Jack finishes a phone call at the Town Square as he watches Jennifer and Daniel sitting together and wonders what's going on. Jack quickly grabs a newspaper to hide his face as he watches them. Jennifer talks to Daniel about how she hates that he's dealing with this on his own. Jennifer reminds Daniel that she still cares about him.

Bo and Hope sit in bed and talk about their session with Marlena. Bo admits it's been more difficult than he expected since he thought they worked through all that stuff but they hadn't. Bo worries about things not getting better and if they can't get past what happened.

Will tells EJ that if he doesn't want everyone to know what he did then he will give him what he wants. EJ tells him to enlighten him so Will brings up when Johnny was missing and informs EJ that he saw EJ having sex with Sami while the whole city was out searching for Johnny. Will states that EJ was cheating on Nicole. Will tells EJ not to try and deny it because he saw it. Will tells EJ to help him leave Salem or he promises to tell everyone what he did. EJ goes over what Will wants. EJ comments that he's impressed and says Will has grown a spine. Will tells EJ that he will leave town either way eventually but if he tells everyone then Nicole will leave him, he will lose the race for mayor, and he'll be as good as dead to Rafe.

Hope talks to Bo about getting over the things that happened and she thinks they will be stronger for it. Bo thinks they are stronger now than they ever were and Hope agrees. Bo worries about going through this tearing them apart again. Hope fears that they will never heal if they don't go through it. They talk about not wanting to lose each other. Hope says they have to be committed to this.

Daniel thanks Jennifer but tells her not to worry about him. Jennifer reminds him that he may never be able to operate again so he should lean on a friend. Daniel says he'll just figure out his life on his own. Jennifer tells Daniel that it's okay to feel and talk to her. Jennifer brings up how Daniel helped her pick a path in life by joining Abe's campaign. Jennifer tells Daniel that he can do whatever he wants and she wants to help him. Daniel doesn't think it's a good idea. Jack then sneezes which gets Jennifer's attention and she can't believe that he was spying on them.

Bo tells Hope that he wants their marriage to be as strong as possible but hates seeing how the things they talked about hurt her. Hope insists that it's what she needs. Hope then tells Bo that there's something that she's been thinking about since they left Marlena and needs to talk to him about it but she's afraid of what will happen when she does.

Will tells EJ that he's holding all the cards so he should give him whatever he wants so that he will leave him alone. EJ asks Will what Sami thinks but Will says he hasn't told her because he can't stand her. EJ assumes Sami is one of the reasons that he's leaving town and Will agrees. Will says all that matters is whether or not they have a deal. EJ commends Will for his blackmail achievement. EJ tells Will that he's not the one holding all the cards. EJ then informs Will that he knows something about him and it's something that he would not want anyone to know.

Jennifer asks Jack what he was doing. Jack claims that he was just reading the paper but Jennifer doesn't believe him. Jack admits that his curiosity got to him when he saw Jennifer holding Daniel's hand. Daniel assures him that it was innocent and Jack knows. Jack tells Daniel that he heard what he's going through and is sorry. Daniel blows it off but Jack tells him not to downplay it. Jack compares it to what he went through but Daniel thinks there's no comparison to what Jack went through in Afghanistan. Jack brings up the similarities. Jack talks about changes he had to make when he got free and knows Daniel will have to make changes too. Jack explains to Daniel how he will make it out to something he never imagined.

Hope talks to Bo about losing Zack being the most devastating thing that she had ever been through. Hope says that most of their problems stem from that. Bo apologizes to her for letting Chelsea drive that night and for keeping it from her. Bo wishes he could take it all back. Hope brings up Bo not trusting her with the truth that night and the same when Ciara was kidnapped or when Carly came back. Hope says they have ended up in the same dishonest place so many times. Bo thinks they are working on it and can get through it. Bo promises to never lie to her again. Hope wants to believe that but still has a small doubt in her mind that reminds her of the past. Hope wonders how they are supposed to have a healthy relationship if she's afraid to trust him.

Daniel and Jack continue to talk about Daniel's condition. Jack calls his life a mess but Jennifer says he's doing alright. Jack tells Daniel that he won't regret letting Jennifer help him which surprises Jennifer. Jack says after seeing the concern that Jennifer and Daniel have for each other, he's realized that they can't go on this way.

EJ tells Will that he's always seen a bit of himself in Will. EJ calls him a troubled young man angry at the world. Will tells EJ that he's nothing like him. EJ compares their difficult upbringings with a lot of mistakes. Will says everybody makes mistakes so EJ agrees. EJ points out that not everybody gets caught and Will got caught. Will questions what EJ is talking about. EJ wonders aloud what he could know that would get Will in terrible trouble. EJ hints to Will that it's something that could send him to prison for the rest of his life.

Bo and Hope continue talking. Hope says she's just trying to be honest with her feelings. Bo admits that he had betrayed her trust and there's nothing he can do to change that but he can prove to her that what happened is in the past and he can be honest with her until the day he dies. Hope knows he means that but feels he's said it before. Bo talks about how stubborn he can be and says he knew the day that they met that he wanted to change and she helped him change. Bo tells her that deep inside he's still a scared kid afraid to rely on people. Bo promises to get rid of the part that can't trust so he can have faith in Hope.

Jennifer asks Jack what he means by going on like this. Jack says they can't keep fighting about which one is right for Jennifer. Jack sees now how much it hurts all of them. Jack says he doesn't even know which one of them should win anymore. Daniel reminds him that there's no winning because he stepped out. Jack then points out that Jennifer still loves Daniel. Jack tells Daniel to let Jennifer be his friend. Jennifer agrees with Jack but tells Jack that it's between her and Daniel. Jack agrees and says they can do away with date nights and Hawaii trips. Jack tells Daniel that it's impossible to take himself out for as long as Jennifer has feelings for him. Jack suggests they all step back and re-evaluate the situation in order to put an end to it.

Hope tells Bo that she still has faith in them. They joke together about being perfect for one another and then kiss. Bo insists that they can make it through anything together and hugs her.

EJ tells Will that he can see the headline now about a Horton scandal and says his whole family would melt with Will in jail. Will has no idea what he's talking about. EJ says he can't believe Will doesn't remember one of the most important moments of his life. Will tells EJ that he has nothing and knows he's bluffing but it didn't work. Will tells EJ it was nice to know him and starts to leave but EJ stops him and tells Will that he knows it was not Will's father that shot him but Will who tried to kill him.

Jennifer asks what Jack is saying. Jack says he's doing what Daniel did and take himself out of the equation. Daniel tells Jack not to do that. Jack says it might be his biggest mistake but feels it's best for all of them especially Jennifer. Daniel asks her if that's true. Jack says he's taking the pressure off so that she no longer has to choose. Daniel understands where Jack's coming from since he did the same thing. Daniel tells Jennifer that he loves her but sometimes he realizes he's got to walk away. Jennifer calls them both amazing men and says she would never do anything to hurt either one. Daniel says Jennifer didn't hurt him but made his life better by showing him that he could love again. Jack tells Jennifer to see how amazing she is since they are fighting over her. Jennifer now feels like she has lost them both.

EJ questions Will trying to get away with murder. Will says he doesn't know what EJ is talking about since his dad shot him and not him. EJ informs Will that he remembers the day very clearly. Will calls him delusional. EJ talks about being unable to understand why Lucas did it and then he had children of his own and understood what it was to want to protect your children. Will wonders why EJ would keep it to himself all this time if it was him. EJ tells Will that he has patience and when he gets information, he waits and looks for the right opportunity. EJ tells Will to learn from that. Will calls EJ a bastard. EJ says the next time Will tries to pull something like this, he better make sure that he doesn't have any secrets of his own. Will says EJ has made his point. EJ informs Will that he's only just begun.

Bo and Hope go to the Brady Pub to have a romantic private date. They go in where a candle lit dinner is set up and Bo turns on some music. Bo and Hope begin to dance.

Jack tells Jennifer that she's not losing him but he thinks it's better to take a break until they get their heads on straight. Daniel says they can still be friends. Jennifer wants to know why it sounds like goodbye. Jack tells Jennifer that he will always love her and they will always be connected but a part of him will always wonder if a part of her is still in love with Daniel. Daniel admits he would wonder if Jennifer picked the wrong guy. Jennifer feels it all comes back to her and her decision. Jack tells her to wait and see what she truly wants.

EJ questions Will shooting an innocent man. Will says EJ isn't innocent and that his only regret was that he didn't finish the job. EJ wonders if it's a threat. Will says he learned a lesson and tells him that next time he will aim a little bit higher. EJ doesn't think Will should make such bold statements. Will tells EJ to go ahead and call the cops because he doesn't care. EJ thinks Will does care a lot because his life is very challenging at the moment and he doesn't think he needs to go to court and bring all the emotional turmoil into his life. EJ calls Will very confused and mixed up emotionally. Will questions him. EJ suggests Will should share his deepest, darkest secrets with the world. Will insults EJ. EJ says they have both listened to each other and thinks they both now understand the other's position.

Jennifer thinks they should've seen this coming. Jack admits he thought he'd just swoop in and take her back but Daniel is a stand up guy. Daniel admits the same. Jennifer talks about being confused. Jack thinks that's why they are making this decision now. Jack hates backing off but is doing it for the best. Jennifer knows he's right but wonders where they go now.

Hope tells Bo that she knows therapy hasn't been fun but she believes that it's important for them since their marriage is great now and she wants to keep it that way. Bo does too and says he will do whatever it takes as long as he's with her then kisses her as they continue dancing together. Hope tells him to remember that when therapy gets hard and remember that she will always love him no matter what. Bo then kisses her again and hugs her.

Will tells EJ that no one will believe him and calls him scum. EJ brings up that prison is not a nice place and asks if he's sure he wants to play this game. Will tells EJ that he won't tell anyone that he had sex with Sami and gives him his word. EJ then tells Will that he's not a very forgiving man because an apology is not enough. EJ wants to teach Will a lesson and says he knows just the thing.

Jack states that they should just move on with their lives and get back to normal. Jennifer doesn't know what normal is. Jack wants his family back but seeing her conflicted about her feelings makes him not want to pressure her. Daniel suggests they should just let life go on. Jennifer hopes he's right. Daniel has to go to the hospital. Jennifer says she's there if he needs anything. Daniel thanks her and kisses her then exits. Jennifer tells Jack that she should get going since it's getting late. Jack agrees and tells her goodnight. Jennifer then exits.

Hope talks to Bo about being in the exact place that they are meant to be. Bo feels the same way when he's with her. Hope kisses him as Bo tells her that he means it since they've made it through so much. Bo hugs her as they continue dancing together. Bo tells Hope that she is his destiny and his everything then kisses her again.

Will asks EJ what he wants him to do. EJ brings up keeping friends close and enemies closer. EJ tells Will that he's going to be close to him. Will questions what that means. EJ says Will is going to assist him. Will wonders why he needs him. EJ calls him an upstanding young man that's so innocent so no one will suspect him. EJ tells Will that if he wants to stay out of jail, then he's going to do everything that he asks him to. EJ welcomes Will to his worst nightmare and states that he owns him.

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