Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/6/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/6/12


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Sami works in her office as Kate joins her and checks on her work. Sami tells Kate what she's done and Kate responds that Sami might have a bright future with Countess Wilhelmina. Kate comments that nothing gets by her as Sami looks at a picture of her family.

Will returns home and greets Rafe, who is cooking. Will asks where Sami is. Rafe tells him that she's working late again. Will questions it so Rafe says that's how it is when starting a new job. Will comments that Rafe got a new job and is there. Rafe doesn't think the long nights will be often but Will thinks it's so much better when Sami is out of the house.

Marlena returns home and wonders if John has heard from Will. John greets her with a kiss and says he hasn't. John asks if Will is alright. Marlena says he's just dealing with stuff and asks about Brady visiting. John informs Marlena that Brady made an intriguing proposition.

Brady joins Madison at the Brady Pub. Madison worries about having to replace Sami. Brady encourages her. Madison complains about being exhausted. Brady wants to talk it over wine. Madison prefers to not talk about work. Brady tells Madison that there is something that they have to talk about.

EJ finishes a phone call at home as Stefano walks in and asks if everything is alright. EJ complains about being down in the votes for mayor. Stefano suggests that EJ put too much of his campaign into John. EJ still doesn't understand how this happened since he had everything the way he wanted but now John's the hero. EJ wanted to be the hero. Stefano tries to calm him down but EJ wants to know how John got out of jail. Stefano figures it will all come out sooner or later so EJ questions what he means. EJ asks if Stefano thinks he let him down. EJ wonders if he failed Stefano by not putting John away. Stefano assures EJ that he is not to blame. Stefano says that he is the one who failed EJ. EJ asks what he means. Stefano feels that he could've taught EJ better. Stefano says he should've spent more time with him when he was a child or given him insight into things like this. EJ doesn't know what Stefano could have taught him. Stefano suggests this must have been inevitable. EJ knows a mistake was made but doesn't feel it was his mistake. EJ apologizes for taking his frustrations out on Stefano. EJ states that Stefano is the one person that has always been in his corner and that he's grateful for that so he thanks him.

Kate sits with Sami and tells her that she knows it was difficult for her to work for her and share the information on Mad World but insists that it will pay off. Kate reminds Sami that it's just business and that Madison would do the same thing. Kate says they sometimes have to break the rules. Sami starts to go back to work but Kate gives her the rest of the night off. Sami worries about having to get the rest of the work done. Kate blames Madison for never giving Sami time off. Kate tells Sami that she is rewarding her for her hard work with time off. Sami thanks Kate and starts to leave but Kate tells her that she doesn't have to hide her family pictures on her computer. Sami then exits the office.

Rafe tells Will that he knows he's going through stuff now but if he's angry at Sami he has to tell her. Rafe tells Will not to pout around and make snide comments. Will agrees and says he would tell Sami how he feels if she was there. Rafe doesn't know where this is coming from and wants to know what's bothering Will. Will tells Rafe that all his life he has watched Sami go from guy to guy and manipulating them to ruin their lives. Will refuses to let Sami do it to Rafe. Rafe insists to Will that they are fine and in love. Will warns Rafe that Sami is going to break his heart. Rafe asks Will what Sami is going to do to break his heart. Will wonders what Sami wouldn't do since she is always out for herself. Rafe tells him to let him worry about Sami and promises her that it's all good. Will points out that Rafe is cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her children. Rafe says that's what being married is all about as Sami comes in and says she's so happy to be home as she kisses and hugs Rafe while Will shakes his head in frustration.

John tells Marlena about Brady partnering with him to rebuild Basic Black together. They talk about Brady having to think about everything before he makes his decision. John talks with Marlena about a budget to organize the little funds they do have. Marlena crosses out John's cable sports package and kisses him instead.

Brady tells Madison about his plans to leave Titan completely to rebuild Basic Black. Madison worries that it's impulsive and wants him to think everything through. Brady says it's not an impulse decision at all as he's been thinking about it for awhile. Madison points out that he never said anything. Brady says he just formed the idea after talking to John about all their old memories. Madison thinks Brady already made up his mind and wonders why he's even talking to her about it. Brady says he knows it affects her and he doesn't want to hurt her. Madison compares Brady leaving to Sami leaving and says she'll be running Mad World alone. Madison then asks Brady to leave her alone. Brady reminds her that nothing is final which is why he wanted to talk to her about it. Madison tells Brady that he's the reason she stayed in Salem so she doesn't think there is anything left to talk about. Brady assures her that he would never leave her. Madison says that she's happy he's working with his father but doesn't know what is in it for John. Madison wonders what John has to prove and why he needs Brady to do it. Brady explains how John is broke after paying back all the investors so they need an income. Madison thinks John could make plenty with any other company so she doesn't know why he wants to rebuild Basic Black. Brady tells Madison that she would do the same thing if it were Mad World. Brady talks about how important it is to John. Madison understands what it means but doesn't understand why it's so important to Brady.

Marlena asks John when he's supposed to hear from Brady. John isn't sure since he told him to take his time. John says he'll be proud of Brady no matter what decision he'd make. John talks about Brady making his name with Titan. Marlena and John are both glad that Brady came up with this idea. John doesn't want to get excited until he knows Brady's decision. Marlena kisses him and assures him that everything will be fine.

EJ continues talking to Stefano about losing his advantage in the election thanks to John. Stefano tells him not to give up since they are not quitters. EJ wants to find a new way to play the game as Kate arrives. EJ goes back to his computer as Kate greets Stefano. Stefano asks why Kate is so happy. Kate informs them that Sami made her happy because she stole her from the competition and it's working out. EJ questions Kate hiring Sami.

Sami kisses Rafe and compliments him for his cooking. Sami tells Rafe that he doesn't have to do it all but Rafe insists that it's no big deal. Sami thanks him and kisses him. Sami asks about his day. Rafe tells her that they cracked their first case. Sami congratulates him. Rafe comments that it will help pay the bills. Sami is glad he's doing something he loves and then asks Will about his day. Will says it was fine. Sami suggests to Will they could play poker or monopoly later to have fun like old times. Will declines and walks out of the house.

Brady explains to Madison that John needs his help and he wants to support him. Madison wants to know what's in it for him. Brady admits that John doesn't need his help. Brady talks about his complicated relationship with John until Madison encouraged him to reach out to his father. Brady feels he is starting to get to know him again and doesn't want to take him for granted. Madison questions Brady wanting to leave Titan to rebuild his relationship with his father. Madison tells Brady that he doesn't need her permission. Brady mentions that he cares about her a lot and loves what they have. Brady tells Madison that if going back to Basic Black is going to come between them then he doesn't know if he wants to risk it. Madison talks about wanting to merge with Titan because she wanted to work for him but now he's leaving. Madison's glad that things are better between Brady and John but feels that it's going to come between them no matter what. Madison says it will definitely put a strain on their relationship and it will affect her company but she always believes in family first. Madison tells Brady to do whatever he needs to or wants to do and she will be behind him 100%.

EJ wants to know why Kate hired Sami. Kate thinks Sami is quite an asset. EJ figures it's a scheme. Kate insists that she doesn't scheme anymore. Kate and Stefano prepare to go to dinner. EJ comments that he would join them but has work to do. Stefano and Kate exit together.

Sami talks to Rafe about how she wishes Will stayed. Sami talks about Will playing Monopoly when he was a kid. Sami thinks Will is just wounded from losing Gabi. Rafe suggests that Will just needs time and space then he will come around. Sami hopes he's right because she misses Will.

Will goes to John and Marlena's. Will wants to talk to Marlena alone. John jokes with Marlena before leaving the room to give them time alone. Will apologizes to Marlena but tells her that he can't stay at home because he can't breathe around Sami. Will talks about how Sami was gushing over the dinner Rafe made and letting him take care of everything. Will doesn't think that Rafe would put up with her crap if he knew the truth. Marlena still wants Will to tell Sami what he knows. Will refuses to do it because it would kill Rafe. Marlena suggests that Sami would tell Rafe herself if Will let her know. Will thinks Sami would try to make him feel guilty and keep the secret. Marlena states that everyone has secrets and they may be afraid to share them but secrets have a way of coming out. Marlena explains that she's trying to say secrets get exposed when they least expect it. Marlena encourages him to be honest and stay strong. Will says that Sami is the one lying to everybody. Marlena reminds him that he can talk to her about anything. Will decides he's got to go but doesn't know where. Will wants to go some place far away and suggests that he might leave town. Will states that he's going to explode if he does not get away from Sami soon and then exits.

Rafe and Sami finish eating dinner and then kiss. Sami calls him the most wonderful, thoughtful, and perfect husband in the world. Rafe comments that Sami has been overly affectionate lately. Rafe tells her that's not a bad thing but he's suspicious of her. Sami tells him that he would be right that something's wrong since ever since she thought she lost Johnny, it changed everything for her. Sami says she doesn't want to let a moment go by without making sure Rafe knows how much she loves him.

John rejoins Marlena in the living room since Will left. Marlena hopes Will will be all right. John offers to talk about it but Marlena says she can't. Marlena wishes she could make things easier for Will. John tells her that listening to him and giving him advice is all she can do. Marlena is not sure that it's enough.

Will walks through the Town Square in frustration and screams. Will cries and kicks over a trash can in frustration.

Stefano and Kate walk together outside the Brady Pub. Stefano talks with her about Harold the housekeeper. Kate feels that Stefano has been distracted lately. Kate wants to know what's going on in Stefano's head. Stefano comments that he's amazed how tuned in they are to each other. Kate thinks he's stalling. Stefano admits it's better to confess to someone. Stefano tells Kate that it has to do with EJ as Stefano has been struggling with keeping a secret from him. Stefano worries that EJ will not forgive him if he finds out the truth.

Brady and Madison return to Madison's room. Brady thanks her for hearing him out. Madison apologizes for jumping him. Brady knows he sprung the news on her. Madison tells Brady that after thinking about it, she thinks it's great and wants him to work with John at Basic Black. Madison recalls first starting Mad World and wishes she could've shared that with her mom like Brady has the chance to do with his father. Madison wishes her mom could see all of what she's accomplished now. Brady tells her that he's sorry but Madison says not to be as she gets why he wants to work with his dad so they can be there together. Madison says she would do the same thing if her mom was there. Brady thanks her for understanding. Madison says she won't be selfish and knows they will still see each other. Madison assures him that she's happy for him and hugs him.

Sami and Rafe sit together as Sami's phone rings and she jumps up to get it. Sami sees it was just a text message from Caroline that the kids were in bed. Rafe talks about Sami thinking it was work. Sami admits she was worried about a report that she sent in. Rafe encourages her not to worry. Sami talks about working with Kate and thinking everything will work out now. Rafe is glad she's happy and she kisses him.

Will continues walking through the Town Square when he comes across an EJ for Mayor poster. Will walks up to it and then walks away.

Kate asks Stefano what secret he is keeping from EJ. Stefano doesn't want to go into detail but says he has let EJ down and there's nothing he could do about it. Kate wonders if that's why EJ was in a bad mood. John and Marlena then walk by and Stefano greets them. Marlena comments on being free. John greets Kate. Stefano wonders what they are doing there. Stefano comments that John can't afford a meal at the Brady Pub. Kate invites them to join them for dinner but John says he'd rather starve. Kate suggests they call a truce and comments that Sami is now working for her. John is surprised and questions that. Kate tells them that Sami has already proved to be a value to her. Marlena and John start to leave but Stefano offers them dinner again. John remarks to Stefano that he's done enough as he walks away with Marlena. Kate asks Stefano what John means by Stefano has done enough.

Brady tells Madison how much her support means to him and kisses her.

Kate wants Stefano to tell her what John was talking about. Stefano brings up that they think he was behind the robbing of the funds and blows it off as John just blaming him for his problems. Kate questions Stefano not worrying what John thinks of him. Stefano calls John a worthy opponent since he got his life back. Kate is glad she's safe with Stefano by her side and kisses him. Stefano suggests they go find the most ridiculously expensive place to have dinner alone and Kate agrees as they walk on together.

John and Marlena sit together at the Brady Pub. Marlena talks about Stefano and Kate as they agree to not let them get to them. John then gets a call from Brady. Brady wants to have the talk because he has something to tell him.

Sami continues looking at her phone as Rafe finishes cleaning up. Rafe and Sami kiss as Rafe carries her to the bedroom.

EJ goes to his exit the DiMera Mansion but finds Will at his door. EJ is surprised to see him. Will tells EJ that he wants to leave Salem and EJ can give him the money to do it. EJ questions why he would give Will money. Will informs EJ that he knows his secret and threatens to tell the world what he has done.

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