Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/5/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/5/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie and Gabi practice karate with Quinn at the spa. Chad walks in and ends up getting accidentally kicked in the head by Melanie.

Brady goes to see John at his home. Brady talks to John about hearing things regarding John's personal finances. John admits to Brady that he had a debit card decline but he doesn't care since he's paying back all the investors. Brady worries about John. John tells him that he's planning to rebuild Basic Black from the ground up. Brady offers to help at home but John refuses, saying he won't accept a handout.

Jack talks to Jennifer at home about their vacation to Hawaii. Jack goes over a bunch of different things they can do. Jennifer thanks him for all the thought he's put into planning the trip. Jennifer points out that Jack got them separate bedrooms and says she appreciates it. Jennifer reminds Jack that it will still take some time. Jack says he has no problem with that but he sometimes wishes she would meet him halfway. Jennifer asks what he's talking about so Jack responds "him" in reference to Daniel.

Daniel waits for Lexie in her office but Maggie arrives. Daniel wonders what she's doing there. Maggie tells Daniel that she wanted to be there with him when he got his test results. Daniel tells her that it's nice of her but he hasn't heard anything and wonders if the lab is backed up. Lexie then arrives with the test results. Daniel is anxious to hear the news. Lexie has Daniel sit down to hear what she has to say.

Jennifer doesn't know why Jack is bringing up Daniel since he's a non issue and has moved on with his life. Jennifer tells Jack that they will spend family time together in Hawaii. Jack comments on having to have separate rooms. Jack admits that he got them separate rooms because that's what she wants but he wants to be with her. Jack admits that he is still worried about Jennifer's feelings for Daniel.

Brady talks to John about rebuilding Basic Black. John wants to go over some ideas with him. Brady says he knows now how he can help him. Brady offers to become John's partner.

Melanie and Quinn check on Chad as Melanie apologizes for not seeing him. Chad insists that he's fine as Gabi brings him some water.

John questions how Brady being his partner would work. Brady says they'll figure out how to put Basic Black on top and do it together. John reminds Brady that he's already running Titan. John thinks he will regret the decision but Brady informs him that he's been thinking about it for awhile. John asks about Titan. Brady says Titan's a great company and he's proud of it but the idea of building something out of nothing with John is an opportunity that doesn't come around a lot. John doesn't know what to say so Brady encourages him to say yes.

Jack continues talking about Jennifer's feelings for Daniel and thinks they are still there. Jennifer asks him not to do this. Jack reminds her that Daniel walked away but is still there. Jennifer points out that they agreed to have no pressure. Jack wants to know if they have a future. Jennifer says they are still taking it day by day. Jack admits that he's frustrated because he feels like he's working to better himself for her. Jennifer assures him that she knows and wants that for him. Jack credits Jennifer for motivating him and bringing him back. Jennifer asks Jack if he really wanted her to say separate bedrooms in Hawaii weren't necessary. Jack admits that he was hoping she would take a leap of faith.

Daniel reads his test results on a tension tremor. Lexie tries to explain it but Daniel doesn't believe it and calls it crazy as he puts the folder down. Maggie argues with Lexie about it as Lexie states that Daniel must have suffered a minor stroke that could've happened in his sleep. Daniel wants to know how to fix it. Lexie informs them that these tremors are difficult to treat and that Daniel's condition is not reversible

Melanie sits with Chad to make sure he's okay. Chad jokes with her about it. Melanie assures Chad that she would never hurt him on purpose. Gabi comes back and offers to get more water or aspirin. Chad says he's fine and thanks her. Quinn comes back and jokes with Chad about what happened. Quinn helps Chad up and lets him know that Abigail was taking self-defense class so he offers to get Abigail to take him home. Chad informs Quinn that he broke up with Abigail. Gabi is surprised by the news and asks if they are just taking a break but Chad says they are over for good.

John can't believe Brady is making the pitch to him. Brady wants to get started and write down ideas. John stops him and says nothing would make him happier than to rebuild the family company together but worries that Brady is just doing it to show that being John's son means something. Brady assures him that he isn't. John calls being able to have a conversation more than he ever thought they would be able to do. John admits he could use a partner like Brady and needs one but he feels he's the last thing that Brady needs so he declines Brady's offer.

Jack tells Jennifer that he wants them to enjoy the Hawaii trip. Jennifer says she does too. Jack talks more about the separate rooms and her feelings for Daniel and says he thinks that takes the fun out of it. They eventually agree to set the trip aside for now. Jack says he has to go interview John. Jennifer wonders if Marlena will be there. Jack insists that it's an interview and not therapy. Jennifer thinks Marlena could help Jack find closure by listening to him. Jack figures that Jennifer wants him to feel better about himself so that he wouldn't need her. Jack promises to go easy on her and exits.

Maggie and Daniel look at the test results and continue talking with Lexie about it. Maggie thinks there has to be a treatment. Lexie says there are drugs that have stopped the tremors but they always come back. Daniel realizes that Lexie is saying his days as a surgeon are over.

Gabi suggests Chad would feel better after getting something to eat. Chad says he isn't hungry but Gabi suggests he come with her anyways. Chad thinks they should all go so Gabi agrees. Quinn and Gabi step aside while Chad talks with Melanie. Chad's glad they can still joke around. Melanie reminds him that they agreed to start over as friends. Chad admits that he didn't come to the spa to work out but to say hi to Melanie. Chad says he only agreed to back off for Abigail's sake but didn't agree to not see Melanie.

John explains that he's turning Brady down because he thinks he's making the decision on impulse. John reminds Brady of everything that he's done for Titan and doesn't want him to walk away from it. Brady wants to rebuild Basic Black. John tells him that he can't allow him to do it because it wouldn't be right. Jack arrives and Brady decides to stick around for the interview. Jack offers to come back but Brady tells him it's fine and that he and John were just being stubborn.

Maggie tries to comfort Daniel and reminds him that he's still a doctor since he still has the mind, heart, and capability to help people. Daniel doesn't want to hear it. Lexie tries to talk more but Daniel stops her and says he doesn't want to hear anymore. Daniel apologizes to them. Lexie understands that Daniel is in shock. Daniel shouts that this is going to take a lot longer for him to accept that he can no longer be who he is. Daniel refuses to hear anymore and storms out.

John talks to Jack for his interview about his plans to rebuild Basic Black. John says he has had a lot of time to assess and prioritize what means the most in his life. Jack asks if John isn't worried about it being frustrating to pay back the penchant fund with his own money and then he will be left with nothing and no one to support him. John says that's not necessarily true and looks over at Brady.

Lexie tries to comfort Maggie as she says she's not okay. Maggie keeps thinking about how the news is tearing Daniel apart. Lexie says it will take time for Daniel to make peace with it. Maggie is unsure if he can. Maggie regrets coming as she felt sitting next to Daniel when he found out his career may be over made her feel like she was intruding on something so personal for Daniel. Lexie reminds her that Daniel is her son. Maggie brings up that Daniel has only known to be her son for a little while but he had wanted to be a surgeon his whole life. Lexie encourages Maggie to help Daniel find another dream and path in life. Lexie says she doesn't know if she could be as strong as Maggie in her place. Maggie calls Lexie strong for all the challenges that she's faced raising Theo. Lexie talks about how much she loves Theo. Lexie tells Maggie that in time, Daniel will appreciate that she was there for him today. Maggie hopes so and wishes Daniel had someone to help get him through this.

Daniel walks through the Town Square and runs into Jennifer. Jennifer apologizes for bumping into him and says it was her fault.

Chad, Quinn, Gabi, and Melanie go to the Brady Pub. Gabi helps Chad sit down as Melanie goes to get drinks. Quinn offers to buy lunch. Gabi goes with Melanie as Quinn sits with Chad. Quinn comments to Chad that it's hard to believe that Melanie is single. Gabi talks with Melanie at the counter about being surprised that Abigail and Chad broke up. Gabi informs Melanie that Abigail borrowed the break-up book from Austin which surprises Melanie. Gabi then wonders if it was a mistake that she ever broke up with Chad. Gabi asks Melanie if she should ask out Chad again which makes Melanie uncomfortable so she states that she doesn't know if Gabi should.

John continues talking to Jack about Rafe and Carrie getting him free and how Marlena was always there for him. John talks about the love of having a woman by their side. Jack talks about regretting taking Jennifer for granted and worries that it will be the biggest mistake of his life.

Daniel and Jennifer both try to blame themselves for bumping into each other. Daniel wishes her a happy new year and starts to walk away but Jennifer stops him and asks if everything is okay. Daniel doesn't respond so Jennifer wants him to talk to her. Jennifer tells Daniel that she still cares about him and can tell that something is wrong. Daniel tries to stop her but Jennifer insists that she wants to be there for him. Daniel calls it just one of those days. Jennifer wants Daniel to sit with her and tell her about it. Daniel hesitates than ultimately sits down on the bench with her.

Melanie and Gabi sit with Quinn and Chad and have lunch. They joke again about Melanie kicking Chad. Quinn offers to help Melanie one on one as Gabi flirts with Chad. Chad and Melanie exchange glances across the table.

Jack exits as John talks to Brady more about what they were talking about. Brady talks about what John said getting to him. Brady talks about thinking he has something real with Madison that he doesn't want to take for granted. Brady wishes they could have what John and Marlena have in a couple of years. John calls it another reason that Brady needs to stay at Titan instead of Basic Black. Brady continues saying he wants to work with John. Brady admits his relationship with Madison is not the only one he doesn't want to take for granted. John tells Brady that rebuilding Basic Black is a risk and that's why he is fighting him so hard. Brady is adamant that it's what he wants to do. John tells him that he's going to have to talk to Madison first about it and then he's going to have to listen to her and really think about it. John tells Brady that after that, he would be happy to accept Brady as his partner and they hug.

Maggie thanks Lexie for talking to her. Lexie knows it's a lot to take in. Maggie worries about Daniel and wishes she knew what to do now. Lexie advises her to just be Daniel's mom. Maggie hugs Lexie and thanks her as she holds back tears. Lexie tells Maggie to hang in as she exits. Lexie then goes back and looks at Daniel's test results before putting them down in frustration.

Daniel finishes explaining to Jennifer that he must have had a minor stroke which led to the tremors and how they can't be treated long-term. Jennifer mentions that she had no idea this was happening. Daniel insists that it's not that bad and there could be a cure discovered one day. Daniel says he's still a doctor. Jennifer says Daniel doesn't deserve this and thinks it's unfair. Jennifer feels she hurt Daniel too much. Daniel corrects her that she didn't hurt him but she saved him. Daniel and Jennifer then hug as Jack walks into the Town Square and sees them.

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