Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/4/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/4/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Austin bring boxes into Carrie's new office. Carrie jokes with them then sends Rafe to finish outside then hugs Austin and tells him how excited she is to have her office. Austin tells Carrie that she has clients lining up outside to file lawsuits and snoop on people. Carrie then questions what he means by that.

Chad walks through the town square and stops to think back to kissing Melanie. Melanie then arrives and greets him. Chad thanks her for coming and wanted to talk to her. Melanie says she had been thinking about their kiss. Chad thinks it was great but Melanie feels it was wrong. Chad tells her it was right and goes to kiss her again but Abigail arrives and wants to know what the hell is going on.

Will and Sonny go to the Kiriakis Mansion. They talk and Sonny asks if he's fine. Will says he is but Sonny doesn't think he's been fine since breaking up with Gabi. Will says he's just been stressed. Sonny tells him that he can tell him anything and trust him. Sonny wants Will to talk with him. Will asks if he ever wishes he could just leave and start over. Sonny says he used to but doesn't want to anymore. Will asks what changed for him. Sonny says no matter how far you run, you're still you and can't escape it.

Marlena sits with Bo and Hope at home. Marlena talks to them about John coming to accept that she went to Stefano for help. Marlena asks about their session. They talk about their marriage and how happy they are. Hope feels they still have to do some work and get to the heart of what went wrong between them before. Bo states that it was Zack and they never really talked in-depth about what his death meant to them as a family. Hope worries about not talking about it. Bo brings up their marriage being tested and how they almost lost everything so they don't ever want that to happen again.

Chad and Melanie try to tell Abigail that it's not what she thinks. Abigail questions her ex and her best friend being together. Abigail tells them that she knows that this started when Chad kissed Melanie on Halloween. Abigail asks Melanie how she could betray her like this.

Marlena asks Bo and Hope about Zack's death affecting them. Hope thinks it was not dealing with it that started things going bad. Bo says it got to the point where they couldn't trust each other to not be angry or care. Hope talks about trust becoming a huge issue. Hope feels they were just pretending that things were back to normal when they weren't. Bo agrees and says that's what they want to change. Hope tells Marlena that is why they are here.

Will continues talking to Sonny about escaping problems. Sonny hopes Will deals with his problems head on. Will asks Sonny how he dealt with his stuff. Sonny talks about admitting to everyone and himself that he was gay. Sonny recalls not wanting to be around anyone at first and he was uncomfortable about who he was. Will says he understands. Sonny talks about coming out to his family and how he kept his distance. Will asks Sonny who in his family that he was most afraid of coming out to. Sonny admits it was Victor and says it would've been Victor's loss if he wasn't okay with it because he can't change who he is.

Austin tells Carrie that he didn't mean to hurt her feelings with his joke. Carrie insists that they will be fine and have more clients than they can handle. Austin tells Carrie that he supports her and is happy that they found a way to stay in Salem. Austin says he's there for whatever she needs. Austin talks about hoping he still sees her around their schedules. Carrie promises him that he will and kisses him. Rafe returns with a box and a lady that wants her services. The lady introduces herself as Tilly and says she is desperate. Austin and Carrie introduce themselves. Austin kisses Carrie and exits to go shopping. Carrie and Rafe sit with Tilly and ask what they can do for her. Tilly explains that the love of her life, Charlie, has gone missing and she needs their help finding him.

Bo and Hope talk about the holidays being difficult and how Johnny's disappearance reminded them of Zack. Hope struggles with tears so Bo asks if she's sure she wants to continue. Hope cries that they have to and don't have a choice.

Abigail tries to storm off but Chad stops her and tells her that no one betrayed anybody since they both agreed that they weren't working. Abigail can't believe Chad is moving on so soon. Abigail brings up Chad saying he didn't know he was kissing Melanie on Halloween. Melanie promises that he didn't know. Abigail thinks he did and talks about knowing something was wrong with them. Abigail regrets trusting them both. Abigail accuses Melanie of telling Chad that she was going to break up with him. Abigail storms off as Melanie tries to follow her but Chad stops her.

Tilly continues talking with Carrie and Rafe about Charlie's disappearance since he hasn't come home in two days. Tilly worries about Charlie having an eye for other ladies. Tilly wants Rafe to find him and bring him home.

Austin sits at the Brady Pub as Abigail walks in crying. Austin spots her and asks what's wrong. Abigail tells him it's everything and hugs him.

Hope continues talking about trying to hold everything together and goes over the events of Zack's death. Hope breaks down in tears as she wishes that Zack was still alive. Bo regrets that day every day of his life. Hope brings up Bo letting Chelsea drive that night being what caused their trust issues. Bo blames himself for Zack's death and cries. Hope mentions that it seems like they never talk about this or the pain and loss with each other. Bo breaks down in tears as Hope hugs him.

Rafe and Carrie talk to Tilly more about trying to find Charlie. Tilly then reveals that Charlie is actually her missing cat.

Will asks Sonny if he has any ideas for business ventures after their web site shut down. Sonny informs Will that he's talking with Justin and Adrienne about taking over the Cheating Heart and changing into something more hip where anyone can go and feel comfortable. Will tells him he's in. Sonny mentions that they will again need investors. Will realizes that will be difficult after the site. Sonny talks about this being higher cost but not wanting to ask Victor. Will suggests asking Chad to ask his family or that he can ask Kate. Sonny tells him not to stress about it.

Chad tells Melanie that Abigail won't listen to them no matter what they say. Melanie thinks Abigail is right and worries that she may never forgive her. Melanie worries that she hasn't changed as much as she thought she had. Melanie tells Chad they cannot be together.

Austin sits with Abigail and wants to know what made her upset. Abigail tells Austin that she and Chad broke up. Austin says he's sorry. Abigail states that breaking up was the right thing to do. Austin wonders why she's upset so Abigail says she found out that Chad wanted to break up for awhile since he has a thing for Melanie and Melanie has a thing for him too. Abigail tells Austin that it's been going on since Halloween. Abigail realizes Chad wasn't into her at all and just had Melanie waiting for him. Austin tells her that he's sorry it happened to her. Austin holds her hand and tells Abigail that she's a special person with the right guy out there for her.

Marlena asks Bo if it's true that he's reluctant to share his feelings. Bo says he is more private than Hope and doesn't discuss his feelings the same way. Hope says they talk about their memories of Zack but not their hopes and dreams for him or their grief. Hope talks about not liking that she can't talk to Bo about it and it makes her feel alone and sad. Bo apologizes to Hope. Hope brings up Ciara's kidnapping making them feel the same way. Hope talks about how scared Ciara was when they got her home. Hope recalls needing time apart from Bo after Ciara's kidnapping. Hope brings up finding Carly in their bed and knows Bo was just protecting her. Hope gets upset and wonders why it had to be their bed. Bo blames Hope for deciding to move out. Hope states that she thought Bo would wait for her but instead he replaced her.

Tilly shows Rafe and Carrie pictures of her cat and gives them items to find the cat. Tilly exits in hopes that they will find her cat. Rafe jokes with Carrie about how he went from taking down Stefano and saving John Black to finding a cat. They joke around about hoping they can find him.

Chad talks to Melanie about being upset about Abigail but doesn't think they should break up before they even get together because of it. Chad tells her that they belong together and wants Melanie to admit it. Melanie smiles but reminds Chad that Abigail wasn't wrong because this did start on Halloween. Chad says the truth always comes out and he's not happy about the way things went down either. Melanie suggests they start over.

Austin asks Abigail if she would be feeling as bad if Chad moved on with anybody but Melanie. Abigail suggests probably not. Abigail says she convinced herself that she was being paranoid and everything was fine. Austin asks what made her decide to end things. Abigail begins to tell Austin but stops herself. Austin wants to know if Abigail was about to tell him that she had feelings for someone else.

Sonny asks Will if he signed up for classes yet. Will then informs Sonny that he's not sure he will go back to Salem U. Will says he isn't sure what he wants to do anymore. Will declares that he's not sure that he can live in Salem anymore and Sonny agrees that he should leave Salem.

Rafe and Carrie go searching for the cat and Rafe thinks he spots him under a delivery dock. They joke around about who has to go under there and Rafe ultimately goes to get it. Carrie watches as Rafe gets scratched by the cat.

Bo continues talking to Hope about how he never meant for things with Carly to go where they did. They apologize to one another then Marlena stops them. Marlena asks if they both heard each other. Hope recalls being devastated, hurt, and angry that Bo replaced her so easily. Hope talks to Marlena about how she turned to pills and what it led to her doing. Hope cries as they tell each other how much they love one another then hug.

Rafe and Carrie sit back in their office as Rafe uses the first aid kit on himself and they complain about being unable to get the cat. Carrie worries about not being able to do what their client needed. Tilly then calls Carrie and thanks them for finding her cat. She puts it on speaker phone so Rafe can hear too. Tilly talks about the cat being on her porch and thanks them for finding him. Carrie hangs up and she and Rafe are happy.

Will questions Sonny wanting him to leave Salem since he didn't want him to run away from his problems. Sonny says sometimes he has to put distance between everything before he can find himself. Sonny doesn't think Will has been comfortable in his own skin. Will isn't sure he wants to talk to Sonny about this. Sonny thinks if Will is this down then he should take some time to himself and find out what he wants to do and who he really is.

Chad asks Melanie about starting over. Melanie introduces herself and Chad does the same. Melanie suggests they will be really good friends. Chad hopes for a whole lot more but Melanie says they will see as for now they will just be friends. Chad is surprised that she's serious and states that he isn't happy about this but understands it. They shake hands on their new agreement.

Abigail tells Austin that he's right that she has feelings for someone else. Abigail doesn't know when or how it happened but says this person makes her feel more special than anyone. Austin tells her it's what she deserves. Austin says the guy sounds like someone worth caring for. Austin encourages Abigail to follow her heart even if it means going after this guy. Abigail stops him and says she knows what she needs to do.

Hope talks about Bo forgiving her after everything she did. Bo understands how angry she was. Bo blames himself for Hope going to prison. Bo says he never wants to get near losing Hope again. Marlena tells them that they can't change the past but the future is fluid and they can make that whatever they choose. Bo promises to always trust Hope and work out their problems together. Hope promises the same. Marlena tells them they have the love and once they have the trust then forgiveness will followed. Marlena ends their session and tells them that they have made so much progress in one day. Marlena is proud of them and states that they have a chance to have the marriage that they want. Hope and Bo both agree to do that and hug again as Marlena watches with a smile.

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