Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/3/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/3/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Madison works on her computer at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady comes in and talks about waking up without her there. Brady encourages Madison to make herself at home. Madison complains about Sami leaving them and how she has to find and train a new executive. Brady offers to help. Madison says she's going to have to make tough decisions and push back the men's line promotional tour. Brady then tells her that she will not be doing that.

Kate and Sami meet at work. Sami talks about enjoying her tour. Sami thanks Kate for the job and hopes neither of them regret it. Sami assures Kate that she can contribute a lot and put together a lot of ideas. Kate tells her to stop as they are going to get to the main reason she was hired. Kate wants Sami to tell her everything she knows about Mad World Cosmetics.

EJ and Nicole meet with Abe, Lexie, and Jennifer at the Town Square. Jennifer thanks EJ and Nicole for agreeing to meet to talk about the mayoral campaign. EJ comments on being surprised that Lexie is there. Lexie reminds him that Abe's campaign is her top priority. Jennifer thinks EJ is afraid to face Abe on the issues. Abe wants to get this over with. EJ agrees to get things going. Jennifer brings up that they feel the people need their voices to be heard so she wants to know why EJ and Nicole don't want the voters to ask questions. Nicole points out that they have a limited amount of time to get their point across. Jennifer thinks the candidates should hear and respond to the voters. EJ gets a call and steps away to answer it. Abe then gets a call and steps away also. Nicole questions Jennifer thinking the voters should get to speak.

Will wakes up at John and Marlena's and joins Marlena in the living room. Will thanks her for letting him stay. Marlena tells Will that she hasn't told John what they talked about and offers him some breakfast. Will thanks Marlena for not pushing him to talk more about what he told her since he couldn't. Marlena understands and is glad he confided in her. Marlena wants to talk to Will about how he's handling what happened with Sami and asks if he's up for it.

Madison asks Brady why she can't push back the men's line dates. Brady tells her that it's tied together with many cross promotions at Titan that would disrupt the schedule. Madison says her company isn't ready and doesn't want to go forward without preparation. Brady tells Madison to prepare because it's too expensive to change the dates. Madison says her development of her new product line takes priority. Brady brings up being the boss which upsets Madison and causes her to shout back that she is the CEO and will run things how she wants.

Sami asks Kate if that's all she hired her for. Sami talks about being unable to believe that Kate really wanted to hire her. Kate admits that she thinks Sami is driven and smart but her main asset right now is knowledge of Mad World. Sami thinks it's unethical and illegal. Sami has a problem with it and says it isn't right. Kate tells her there is no room in the business for righteous indignation. Kate tells Sami to tell her what Madison is planning but Sami refuses to sell out Madison.

Will tells Marlena that he should get going because Sami and Rafe might be worried since he didn't come home. Marlena tells Will that she informed Sami that he stayed there. Marlena says she knows it's hard to talk about it but bottling up inside will make him sick. Marlena brings up what Will saw with Sami and EJ. Will tells her to just call it what it is that EJ and Sami had sex and Sami betrayed their family so Will does not want to forgive her.

EJ and Abe finish their phone calls and stop near each other. Abe looks back at the women arguing. EJ suggests they give them more time and they agree that they act like they are running the office. EJ states that Nicole does a good job but all the strategy is tiresome. Abe mocks EJ and tells him he will be working for Nicole if he becomes mayor. Abe warns EJ of the duties of being mayor. Abe tells EJ that he needs a strong vision. EJ states that he agrees with him. The women's arguing gets louder as Nicole gets up and suggests they just cancel the whole thing.

Kate reminds Sami that Madison is one of the reasons that Sami left her company. Sami calls Madison straightforward and loyal. Kate calls it a joke. Sami doesn't think it's right to destroy Madison's company since she gave her an opportunity. Kate thinks Sami owes her for giving her a better opportunity. Sami again says that it's not right. Kate wonders when Sami ever cared about what's right. Kate says that the only person important to Sami has always been herself. Kate wants to benefit from Sami's self-absorption. Sami tells Kate that she signed a non-disclosure agreement with Madison so if she got caught then she would go to jail. Kate insists that there's no way Madison could prove that Sami told her anything. Sami thinks the idea is insane. Kate tells Sami that she would be screwing up a once in a lifetime job opportunity. Kate tells Sami that she would move up the corporate ladder by being a team player but if not, she will be fired.

Marlena asks Will when this all happened. Will tells her that it was when Johnny was missing. Marlena doesn't think it makes sense but Will says nothing Sami does make sense. Will points out that Rafe was the one that found Johnny and then Will had to go find Sami. Will explains how he went to the DiMera Mansion to tell EJ that they found Johnny but walked in on Sami and EJ having sex so he got out of there before they saw him. Will wishes he could erase the picture from his mind because he knew Sami was selfish but wishes he never had to know what a heartless, evil slut that she really is. Marlena reminds Will that Sami is still his mother and loves him. Will wonders what kind of mother she is and disagrees that Sami loves him or Rafe or even Johnny. Will states that the only person that Sami has ever loved is herself. Marlena tries to calm him down but Will shouts that Sami finally did something right by marrying Rafe but now what she's done will tear their family apart. Will screams that he hates Sami because of what she's done.

Nicole continues to argue with Jennifer and Lexie as EJ and Abe return to them. Abe and EJ inform them that they made their own decisions so the girls want to know what they came up with.

Madison tells Brady that she thought they had an understanding and that Brady respected her. Brady says he does but reminds her that he has to worry about Titan and not just Mad World. Madison thinks Brady is overcompensating because they are dating. Brady calls it untrue and explains that he can't let her operate under different rules because they are together. Brady claims to treat her like he would treat anyone. Madison points out that Brady didn't even want to hear why she thought it was the better idea. They argue and Madison suggests that maybe they shouldn't be sleeping together.

Sami can't believe how far Kate would go. Kate thinks they are just alike. Sami says she isn't that ruthless. Kate brings up what Sami has done in her personal life. Kate points out how Sami is always out of work. Sami regrets leaving Mad World. Kate thinks Sami would've become a slave to Madison. Kate tells Sami that it's too late and she can't go back. Kate doesn't think what she's asking for is a big deal and believes Madison is expecting it. Kate tells Sami that she will be rewarded if it all goes right. Sami questions her. Kate reminds Sami that they need each other right now so they should make it simple. Kate asks Sami if she's in or out. Sami then agrees to tell Kate whatever she needs to know.

Will tells Marlena that she knows what it was like for him growing up and not having Sami around since she was jumping from guy to guy. Will brings up Sami lying to him about who his dad was. Will wonders why Sami continues to make mistakes. Will doesn't why Johnny and Allie to have the childhood that he had. Will says Rafe is the only reason their family is whole but Sami ruined it. Marlena asks if Rafe knows about what happened. Will says he's sure Rafe doesn't know because Sami would never admit it. Marlena suggests it might not be a good idea to let Rafe know. Will thinks he owes it to Rafe to let him know but he knows Rafe would then leave and Johnny, Allie, and Sydney would lose the only good thing in their life. Will doesn't want that to happen but feels that Sami doesn't deserve Rafe and Rafe deserves the truth. Will admits that he is too scared to be the one to ruin the family so he doesn't know what to do.

EJ and Abe explain that there will be 3 televised debates on the economy and social issues. They explain to Nicole, Jennifer, and Lexie how the debates will go with questions and that they are in agreement. EJ says this is what can be achieved by handling things cool and calm. Lexie, Jennifer, and Nicole burst out in laughter at them.

Brady asks Madison if she's saying she wants to break up but she doesn't. Madison apologizes and says she's just frustrated. Brady states that he is frustrated too as he is trying hard to balance his professional and personal lives. Madison tells Brady that he's doing a great job and she appreciates it but what they are attempting is harder to do than they thought. They agree that they both want to make it work. Madison refuses to give up on Brady or Mad World. Brady suggests they start over the conversation and Madison agrees so that they can come up with a compromise then Brady kisses her.

Kate tells Sami that she knew that she would see the light and asks what Madison has planned. Sami explains to Kate that Madison has been working on a new product line for young, vibrant, and bold and has set aside of a ton of money for the campaign. Sami tells Kate that she knows Madison has pushed back the date and delayed it. Kate is excited by the news and tells Sami she could kiss her for giving her the information.

Will tells Marlena how the vow renewal made him sick. Marlena realizes why Sami was so desperate to renew her vows since she was looking for a brand new start. Marlena says she know Sami made a terrible mistake but must have been filled with fear when Johnny was missing and she thought they lost him forever. Will questions if she had to have sex with EJ to make herself feel better and thinks it's a poor excuse. Marlena tries to explain that the fear and pain made them do something that they wouldn't normally do. Will doesn't think it matters why Sami did it because she cheated on Rafe with EJ. Will talks about how Sami slept with EJ after he's hurt their family so many times. Will points out that they don't know that it was even the only time. Marlena believes it was the only time and that she loves Rafe which is why she wanted to renew her vows. Will wonders how Marlena can defend Sami. Marlena brings up that she made the same mistake and Will knows that she betrayed her vows and sent her family into chaos. Marlena notes that all these years later, her own sins have come full circle.

The girls continue laughing at EJ and Abe until EJ asks what's so funny. Nicole explains that they had pretty much come up with the same plan and the arguing is how they came to the decision. They explain that just because they argued, doesn't mean they weren't coming up with something.

Kate finishes a phone call to meet with their head of product development. Sami tells Kate that they have to make sure that Madison doesn't know what she told. Kate assures Sami that she has people to take care of it. Sami wonders if Kate succeeds on stealing other people's ideas. Sami worries about having to cover themselves. Kate says they will improve whatever Madison has in mind and asks Sami if she has any other information. Kate sends Sami to go get her laptop and wants it quick so they can get a move on taking down Madison so Sami exits.

Will tells Marlena not to blame herself for what Sami did. Marlena knows Sami is responsible for her own actions but she feels what she and John did was so deeply scarring for Sami that she's still troubled by it. Will reminds her that it was years ago and before he was even born. Marlena can't condemn Sami and doesn't feel it's their place to. Will tells Marlena that he doesn't think he will be able to forgive Sami as he can't look at her the same way. Marlena tells him to try but Will refuses. Marlena tells Will to do it for himself because she's seen what happens when people carry a dark secret. Marlena talks about the awful things Sami has done and doesn't want Will going down that road. Marlena doesn't want Will to have a relationship with Sami like Sami has with her. Marlena states that they still have not recovered from what happened. Marlena tells Will to go find Sami and put it behind them because if he doesn't, it will only hurt him.

Madison sits with Brady as they talk about bringing in other executives to replace Sami. Madison says she'll still have to push back the men's tour but not by as much. Brady will take care of Titan and Madison will focus on her new line. They agree and then kiss. Brady then brings up that Sami was instrumental in the new product and worries about taking it to Kate but Madison tells him that she signed a confidentiality agreement and doesn't think she would break that. Brady agrees and says that Sami isn't that stupid.

Will returns home as Sami was getting work off her computer. Sami says she will get out of his way but Will wants to talk. Sami gets a call from Kate so she answers it and Kate tells her to hurry up. Sami asks Will what he was trying to say but he tells her it's nothing since she has to go. Sami grabs all her things and tells Will they can talk about whatever he wants later then hurries out leaving Will frustrated.

Will calls Marlena and tells him that he just talked to Sami and she made it clear that she doesn't have time for him since she was too involved in work then rushed back to the office. Marlena suggests that it was just a bad time but Will doesn't think it's an excuse. Marlena tells him to pick a better time but Will says no and tells her that he isn't ready to hear anymore from Sami since he knows that he won't be able to forgive her and isn't sure if he ever will be. Will then hangs up.

Nicole and EJ walk together as Nicole comments that he and Abe looked like old buddies. EJ says they have their moments. Nicole reminds him to still go in for the kill and says she has a plan. Nicole promises to get the questions from the moderator ahead of time. EJ wonders how she will but Nicole tells him not to worry and then EJ will have his answers ready while Abe won't. EJ thanks her with a kiss and they exit the town square together.

Jennifer tells Abe and Lexie that she knows Nicole is going to get the questions before the debate. Lexie agrees that they would do anything to win so Jennifer says she intends to stop them.

Brady talks to Madison about being fair at work and giving her the same consideration as anyone else then Madison kisses him.

Sami returns to Kate's office with her laptop. Kate tells Sami to e-mail her everything but Sami points out that would leave a paper trail so she will just show her. Kate calls it funny that they were at each other's throats for so many years when they should've been working together. Kate thinks they will be unstoppable as a team.

Marlena looks at a picture of Will and Sami at home. Marlena then has a flashback to Sami yelling at her that she saw her making love with John and then Sami confronting Marlena for cheating many years ago. Marlena picks up the picture and worries that this can't be happening again.

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