Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/30/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/30/11


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Bo and Hope sit with Doug and Julie at the Brady Pub. They toast to the new year. Hope talks about being excited to hear Ciara sing. Julie talks about when Doug used to sing. Doug invites Julie to sing with him tonight.

EJ and Nicole lay in bed together. EJ says they have everything they need. Nicole reminds him that they have to make an appearance at the town square. EJ prefers to take a night off from his campaign. Nicole tells him he has to go if he wants to become mayor. EJ then continues kissing Nicole.

Brady joins Madison at the office. Madison talks about having to do all the work now that Sami left. Brady suggests that she take a break since everyone's closed for the new year's eve holiday. Madison wants to and wishes she could but doesn't want to ruin his New Year's Eve. Madison tells Brady to go out and enjoy himself. Brady kisses her and goes to leave then. Madison then comments that she thought it would be a little more difficult to get Brady to leave her there.

Marlena and John kiss on the couch at home. John comments that he never thought he'd be able to do this again. Marlena says they can do this all night. Marlena suggests they order Chinese food. Marlena checks her computer and finds out that her debit card has been declined.

Austin and Carrie talk at their hotel room about their New Year's Eve plans. Austin starts kissing her but Carrie worries about being late. Austin convinces her to continue and Carrie kisses him onto the bed.

Rafe and Sami are at home as Will comes in. They comment that Will looks great. Will says he's going to the Town Square party and is just waiting for Melanie. Sami wonders if Will is dating Melanie. Will says it's not her business but he isn't and is just going with Melanie and Sonny because they don't have dates. Sami thinks it sounds fun but Will mocks the idea of being single on New Year's Eve. Sami comments on getting food from Shay Rouge but Rafe doesn't think they can afford that so Sami informs him that she took a new job that pays twice what she was making before.

Chad sits at Abigail's looking at a picture of Melanie on his phone. Abigail then comes in and talks about watching a movie together for New Year's Eve. Abigail asks Chad if he's sure he doesn't want to go to the party. Chad tells her that he is where he wants to be with just the two of them.

Nicole gets up from bed with EJ. EJ pulls her back for more kisses until Nicole leaves and tells EJ that he has to get ready.

John finishes a phone call and informs Marlena that they both have no money now that he liquidated his assets to pay back all the people. John says they don't have a penny.

Rafe is surprised to hear Sami got a new job and congratulates her. Rafe thinks she should've talked to him about it first. Sami brings up that they offered her double so she didn't think there was much to talk about. Rafe asks what the job is. Sami says it's in the same industry and the benefits are great even if she'll be working with Kate. Rafe is surprised to hear this. Sami says she can take it if Kate can and what's important is that it helps the family since they need the money. Rafe then tells Sami that he got a job offer today too. Rafe says he was going to talk to her first about it but Carrie is opening a law firm and asked him to be lead investigator and a partner. Sami points out that she doesn't get along that well with Carrie. Will questions Sami thinking about how it only affects her instead of Rafe getting a new job. Will says he didn't think Sami could get any more selfish but she keeps proving him wrong. Rafe tells Will not to talk to Sami that way. Will states that Sami doesn't deserve Rafe. Sami wants Will to tell her why he's mad at her so they can work it out but Melanie and Sonny arrive excitedly cheering Happy New Year. Melanie then worries that they came at a bad time but Will calls it perfect and starts to leave with them. Sami instead invites Melanie and Sonny in to have food which upsets Will.

Brady talks to Madison about saying the opposite of what she means. Brady then steps out of the room and returns with room service. Brady tells Madison that he would never spend New Year's Eve without her. Madison hugs him and thanks him.

Abigail asks Chad what his New Year's resolution is. Chad says he hopes to raise his GPA and is a little worried about Austin's class at Salem U. Chad brings up the book about relationships Austin had and thinks it's a little interesting. Abigail agrees and then they both decide that they need to talk.

John talks to Marlena about their financial advisor not informing them of their money. Marlena says they knew there would be a price to pay going in. Marlena says they are still lucky to have each other and no one can change that. John wonders what they will do for dinner since they can't order takeout. Marlena offers to make him something special and steps out of the room. John follows to go help her.

Sami talks with Melanie and asks if Will has been upset around her or just her. Melanie admits that Will has been upset since breaking up with Gabi. Sami asks if that's all Melanie thinks it is. Melanie talks about how Will used to always be a sweet guy. Sami assumes Will is just upset about the breakup and he will get over it and work through it then will be back to his old self. Sami looks over at Will as he sits and talks with Rafe and Sonny.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the Town Square party. They sit together as Nicole tells him that he did good and calls him Mr. Mayor. EJ likes the idea of being mayor. EJ says he couldn't have done it without Nicole. Nicole talks about being unable to believe they are here together after everything that happened in their past. EJ calls it a dramatic year. EJ and Nicole then toast to a new year and fresh start.

Will, Sonny, and Melanie prepare to leave but Sami asks for a moment with Will. Will asks what she wants. Sami says she knows they haven't been getting along lately but she knows why now. Sami tells him she's sorry for not being there after his breakup with Gabi. Sami promises to be a better mom and to be there for him whenever he wants. Sami says she loves him but Will shakes his head and joins his friends to leave. Will, Sonny, and Melanie exit together. Rafe sits with Sami and tells her it's just them now. Rafe asks if she's okay. Sami says it's just hard on her knowing that Will is upset at her and she would hate to think Rafe was upset at her too. Sami apologizes for not talking to Rafe before accepting the new job. Rafe tells her that he's proud of her. Rafe tells her that it's great that she has a steady gig and he asks if Sami will be mad if he works with Carrie. Carrie and Austin then arrive and wish them a Happy New Year.

Brady and Madison finish eating. Brady kisses her and steps out to get what he calls the best part. While he's out, Madison gets a phone call. Madison answers and wishes the person a Happy New Year. Madison tells them that she has to work. Brady comes back so Madison says that she will get back to them later and hangs up. Brady asks Madison who was on the phone.

Abigail and Chad talk about who should talk first. Abigail brings up that Chad was talking about the book on relationships. Abigail says she was thinking about it a lot and how you shouldn't stay with someone out of obligation and should end it if it doesn't feel right. Chad compares it to them and says things just don't feel right anymore. They both agree that something is just off even if it's nothing they did. Abigail calls her life complicated right now and says she's overwhelmed and unsure what to think anymore. Abigail wonders what this means. Chad tells her that he thinks it means they should break up.

John and Marlena eat together at home. John thanks her for being so optimistic and understanding. John says he gave everything away that they worked hard to build. Marlena loves his choice and calls him a man of integrity and honor. Marlena insists that they will be fine. John promises to rebuild Basic Black. Marlena says she knows what he can do. John tells her that they will do it together and kisses her.

Madison claims to Brady that she made a call to take the rest of the night off. Brady tells her that he decided they will go somewhere special. Brady pours them champagne and jokingly brings up their wedding which surprises Madison. Brady comments that Madison is very tense now. Brady says they are going out to spend New Year's Eve together and so they exit the office.

Bo and Hope stand together outside the Pub. Bo asks Hope if she's okay. Hope says she just needed some fresh air. Bo realizes that she's thinking about Zack. Hope says she always is and time hasn't healed after so many New Year's without him. Hope wonders if it will ever get easier. Bo says they will need each other to get through it. Hope doesn't want to get through it but wants peace and understanding for them. Bo wants it too. Hope and Bo decide they need to talk to someone. Hope brings up how they are always putting it off because it hurts so much to dig up all of that pain and memories. Hope admits it scares her. Hope worries that if they don't, then she's afraid of how it will end up. Bo says they will talk to someone and do whatever it takes to stay strong for Ciara, Zack, and themselves. Bo then hugs Hope.

Sonny, Melanie, and Will walk through the Town Square after needing fresh air. Sonny jokes with them about dancing inside. Sonny heads back in while Will and Melanie remain outside. Melanie asks Will if he's okay because Sami is worried about him. Melanie tells him that she's there if he needs to talk to anyone. Will insists that he's fine. Melanie goes to get them drinks.

Rafe tells Carrie that he was telling Sami about their business venture. Sami acts positive about it and says it sounds amazing. Carrie is happy and toasts to their new business as Rafe calls it cause for celebration.

Will remains standing at the Town Square as Sonny comes up with Tyler. Tyler talks to Will about Sonny's dance moves. EJ watches while on the phone from a distance. Tyler tells Sonny that there was a guy checking him out so they should go back in. Sonny says he's just here to have fun and they invite Will to join them but Will says he's okay. They head back in as Melanie returns to Will. Will decides that he's going to leave and apologizes to Melanie. Melanie is sad to see him go as she doesn't want to spend New Year's Eve alone.

Rafe, Carrie, Austin, and Sami play Pictionary. Carrie guesses what Rafe was drawing quickly which surprises Sami and Austin. Carrie hugs Rafe and they talk about making a great team.

Brady and Madison join Hope and Bo at the Brady Pub. Doug and Julie talk to the crowd at the Pub. Doug says they are going to sing a song for the lovers and invite them to dance. Doug and Julie sing "You Belong to my Heart" as Bo and Hope begin dancing. Brady and Madison then decide to join in the dancing as well.

Chad tells Abigail that he really cares about her and hopes this doesn't mean they can't be in each other's lives still. Abigail says she cares about him way too much for that and agrees that they can be great friends. Chad decides he should leave and wishes her a Happy New Year. Chad then exits.

Will goes to John and Marlena's. Will apologizes for barging in. Marlena brings up thinking Will was at the party. Will says he was but had to leave. John steps out of the room to allow Will and Marlena to talk. Marlena asks Will why he left the party. Will says nothing happened but thinks is an idiot because his life is a mess and he can't act normal around his friends anymore. Will says he can't control his emotions and his life is spinning out of control. Marlena asks Will if he's ready to finally talk about what's going on. Will tells her that he thinks he is ready to talk.

Melanie sits alone talking to herself about spending New Year's alone when Chad arrives and sees her from a distance.

EJ rejoins Nicole and she talks about wondering where he had been. They talk about watching the ball drop together and then kiss.

Rafe and Sami thank Austin and Carrie for coming as they exit. Rafe and Sami talk about playing games and being a team. Sami gives Rafe a massage and Rafe wonders why Sami was looking at her watch. Sami says she's just waiting for the new year and wants to start fresh. Rafe says nothing matters as long as he's with her. Sami says she is ready for this year to be over and for the new year to begin free of drama. Rafe says they had a lot happen this year but has a feeling the new year will be the best year yet. Sami says she loves him and then they kiss.

Marlena invites Will to sit down but Will says he can't sit and continues pacing saying he's too stressed. Marlena says she is there for him. Will says before he tells her anything, she has to swear to him that she will not tell anyone. Marlena promises him. Will says he shouldn't be telling her. Marlena sees his pain and wants to know what's going on. Marlena promises to see through whatever is going on. Will doesn't think she wants to hear what he has to say. Marlena promises she won't be horrified or frightened and will feel joy and relief that he lets her in. Will then finally reveals to Marlena that Sami cheated on Rafe and he saw her having sex with EJ. Marlena is shocked. Will tells her again that he saw his mom having sex with EJ meaning she cheated and lied to Rafe as well as lied to them. Will calls Sami a selfish slut and can't stand that she's getting away with it. Marlena asks if he's sure what he saw because it's so difficult for her to believe that. Will says he knows what he saw and isn't lying to her. Marlena tells him that she believes him. Will cries and thanks her. Will says he doesn't know what to do. Marlena tells him she's sorry and hugs him.

Doug and Julie make the countdown to the new year at the Brady Pub. Brady and Madison kiss. Bo and Hope hug and kiss outside the Pub as Doug and Julie lead the crowd in singing.

Austin and Carrie kiss at the Town Square as Abigail sees them and turns away.

Chad walks up to Melanie at the Town Square. Melanie starts to walk away but Chad stops her and pulls her back in for a kiss.

EJ and Nicole kiss in front of the Christmas Tree at the Town Square.

Rafe and Sami make love at home on the couch.

John returns to the room as Marlena nods to him while holding Will as he cries.

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