Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/29/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/29/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel sits in the town square talking on the phone about his hand tremors. Kate walks up behind and listens as he finishes the call. Kate comments to Daniel that it sounds serious. Daniel tells her there's nothing wrong and tells Kate to get lost. Kate refuses and sits with him.

Melanie and Gabi talk at the spa about working together. A shirtless guy walks by and they comment on that being a perk of working there. Melanie asks Gabi if this means she's over Will. Gabi admits she misses Will but knows their relationship wasn't working. Gabi says it sucks but she doesn't regret anything.

Abigail sits at home with Chad. Abigail comments that she knows she's been distracted lately but assures Chad that it's her and not him. Chad asks what she's trying to say. Abigail says she's confused about everything and feels like she's been taking stuff out on him lately. Abigail hopes she doesn't mess them up which confuses Chad but the doorbell rings so Abigail goes to answer it. She opens the door to see Austin which surprises her.

Marlena sits at home until Will arrives. Will tells her he wanted to finish their word game. Marlena says she will get to it later but Will notices she seems distracted so he asks her what's wrong.

John arrives at the DiMera Mansion to confront Stefano. John calls him a bastard and Stefano comments on thinking John would be in a better mood since he's free. John hopes Stefano doesn't expect a thank you. Stefano says he's confused as to why John is there instead of at home. John tells Stefano that he will never owe him anything.

Marlena tells Will that nothing is wrong but Will continues to ask her. Marlena talks about it just being the holidays and having John home. Will comments on John and Marlena having true love. Marlena asks if he thought any more about her offer to move in. Will says he doesn't know but he knows he doesn't want to live with Sami so he'd love to live here but he feels like Rafe counts on him with the kids so he can't bail on him. Marlena thinks Will is deflecting because what he is struggling with has nothing to do with where he lives.

Daniel tells Kate that he's not going to talk to her about personal things. Kate thinks Daniel seems concerned and offers to listen. Kate says if Daniel doesn't tell her, then she will be left guessing what's wrong.

Austin tells Abigail that he came by to drop off papers for Jennifer. Abigail promises to get them to her. Chad comes in and greets Austin. They talk and Austin offers to give them a ride to the town square.

John tells Stefano that he knows Stefano gave the necessary information on how to get the charges dropped. Stefano thinks John should be showing his gratitude. John thinks Stefano's help is like a jail cell. John tells Stefano that he will kill him with his bare hands if he comes near his family again. Stefano calls John either a big fool or the most selfish man alive.

Kate talks about Daniel being unable to work at the hospital. Daniel starts to leave but Kate persists asking what's going on with him. Kate tells him that her concern is genuine. Kate calls Daniel an amazing doctor who saved her and her son's life. Kate asks who else Daniel is going to talk to. Kate thinks Maggie or Melanie won't be truthful with him. Kate tells Daniel to talk to her because she won't hide the truth as sometimes the truth hurts.

Will talks to Marlena about the stress of moving. Marlena doesn't want him to change the subject. Marlena brings up that Will said he's been confused about his feelings. Will says it's normal for a guy his age to be confused and doesn't think it's a big deal. Marlena asks if he'd be more comfortable opening up to someone else. Will insists that Marlena is the only person in his life that he can talk to but doesn't have anything to talk about. Marlena doesn't think that's the case. Marlena tells Will that opening up will not hurt her or push her away but bottling up his feelings hurts himself.

John questions Stefano thinking he's a fool. John blames Stefano for the position that he was in. John accuses Stefano of stealing the people's life savings to get at him as Stefano takes a drink. Stefano then says to John that he is the reason he's here.

Melanie and Gabi run in to Sonny, Chad, Abigail, and Austin at the Town Square. Austin sits with Abigail. Gabi points out that Austin has a book about ending relationships which piques Abigail's interest.

Will sits with Marlena and talks about breaking up with Gabi. Marlena questions him but Will stops her and says he's not her patient but her grandson and insists that he's fine.

Kate and Daniel sit together. Daniel tells her that he doesn't have MG but doesn't know what else it could be. Daniel says his test results showed nothing. Kate talks about how much Daniel must be terrified of losing his ability. Kate says she knows doctors are cautious with their patients but thinks Daniel is worrying about the worst case scenario. Daniel thinks Kate likes to see him suffer since that's the DiMera way.

John asks if Stefano is admitting to setting him up. Stefano laughs at him and says that's not what he meant. Stefano says all he meant was that he helped get him free. Stefano calls it a long held debt with Alice after she saved EJ's life and he wanted to keep a promise. Stefano says he would've never paid her back by saving John but he is a man of his word so he wanted to keep his promise. John shouts that he never wanted Stefano's help leading to Stefano shouting back that he gave John his life back. Stefano thinks all John wants is for him to take his last breath. Stefano pulls out his gun and tells John that the only way for John to thank him for saving his life is for John to take his. Stefano then puts the gun in John's hand and tells him to do it. Stefano tells John to pull the trigger. John questions if he wants him to kill him. Stefano says he's giving John the chance of a lifetime so he should take it. John points the gun at Stefano but then pulls away calling Stefano insane. Stefano says he's not afraid to die and laughs it off. Stefano tells John it'd be a wonderful way for him to bring in the new year. Stefano comments that a few would not want to see him go and begins to bring up Marlena but John grabs him and puts the gun to his head, telling him not to bring her up. Stefano tells John that he needs him and can't survive without him. John tells Stefano he's better than that otherwise he would've killed him in a heartbeat. John begins to leave but Stefano stops him and tells him that the reason he can't pull the trigger is pride. Stefano thinks John is just pained by Marlena asking for Stefano's help without asking him. Stefano tells John that he's not the object of his fury but Marlena is.

Will apologizes to Marlena for yelling at her. Marlena credits it to bottling his feelings inside. Will says he doesn't want to talk about Sami. Will says he can't think about things right now. Marlena thinks Will can't think about anything else. Will wants to be able to breathe again. Marlena tries to convince Will to talk. Will admits that Gabi was right to break up with him because things weren't the way they were supposed to be with them and he knew it but kept making excuses. Will says he did and does care about Gabi still just not in the way she needed. Will says he wanted to keep things the way they were but it felt fake and Gabi knew it. Will thinks Gabi knew how he felt better than he did. Marlena asks what he means by that.

Daniel starts to walk away from Kate but she follows him and says she won't take pleasure in his situation. Kate insists that she's not the monster he thinks she is. Kate tells Daniel not to get ahead of himself without a proper diagnosis. Daniel questions what she's doing. Kate states that she owes Daniel because he was there for her and was kind and supportive when she was alone. Daniel tells her not to do this but Kate feels she has to. Kate tears up and says she will never forget the compassion Daniel showed her in the past.

Austin tells everyone that the book is not what they think, it was just written by a fellow professor at Salem U. Gabi wonders if it has tips to getting over a breakup. Austin says all he's read so far was about when to break up. Austin talks about breaking up which causes Abigail, Chad, and Melanie to exchange looks. Gabi assumes she did the right thing then in breaking up with Will. Austin assures Gabi that her guy is still out there. Sonny leaves to meet a friend at the Pub. Austin gets a call from Carrie so he steps away. Gabi then decides to go call Rafe leaving Abigail, Chad, and Melanie alone. Abigail gets up and hugs Chad as Melanie watches and then quietly sneaks away.

Will tries not to cry and tells Marlena that he can't continue. Marlena understands that he will talk when he's ready and she'll be there to listen. Marlena says whatever Will tells her, she will always love him and never judge him. Will cries and hugs her as he tells her that he loves her. Will apologizes but says he's got to go then quickly exits. Marlena cries after he leaves and says she loves him so much.

Stefano tells John that whether he likes it or not, he shares an unbreakable bond with Marlena that John will never understand. John calls him a deluded fool. Stefano laughs it off and asks John why Marlena accepted his help so easily without telling him. Stefano thinks that any time Marlena has had a difficult moment, she always turned to him and not John. John states that perhaps Stefano is right. John then goes over and picks up the gun again. John tells Stefano that it is his time and aims the gun at his face.

Will goes to the Brady Pub and sits at the counter. Sonny arrives and joins him asking Will what he's doing. Will says he didn't feel like going home. Sonny tells him he could join his friends at the town square but Will doesn't want to. Sonny offers to leave him but Will tells him to sit wherever he wants. Sonny tells Will it's probably better not to go to the town square since Gabi was there. Will insists that he's fine. Sonny talks to Will about going through bad breakups. Sonny tells Will to give it time and he'll feel better. Will says he feels like an idiot because he lost his girlfriend and he couldn't feel what he was supposed to feel. Sonny questions what he's supposed to feel. Will says things weren't right and he kept hoping that things would work out. Sonny asks what he thinks wasn't right and what was supposed to happen. Sonny's friend then arrives and sits with him as they start talking.

Kate tells Daniel that he knows where to find her if he needs her. Daniel says he's not afraid of the dark as Melanie arrives and Kate exits. Melanie asks Daniel what that was about. Daniel says he has no idea and calls it a hallucination. Melanie asks about his test results. Daniel says everything came back inconclusive. Daniel assumes he won't know anything until new years. Daniel asks what's going on with Melanie as they sit together. Melanie claims nothing but Daniel continues asking because he wants answers. Melanie admits there's someone that she cares about more than she should but nothing will ever come of it.

Stefano tells John to go ahead and do what he dreamed about for years by shooting him. John says no. John says he knows all of Stefano's tricks. John knows that if he shot Stefano, he'd be away from Marlena just like Stefano wants. John tosses the gun aside and says it's done. John tells Stefano that he failed and he doesn't owe him a damn thing. John then exits as Stefano pulls out the IOU and looks at it.

Daniel thinks Melanie is upset. Melanie says she's just sad. Daniel wonders why she has no chance with this guy. Melanie admits that he's dating her best friend. Daniel then realizes it's Chad. Melanie says Chad just thinks of her as a friend and she knows that. Melanie says she's trying to not think about him but it's hard. Melanie wonders why love has to be so hard.

Abigail asks Gabi what she's doing for the rest of the day. Gabi is interested in Austin's book so he gives her his copy. Austin says he's going to have to publish something of his own as part of the staff. Austin then leaves for a meeting. Chad gets a phone call and steps away. Abigail asks Gabi to borrow the book. Gabi agrees but wonders why since she's with Chad.

Sonny and his friend, Tyler, joke around with each other. Sonny mentions a party and they invite Will to come with them. Will claims he already has plans but Tyler encourages him to join them.

John returns home and tells Marlena that he's sorry. John admits that he would've done the same thing for Marlena. Marlena cries and hugs him.

Stefano sits at home looking at an envelope addressed to him from Alice. Stefano laughs out loudly as he holds the envelope in his hand.

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